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***** 2017 YTD Headlines – September 30, 2017


Climate models overheat

Volkswagen’s Cumulative Dieselgate Costs Now Total ~$30 Billion

Ford, General Motors ramp up EV development plans : The American Energy New

Solar Activity Plays Key Role In North American Blizzard Frequency, Study

BBC Still Using Cooling Tower Images, In Defiance Of BBC Trust Ruling

How Safe Are Pesticides? Not Very, Say UK Researchers

Germany’s Green Energy Project Close To Death: “EEG Feed-In Act Has Failed…

Three Ways Electric Utilities Can Avoid A Death Spiral

Energy Secretary Perry’s Electric Resiliency Rule Could Be a Big Win for Nuclear

Update: The 2017 Explosion Of Non-Hockey Stick Graphs Continues

Climate Scientists Conceding Natural Ocean Cycles Playing Major Climate Role

Don’t boil the kettle while charging your electric car because it will blow national grid fuses…

The Obscene Cost of Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle

New Survey: Only 28% Of Americans Believe Climate Scientists Understand Causes

Wikipedia shapes language in science papers

China’s New State Climate Change Religion

‘Scientists Are Mostly Wrong’: Or Why Published Research Is Untrustworthy

Whistleblowers at U.S. funded research institutions fear retaliation

Virginia Tech professor arrested, charged with defrauding government

Understanding The Difference Between Climate And Cherry Picking

Claim: Bumblebees decimated by climate change … but ignores recent pesticide study

A long overdue solar cell competitor just smashed a critical record

Barents Sea Ice-Free. How Come?

What Happened to the Armchair Environmentalists and Climate Alarmists When

Scientists Have Drilled Into Earth’s Hidden 8th Continent

To Understand Future Solar Activity, One Has to Know the Past

Red Line On Green Taxes: German Liberals Demand Abolition Of Green Energy Levy

Wind Power Fantasy: 100% Renewable Claims a Mixture of Magic & Pixie Dust –

A Texas woman has died from ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ in Harvey’s floodwaters

Claim: Phoenix Water Shortage will Lead to Middle East style Resource Conflict

New financial product aims to solve ‘valley of death’ for promising energy

Hurricane Irma and the sensitive issue of ‘climate change’

Shell’s Appalachian Basin Cracker Facility Will Bring Thousands of Jobs

The Japanese tsunami had an unprecedented side effect on the Pacific

The Media Suggests We Label Puerto Ricans As ‘Climate Refugees’

New Report Shows U.S. Carbon Emissions Continued to Decline in 2016

​What natural disasters should teach us

Two Solar Companies Got Big Subsidies From Obama. Now They Want Protective

Media Duping Scandal

No Need for a Carbon Tax in Any Tax Reform Plan

Earthworks Exploits Children, Ignores Science in Latest ‘Threat Maps’ Regur

Scientists surprised that reef that survived the hotter holocene is already

London Seeks Ban Of Renewable Energy Blamed For Air Pollution

Australia’s Runaway Power Prices Kill Renewables-Rent-Seekers’ Dreams

Another volcano popping off>Entire Vanuatu island being evacuated

Apple, Google, and how not to go 100% renewable

Quote of the Week: The cost of daring to write about climate

Forget this Spin Too: Solar PV is not on the Brink of Being Subsidy Free

Appalachian Basin Has More Than $23 Billion Worth of Pipelines In the Works

Some South Australian farmers going fully diesel for electricity

Scientists ‘able to CONTROL the weather using LASERS’

Warmist Naomi Klein warns of ‘climate chaos’

China Doesn’t Care About Global Warming

Matt Ridley: Climate Change Rational Optimist

Real sea level rise: a lost continent called Zealandia submerged

Heartless Hypocrites: Renewables Zealots Treat Jobless Thousands as ‘Collat

Power giants tricking us into getting smart meters

Jerry Brown Wants to Impose ‘China-Style’ Ban on Combustion Engine Cars

UK’s green bank abandons Britain: Promise to back UK ditched in rush to pri

Why Are National Anti-Fracking Groups Targeting A Local City Council Race I

Lawrence Solomon: Paris is dead. The global warming deniers have won

Weather is a serious risk factor for heart failure, says large scale study

Puerto Rico Wind/Solar Destroyed By Maria

Eric Holthaus Called Out For Cheating

Nature tags glacier paper with note of concern due to data mix-up

From “The Stupid, It Burns” Department: “Climate Change Is Already Making P

140-Year Data Show Correlation Between CO2 Emissions And Cyclone Energy “Es

This Year’s Atlantic Hurricanes In Perspective

Frequently Asked Questions 9.1: A Critique

A Chemist in Langley: On RCP8.5 and “the Business as Usual” Scenario

The winner of the wind-power game won’t be the consumer

Evaporating water could power almost 70% of the US electrical grid

Wake in Fright: Wind Turbine Infrasound Causes Panic, Fear & Nightmares

Utah>Heavy early-season snowfall closes roads

Bali eruption could cool the globe

Gavin’s Twitter Trick


Are Climate Models Overstating Warming?

UN Strategy To Keep Cities At The Center Of Sustainability Goals

National Grid can tell you when to use your washing machine

Climate skeptic: ‘Big Brother watched me’

Plastic is so cool! “Plastic chunks on Arctic ice show how far pollution ha

Polar Bear Expert’s Book Goes Global As Demand Grows For Science De-Indoctr

The Real Cost of Offshore Wind

Bali Volcano the Latest Excuse for the Lack of Warming

Record snowfall in Spain

Enough is Enough! Stop hyping Harvey and Irma!

An “Answer to Prayer”: Thanks to Fracking, Ohio is Making and Shipping Stee

Energy shortfall in eastern Australia could be three times worse than forec

Expect FERC to Play A Huge Role

Alaska: Global warming blamed for ‘chilly’ spring and ‘cool’ summer

Surprise! Millennials want Someone Else to Fix Climate Change

Climate Scientists Shoot The Messenger

EIA Expects Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Increase Through 2040

“Is Climate ‘Lukewarmism’ Legitimate?”

Barbuda’s Ambassador blames Irma on AGW caused by ‘profligacy of countries

Another New Paper Dismantles The CO2 Greenhouse Effect ‘Thought Experiment’

Rooftop solar destroying baseload profitability and proud of it

If CO2 Really is ‘Pollution’, There’s Only One Solution: Nuclear Power

Flint’s poisoned water had a ‘horrifyingly large’ effect on fetal deaths, s

Forget The Spin: Offshore Wind Costs Are Not Falling

Early snow in Russia

Now it’s a war on pipelines

NPR: Most People Can’t Imagine Climate Change

Modulations of solar activity on El Niño Modoki and possible mechanisms

Sunday Times: Climate Believers Won’t Go Cool On Global Warming, They’ve An

Climate change predictions — what went wrong?

India: Third World Needs Green Freebies to Survive

UN Makes Admission About Global Warming

Articles: Oops! Climate Cultist Destroys Own Position

Rapid ENSO Prediction Reversal: ´Now Global-Cooling La Niña Is Forecast Ahe

How to survive the medical misinformation mess

The Evils of Climate Enthusiasm

Mainstream Journalists Finally Wake-Up to the Greatest Fraud of All Time: S

New Boost For Healthy Climate Scepticism

Rex Murphy: All Global Warming Predictions Are Infallible… Until They’re No

Unprecedented early-season snowfall in Alberta

Guardian: Climate Denial is the Fault of Old White People

Gulf Summers Aren’t Global Averages: A Reply to Farron Cousins

Reasons For Optimism About Climate Hysteria — Manhattan Contrarian

Crunching Climate $$$

Leonardo DiCaprio slams Trump for failing on ‘climate change’

#ExxonKnew Lawyer Leads San Francisco Lawsuit Against Oil & Gas Companies

Global Warming: Who Are The Deniers Now?

How the debate on climate change is cooling down

Irma illusions and realities

Degrees of Climate Truth

Puerto Rico’s Hurricane History

A climate science milestone: a successful 10-year forecast!

German ARD Meteorologist: “Can’t Blame Climate Change” For This Year’s Hurricanes

GWPF TV: Climate Hysteria Vs Hurricane Resilience

Unreliable Subsidised Wind & Solar … Destroyers of Worlds

Advert in The Australian describes what real climate change looks like « Jo

Climate Model Projections Significantly Diverge from Paleoclimate Analogs

Oil sands crude pellets touted as cure for industry’s transport headaches

Germany’s $800 Billion Merkel-Made Climate Disaster

Climate Models Run Too Hot: Settled Science Again

America’s Top Industry In Terms of Jobs Growth Driven by Oil and Gas’ Resur

Air pollution mafia tries to stop Enstrom from speaking to Utah legislators

2014 HGS Presentation: “Climate Change: Facts and Fictions”

The 11-Year Major Hurricane Drought: Much More Unusual than Two Cat 4 Strik

Utility-Scale Solar, Part 1: Still Uneconomical Due to Subsidies and Hidden

New Paper: ‘Extremely High’ TSI, El Niño Episodes Since 1970s Exert ‘Robust

Who’s the world’s leading eco-vandal? It’s Angela Merkel

Jordan Candler: Climate Models Stink — The Patriot Post

Sea turtles are coming back from the brink of extinction

Welcome to Australia where it’s always warmer somewhere!

Ancient tree reveals cause of spike in Arctic temperature

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. on origins of 2 degree temp target

The iconic Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico is being battered by Hurricane

Latest, belated admission the models were “too hot” is all PR and politics,

Hilarious: Identity Fiddling Ex-EPA Chief Demands More Transparency

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘Neither tropical cyclones globally, Atlantic hurricanes…

Trends In Atlantic Hurricanes

Jose And Maria Frustrate Global Warming Ambulance Chasers, Media

Here’s How Much the World’s Largest Oil Companies Reduced Their GHG Emissions

Scientists Go After The Media For Highlighting A Study Showing IPCC Climate

The Alarmist Case For Global Warming Is Falling Apart

Obama EPA holdover blames Trump EPA for lack of Superfund progress.

Are the glaciers in Glacier National Park growing?

Just Punishment for Those Who Call For Death For Climate Change Denial!

Cracks in the Empire’s Armor Appear

New Video : Climate Alarmists’ Desperate Need To Silence Dissent

Experts call for cost of energy bills to fall

Why switching to fully electric cars will take time

Here’s why Mexico is in one of the worst possible places for earthquakes –

Arctic sea-ice extent ends up not even close to setting a new low record

Powerful earthquake pounds central Mexico

‘Confusion and resistance’ slows down UK smart meter rollout

Is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Having an Impact?

Did the #ExxonKnew Campaign Just Issue a Warning to California’s Democratic

Alan Kohler dreams of banning combustion engines in cars in Australia

France Wants ‘Carbon Tariffs’ Again

Massive Arctic Ice Gain (Up 40%) Since Low Point of 2012

Scientist Debunks Al Gore Again

“Hurricane Maria is following Irma’s path”… Maria coverage picks up where I

How Real Are Heatwave Death Claims?

Local First Responders Say Oil & Gas Companies Keeping Them ‘Well-Informed’

NOAA Models Project Harsh 2017/18 European Winter…Possibly Coldest This Cen

Greenland’s Other Famous Glacier Growing Too


Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Stern Warning For All of Humanity

These 9 charts clearly show our world is actually doing better than ever –

Justin Gillis Strikes One Last Time

UN Report: Better Land Use And Management Critical To 2030 Agenda

Inevitable Disaster: Why Hurricanes Can’t Be Blamed On Global Warming « Roy

State Governors At U.N. Assembly: ‘You Have Allies’ On Climate Change

We were wrong — worst effects of climate change can be avoided, say experts

Greenland’s Petermann Glacier Growing Ten Feet Per Day

Taxpayers give $300m to Saudi billionaire for solar plant that makes 2% of

EIA: Natural Gas and Oil Will Continue to Dominate Energy Mix Through 2040

Biologists just discovered an underwater octopus city and they’re calling it…

Follow The Money

Guardian: Climate Scientists are Not Just In it for the Money

Climate Thought Control

New Video : “Fifty Years Of Ridiculous Predictions By Climate Experts”

Well Prepared & More Resilient: How US Refineries Passed Hurricane Test

Climate Hysteria Hits ‘Peak Stupid’ In Hurricane Season

New Papers: Seismic Activity Explains 1979-2016 Temperatures, ENSO Events

Nature, German Politics and Science

Killing Australia’s Renewable Energy Target an Essential Economic Reboot –

Another climate scam>money intended for “climate” goes to “union boost”

Former NASA GISS climate scientist reveals incompetence, junkets, best mode

Claim: 5,000 deaths annually from dieselgate in Europe

Climate Change Hype Doesn’t Help


Ice-Free Arctic Methane Catastrophe By 2015

EPA evaluating ‘red teams’ to challenge climate science despite hurricanes

Solar Power Death Wish

Finally, some commonsense western fire policies

Climate Change, Natural Disasters Disappear From Ranking Of Germans’ Top 3

Real Climatologists

Australia’s Monumental Wind Power Fail: Rocketing Prices & Mass Blackouts

Claim: Chocolate CAUSES Climate Change

Climate Models Can’t Even Approximate Reality Because Atmospheric Structure

Analysis By German Scientists Concerning Hurricane Causes: More Propaganda

Are Natural Disasters On The Rise?

“Do You Expect Me to Just Give Away My Data?”

Creating Incentives to Address the Replication Crisis in Science

A climate of growing skepticism

Staircase Warming: New Paper Finds Decadal Climate Shifts, Lack Of Linear Warming

The Nuclear Option: Atomic Solution to Australia’s Energy Crisis

Too late: Bureau of Met buys time with another “major revision” of data…

Forest fires discovered during the cold climate of the last ice-age

What you need to know about hurricanes and their trends

Responding to R Street on the Carbon Tax: When Does It Make Sense to Advocate

Our electricity crisis is “the cost of virtue signalling”

Wind could make Britain an energy superpower to rival Arabia !

Report: LNG Demand to Grow at Fastest Rate since 2011, Global Glut Shrinking

Nature Unbound V>The elusive 1500-year Holocene cycle

2016 Study on Wildires: ‘There is less fire in the global landscape today…t

As La Nina Looms, Warmists Skid Into Panic Mode…Global Warming Pause Set To…

Tsonis Explains Oceans Making Climate

EIA projects 28% increase in world energy use by 2040

The snow leopard was just declared no longer officially endangered

Ocean Cycles, Not Humans, May Be Behind Most Observed Climate Change

Australia’s Massive Power Price Hike Caused by Intermittent Wind & Solar –

Hurricane Harvey and the impact of sea level changes

Electric cars could collapse the national grid

Genius plan to save world by banning widely used 2-stroke engines

Evidence of Recent Volcanic Eruptions Under the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet

Hillary Clinton May Have the Solution to Global Warming in Her Basement

Momentum shifts on Renewables Targets in Australia (mini revolt brewing)

Video/Pictures: Boulder Fractivists Embarrass Themselves Again

House Defunds Obama Era Methane Rules

Study reveals that Mann’s Bristlecone pine trees may not be good “treemometer”

Girl Scouts Take Lead To Advance UN Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Group: Natural Gas Has Been ‘Largest Driver’ of U.S. Carbon Reduction

Wind Turbines Reduce the Productivity of Surrounding Vegetation

No Mr Monbiot, capitalism isn’t destroying the planet

Coal to remain India’s mainstay power generation fuel until 2040

The Green Inquisition: Canada Now Investigates ‘Climate Denial’

Flashback 2007: Scientists Reveal They ‘No Longer Understand How Ozone Hole

New coal-fired power stations: World 621, Australia zero. Now understand?

Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks

Green Madness: Australia Has Gone From Cheapest To Most Expensive Power

Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Sends Government Scrambling for Reliable power

This Day In 1944 : Hurricane Damaged 700 Miles Of Coast

Dangerous Climate Change in 2019

Former NASA GISS climate scientist tells new NASA head to stop funding…

Leonardo DiCaprio’s jet setting could have added to Irma

SEA LEVEL: Rise and Fall

Former NASA GISS Scientist: ‘NASA GISS is a monument to bad science…


Senate committee defies Trump, approves $10 million for UN climate change funding

The Climate-Change Distraction

Pope Francis slams ‘stupid’ climate deniers

Federal Judge Deals Major Blow to #ExxonKnew Crusaders

Scientist to Pope: ‘Efforts to ‘battle’ or ‘stop’ climate change are futile

Jail terms for French carbon trading scammers

Study: Rapid climate changes across northern hemisphere in the earliest Mid

Fewest UK Storms On Record Last Season!

The Skeptics Witch-Hunt Is On …Pope Francis Unleashes Inquisition 2.0

Back To Black: Australian Govt Walks Away From Green Energy Targets

IPCC Scenarios Refuted By Reality: Global CO2 Emissions Intensity Increasing

1886 : America’s Busiest Hurricane Season

Some Himalayan Glaciers Have Been Melting For 400 Years, Scientists Discover

87% of Himalayan glaciers stable since 2001: Javadekar

Norwegian voters snub Green antioil push

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target Delivers Highest Power Prices in the Wo

Democrats Treading Cautiously on Climate Issues


TV Monetizes Hurricane Irma

Extreme Poverty USA: The True Cost of Climate Madness

More Disinformation From UEA’s Prof Williamson

Irma ‘Nuclear hurricane’ headline clearly demonstrates L A Times climate propoganda

Anti-Fracking Activist to Peddle ‘Advocacy-Laced’ Claims in Florida

Oklahoma Geological Survey Director Calls Out Earthquake Misinformation

Claim: Urban climate change means more rain

Revealed: Obama EPA hid experimental data debunking 2015 ozone rule

China to Ban Gasoline Powered Passenger Cars. “Say Goodbye to Gasoline”… in

Imagine Escaping a Hurricane in a Tesla

German Analysis: Florida Evacuation With E-Vehicles Would Mean “Mass Death

Irma Only A Top 25 US Storm

A $150 Billion Misfire: How Disaster Models Got Irma Wrong

Debunked: Claim there are now four times as many extreme weather events as

Atlantic Hurricane Trends and Mortality Updated

Beware greens’ scaremongering

Study: plants are globally getting more efficient thanks to rising carbon d

Cancer drugs cost way less to develop than what we’ve been led to think…


The world isn’t ending, but here’s the science behind why it feels like it

Climate change activists want punishment for skeptics

Guardian Shocked that Florida Residents STILL Don’t Buy their Climate Hype

UAE: World Green Economy Organization Launches Financial Platform

Modern Scientific Controversies Part 6: Follow Up

Does Anyone Actually Believe That “Climate Change” Has A Role In Hurricanes

Lomborg Warns: Don’t Be Distracted by Climate Change

Ooops! Australian BoM climate readings may be invalid due to lack of calibration

Keep It In the Ground Epic Fail: “Massive Ohio Wide” Anti-Fracking Rallies

Study: Science spin prevalent, researchers warn

Hate on display…climate activists go bonkers over #Irma and nonexistent c

Pennsylvania Methane Emissions Continue to Fall as Production Rises

So What Happened to Integrity?

Thredbo ski resorts see best snow conditions in 20 YEARS

Trump Administration Working Hard to Undo Obama’s Onerous Regulations

Hillary Clinton: Threatening Coal Jobs was a Mistake

Matt Ridley: It’s ‘absurd’ to try to ‘promote calm weather through climate

12 New Papers: North Atlantic, Pacific, And Southern Oceans Are Cooling As

Bureau Management Rewrites the Rules,  Again

Nick Butler: The Energy Lessons Of Hurricane Harvey

Trump stacks administration with climate change skeptics

How Did Irma Get So Strong?

Most hurricanes that hit the US start in the exact same location

Hurricane Irma has been literally pulling the ocean away from its shores –

Hurricane Irma formed over cooler water, 7th worst, but Climate Druids see

Atlantic Hurricane Trends and Mortality

Record Aussie Snow

LSE Bob Ward: Hurricanes are President Trump’s Fault

Historic Hurricanes: List of more than 100 of most memorable hurricanes…

Hurricane expert Klotzbach: #Irma at landfall comes in 7th behind …

“Net Increase In Greenland Ice Mass…First Time This Century” Amid Northern

Power Politics: Australia’s Energy Crisis Turns Voters Against Subsidised Renewables

The Hurricane Harvey Hustle

What kind of scientific crisis is the field of ecology having?

Report: Drug company faked cancer patients to sell drug

HADCRU Power and Temperature

Hurricane Irma’s numbers simply do not add up

Warming from CO2 Unlikely

Massive Sunspots and Solar Flares: The Sun Has Gone Wrong and Scientists Do

German Energy Expert Shreds Wind Power: “Everyone’s Loses With Wind Energy”

Australian Summer Forecast: More Blackouts & Rocketing Power Prices

Climate Academic Compares Global Warming Skeptics With The 9/11 Hijackers

Despite Relatively Cool Atlantic Waters Irma Formed Into Major Hurricane: W


Scientists are investigating warm caves under Antarctica which could …

The Atlantic: Exploiting Hurricane Disasters to Talk Climate is OK

Actress Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Mother Nature’s Rage’ Directed at U.S. Because

Cooling Atlantic To Cause Fewer Hurricanes In The Near-Future, Study

#IrmaHurricane2017 The Worst Case Scenario for Florida is about to become…

Feds halt probe of climate doubters

Hurricanes, AMO , And Sahel Droughts

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Irma developed & intensified to Major Hurricane in cool waters

Scary Sea Level Rise? Check Your Science

Confidence In Climate Extremes?

One of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded in Mexico

Germany Isn’t Anywhere Close to Its 2020 Climate Target

Weathering the Punches

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Can’t Be Blamed on Global Warming

BOM Review admits skeptics were right, but say “trust us” it doesn’t matter

Bad Luck: Monster Hurricane Irma Could Rack Up $1 Trillion In Damages!

Prince Charles ‘Wrong’ On Climate Link To Syria War

8.0 magnitude quake reported off west coast of Mexico… Tsunami possible

Hurricane Irma Is NOT the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded…

Claim: Big Oil Must Pay for Harvey and Irma

Rising Seas Swamp Scotland

Covering streets in cooling paint is the new trick to deal with rising heat

Newsweek Journalist Taken to The Woodshed By Meteorologist Over Bogus Climate claims

Warmist Brad Johnson urges: ‘Put officials who reject science in jail’

CNN, MSNBC Blame Climate Change For Irma

Hurricane Irma Is NOT the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded.

Enviro Prayed For Harvey To Hit Texas

Vindicated: Bureau not following WMO guidelines

‘Harvey & Irma are terrible, but…Major landfalling US hurricane trends are down

Climate scientist jailed for fraud …‘Fraudulently claiming half a million

Vindicated: Bureau acknowledges limits set on how cold temperatures can be

Climate Depot’s point-by-point rebuttal to warmist claims on extreme weather

CO2 Also Explains Fair Weather?

The making of a climate skeptic … at a University

Past Sea Levels Rose 4-6 Meters Per Century, Shorelines Retreated 40 Meters

“Houston is open for business”

Obama Buying Sea Level Property

James Lovelock on voting Brexit, ‘wicked’ renewables and why he changed his

Despite Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, science has no idea if climate change is…

Is Irma The Most Powerful Atlantic Storm?

Three Active Hurricanes In The Atlantic

First Harvey, Then Irma and Jose. Why? It’s the Season

Electricity “Bill Shock” in Australia is so bad it will push up inflation

The Sun just erupted the biggest solar flare in 12 years and it has affected…

The Nation: ‘To refuse to act against global warming…is murder’

Exposed: Harvard Study Omitted Evidence to Allege ExxonMobil ‘Misled’ Public

No, Hurricane Irma Won’t Be a ‘Category 6’ Storm

Is Irma really the strongest hurricane ever?

There could be a link between oceanic volcanic eruptions and climate change

Vegans upset at Gore’s sequel: ‘Overlooked animal agriculture’s giant contribution…

Aussie Politicians Panic Over Coal Closures

Unusual Pacific Cooling means La Nina is now a possibility

Could the Appalachian Basin Be the Next Silicon Valley of American Energy I

Amplifying Oren Cass’s Critique of a Carbon Tax, Part 1

Solar storms linked to mass strandings of whales

Florida Hurricane Frequency Down 50% Over the Past 150 Years

Tim Flannery Pushing Climate Seaweed Farms

Former NOAA Expert, High-Accuracy Hurricane Predictor Says “Natural Cycles”

Britain faces huge costs to avoid power shortages with electric car plan

SA set for biggest maize crop harvest on record

UK Summer 2017

Irma Conditions Similar To The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

As Pacific Ocean Cools Rapidly, La Nina Threatens Early Return

Deadly whale strandings in 2016 could have a link to the northern lights –

Renewable Target Revolt: Desperate Coalition MPs Demand New HELE Coal Plant

Claim: Just three years left to ‘save the planet’ from climate change

Trials of breakthrough cancer treatment were just put on hold after a patient’s death

In Official Climate Science Normal is Abnormal, and Natural is Unnatural…H

Are Recordings from Electronic Devices Comparable …or Not?

The Terrifying Risk of Climate Change in Scotland

Study: Deforestation long overlooked as contributor to climate change

62% of Australians don’t want to pay even $10 a month for renewables

Britain faces huge costs to avoid power shortages with electric car plan

A Look Inside the DOE Grid Study

Hurricane expert Maue: extrapolating scale, #Irma could be a “Category 6”

Unwinding Failing Renewables Policies

“Scientifically misleading errors” prompt authors to withdraw paper

Marine Species Thriving Around The UK

Blaming The Weather: The Moral Danger Of The Securitization Of Climate Change

1910> Largest Fires In US History

Turns out our biases really are stronger than our ability to perceive facts

Govt To Reignite Hideously Expensive Hydrogen Gas Plan

Hurricane #Irma just entered “Beast Mode”…satellite estimates Cat5

This new recipe for cheap hydrogen fuel uses light and a few simple ingredients

New Video : Evaluating Ten Years Of Fake Arctic Forecasts

Labor Day Hurricane 1935… Most Intense On Record

A lost underwater city has been found 1,700 years after a tsunami sank it –

Scientists “thrilled”: fish cope with acidification if tanks mimic normal l

Smart Meters Are Just Plain Dumb

Correlation of Accumulated Cyclone Energy and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation

The Arctic could be ice free by 2040

Arctic Ice (Still) Refuses To Melt As Ordered

Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

Op-Ed: Turning Africa’s lights on should be a homegrown priority

Australia’s Renewable Energy Calamity: The Never Ending Story Continues

Ph.D. Physicist Uses Empirical Data To Assert CO2 Greenhouse Theory…

True or false: Harvey was more intense because of global warming

A Comment on Hurricane Harvey Responsibility

Revisiting wind turbine impacts …Erroneous recent calculation highlights…

Texas Officials Advise Calm: There Is No Gasoline Shortage

Pope and Patriarch, hear the cry of the poor! (because of climate change)

German Engine Expert Doesn’t Believe In The Battery, Calls For A “Return To…

Harvey ends ‘climate blues’ — Energizes ‘global warming’ movement

5 Hurricane Charts Climate Alarmists Don’t Want You to See

Suicidal Tendencies: Australia’s Renewable Energy Target a $60 Billion Business

Arctic Sea Ice Up 25% Since 2012, Greenland’s 50% above normal

Snow already in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

BOM Scandal: One second records in Australia — how “noise” creates history

NYT: Lets Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors By Taxing Them

BBC Peddle Fake Claims About India Monsoon

Record low temps in seven states

New solar cell design is modeled after bugs eyes

Corals survive 542m years of supervolcano, asteroids, 125m sea level change

New Video : Latest Fake News About Sea Level

Greenland “Embarrassment” To Climate Warmists …

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Stable Since 2007

Fifth Largest Mass Gain On Greenland’s Surface Since 1981

War on Coal: California and New Mexico Celebrate Meaningless “Win”

The reason why some leaves can grow so huge is totally not what we thought

Japanese Pyro Saga: Wind Turbine Explodes in Fireball at Nuclear Power Plan

Hurricane Experts: U.S. Hurricane Activity Is Cyclical, Landfalls Declining

NASA and NOAA see massive rainfall and winds in Hurricane Irma

Our Antidepressants Are Becoming a big problem for Fish in Niagara

The rise and the fall of the Romans can be charted in their lead plumbing –

Global Warming Didn’t Intensify Harvey

Deception: The NOAA/EPA graph claiming precipitation increase from 1910…

Want to talk climate change with a Texan right now? Show some compassion…

Shame on the eco-ghouls exploiting Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey and Disaster Policy

Bogus affiliation scuttles paper on Atlantic currents

Mag: After Harvey, ‘climate change denial should be a crime’

LA Times: “What would it take to persuade you to buy an electric car?”

Hurricane Expert’s Forecast Spot On…Says “It’s all Cyclical” …”Nothing To Do With…

Claim: Global warming causes fatal traffic accidents

Pennsylvania Approves Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline On Same Day New York Denies

Two Decades of Temperature Data from Australia …Not Fit for Purpose

Record-low 2016 Antarctic sea ice was due to a ‘perfect storm’ of tropical,

Bret Stephens on Harvey: Wealth and Resilience

Yet another renewable energy boondoggle

Why do 100 year events happen so often?

The Hurricane Lull Couldn’t Last

Wind Farm Developer Turns Family’s Water Supply to Muddy Sludge

Australians forced to pay $60b for expensive “green” electricity

Arctic Climate Explorers give up sailing to the ‘melting’ North Pole because of ice

Should The Federal Government Just Write A Blank Check To Cover The Flooding?

L A Times dishonest, deceptive and flawed claim that Hurricane Harvey is li

Volcanoes and ozone are missing from the climate change debate

Evidence for Little Ice Age in Antarctica

Low Fat consensus was wrong: High carb diets increase death rates

Michael Mann’s claims that Harvey was caused by global warming are destroyed

Harvey blamed on climate change despite drought from hurricane strikes

Pope Francis to World Leaders: ‘Listen to the Cry of the Earth’

Hurricane Harvey In Perspective

Global Warming LOL: Obamas Eye Spending BIG MONEY For Oceanfront Property

These Leftist Media Outlets Blamed Global Warming For Hurricane Harvey

Environmentalists Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

Arctic Refuses To Melt As Predicted

Volcanic eruptions triggered global warming 56m years ago, study reveals

A vast reserve of pristine Amazon rainforest has just been saved from mining

Scientists Expose Data Manipulation, ‘Hide The Decline’, And The Post-1940s

Resilience, not devastation, is the real story of the Texas floods

Shame On The Eco-Ghouls Exploiting Hurricane Harvey

‘Green’ Energy’s Double Standards: Real Environmental Cost of Wind & Solar

Climate Communism? The Russians aren’t buying

America Is on the Verge of Ratpocalypse

Don’t ‘allow’ climate to change! Warmist prof. Overpeck warns of bad weather

My New Video : Drowning The Fake News About Hurricane Harvey

Global Warming Is Not Making Floods Worse

Hurricane Harvey: Nothing That We Didn’t Know

ALERT: ‘Southern hemisphere having one of its quietest cyclone seasons on record

We finally know why the Caspian Sea is evaporating off the face of the plan

Ivy league profs warns of the vice of conformism: “Think for yourself”

Record Rainfalls A Thing Of The Past

World’s soils have lost 133 billion tonnes of carbon since the dawn of agriculture

German Wind Energy Market “Threatening To Implode”…

Researchers just proved crystals can bend, flipping chemistry on its head –

China Becomes World’s Third-Largest Shale Gas Producer

The backlash against offshore wind, and the big-money, tax dodging backers

Meteorologist on 500/1000 year flood claims: ‘We are talking about billions

New study in Journal of Hydrology finds no increase in floods

1897 Hurricane Killed More Than 6,000 People In The Philippines

The Wrong Way to Save Nuclear Power

Harris County’s Flooding History

New Study Confirms Medieval Warm Period Was Indeed Global, And As Warm As T

In Kenya, using plastic bags can now send you to jail or cost a $40,000 fin

It’s the Subsidies Stupid: Wind & Solar Go Nowhere Without Bags of Other…

Here we go again: Every hurricane is ‘what climate change looks like’…

Texas state climatologist: ‘Texas just broke all-time contiguous U.S. records

Failure to Explain Why the Global Warming Deception Occurred Continues

Study gives first proof that the Earth has a natural thermostat

Recently Approved NEXUS Pipeline Project Expected to Create 5,300 Ohio Jobs

Al Gore’s climate doom movie drops 75% in weekend box office take, just 4%

Met Office Falsify Data To Prove “Hottest Bank Holiday”

Yakutia hit by rare summer blizzard.

Hurricane Harvey Brings Out The Madness

Saturday, CBS, MSNBC Hosts Push Climate Change as Cause of Hurricane Harvey

Climatologist Dr. Duane Thresher: ‘Global warming causes increased human lifespan

Single Ohio Pipeline Yields More Than $14 Million in Tax Revenue for Three

Former NYT climate author Revkin gets Pwned by fake photo from another alarmist

Ohio Mineral Owners Win Huge Six-Year-Long Standoff Over Fracking …

Why Houston Flooding Isn’t a Sign of Climate Change

Callous CALAS activists against the poor

Impartiality is sacred in broadcasting, until it comes to addressing one’s

Poorer homes may get green tax exemption in power bills

Study: Katharine Hayhoe Can Convert Climate Skeptics?

Case closed? Fired Pfizer researcher slated for seven retractions

Hurricane Harvey Ends 12-Year U.S. Hurricane Drought

New Paper: At Least 80% Of The Warming Over The Last Century Due To Natural causes

Australia’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis: Federal Government’s Renewable Ob

Wind Power–Some Basic Facts

Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

Stefan Rahmstorf, Climate Ex-Communicator

UK Flooding Events and Fake Science

1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

EPA ends sponsorship of climate leadership program

Harvey Puts Houston Underwater

Snowfall in Siberia

Scientific American is ‘Sokal-ized’

Another example of climate alarmism idiocy …Germany’s dieselgate

British rowers stranded in an Arctic nightmare

No Comparison: Why Wind Power Can Never ‘Compete’ with Conventional Generation

Climate Change Advocates Use ‘Harvey’ to Tout Global Warming

France – Worst wine grape harvest since 1945

Finland – – Hardly any hope for the return of summer

Partying in Paris instead of Preparing in Houston

“Instant Replay” >> Watch hurricane Harvey explode from a tropical depression

An Ecologist’s Plea to Dr. Terry Hughes: The Public Needs Robust Science…

What is the Default Temperature for the Earth?

X-Weather is Back! Harvey edition

Has climate change shifted the timing of floods in the UK?

Wind Industry Uses Fake Numbers to Cover Up Mass Bird & Bat Slaughter

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall as Category 4 Storm

New Activist Study Offers More of the Same: Claims of Fracking Health Harms

Freezing in norther Minnesota

Russian tanker is the first to sail the Arctic without an icebreaker escort

First tanker crosses northern sea route without ice breaker (Because it is

Democrats and Republican Elected Officials in Colorado Agree: Energy Industry Critical

If You Want To Live, Then Run Like Hell From Sugar!

Climate Adaptive Cities: The Smart Way Forward

Al Gore’s Energy Problems

So What Happened to the Journalism?

Is the European Commission Waking up to Electricity Consumer Pain?

Report: Texas Spearheading U.S. March Toward Energy Dominance

Scientists have created a super-thin fabric that harvests energy from our m

The ‘Climate Change: Believe It Or Else’ Prize from @AGU

Dirty Deeds: How the ‘Green’ Energy Cult Stole the English Language

The first thorium salt reactors in over 40 years were just switched on in E

Global Warming Causes Russians To Build £234 Million Icebreaker

STUDY: Al Gore Might Been President

August snowfall in Romania

Another University of Cincinnati Study Finds No Health Concerns from Fracking

New Lab Report: How to Cut the Cost of Wind Energy in Half

99% of the microbes in our own bodies are still a total mystery to science

Scientists: ‘Worldwide, tropical cyclone activity is now at its lowest

Five Things to Know About the Latest #ExxonKnew Stunt

‘Renewable Energy Is a Corrupt Scam, Go Nuclear!’ Says Green Guru

Theaters Self-Sacrifice To Boost Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel

Pacific walrus haulout two weeks early, US gov’t agency blames…

Biofuels from bacteria

Climate Hype Running Amok

Study: Naomi Oreskes Claims Exxon Mobil Misled About Climate

Mexico Looks to Replicate U.S. Shale Success

Attribution Shift: Scientists Increasingly Link Climate Change To Solar For

Fat polar bears [and lots of them] drive public confidence in future of the

178 years of Adelaide rainfall

Green Delusions: On the Origin of the Wind Power Cult

This common ingredient in antiseptic soap is messing with your cell biology

New Urban Economic Agenda: How to Localise, Socialise, And Democratise…

Global Warming Fraud Washes Away The Integrity Of Science

Victoria plans to reduce electricity prices by copying state with most expensive supply…

NY AG Gets Cash From Unlikely Source

Rail Energy Storage Harnesses the Power of Gravity All the Livelong Day

Cabot Oil & Gas Goes on Offensive Against Fracking Nuisance Lawsuits

In a first, U.S. ships coal to Ukraine

New Study: Tide gages find no global ‘acceleration in sea level’

Chinese scientists find 2,000 years of not-hockey stick

Modern Warm Period Not Unprecedented, Chinese Academy Of Sciences Study Find

Aussie Scientist: CO2 ‘sensitivity may have been grossly overestimated…

Weasel words in the federal Climate Science Report

Judiciary Climate Confusion

Weather Channel founder: ‘So put me to death’ for climate ‘denial’

Al Gore says Brexit was caused by… climate change

Gas Tax Revenues Will Plummet With Large Increase in Electric Vehicles

The Solar Value Cliff: The Diminishing Value of Solar Power

Scientific Literacy Leads to More Politically Polarized Opinions on Climate

BBC Claim Climate Change Is Cutting Crop Yields In Africa

Solar Cycle Continues To Be The Weakest In 2 Centuries

“Data had been manipulated,” again: Swiss probe prompts two more retraction

Why won’t the government admit the true cost of renewable energy?

NASA has a $3.5bn plan to save the planet from the Yellowstone supervolcano

Al Gore Documentary Called ‘Bad Science’ As Sales Plummet

Beggar Thy Neighbour: Wind Industry Uses Subsidies to Steal Family Homes –

Scientists just jacked up plasma energy output, and it could make nuclear f

Cyborg bacteria covered in tiny solar panels are changing the future of cle

John Stossel: Al Gore and me — Don’t believe the hype

Bombshell: Activists Admit #ExxonKnew Is About Attacking Free Speech

Fair trade for thee, but not for me

Quantifying the causes of the recent decrease in US CO2 emissions

Dakota Access Pipeline owner sues Greenpeace – organized crime complaint

Solar Eclipse Causes No Electrical Grid Issues, Thanks to Natural Gas

Pre-Determined ‘Science’: The Chair of the federal climate board disbanded

NYT Writer Whines About Climate Science

Global Warming (Hallelujah) An Inconvenient Music Video

Does the Developing World Want Solar Power?

German DWD Weather Service Misleads Public Into Thinking…

Battery maker Alevo files for bankruptcy, lays off 290 in N.C.

Most of the Recent Warming Could be Natural

Big Data Finds The Medieval Warm Period

Germany’s ‘Transition’ Back to Coal: Renewable Energy Push Smacks Into Real

Here’s why sometimes correlation does actually imply causation

New York Times: From Bad to Worse (intellectual polarization in the Age of

Why Revoking the EPA GHG Endangerment Findings…

Harvard Physicist: “Climate Science In Serious Trouble”…”Really Dirty People doing…

“The Solar Value Cliff: The Diminishing Value of Solar Power”

Hottest Year? Record Breaking Grain & Corn Harvests In Russia And U.S.

Malthus Chokes on Bumper Wheat Crop

FAO – News Article: Global wheat and rice harvests poised to set new record

Record U.S. soy harvest forecast could grow as weather improves

Soviet-Era Grain Record Seen Tumbling on Bumper Russian Crop

Asia’s rivers (from China, Indonesia, Myanmar) sent more plastic into the o

The Hidden Costs Of Renewable Energy

10,000 To 5,000 Years Ago, Global Sea Levels Were 3 Meters Higher, Temps Warmer

Norway embarks on mission improbable

Climate Science Double-Speak: Update

How come oranges don’t grow in North Carolina any more?

A Deterministic Forecast of Future Climate Changes

One day when Al Gore gets some evidence he won’t need to call everyone name

Record cold in Russia

India’s 50-year dry spell reversed with strengthening monsoons over past 15

German Handelsblatt Reports On Electric Batteries: “Unreliable”, “Fire-Hazards…

Climate crusaders have got lost in space

Trust Falls — Are We In a New Phase of Corporate Research?

An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy

East Antarctic to stay stable if western ice sheets melt

Hateful Eight: 8 Solid Reasons Why Subsidised Wind Power is Both Pointless

Climate Change Metastasising into a New Reason to Hate the West

2017 First Half Global Natural Catastrophe Damage Drops More Than 63%!

My electric car perks are shockingly generous

Gore Calls Reporter A Climate ‘Denier’

Shale Forever? A Near Infinite Energy Resource

Al Gore: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Arvind Subramanian slams carbon imperialism, calls for global coal alliance

Government Mandated Theft: The Great Scottish Wind Power Racket Unwrapped –

The New York Energy Conundrum …Natural Gas, Pipelines and Activists, Oh My

New Study: Gore is the best friend climate skeptics ever had

Politicians Can’t Get Enough Energy Cronyism

Local Missouri Citizens Block Massive Midwest Wind Power Transmission Line

Coal Makes a Comeback

New Study Shows Business is Booming for Skilled Trades, Thanks to Pipelines

Even liberals aren’t turning out for Al Gore’s new film

Australia, Denmark, Germany vie to win Highest Global Electricity Cost! (It

Russian Scientists Find ‘Appreciable Contribution’ From Natural Variability

Fast, Dirty Natural Gas Plants Get Boost From Electric Cars

High Farce: Renewable Energy Target Sending Australia Broke


The great carbon scam

Trump Repeals Obama Climate Order

Shale Will Beat OPEC as U.S. Oil Thrives at $40, Citigroup Says

Food & Water Watch Again Misinforms Floridians with its “Ban Fracking”

What do we know about Arctic sea ice trends?

Trump Has Broad Power to Block Climate Change Report — ProPublica

Climate Science Double-Speak

Foodgrain Output Up 5-Fold In 60 Years, Hides India’s Farm Distress

2016 Record Warm Surface Temperatures: The Party’s Over!

All Time Record: India Set For Best-Ever Foodgrain Production

Why Global Warming Alarmism Is Wrong

Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion

A Few Thoughts on the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4)

When a journal retracts 107 papers for fake reviews, it pays a price

Coming Solar Eclipse Further Proves that Renewables Need Natural Gas

SA Solar Thermal plant is a copy of US plant that was out of action for one

Unanticipated Stability: Latest Polar Conditions Show No Signs Of Global Warming

Green Energy Lobby Attacks Royal Society For The Protection of Birds


Pakistan: Give Us Climate Cash or We’ll Keep Burning Coal

Nobody panic, but fleas carrying bubonic plague have turned up in the US –

Flashback: Walmart CEO ridicules its customers climate skepticism…

FERC To Save Coal?

World’s biggest solar thermal power plant just got approved in Australia –

Hyping draft climate studies only serves alarmism

Will Solar Power Be at Fault for the Next Environmental Crisis?

Subsidies to Fossil Fuels

WUWT >> “One Of The Most Radical Climate-Denier Blogs” …Their Purpose?

Geologists warn us about dangerous volcanoes. Will we spend pennies for war

Claims Of 40000 Deaths From Air Pollution Debunked By Death Statistics

U.S. Oil Drillers Keep Pressure on OPEC With Record Shale Output

BBC on Freedom of Speech

South Australia’s Renewable Energy Fiasco: Wind ‘Powered’ State to Run On D

Scientists: Karakoram Glaciers Growing In Spite Of Global Warming

The blame game

2017 National Climate Assessment: A Self-Falsifying Prophecy?

Experiments cast doubt on how the Earth was formed

The UK is having its coldest summer holidays in 35 YEARS with the rain set

Study: Sea level rise not following CO2 rise … Growing inconsistency

Blog: Al Gore calling global warming a ‘spiritual issue’

SA Premier hailed “leader”: govt buys twenty years electricity at twice the

Govt holds crunch talks with industry giants over the future of UK nuclear…

Column: Climate change activists need a new strategy

The Australian Energy Conundrum

Renewable Energy Policy in South Australia & Ontario: ‘Simply Murder’

An Inconvenient Split?

$50 Million Dollar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Fraud

Good For The Greenland Ice Sheet, Bad For The Corn Belt

UN Panel Proposed ‘UN Urban’ To Supercharge New Urban Agenda

Paul Krugman shows why the climate campaign failed

Life in a fossil-fuel-free utopia

The 2017 ‘Global Warming Reality Check’: Experts Now Forecasting La Niña Co

Worldwide Droughts, Storms & Floods–In 1929!

Pruitt: EPA will review ‘politicized’ climate science report

Met Office Covers Up Old Record Temperatures

Cooling Deep Oceans … and the Earth’s General Background Temperature

Power Prices in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia Double the Price of Power in

Uncovered: decades-old government report showing climate data was bad, unfit…

Heatwave “Lucifer”?

Five crucial skills we’ll need to actually fight climate change

Al Gore skewered on BBC for DOOMSDAY climate change claims

New Orleans Official Blamed Flooding On ‘Climate Change,’ But Broken Pumps

Guam Threatened?

Mythical subsidies. The energy case.

Dr. Judith Curry Explains The Reality Of Bad Climate Science And Bad Politics

The Social Costs of Air Pollution from Cars in the UK

Large Non-Polar Glaciers Are Expanding

Warmist review of sequel: ‘Gore’s movie may be too Gore-centric’

Climate Optimism, Energy Realism for the Next Generation

Expert Software Engineer Calls Level Of Fraud In Leaked US Gov Climate Repo

New Study on Fracking and Schools Comes to a Surprising Conclusion

Met Office Accused Of Misleading BBC Audience Over Extreme Weather Claims

Time Magazine takes the NYT ‘fake news’ climate story and runs with it further…

Arctic melt season changes and the Arctic regime shift

UK wind farms paid to not make sausages

Our waters are getting so polluted sea snakes are turning black to cope

Met Office Tiptoeing Round The Truth

When The Model Models Itself

Battered: America’s Hoary Bats Belted to Kingdom Come by Wind Turbines


So What Happened to the Science?

Claim: Climate Science Does Not Have to be Falsifiable

New York Times’s Climate Change ‘Leaked’ Report Was Actually Public

Paul McCartney, Bono, Pharrell voice their support for Gore’s sequel

You mean there’s a climate debate?

EIA: U.S. Moves Closer to Becoming Net Exporter of Natural Gas

Gore ‘really shocked’ at BBC for daring to interview one of his climate cri

Will Consumers Forfeit Traditional Vehicles for Electrics?

Unearthed emails: Monsanto connected to campaign to retract GMO paper

Judge Tells Vermont AG to Hand Over Anti-Exxon Gmail Messages

Tropics Lead Ocean Cooling

US Army – Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change

Leading Heat Transfer Physicists/Geologists Assert The Impact Of CO2 Emissions

Freezing in northern European Russia

Green Lunacy: Fossil Fuel Mandates, to Stabilise Mandated Renewable Electricity

Little Ice Ages kill off more humans than any other natural disaster

Former Obama Officials Operate Shadow Network to Push Science Agenda

Richard Muller’s answer to What does Richard Muller think of the US Paris withdrawal?

‘The Footprint of Energy: Land Use of U.S. Electricity Production’

Warm periods in the 20th century are not unprecedented during the last 2,000 years

No wind or solar powered aluminum smelter anywhere in the world – Why?

Latest Storm/Damage Data: Alarmists’ Predictions Have Near-Zero Accuracy…

CO2 Emissions Data Wrong “Plus Or Minus 100%”

The Sum of All Costs: Counting the True Costs of Intermittent Wind & Solar

EXCLUSIVE: Researcher Claims To Have Evidence One Of EPA’s Most Successful

NewSpeak From Orwell’s 1984 Meets Climate Change

The Rainmakers

The Effects of the Bray Climate and Solar Cycle

BP Unlocks a New Shale Gusher in New Mexico

NYT Quietly Fixes Botched Climate Article

Actually, Plenty of Intellectuals Oppose a Carbon Tax

BoM raw temperature data, GHCN and global averages

Climate Depot’s Morano & other skeptics ‘sentenced to death’ for ‘Crimes against…

UK Times: Boooring … ‘Global warming film flop caps Al Gore’s tough week’

American Backlash Against Big Wind: States Cut Subsidies & Ban New Wind Pow

‘Dodgy’ greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord

Amazing! A Solid Journalism Academic

Understanding Climate Cycles: Here’s How To Avoid Climate Panics

Four-Steps Needed to Restore Confidence in Bureau’s Handling of Temperature

Nano aluminum offers fuel cells on demand >> just add water

The ‘Gore’ cat is out of the bag

‘Coal plants keep closing on Trump’s watch’… And why it doesn’t matter…

Lindzen: On the ‘Death of Skepticism’ Concerning Climate Hysteria

EPA Air Quality Report Shows Benefits of Natural Gas

Snowing in Colorado

Gore’s “inconvenient bomb” continues …climate doom movie tanks …

Renewables Hypocrisy

Electric Vehicles: “A New Technology”?

Nature Unbound IV: The 2400 Bray cycle. Part C

Global Warming Caused Vikings to Become Terrorists

Shell challenges power giants

Since 1993, Greenland’s Ice Sheet Melt Has Added Just 0.39 Of A Centimeter

Hydrogen Fuel Could Become a Viable Energy Alternative Thanks to This Alloy…

Debunking the 100% Renewables Fantasy: Running on Sunshine & Breezes

Another BOM scandal: Australian climate data is being destroyed as routine

California Ranchers Rebel As 1.8 Million Acres Set Aside For… Frogs?

Shameless fear-mongering… versus reality

‘Fake News’: Air Pollution Photo Fraud by The Hill

How Natural Gas and Wind Decarbonize the Grid

Electric cars won’t get us very far. Because they can’t

Germany’s Failure To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Set To Extend To 9 Years

African children pay huge price for “clean green” electric car battery tech

August 6, 1918 : Hottest Day In Washington DC History

UK Energy Cost Review Turns Into Farce Before It Has Even Started

Volcanic Northern Winters

Activists Sound Alarm On ‘Climate Gentrification?

France could close ‘up to 17’ nuclear reactors by 2025

EPA Ethics Panel: It is NOT Unethical to Question Climate Dogma

Why the US letter re. Paris Accord

Paul Ehrlich admits it: ‘I am an alarmist. My colleagues are alarmists. We’re scared

The Source for Up to Half of Earth’s Internal Heat Is Unknown

Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate

Big money is behind decarbonization. We don’t need politicians

The Kaiser Has No Clothes

Offshore Wind Turbine Project >>  Statoil’s Hywind Scotland–A Positive Viewpoint

Nuclear power as we know it is finished

Dog-Made Global Warming!

Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle: Policy Insanity Overtakes ‘Green’ Hypocrisy

Will capitalism save the rhino?

US officially pulls out of UN’s Paris climate deal

Climate Supercomputer No Better Than Paper


Earthworks Parachutes Into Ohio from California, Local Elected Leaders Sound off

BOM scandal: “smart cards” filter out coldest temperatures. Full audit need

Al Gore’s Environmental Messiah Complex

Is The Energiewende Running Out Of Steam?


Carlin Economics and Science » Why the Fossil Fuel Revolution Is Good for B

EID Report: Ohio Pipelines Mean 26,000 Jobs, $1.2 Billion in Local Tax Rev

MIT False Climate Alarm

Polar Stability: Antarctic Cold Deepens, Arctic Refuses To Melt Faster…

Tesla Model 3 Cancellations: 63,000

The three-year delay: Journal finally retracts paper based on made-up data

Hurricane drought to end? Models show Hurricane on track for East Coast

Bill McKibben Has No Idea What He’s Talking About With Fracking

Paleoclimate Cycles are Key Analogs for Present Day (Holocene) Warm Period

Al Gore’s swimming pool uses the same electricity as six US homes

Green energy taxes to treble in five years

Green Policies Cost More Than The Gas Does

Al Gore Schooled by Mayor of an Eroding Island

Al Gore’s Nashville estate expends 21 times more energy a year than typical


Costs of green electricity driving Aussies off the grid and into poverty

Peer-Reviewed Study: Dogs & Cats ‘play a significant role in causing global warming

East China Is Cooling

New Paper: Investigative Journalism Professor Slams Today’s ‘Fake News’ Cli

Solar Panel Economics

Claim: More Climate Scientists Urgently Needed

Spoiling our pets less is one way we can lower carbon emissions

Senator Calls Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle a National Emergency

Why Politicized Science is Dangerous

Bureau of Inconsistencies: Need for Urgent Independent Inquiry

The Little Ice Age is here

Gore Flies Nearly 3,000 Miles to Tell Us to Stop Using Carbon-Based Fuels

Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers

“Failing Nuclear Power Is Good For Coal”

Electricity Prices in South Australia Skyrocket

Report: Al Gore’s Home Energy Use ‘Surges up to 34 Times the National Average

Gore: ‘Climate refugees are beginning to create instability in parts of Europe…

Crabber Says Sea Level Same Since 1970

New Study: German Physicists Concludes We Can Expect Climate Cooling For Next 50yrs

New API Report Finds Oil and Gas Industry Supported 10.3 Million US Jobs…

Scientists just revealed a hidden secret about the Sun’s inner core

AEMO: Plant Closures Helping to Stabilise South Australia’s Green Electricityi

Europe’s climate alarmist policy fiasco leaves EU economy prisoner of foreign energy

SOS: Kill the Renewable Energy Target Before It’s All Too Late

SA reduces blackouts by closing Holden Factory

The Shale Revolution Has Made Nuclear Power Uneconomic

Panda Meet Graph

‘Green tax’ now costs every British household £149 a year, British Gas says

Gore challenged by Mayor at CNN townhall: ‘If sea level rise is occurring,…

Pew Poll on Climate Threat Mischaracterized by NY Times

Gas Heating To Be Replaced By Thin Air!

A plant that was around with the dinosaurs has been found alive in North Am

Gore’s new movie: an ‘inconvenient bomb’ at the box office

Busting Dogwood’s “Myths” on Oil-by-Rail and Crude Oil Exports

World Bank Data Show US Flaring Decreased 25 Percent in 2016

Scathing editorial in the Australian rips Al Gore’s new movie and his hype

Revisiting wind turbine impacts

Drax power station biomass emissions ‘dangerous’, worse than coal claim…

CO2 Destroys Food Nutrition! Not.

Britain’s Energy Policy Keeps Picking Losers

Is Sea Level Rising?

Analsyis: NYT claims hot summers of today ‘virtually unheard of in the 1950

Coal is #1… again.

Warming Hiatus & Cooling Persist In Eastern China To This Day

Warm is stable>>  Cold is change

EV Power Scenarios

Journal Hoax Shows Limits Of Scientific Publication

Mainstream Media’s ‘silence of the climate scams’

Coal to dominate in India through 2047 says report

Utilities ditch reactors that launched U.S. nuclear renaissance

Scandal: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures

Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should we be concerned about a reversion

CNN reports: ‘Even if humans suddenly stopped burning fossil fuels now, Ear

Claim: 59,300 Indian Suicides because Climate

American-Made Plastic Making a Comeback — Because Shale

Flashback Climategate emails: Phil Jones says critical 2-degree C limit was…

Global EV and related climate alarmist colossal messes

CNN Filled With ‘Ominous‘ & ‘Grim’ Global Warming Coverage To Promote Gore’

New Video : More Fake News About The Northwest Passage And Global Temperature

Nearly 500 researchers guilty of misconduct, says Chinese gov’t investigation

Reasoning About Climate

Study of social media retracted when authors can’t provide data

4,300 Days Since Last U.S. Major Hurricane Strike

Lithium: Reserves, Use, Future Demand and Price

Australians paying $600 per household to subsidize wind and solar

New Paper: CO2 Has ‘Negligible’ Influence On Earth’s Temperature

The Appalling Delusion of 100 Percent Renewables, Exposed

Clive James: ‘Climate Alarmists Were Bound To Run Out Of Credibility’


Electric cars are pollution shifters: we will need huge investment in generation capacity

Putting the Brakes on Satellite Acceleration

First ‘summer-less’ July in Denmark in 38 years

OPEC’s Existential Sucker Punch

Biofuel justifications are illusory

Watch: Al Gore refuses to give direct answer when confronted over bogus 200

Commentary: The 6 biggest reasons I’m a climate-change skeptic…

What is the Job of a Government Climate Scientist?

EU blasts Trump for rejecting climate change deal then increases coal exports…

Successful Cover-up and Lack of Accountability in Climate Deception

It’s absolute fantasy to think we can move to all electric cars without fossil fuels

Wind Turbine Noise & Vibration Causing Harm to Humans & Animals Alike

‘We Are All So Totally Going to Die’

The IPCC gives us good news about climate change, but we don’t listen

Britain’s £246m battery challenge won’t solve energy storage problem

‘Sharknado’ creator: Epic fishy storm could actually happen

Media blackout on NASA report that sea level has fallen last two years

German E-Mobility Headed For Wall…”Ecological Performance Of The E-Car? Miserable

How better training can help fix the research reproducibility crisis

Can we trust research in science and medicine?

Metrology is key to reproducing results

‘Scientists Are Mostly Wrong’: Or Why Published Research Is Untrustworthy

China’s Plans For Wind Power

Control Knobs, Rick Perry and AMS

Update on the strength of aerosol forcing

With OPEC Weakening, World Energy Now Pits Russia Versus U.S.

Rising carbon dioxide is making the world’s plants more water-wise

Wind Power Propaganda Unplugged: How Media Helped Sell the Greatest Fraud…

In the fight between Rick Perry and climate scientists, Perry is winning

Warmist Review: Gore’s sequel ‘not a great movie…unfocused…’bent the truth’

Wired Magazine: Look Who Is Talking About Geoengineering

World’s first floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland

EU: Energy Meeting Tackles the Thorny Issue of Ties With Russia

After Paris: Next Steps for the Trump Administration’s International Climate agenda

UN And World Bank Announce Global Program ‘Cooling For All’

Arctic Ice Frees Captive Ships

Plastics Yet Again

Global Warming Blamed For EU Wildfires

Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses a Few Inconvenient Facts

Al Gore & “Inconvenient Sequel’ — Self-Service with a Smile

Every Single Day In July Has Cooled Over The Past Century

Rural Americans Increasingly Benefiting from Expanding Natural Gas Services

Fox News: Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Meets with Skepticism, Even from

Germany Experts Revise (Junk) Model Projections For Summer Precipitation…

‘No more royal babies’ Kate and William told NOT to have any more kids

The stupidest thing the federal government does

Air Pollution Is Just A Smokescreen (Excuse The Pun!)

Forget geoengineering planet, lets drug and modify humans instead — Shrink

Climate Science Comes Up Short


E&E Legal Wins Maj. Rulings in 2 Vermont Records Suits Involving AG’s Climate RICO Crusade

Urgent Newsflash! Wind Power Utterly Dependent on the Wind!


Scientists: Global Warming Will ‘Prevent A Large Number Of Deaths’ >>  By Reducing cold spells

How Much Electricity Will Electric Cars Use?

Did The Onion Predict the #ExxonKnew Campaign?

Harrison Ford on Climate Change: ‘There Won’t Be Any Damn People’

Drier Winters To Lead To Record Rainfall!

Will ‘Keep It In The Ground’ Activists Trash the Potomac River Like They Did in North Dakota?

Science Gone Stupid: Public Interest in Biodiversity Edition

China’s green car sales hit speed bump as Beijing cuts subsidies

South Africa’s maize estimate up 2%

Enemies of humanity



EV Subsidies vs. Results: Reality Check in Norway

Solar Import Tariff Proposal Splits the Industry

Expert: the Great Barrier Reef recovers, our science institutions are failing us…

Obama Czar Attacks Climate Red Teams

Climate “Scientists” in Panic: Real Debate and Fact Checking Will Expose “Consensus” Fraud

Gore’s Sequel Review: ‘It’s preaching to the choir’ … Film ‘spends too much time on…

Revealed: Government’s electric car revolution could cost more than £200bn

Trump’s Climate Clarity

What Else Did Al Gore Get Wrong?

After a near-record 270 days, Mammoth Mountain’s snow season finally coming to a close

Enviros Call CA’s Cap-And-Trade Racist

Sea levels are falling: NASA data: Sea levels fell in 2016 from Jan 2016 to March 2017

Governor Brown Extends California CO2 Cap and Trade Law

Claim: 6 ways climate chng will ‘have a profound impact’ on your $$ …Will reduce income 23% (by 2100!)

Study: ‘glaciers don’t need periods of warming to trigger retreat’

Petronas Deals Fresh Blow as World Exits Canada’s Energy Patch

Geo-Engineering Exposed: Scientists To Dim Sunlight In Order To Cool Planet

British Climate Minister Boasts About Bypassing the US Federal Government

Diesel/petrol car ban: Plan for 2040 unravels as 10 new power stations needed to cope with EVs

New Studies Show Oceans Absorbing Atmospheric CO2 …”Putting Brakes On Climate Change”

Gore’s new health warning: ‘Every organ system can be affected by climate change’


PLOS ONE retracts paper after researcher admits to fabricating data

Scientists are pushing wild climate hacking scenarios to save the planet

Coal to stay king in India as power mainstay, says Niti report

Red team and blue team may be a good next step to fix the U.S. climatology



Critics warn diesel ban could cost ‘trillions’ as drivers ‘remain in the dark’

Shock Horror! Poll Shows Tourists Hate Wind Turbines: Scotland’s Highlands Shunned

Al Gore Warns Of Climate Refugees

U.S. becomes global fossil energy giant feeding hungry world energy markets

Sequel depicts Gore clinching 2015 UN Paris deal… But top Indian diplomat says that is nonsense

An Inconvenient Sequel: Learn More About Al Gore’s New Book

Zero GOP members:  Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Screening Snubbed by Capitol Hill GOP

Serious Question: If #UtilitiesKnew about Climate Change in the 70s, And Everyone Else Did Too…

Who’s Afraid of Sea-Level Acceleration?

“Independent” and “Scientist” Michael Mann Say It Worse Than We Thought!!

Anti-Fracking Groups & Russia: Secret Funding Protects Kremlin Interests

100 companies to blame for 71% of carbon “pollution”, but world’s worst corporates are Big Govt


Switching to Markets Could Save You 15 Percent or More on Climate Insurance


Climate Models Out Of Whack …Also Warming From Arctic Soot Underestimated

Trump administration lining up climate change ‘red team’

The totalitarianism of the environmentalists


Renewable Energy Train Wreck: Australian Power Prices Set to Rocket (Again)

The Moon is seriously loaded with water, more than we ever expected

Queensland chief scientist Professor Suzanne Miller sidelined over fraud charges

Another paper confirms “the pause” in global warming …cites issues with methods of obtaining avg. temps

New Research Report Confirms Invalidation of the EPA’s Endangerment Finding

Ban clean air!? ‘Cleaner air could actually be exacerbating global warming trends’

German carmakers colluded on diesel controls, technology for decades: report

New save the planet scheme: ‘cocktail geoengineering’

Former EPA Official: ‘The Climate Alarmists’ Gross Perversion of the Word Clean’ 

Spate Of Recent Papers: Climate Models Still Unable To Reproduce Even Most Fundamental Cycles!

The Resurgence of the American Coal Industry.  Part Trois: Going Dutch!

Why the Greens Lost, and Trump Won

Decarbonising Heating

There’s another huge plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean

The Nazi Origins Of Renewable Energy And Global Warming

German car makers’ shares crash on allegations of collusion

Work by group at Australian university faces scrutiny

Impaired Climate Vision

Global Warming Fails to Convince

Trump: Nukes Are the Greatest Threat to the World, Not Climate Change

35 New Papers Affirm Warmth, Elevated CO2 Are Good For The Earth And Its Inhabitants

Near Record Cold Grips Tokyo, Far East …And Typhoons Trending Downward Since 1951!


Utica Shale Counties Show Highest Income Growth in Ohio

Draft Climate Report Leaked To NYT

Electricity in Texas. Part II: the cost of a 100% renewable grid

Whitehouse-Schatz Carbon Tax Proposal Ignores Realities of Political Process



Why People Like Al Gore Hate The World’s Poor



Germany Is Addicted to Russian Gas


Government Climate Math : The Average Of Negative Numbers Is A Positive Number

Tesla Stumbles: Bad EV Economics or Something Else?

Temperature Data Review Project–My Submission

Adjusting Measurements to Match the Models  Part 1: Surface Air Temperatures

Stopping the ‘National Climate Scare’

No Lye

Official Announcement Of New Supplemental Petition To EPA

4 New Papers: Modern Warming Is Substantially Artificial, Traced To Urbanization, Bias


The UK Climate Change Act … nine years on and still no plan

Australia’s Renewable Energy Experiment a Monumental Disaster

Pop Quiz: Human Emissions Stabilize, but Carbon in Atmosphere still rises, what to think?

Ancient Italian fossils reveal risk of parasitic infections due to climate change

Global Warming Killed All Life On Earth 17 Years Ago

Re-entry into the climate atmosphere

Sea Level Rise At German Coast Slowing, Contradicting German DWD Weather Service Hysteria

Tesla battery, subsidy and sustainability fantasies

U.S. Coal Finds Footing In European Markets

Greenland Glaciers Advancing Since 2013

Greenland Glacier Retreated Two Feet Per Day from 1850 To 1900

Hillary Clinton campaign never bought promised ‘carbon offsets’ to atone for jets

Vatican archbishop: All should accept that global warming is a fact

Government Employees Systematically Violating Their Oaths Of Office

California’s “leading” climate change partner China funds coal plants – violating Paris agreement

Al Gore Explains His Slavery

Business Climate Advice

Autopsy Of An Excuse

50-Year Sea Level Trends At Newlyn & North Shields

Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age?

Anti-Trump actor Johnny Depp fights global warming, but won’t give up 14 homes and private jet

Actor & UN Biodiversity Ambassador Edward Norton rips Trump’s climate views as ‘unbelievably regressive’

Bayer and Syngenta emails show firms fought scientists for data on bee harming pesticides research

Reproducibility and open science are starting to matter in tenure and promotion

New Climate “Hero” China Building Hundreds of New Coal Plants

How economists rode maths to become our era’s astrologers

The Fantasy of Running On Sunshine & Breezes: Why Wind & Solar Power Are So Utterly Pointless

Nutrition science isn’t broken, it’s just wicked hard

Climate bargain, going cheap! Pay now, save $Trillions, stop Storms, Droughts, Bad Stuff. Ends today! 

MSM on Climate Hype: “the worst case is the only thing that prompts us to get anything done”

Revisiting a Stanford Study on GHG Emissions from Aging Oilfields

A Long History Of European Heat And Drought

Analysis Of Sea Level Trends At Newlyn, UK

Climate confusion: Average worldwide temps have stayed at roughly 59 degrees F for decades?!

Swiss Daily, German Scientist Slam Reporting U of Exeter Antarctic Findings… “An Abuse Of Science”!

Japan, China, and South Korea violate Paris agreement by funding coal in Indonesia

Study: Sea Level Rise Revised Downward

72.8% Of World’s Renewable Energy Is Made By Burning Wood & Dung—20x More…

Fired EPA staffers form rogue anti-Trump support group

Tourism and Petroleum Industries Thrive in America’s Gulf Coast States

German Study Proves Its Combined Wind & Solar Capacity Must be 100% Backed by Coal/Gas/Nuclear

Diet drinks really are associated with weight gain, says new research


Professors group wants taxpayer-funded climate change research blocked from public scrutiny

Who are the GOP warmists? See list of GOP congressmen who support climate ‘action’

Sea Level Rise Accelerating? Not.

Another wheel flies off Ontario’s green energy bus…

Gore: ‘Some Levels of the Earth System Have Crossed a Point of No Return’

Resilient Arctic Ice

Is Gov’t Investigating Solar Companies?

More Fun With Sea Level

Oh say can you see modern sea level rise from a geological perspective?

Why we emphasize that the climate has always changed

This strange creature is the first sunfish species to be discovered in 130 years

New Video : NASA And NOAA Erasing The Record Heat Of 1934

We Need to Say “Yes!” to Air Conditioning

Spectacular findings in Australia push back human settlement by at least 10

Scientists Find At Least 75% Of The Earth Has Not Warmed In Recent Decades

The surprising news from scientists about rising sea levels!

Vatican’s Green Archbishop: Denying Man-Made Global Warming Is Heresy

How Capitalism Saved The Bees

U.N.’s 17 sustainable goals by 2030: what the youth gets brainwashed with

Australia’s Great Shame: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Pensioners Freeze

US Government Declines to Attend Zuckerberg’s Green PR Stunt

Japan: Fifty solar PV companies already gone in 2017 as subsidies end. Coal

Concern About Sea Level Rise In Malibu

Report: Future US Natural Gas Supply More Than 3,100 Trillion Cubic Feet

Bill Nye: Older people need to ‘die’ out before climate science can advance

The Data Adjustment Bureau

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XVI

Natural disasters less devastating in 2017: Munich Re

A melting Swiss glacier has revealed a missing couple buried 75 years ago –

Stealth advocacy: a survey of weathercasters’ views on climate change

BP Predicts Global Oil Demand Will Peak in 2042

Tourists shun areas hit by wind turbine ‘blight’

California Counties Use Big Tobacco Lawsuit Tactics to Go After Big Oil

Green Jobs Lost As Green Subsidies Dry Up–But Elon Musk Set To Make Billion

New forecast models could give you an extra hour to hide from a tornado

Climate change gives us less devastating natural disasters

Amazonian Cold Snap Grips South America…Veteran Meteorologist Calls It “Spectacular”

Green Cronyism Gone Wild: It Looks Like The State Of California Is Bailing

The Solar-Powered Oil Field… An Adjustocene Fable

Blaming 0.01% Of Atmosphere As Insane As Blaming….


Denver Post’s Latest Oil and Gas Story Raises Questions About the State of

NOAA’s Says Natural Wetlands, Tropical Agriculture Responsible

The Foibles of Climate Research

Siemens To Shut Canadian Wind Turbine Plant

Bike-Crazy Oregon Riders Enraged Over First Bicycle Tax In Nation

Trump To Steer UN Global Warming Funds To Coal, Gas Projects

Sea level rise, subsidence and hurricanes… Oh my!!!

To meet climate goals, California should produce more oil, not less

Mark Jacobson & Climate Change Energy Policy — Jacobson Tells His Critics

Climate Biorhythms

Berkeley Earth Funding

Bikini Atoll has thriving ecosystem

Rick Perry: We aim for energy domination

It looks like the state of California is bailing out Tesla

Update On The Southwest Permanent Drought


Bureau Still Limiting Cooling to Minus 10 Degrees


Elon Musk: Unregulated AI Could Be The “Biggest Risk We Face as a Civilisat

Wind Power Threatens US Grid: Trump to Unwind Suicidal Renewables Policies


Americans Don’t Care About Global Warmin

Climate deal squeaks out of California Legislature>>> 8 GOP legislators voted for ‘climate action’

The Uncertainty Has Settled, Critical Documentary About Climate, Agriculture and Energy Now Online

GOP establishment figures Pete Wilson and George Shultz endorse California

Tales of the Adjustocene: Satellite Sea Level Edition

The Role of ‘Ocean Upwelling’ and ‘The Deep Ocean’ in the Glacial Cycles

NIH neuroscientist up to 19 retractions

The Hiatus: One Message For Politicians, Another For Scientists

The Mother-of-all-Dead Zones: “Fossil site shows impact of early Jurassic’s

Nature’s Sunscreen

Pat Michaels: “A Climate Roadmap for Pres. Trump”

A Google Company is Unleashing 20 Million Mosquitoes in California to Fight

Tired of Being Wrong, Climate Alarmists Move Doomsday to Next Century

Green Dreams: No Kids, No Cars, No Meat, No Flying!

 CO2 Contributed Only 0.12°C

We love scary stories. The reason why reveals a secret about America.

Black Activists Criticize Al Gore for Comparing Climate Activism to Civil R

Forget extreme temperatures: Nothing kills as many people as moderate cold

Focusing on worst case climate futures doesn’t work. It shouldn’t work.

Trump Will Betray U.S. Voters On Climate & Reverse Paris Exit, Macron Predi

CO2 Intensity of Electric Cars

There have been far bigger Antarctic icebergs than the latest A68 Larson C

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: “Not Reality… Tota

A mysterious underwater forest warns of Earth’s rapidly changing climate –

Watch: Alex Epstein warns of ‘destructive fad’ of ‘climate catastrophism’ –

Nature Unbound IV The 2400-year Bray cycle. Part B

FSU researcher makes deep-sea coral reefs discovery in depths of the North-

The last survivors on Earth

Insanity and hypocrisy Down Under

Wind Energy’s 8 Serious Disadvantages: Hurts Everything From Wealth To Heal

Will The Sun Put The Brakes On Global Warming?

Donald Trump took the heat, but the rest of the G20’s posturing won’t hide

Forget extreme temperatures: Nothing kills as many people as moderate cold

Alarm about alarmism

Moonbeam Brown Unhinged: ‘Existence of humanity rests on extending California cap&tax rules

European Climate Institute EIKE Says Antarctica Ice Calving “Totally Normal”

Climate Policies Failure, the Movie

Climate change could make the Earth “practically ungovernable”

Biology’s Roiling Debate Over Publishing Research Early

Paying Professors: Inside Google’s Academic Influence Campaign

The Truth about China’s Cash-for-Publication Policy

New Video : As Funding Gets Cut Off, Climate Scientists Ramp Up Their Lies

GWPF Report On CCS Triggers Heated Debate In Canada

Here’s the real reason why we still haven’t found alien life

Global automakers call on China to ease “impossible” electric car rules

The Carbon-Fed “Sixth Mass Genesis” … An Anthropocene Success Story!

Updated: Climates Don’t Start Wars, People Do

The Sky is Falling Friday Part 4: Climate change to deplete some US water b

Facebook CEO’s Rational, Positive Comments About Fracking Draw Irrational,

The Sky is Falling Friday Part 3: Global warming could result in losses for

The Sky is Falling Friday Part 2: Why Japan’s coastal zones might be disappear

Ban could be placed on charging electric cars during peak times as energy d

The Sky is Falling Friday Part 1: Study: Aircraft Will Have More Difficulty

Environmentalists are birthing more climate-change hype

‘Deep Decarbonization’ vs. Direct-Use Natural Gas

Volunteer researcher faked weeks’ worth of data

Earth is on its way to the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs….

California’s Cap-and-Trade Problem

Caving To Trump On Climate? Paris Accord Still Up For Talks, Says Macron…

Climate change could make flying a lot more frustrating

Population Doomster Paul Ehrlich’s New Forecast: ‘Biological Annihilation’

Strong El Niño Caused 2015/16 Spike In CO2 Emissions, NOAA Reports

Studies Find Wind Turbines Unsustainable and Harmful to Wildlife

Germany’s Anti-Wind Power FDP Free Democrats Crush Greens in North Rhine

Study Recommends Having One Less Child Because Climate

NASA-MIT study evaluates efficiency of oceans as heat sink, atmospheric gas


IEA: U.S. Could Be World’s Top LNG Exporter by 2022

New York Times: World’s nations building huge numbers of new coal plants…

Only A Few Weeks Left until The Maldives Drown

European Electric Car Sales Stall, As Long-Range Predictions Snowball

Media gets high on Antarctic Crack

New Video : Fake News About Antarctic Icebergs

Paris, Meet Kyoto

Colder winters don’t mean global warming isn’t happening

A Remarkable Climate Warming Hiatus Over Northeast China Since 1998

Three Years To Save The World!

New Paper Indicates Sub-antarctic Glacier Retreat More Extensive In 1700s…

Another Smoking Gun That GRACE Data Is Garbage

AP Style Guide Warns Against Legitimising Climate Sceptics

Why The Renewable Energy Industry Is (Mostly) A Scam

Temperature and Forcing

OPINION: I’ve studied Larsen C for years…it’s not a simple story

The Grenfell Tower fire would not have happened without the EU and global w

Surprise: Gore praises fossil fuels for having ‘tremendous benefits’

The Conversation: Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate

Gore compares climate fight to slavery, gay rights & apartheid at Aussie summit

Two key House members call to investigate Russian ‘collusion’ with anti-fracking groups

Five Reasons U.S. Could Be World’s Top LNG Exporter Sooner Rather than Late

Finally! Actual Evidence of Russian Collusion!

1956 Iceberg Was The Size Of Massachusetts and Connecticut Combined

States Consider Moratoria on Wind Construction

A massive 1 trillion-ton iceberg just broke off Antarctica

Never Go Full-California

“Urban Science-Policy Interface” For Global Sustainability

Minor changes in clouds swamp the effect of CO2 — see it every day

Here’s what you should really do to reduce your carbon footprint

Swiss Daily: “Record Cold July In Greenland”…Alarmists “Struggling To Explain…

Ocean Cools and Air Temps Follow

Most Europeans And 2/3 Of Britons Reject IPCC ‘Climate Consensus’

EPA Chief Wants Scientists To Debate Climate On TV


Drinking more coffee is associated with a longer life, new studies show

PAGES2017: New Cherry Pie « Climate Audit

Scientists Just Teleported a Photon from Earth to Orbit for the First Time

How They airbrushed out the Inconvenient Pause

Yale Pol: 4 in 10 Americans (39%) think ‘global warming will cause humans to become extinct

Nature Unbound IV The 2400-year Bray cycle. Part A

 Wind And Solar Power  – They Don’t Work

Turkey Threatens Not To Ratify Paris Climate Accord

Al Gore Praises “Climate Leader” South Australia

United Nations: “Educated People Threaten Sustainability”

Monster Solar Minimum Approaching?

Energy Superpower: US Oil Exports Forecast To Exceed Most OPEC Members By…

Planetary Warming: Back to Basics

Urban Farming Is Not A Planet Savior…More A Lifestyle For Modern Hypocrites

The Art of the Deal: Saving the U.S. Auto Industry from a “Planet-Saving Ag

New Video : How The Climate Mafia Corrupted Surface, Balloon And Satellite

Tesla’s Hong Kong Sales Collapse After Tax Incentives Canceled

Wall Street Sours on $9 Billion Mechanism for Green Projects

Vietnam War: Guide To The Perplexed

El Nino Signal Weakening

Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War?

Even Warmist Micheal Mann criticizes alarmist NY Mag

NY Mag: ‘Doomsday’ >> Climate Change to bring ‘famine, economic collapse…sooner!!

Roger Pielke Jr.: Climate Politics as Manichean Paranoia

Want to Wreck Your Nation? Plug Into Intermittent Wind & Solar

These 100 companies are to blame for 71% of the world’s greenhouse emissions

Are Electric Vehicles ‘CO2 Friendly’? (Swedish study raises questions)

The crisis of integrity-deficient science

Looks Like Global Action On “Climate Change” Is Dead

California’s Solar Energy Overload

We Just Passed Prince Charles’s 96-Month Deadline to Save The World From…

More Proof Tesla Sales Crater When Tax Breaks Are Scrapped

Lancet retracts (and replaces) paper a year after authors report error that

REAL climate science shows Trump was right to Exit Paris

Satellite battle: Five reasons UAH is different (better) to the RSS global

“The World Keeps Not Running Out of Oil”

Lawmakers Ask For Probe Into Alleged Russian Funding of Anti-Fracking Group

The ancient remains of 5,000-year-old ‘giants’ discovered in China

Corals found deep in the ocean produce their own sunlight to survive

3 New Papers: Greenland 3-5°C Warmer With 40 Kilometers Less Ice Area 4,000

A Green Economy Is Possible, But At What Cost?

Praying mantises are killing birds and devouring their brains all over the


Tesla set to build the world’s biggest Lithium-Ion battery storage facility

Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’

The ‘Pause’ Returns As Global Temperatures Plummet, Warming Hiatus To…

Framing the challenge for the climate red team

Venus and Hawking’s Scientific Illiteracy

NASA to Test Fission Power for Future Mars Colony

The Crisis of Integrity-deficient Science

Climate Astrology: Climate Scientists Now Predict Wet Future For California

Origin of Zero Symbol Is Centuries Older Than Previously Thought

Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking ‘the red pill’

Implementing the New Afghanistan Policy

The Joy of Destruction

The Surreal Blessings of Donald Trump

Canada now investigates ‘climate denial’

Al Gore’s Doomsday Clock Expires & Climate Change Fanatics Are Wrong Again

Hurricane Irma

Vegans Suck at Science. Here’s The Proof.

Hurricane Irma: Barbuda needs the world’s help

Electric Trucks Are Finally Hitting American Roads

neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Some Democrats decide the time is ripe for sing

Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?

The Teacher-Shortage Myth

Feinstein Barrett Anti-Catholic Bigotry

The Corruption of Public Health

“Land of No Good Options”

Taxes: What Has Changed Since Reagan

Single Payer Health Care & Cost Effectiveness

GOP after DACA: No One Left to Lie To

Donald Trump’s Triangulation: Democratic Dealmaking Could Backfire

North Korea’s Nuclear Threat Requires Diplomatic Talks

North Korea’s Nuclear Program Could Force Us to Act — and Reveals the Failure…

Trump Should Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal, Ignore Experts

If South Korea Threatened Chinese Neighbor, China Would Strike

Irma & Harvey Lesson: Price Gouging Is Public Service

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Health Care Plan Is Bad Idea

An Expensive Experiment With Single-Payer Health Care

Communism Most Cruel

Catholic Bishops: Ending DACA ‘Reprehensible,’ ‘Opposite’ of Scripture

The World Turned Upside Down (and what to do about it)

A $150 Billion Misfire: How Forecasters Got Irma Damage So Wrong

When does peer review make no damn sense?

A Grand Unified Theory of Unhealthy Microbiomes

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle May Finally Be Solved

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XVII

Cuba Devastation Foreshadows Disaster

5 Hurricane Charts Climate Alarmists Don’t Want You to See as They Rush to

Lettuce Produces More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Calorie Than Bacon Does

Study reveals global warming impact of keeping pets

Changing climate could worsen foods’ nutrition

Moderate consumption of fats, carbohydrates best for health, international

Shannon Hillis on Twitter: “Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food.

Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows

Record Rainfalls A Thing Of The Past

Hurricane Harvey Proves Global Warming Increases Lifespans

Harvey marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history

Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

Economists say Harvey will cost billions — but still significantly less tha

The Reference Frame: Brian Greene’s man-made hurricanes

Dr. Michael Mann, Climate, Hurricane Harvey, and the Communist Party

No Michael Mann — Climate change did not cause Hurricane Harvey –

Don’t Blame Climate Change for Hurricane Harvey Disaster, Blame Society

Meteorologist: Harvey is 7th highest magnitude hurricane on record

Oil prices hit by Hurricane Harvey, US WTI down over 1 per cent

Some US Gulf refineries under water, some threatened by Harvey

Texas Major Hurricane Intensity Not Related to Gulf Water Temperatures

Katrina, Rita And Harvey Tell Shale’s Story

Hurricane Harvey highlights biggest impact of shale-oil revolution

Texan nuclear plant runs through Hurricane Harvey

Did Michael Mann Just Predict the Death of Wind Power?

Dr. Pielke Jr. slams linkage of Harvey to climate change as ‘political opportunism’

7 ways to try to wrap your head around the billions of gallons of water from ‘Harvey’

Dispatches from Houston: Hurricane Harvey Day 3

Hulk PANIC! Mark Ruffalo rants about Harvey and climate change, gets SCHOOLED

What Hurricane ‘consensus’?! ‘Global warming’ causes MORE hurricanes…

Fire ants are banding together into stinging horror rafts to survive Hurricane

Flooded Texas faces higher risk of disease, experts warn

Why the Eye of a Hurricane Is Full of Birds

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: Editorial: The Incredible Cost of Harvey

NOAA: ‘It is premature to conclude’ global warming has detectable impact on hurricanes


Warmist Michael Mann: ‘It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey…

Hurricane Harvey wallops US oil hub with high winds, rain

Harvey’s Lesson: Always Be Prepared

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: Mayor and Governor Arguing: Evacuate or Stay?

As Terrible As Harvey Is, The Galveston Hurricane Of 1900 Was Much, Much Wo

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Anyone blaming Harvey on global warming do

Why Houston Flooding Isn’t a Sign of Climate Change « Roy Spencer, PhD

Judith Curry: Hurricane Harvey In Context

Flashback: 1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

Watch: CNN anchor tries to tie Hurricane Harvey to climate change

Extreme Weather Expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: Category 4 land-falling hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey: Devastating — Not unprecedented

Bonackers vs. Big Wind

FORECAST: Harvey to re-emerge over Gulf and strengthen; Rain totals to DOUBLE

National Weather Service: Houston Flooding ‘Unprecedented,’ Impacts ‘Beyond

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: Catastrophic Flooding in Houston Metro

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: The Rain Continues to Fall on Southeast Texas

Death toll reportedly reaches 5 as Harvey spawns massive flooding in Houston

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: A National Catastrophe is Underway in Houston

Death toll reportedly reaches 5 as Harvey spawns massive flooding in Houston

Major Hurricane US Strikes Over Past 57 Years Plummet, Far Below That Of 60

Hurricane Harvey Threatens Wind Farm Output

Will Hurricane Harvey show Trump that climate change exists?

Hurricane Harvey: More Damages Expected From Flooding

It’s official. Hurricane Harvey is an immigration issue now

1st Death from Hurricane Harvey Confirmed in Texas

Hurricane Harvey Brings Mass Destruction

August 27, 1893 Hurricane Killed More Than 1,000 People

Hurricane Harvey downgraded to Category 1 storm after making landfall near

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall Near Corpus Christi, Tex.

Harvey roars toward Texas as Category 4 hurricane

Harvey Strengthens To Category 4 Hurricane Hours Before Landfall

A Racist Hurricane?! ‘Harvey poised to disproportionately impact blacks in

Hurricane Harvey Upgraded to Major Cat 4 Storm

4,324 day major hurricane drought to end as Harvey reaches Cat 3…

Surprise: Hurricane Harvey Blamed On ‘Climate Change’

Hurricane Harvey Upgraded To Category 3 As It Barrels Into Texas

Daily Kos claims #Harvey2017 is racist, CNN devastated they beat them with this claim…

Hurricane Harvey: 1 Million Hiroshima Bombs per Day

Hurricane Harvey Is Racing Toward Texas. Here’s What You Need to Know

Believe The Meteorologists. Harvey Is Incredibly Dangerous.

Hurricane Harvey: likely to be the next “Katrina” and “Sandy” for climate alarmists

THWAP! Neil deGrasse Tyson steps on science rake trying to rub ‘deniers’ noses…

SCIENCE! Chris Hayes sounds alarm about ‘insane era’ Hurricane Harvey’s…

PHOTOS: Thousands Flee Texas Coast as Hurricane Harvey Approaches

‘PLEASE don’t make this political.’ Texans ask Montel Williams NOT to make

With Hurricane Harvey approaching, Jim Acosta has a ‘fake news’ warning…

New NASA video shows Hurricane Harvey ready to swallow all of Texas

5 Things You Need To Know About The Big Hurricane About To Hit Texas

Hurricane Harvey Headed for Area with Significant Oil, Natural Gas Infrastructure

Texas Begins Mandatory Evacuations Ahead of ‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Harvey

Texas Governor Declares Disaster Area in Advance of Category 3 Harvey

Texas Coast Warned of Possible ‘Catastrophic Rainfall’ from Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Has Gone a Record 142 Months Without a Major (Cat 3 ) Hurricane Strike

First Texas Hurricane For Nine Years

All eyes on Texas as Tropical Storm Harvey intensifies; ‘…up to four feet o

Tropical Storm Harvey threatens the Gulf Coast with a biblical flood disaster

Harvey Likely to Be First Hurricane to Strike Texas Since 2008

Houston, Gulf Coast brace for Harvey, a potentially monstrous hurricane

Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

UPDATE: Harvey upgraded to category 4 hurricane

Why They Need To Hide The 1940’s Blip

Almost 100 unknown volcanoes have been found hidden under Antarctica

What should journals do when peer reviewers do not disclose potential conflicts

UN Geospatial Organization Lines Up with 2030 Agenda To Force Sustainable Development

Big Al’s Sequel: Flawed at its Core

Al Gore can’t deny that his climate crusade involves great suffering

Snowfall disaster in Russia – Crops buried under more than a foot of snow

Professor says dogs and cats harm climate, advises hamsters instead

Your SUV… Melting Glaciers For 160 years

Paid to publish: It’s not just China

1970 Global Cooling Scare Front Page News

Prince Charles Jets Off For Freebie Holiday On Superyacht

US Climate Report Edits Out Highly Embarrassing Section

New York Times Admits Its Frontpage Climate Story Was Wrong

Skyrocketing Male Infertility May Threaten Mankind’s Survival

Nuclear Fusion / Fission Hybrid?

Denmark’s Anti-Wind Problem: Wind News Update

Wind Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: Turbines to Generate 40 Million Tonnes

Lamar Smith Slams NYT ‘False Allegations,’ ‘Fake News’ of ‘Leaked’ Climate

Al Gore Releases New Movie On Global Warming But Gets Cold Reception

Decoding Climate News

Medical evangelism: a hand out for bad diet advice?

G20 Flop: Climate Politics and the English Language

10 reasons to reject Al Gore’s phony sequel

Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Comes As His Dire Climate Predictions Fail

“We’ll Always Have Paris”… Even if every nation fails to live up to their p

New Video : Wrecking Ball … Demolishing Democrats’ Claims About Climate

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XV

Eclipseocalypse … Electrics Brace for Solar Darkness

France will ‘ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040’

Surprise: 2 Recent Papers Show Sea Level Variability Have Little To Do With CO2

A Red Team to end the climate wars: fun but likely to fail

“Oh My Cod!” Climate Change will shrink your fish and chips

Electric Car Maker Tesla Share Price Plunges

Warren Buffet’s vice chair: Gore’s ‘not very smart’ & ‘an idiot’, but became filthy rich…

Another benefit of warming … California projected to get wetter…

Researchers have only just discovered that frogs have tiny knee caps

Energy policy of Trump has flaws

Talking Truth to Climate Consensus

UPDATE: Michael Mann Doubles Down over ‘Contempt’ Issue

House Investigates Russia Ties To Enviros

U.S. Has Large Backlog of Uncompleted Oil Wells

40% of Americans Have Been Misled By Climate Alarmists

Climate Compilation II Arctic Sea Ice

“Unique” Green Home Went From “Sustainable” To Hazardous Waste Site

Climate Change News: shock as professor Chris Thomas says it’s ‘GOOD for…

Tesla to build world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia


Electricity cost train-wreck arrives in Australia

Trump administration plans to challenge climate science in series of debate

Game of Thrones: Who is Michael Mann?

Global Smart Grid Market Growing At 30% Per year

Making the Measurements Match the Models>> Part 2: Sea Surface Temperatures

What’s Stopping Nuclear Is Popularity

California is handling climate change all wrong

Roman Empire and Chinese Han Dynasty responsible for greenhouse gas emissions

Caught Red-Handed: Google Search Suppresses Climate Realism

How Dumb Are The Europeans? Phasing Out Gasoline Powered Cars

Media Ignores: Researchers Claim to Have ‘Invalidated’ EPA’s Core Global Warming finding

See the cost to America from climate change in the 21st century

China just built a 250-acre solar farm shaped like a giant panda

Bombshell study: Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Government Climate Data

The Climate Story (Illustrated)

Climate Compilation Part I Temperatures

Can offshore wind be integrated with the grid?

Why are Search Engines so Hostile to Climate Realism?

Impressive cold in Greenland & near record accumulations of snow and ice

Leading Climate Scientist Says Debating Theories Would Be ‘Un-American’

Fake peer review, forged authors, fake funding: Everything’s wrong with brain cancer paper

Germans’ Electric Bills Soar While Their Climate Protection Sinks

New Video : Record July Cold In Both Hemispheres : How Did Scientists Respond?

Climate Mafia At Work On Sea Level

Sea Level Rise per Jevrejeva

Scott Pruitt May Invite Former Obama Official To Lead A Climate ‘Red Team’ 

The New Great Compromise: Nuclear Energy’s Broad Appeal

Recommended actions to get nuclear power back on track in USA

These ‘missing charts’ may change the way you think about fossil fuel addiction

Out of an Abundance of Caution, Cautiously Interpreted

The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are dead —time to focus on real culprit: insulin resistance

Royal Pharmaceutical Society In Britain Confirms Cholesterol Theory Of Heart Disease Is Dead

UK Sea Level Data For 2016

Breaking: Fatal Courtroom Act Ruins Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann

Climate Activists Switch From Blaming Humans For Too Little And Now Too Much Rainfall…

Study Targets Adjusted Climate Data

Response to MIT President: Paris Exit Scientifically Sound (Part II)

South Australia: Where did the Wind Power Go?

Disgruntled Climate Scientist Threatens Legal Action Against Researchers Who Criticized Him…

Twenty-Five Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All

Up to 100 Japanese solar PV firms could go bust this year, report finds

What a report into scientific misconduct reveals: The case of Frank Sauer

Americans Disagree With Al Gore

Doomsday activist who claimed humans will be ‘burned alive’ by climate change is shot down by scientists

New research topples a 100-year-old law on how fluids move in rocks

Why ADSA bullies desperately seeking to nail Noakes?

Why are so many doctors so stupid about nutrition?

Aussie BOM Deletes Inconvenient Record Cold Temperatures

July 4, 2017: Coldest July Temperature Ever Recorded In The Northern Hemisphere

The Solar Harbinger

Rick Perry’s Plans for US Energy Dominance

Wayne National Forest Fracking Alleviates Loss of Funding to Ohio Counties and Schools

Climate Scientist Complains About Trump

Monumental, Unsustainable Environmental Impacts


Slim Majority Of Canadians Fret About Carbon Tax In Trump Era: Poll

Report: Fatal Courtroom Act Ruins Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann

For the First Time in Six Years, a New American Coal Mine Has Opened

U.S. gas market rebalances as power producers return to coal: Kemp

Study Exposes ‘Science Charade’ At

New Study Concludes Europe Will Always Require 100% Back-Up By Conventional Energy

Costliest Gas in World Clouds China’s Campaign for Bluer Skies


Renewables Disaster Deepens: Power Costs to Australian Businesses Triple

Response to MIT President: Paris Exit Scientifically Sound

New Video : Steven Hawking Takes Climate Stupid To An Entirely New Level

The first rule of advocating for climate change-related legislation is: You do not talk about “climate change.”

Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court

EIA data shows wind & solar provide only 3.2% of U.S. 2016 energy

Wind disappears in South Australia, costing wind-industry millions,…blame the climate models…

The Alarmist Beehive

New Video : July 4th Arctic Fake News Update

Policy Disaster: Energy “Insulation Madness” Turns German Residential Buildings Into “Death Traps”!


Why 2,000 year-old Roman concrete is so much better than what we produce today

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide forecasts: Record breaking cold weather in south east

Hottest 4th of July Records



Coal Boom: 1600 new plants in 62 countries around the world…increasing 43%

New Video : Hiding Past Heat In The US … The Record Hot July 4th Of 1911

Angela Merkel Reflects Fear and Loathing Amid EU Elites

Bureau Erases Goulburn Record Minimum Temperature: Set Sunday 2 July 2017

Environmental Research Group Report Exposes Flaws of Fracking Health Studies

Tarmac at Heathrow proves global warming, say BBC

72.8% Of World’s Renewable Energy Is Made By Burning Wood & Dung

It’s All Over For UK Science: Professors Afraid To Teach Controversial Subjects For Fear…

Closely Coupled: Solar Activity and Sea Level

Harsh winter took heavy toll on wildlife across western US

Stephen Hawking Flies off the Scientific Reservation

What is red teaming?

Venus and Hawking’s scientific illiteracy

Fear of radiation is more dangerous than radiation itself

Already 285 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

There’s now very strong evidence we really are killing our bees


Pop Quiz: To get cheaper volts, build a/ new coal plant, or b/ pay $3b in renewable subsidies?

Fire at block of £1million flats in East London as ‘solar panels catch fire’

What “Climate Leadership” Really Means — Lots More Coal

Inconvenient Math?

Stephen Hawking: Trump Could Push Earth Over Brink To Wipe Out Humanity

Independence Day Gasoline Prices Lowest Since 2005 — Thanks to Fracking!

The Incredible Heatwave Of July 3, 1911

Relax: Your meat-eating ‘can beat climate change’!

Shock, Horror! Wind Power Output Depends on Wind: Infigen Blames ‘Lack of Wind’ for Losses

Ted Nordhaus: “Demons Under Every Rock The Ever-Expanding Definition of Climate Denial”

Statins linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease

Obama: Leaving the Paris Agreement is Anti-Democratic?

Can’t slip old solar panels into the compost heap. A toxic cadmium, lead headache coming?


As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants

Meteorologist: Claims CO2 “Control Knob” Seem “Beyond Folly”…”Almost A Religious Fanaticism”

New Video : Climate Ministry Of Truth >>>Erasing The Satellite Data

Onshore Wind and Solar Power Generate Miniscule Amounts Of Power In England

South Australia’s Wind Power Obsession Leads to Highest Power Prices in the World

Trump Vows to Unleash the ‘Vast Energy Wealth’ of the U.S.

EPA chief pushing government wide effort to question climate change science

Obama knocks Trump: ‘Temporary absence’ of US climate leadership

Claim: Climate will hit Poor People harder than Rich People

On the Wilderness  Committee’s sophomoric screed against the oil sands

Climate Scare in US South

Thus It Begins

How A Wind Gust In Hamburg Morphed Into Major “Tornado” In The Media…Made Int’l Headlines

Estimating the cost to America of damage from climate change in the 21st century

Scientists Want to Genetically Engineer Heat-Resistant Cows to Survive Climate Change


Another blow to CCS, as EU power giants bow out of Dutch project

Renewable Energy Debacle: Report a Lost Chance to End Australia’s Self-Inflicted Wind Power Calamity

The Sun Is ‘Sneezing’ Solar Storms Towards Earth

-8.7° coldest 1st July minimum Canberra since 1939

NASA: Global acreage burned by fire has dropped 24% since 1998

Life on Earth was nearly doomed by too little CO2

2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe

Another Correct Forecast From Roy Spencer

EPA Chief To Hold Climate Science Exercises

There Won’t Be A Climate Wealth Transfer

Why calorie science is broken

New Report: Carbon capture would make renewables and nuclear energy look cheap

10 Reasons Why Preventive Healthcare And Eliminating Diseases Not Possible Under the Brussels EU

Air Pollution Casts Shadow over Solar Energy Production

Here we go again: ‘World has three years left to stop dangerous climate change, warn experts’

WaPost Wipes Out 1913 Record Temperature

Standing up to the G-7 Climate Bully! Part Deux: The Bully Backs Down

SA govt to spend $100m on diesel generators (but could have spent $8m keeping coal plant instead)

The Yellowstone supervolcano has just seen 878 earthquakes in two weeks

‘Appeared out of nowhere’ – New Island Appears Off U.S. Coast – ‘A brand new Atlantic Ocean island’

Trump: Paris Accord Rejection Matter Of Sovereignty…Announces “New Era Of American Energy Dominance”!

The Guardian: “Climate change is an energy problem, so let’s talk honestly about nuclear”

President Trump: “We have near limitless supplies of energy”

The world’s tropical zone is expanding, and we should all be worried

Republicans Force Pentagon to Push Global Warming

Green Schism: Guardian Contributor Accuses Greenpeace of Misleading about Nuclear Power

The Philosophic Roots of the Paris Agreement Part V: “Small is Beautiful”

Evidence Review Suggests Humans May Not Be The Primary Drivers Of CO2 Concentration Changes

Fusion energy on grid by 2030, says MIT scientist

Perth Children’s Hospital water contamination scandal continues

Green Technologies Cannot Survive in the Marketplace without Subsidies

Another Steyer-Bankrolled Anti-Fracking Campaign Falls Apart, This Time in Nevada

RSS Adjust Their Temperatures, Again – Guess Which Way?

New Video : Climate Ministry Of Truth – Erasing The World Record Heat Of 1913

Germany ‘massively weakened’ draft G20 climate plan to appease Trump

EPA: Pruitt will launch program to ‘critique’ climate science

Britain’s progress on climate change is stalling, government advisers say

Climate Models Over-Estimated Warming

National Geographic Show Pushes More Anti-Fracking Methane Misinformation

Trump To Abolish Obama’s Green Legacy

UN Grants Earth A(nother) 20 Year Reprieve From Global Warming (old version) – YouTube

Locals Ecstatic: Judge Shuts Down Falmouth Wind Turbines

Ten Days in Hudson Bay

Fracking Fuels Sunshine State’s Tourism Industry

Toxic Waste From Solar Panels: 300 Times That of Nuclear Power

Climate Commandments (short list)

Duke admits faked data “potentially affected” grant applications

Eco-Militants That Defiled Scientific Integrity In Government Agencies Defy Correction

Peak demand and the winter wind

“No evidence” is a useful scientific finding

Myth Busted: Tourism Industry Is Thriving in America’s Top Oil & Gas Producing States

The Science Police

The truth about the global warming pause

New Video : Thirty Years Of Fake Climate News

The Bank of England Is Enslaved By Green Groupthink

Debunking Inside Climate’s “5 Shades of Climate Denial”

Approaching ‘Solar Minimum’ Will Draw Sun Spot Activity To Low Point

The Sting: How the Wind Industry Pulled Off the Greatest Con-Job in History

Another paper shows that climate models and climate reality vary – greatly

New LSU Report Forecasts Gulf Coast Spearheading America’s Bright Energy Future

California Choked By Air Pollution, Not Global Warming

China Has Officially Started Building the World’s First ‘Forest City’

Study: Another example of how California bollixes carbon regulation through biofuels

Trump EPA to Dump ‘WOTUS’; Frees 247 Million Acres of Farmland

India, China: Clean dust, pollution off solar panels every two months, and still lose up to 35% of production?

The ozone hole is slowly healing – but this chemical could delay its recovery by decades

“The De Facto End Of Wind Turbine Forests”. New Policy In Germany Sends Powerful Signals!

More Scared Climate Scientists Share Their “Feelings”

New Study Analyzing State-Specific Benefits of Natural Gas Finds More Than $550 Billion in Total Added Value

China’s EV Problem: Battery Depletion

In Search of the 3% Renewable Energy ‘Tipping Point’.

New Report: CCS Would Make Renewables And Nuclear Energy Look Cheap

New Study Finds Fracking, Wastewater Injection Rarely Linked to Seismicity

My excellent adventure into the March for Science

Northern Ireland’s onshore wind  surges (But they still rely on fossil fuels for 74%)

Retired 40-Year Veteran German Climatologist: “CO2 A Scapegoat” …IPCC “A Marketing Organization”

2017 Global temperatures are leveling off – near 1980 temperature anomaly (depending on who you ask)

Climate Roller Coaster

New Video : The Ministry Of Climate Truth – Erasing The 1970’s Global Cooling Scare

Grenfell: clad in climate-change politics

More Evidence of the Great 21st Century Warming Pause

Sea level rise isn’t just happening, it’s getting faster

Is The Rate Of Sea Level Rise Accelerating?

Oklahoma’s Former Governor: Subsidised Wind Power a Multi-Billion Dollar Mistake

NYT coins ridiculous meme: ‘Earth-scorching CO2’

Invalidating the EPA’s Endangerment Finding – Tropical Hot Spot Research

In SA recycling business goes broke due to electricity cost — thank renewables for making recycling impossible

California dumps millions of dollars of unusable renewable electricity to other states

More evidence of an increase in cosmic rays as sun approaches minimum

Global Warming: The Imminent Crisis That Never Arrives

Fake News: “Top American Diplomat in China Resigns Over Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement Pull-Out”

Jerry Brown’s ‘Religious Inclinations’ Inform His Global Warming Policies

Poll: Voters want US to seek new climate pact to replace Paris

Coal on the rise in China, U.S., India after major 2016 drop

Green Killing Machines: Germany’s Coalition Government Makes Killing Wildlife Easy

Climate change will make your plane late, imprison you at home, buckle roads, boil asphalt

Another ridiculous scare tactic: 2 billion climate change refugees by 2100

BP Sees Large Drop in Global Coal Production, Small Drop in Consumption

Sucking Green Monster

New Video : The Emperor’s New Climate

Searching our souls: Authors retract paper after researcher admits to fabricating data

Since 2005, Arctic Sea Ice Has Pivoted To A Slightly Increasing Trend, With No Detectable Arctic Warming

Decentralising the grid for green power is weakening national security

Wind Industry Says It’s Time to Cut the Subsidies: ‘Wind Power Cheaper than Coal’

“President” Schwarzenegger Discusses Climate with President Macron of France

A bitter scientific debate just erupted over the future of America’s power grid

Greenhouse Policy Without Regrets: A Free Market Approach to the Uncertain Risks of Climate Change

We should be glad the US is out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Trump to Call for U.S. ‘Dominance’ in Global Energy Production

Scientific Consensus Up In Smoke: ‘Big Bang Theory Is Wrong, Basic Maths Is Incorrect’

India’s Electricity Transformation

Aussie Government Broadcaster Gives Climate Skeptics Airtime

Our June weather last week was not even as hot as it was in 1878, a century before the great global warming scare was invented

Rocketing Power Prices Mean Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is Unsustainable and Ready to Implode

Greenpeace Beclown Themselves

The North Atlantic Seesaw

Consensus enforcers versus the Trump administration

German Green Minister President Blasts Own Party’s E-Car Target As “Nonsense”… “You Don’t Have a Clue!”

The Monstrous ‘Ethics’ of the Wind Industry’s Acoustic Consultants

Exposure to Ozone Kicks Up Chances of Autism 10-Fold in At-Risk Kids

Charles Munger explains how idiot Al Gore made a lot of money

Climate Risky Business

Ten Reasons Why We Don’t Believe You, Katharine

The Wind Lobby’s Policy Two-Step

Why I Spend So Much Time and Effort on Climate Skepticism

WaPo Warmist Claims EPA Issued ‘A Declaration Of War’ By Taking Down Climate Change Website

Sierra Club: Big Problem With Environmentalis

AGU: Extraordinary storms caused massive Antarctic sea ice loss in 2016

Arctic Warming Reverse! New Study Finds Winter Arctic Sea Ice “To Increase Towards 2020”

Tornado Stats For 2016 – Another Quiet Year

Gene-editing algae doubles biofuel output potential

The Heathrow Tarmac Strikes Again!

Reuters Investigation: IARC Chair Ignored Data, Compromising Scientific Integrity of Findings

The ‘hiatus’ in global warming is the hottest topic in climate science right now, whether alarmists like it or not

More Wind Turbine Self-Incinerations & 10 Tonne Blade Throws

We’ve finally worked out why bird eggs are egg-shaped

New evidence points to a tenth planet in our solar system

Some Fun with IPCC Texts

The quest for 100% renewables – can curtailment replace storage?

Ohio Anti-Fracking ‘Digital Disruption Powerhour’ a Huge Disappointment

People Are Starting To Catch On To The “100% Renewable Energy” Scam

Study Destroys ‘Tooth Fairy’ Research Used by Activists to Try to Justify Banning Fracking

What happened to the traditional role of skepticism in climate science?

The Philosophic Roots of the Paris Agreement Part IV: Conservationism

The AMS Scolds Rick Perry for Believing the Oceans are Stronger than Your SUV

New Video : Government Scientists Hiding The Heat Of 1896

If only Yes Minister had done the global warming thing (oh look…!)

Richard Branson “Baffled” By President Trump’s Paris Decision

Brexit Costs: EU Commissioner Proposes EU-Wide Climate Tax

Al Gore: battle against climate change is like fight against slavery

Claim: ‘Climate change could lower the quality of your coffee’ 

“The Answer to What’s Actually Killing Coal” Is “Not Even Wrong”

El Niño WATCH cancelled; ENSO neutral likely for 2017

New Video : Roots Of The Global Warming Scam (Part 2)

2 New Papers Expose The Environmental Nightmare Of Wind Turbine Blade Disposal

Researchers find the “Achilles’ heel” of liver cancer doesn’t work at all

No More Subsidies: Mississippi To Pull Plug On CCS Project

Wind Power Chaos Promises to Deliver Mass Summer Blackouts Across Australia

New Carbon-Capture Plant Called “Worst Investment In Human History”

Shocking electricity price rises coming in Australia: Not a failure of energy policy but a complete “success”

El Nino Watch Canceled by Australia as Pacific Ocean Cools

AWEA Transmission Study: The Rest of the Story

The Holocene context for Anthropogenic Global warming

Renewables Devilish Details

National Climate Assessment and the Trump administration

EPA’s suspect science

Now that was “climate change” 8200 years ago — California lashed by 150 years of storms

Decarbonization poses risks to Europe’s grid operators says Moody’s

Updated:  EPA Swamp Life (Climategaters)

Global coral bleaching may be ending, US agency says

Open-minded students and educators question warming

Pledging Climate Fidelity

Anti-Fracking Activists Indoctrinating Kids in U.S. Schools

Oil Industry, Enviros Join Together To Push A Carbon Tx On Masses

Gulf of Eilat corals probed for secret to surviving global warming

Claim: Carbon Taxes are Not Punitive, they Just Change Behaviour

Exxon Mobil signs on to Republican-led carbon tax proposal

The negative impact of windfarms on bats – exploding lungs

Alan Finkel’s Bogus Adventure: Staggering Costs of Clean Energy Target Hidden From View

How I Totally Crushed the Ocean Acidification Alarmist Loons


Stephen Hawking: “I Am Convinced That Humans Need to Leave Earth”

Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix

A Rebuttal to Environmentalists’ Claims That “Arctic Drilling Revenue Predictions Are ‘Way Off’”

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke on wind & solar: ‘Chops up’ 750,000 birds a year, ‘sphere of death’

LEAKED: The Wind Industry’s Campaign Against

Why the Russians Conceived the Global Warming Scam

» The Marxist Roots of the Global Warming Scare

Study: California once had 150 straight years of stormy, wet, weather

Skeptic Challenges Climate Science Education

AAAS: “Let’s hold them accountable”

Experts Published A Scathing Rebuttal To The Left’s Favorite Green Energy Study

Here’s why wind farms are hardly the bird slayers they’re made out to be

History Channel’s Little Ice Age Documentary

EU Divisions Hobble Bid to Lead Climate Deal

Climate Study: The Lobsters are Safe – For Now

Politics of Power: Federal Coalition Government Turns on Subsidised Renewables

Stupid Nation: Australians crave cheap energy, yet think “low cost” renewables need support

Wind Turbines Are Not Clean Or Green And Provide Zero Global Energy

The Laws of Averages:   Part 2, A Beam of Darkness

Why BC should not plan to rely on cheap electricity imports in a post-Paris Agreement world

Unintended Consequences

New Study: Scientists Find Recent Uk Flooding Is Not Unprecedented

NY Supreme Court Justice to Schneiderman: “You Are Wasting My Time”

Reality Check: 85% Of Global Energy Consumption Based On Fossil Fuels

Clarifying Paris, Part 1

Reuters Misleads on Investor Support for AGW

New Report: Texas Oil and Gas Being Developed Responsibly, With Positive Economic Impacts

To Put America First Is To Put Our Planet’s Climate First — With Critical Updates

Why “Climate Science” Snubs Climatic Temperature

Outcome of the Paris Accord: a re-founding act of American democracy?

Scientific Papers Indicate Natural Processes Dominate Changes In Ozone Hole, Methane And CO2 Emissions

A highly misleading article on solar power

Power Price Punishment Spreads as More Retailers Add 20% to Australian Power Bills

Sweden Passed Legislation To Be Completely Carbon Neutral By 2045

Did UK Government Climate Mania Contribute to the Grenfell Tower Disaster?


Antarctic Sea Ice At 35-Year Record High On Saturday

Global versus Greenland Holocene Temperatures

New Video : “Fake News About Sea Level Rise”

The Beginning Of The End For Coal?

Lowest Solar Activity In 200 Years Accompanied By High Northern Hemispheric Snow And Ice


Shocker: Government mandated trillions in global renewable investment tally

New Video : Fake News About Greenland Glaciers

The American Heart Association Bravely Admits They’ve Been Right All Along … Part Two

Con Job: Tesla Car Batteries Proven To Be Any Color Except Green

Renewable energy cost and reliability claims exposed and debunked

Recent Studies Find Climate Models (Used By Policymakers) Are Way Off The Mark

New York’s Bet on Silevo’s Solar Technology Fails to Deliver

Study finds: Corn better used as food than biofuel

The New ‘Consensus’ On Global Warming – a shocking admission by “Team Climate”

Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

Take A Look At The New ‘Consensus’ On Glo

Surprise! Despite High CO2, 2017 Accumulated Cyclone Energy “Remains At Record Low Levels”

It just ain’t so: ‘The constant hype about climate change bears little resemblance to the reality’

What A Mess! Spiegel Reveals Scientists Don’t Know Real Temperature Of The Planet

MARKO, SOON, ET AL: To Put America First Is to Put Our Planet’s Climate First

Analysis: US states and cities could meet Paris climate goals without Trump

New Peer-Reviewed study in Science Mag. reveals greening of the Earth by rising CO2 levels

New Study: Scientists Find Recent UK Flooding Is Not Unprecedented


We should never have told people they could ‘burn off’ calories

Broccoli could be a secret weapon against diabetes, say scientists

Green deathtraps: energy-saving renovation blamed for horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London

Schneiderman Used a Secret Alternate Email Address While Pursuing #ExxonKnew Crusade

Claim: Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for environment’s sake’

Antarctic media hype debunked — WATCH NOW

Marcellus Shale Industry Has Paid $1.2 Billion in Impact Fees Over Six Years

Almost 300 Graphs Undermine Claims Of Unprecedented, Global-Scale Modern Warmth

US Shale Revolution & Free Trade Create The World’s New Energy Superpower

New ‘Solar Paint’ could Transform Your Entire House Into a Clean Source of Energy

Trawlermen vs Turbines: Offshore Wind Farms Putting Scottish Fishermen Out of Business

OPEC and U.S. shale drillers are on collision course: Kemp

Hurricane season begins: Record ‘4,252 days since Category 3+ hurricane made USA landfall’

Ohio Laborers Report More Than 4 Million Work Hours Over 16 Months — Thanks to Shale

Obvious science from Antarctica: ice melts in warmer temperatures thanks for El Nino

Anti-Fracking Group-Led Report (Again) Forced to Acknowledge Shale Gas’ Huge Role in Reducing Air Pollution

Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Was a Nod of Respect to American Citizens

Column: Trump’s Paris climate choice puts America first

Exposing the EPA’s Gold King Mine Cover-Up

Study Published That Could Undermine Decades

How Two Nobel Prize-Winning Economists Got Oil Wrong

Summary of BP Energy Review

Energy Department Closes Office Working on Climate Change Abroad

Feds Fund Dissertation on ‘Climate Change Denial’

REPORT: $12.7 Trillion Needed To Meet Paris A

More Than Half of America’s Nuclear Reactors Are Losing Money

Dr. Tim Ball Crushes Climate Change: The Biggest Deception in History

Finkel report destroys baseload coal power economics

The Tale Of Two Malaria Studies

Australian PM Turnbull Faces Revolt Over Green Energy Policy

The Carbon Sense Coalition » Signs of Sanity Shock the Green World

Two Controversial Methane Rules Stalled In Less Than 24 Hours

Industrial-Scale Battery Storage of Wind & Solar Power Does Not Exist & May Never Exist

Researchers are closer than ever to recharging electric cars while they drive

BP: U.S. Will Dominate Global LNG Markets, Natural Gas Production by 2035

IEA Report Gives F’s to Most Green Tech

Dem aims to block Trump properties from receiving federally subsidized flood insurance

Climate-change expedition scrapped due to very severe ice conditions

Scalise Shooter Was An Enviro-Wacko

Bill payers must back low carbon transition, believes new climate change minister

“It is only fair to expect bill payers to support low carbon power” Says new Energy Minister

Time is running out for one of our last resort antibiotics

Political Editors: Pruitt Refocuses the EPA on Environmental Cleanup

Anthony Hilton: US shale revolution makes fracking a must for UK industry

“Projections Made By Climate Models Wildly Exaggerated,” Scientists Say

Lawrence Solomon: Why big business CEOs lean left on the Paris climate deal — and on most everything else

The Climate ‘Debate’ Is Paralysing Free Thinkers And Undermining Democracy

Earth Is Not in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction 

Nuclear Power: The Only CO2 Free Power Generation System Available

Time Magazine: Without US Money Global Climate Progress Will Slow

5 Shades of Climate Denial (Inside Climate News gets it wrong)

The Vostok Ice Core and the 14,000 Year CO2 Time Lag

Latest Data (Again) Confirms We Have Drilled Our Way to Lower Gas Prices

The Post-Paris China Syndrome

Study: Climate models have been estimating rainfall incorrectly this whole time

Raindrops keep falling as climate models prove wrong

Surely not: Climate revolt and another Australian PM?

A Global Warming Red Team Warning: Do NOT Strive for Consensus with the Blue Team

Wind power fails in Canada – a 23 year life span not likely to be replaced

Leading Zoologist Slams Attacks On “Climate Skeptics”…Germany’s “Ministry Of Truth”

Scientists discover a new form of carbon that’s hard as a rock, but stretches like rubber

Nixon Price Controls and Exiting Paris: A Bad Analogy (enslaved vs. freed energy)

Trump, and Comey, and Gore – oh my!

Standing up to the G-7 Climate Bully!

Blog: Science fights back against the global warming fraud

USGS ‘treadmill’ paper repeats bogus claim that ice loss harmed polar bears

Articles: After Paris: A Green Disaster in the Making in Germany

Hope in coal country

Oh noes! Models say Emperor Penguins can’t walk away from climate change

Green Energy Groups Hire GOP Insiders To Lobby A Republican-Controlled Congress

Finkel: Turn the whole country into South Australia by 2030 — 42% “renewable”

Red Fish Blue Fish

Which Nation is Most Vulnerable to Climate Change?

Jobs, Energy, and Economics

20 More New Papers Link Solar Forcing To Climate Change – Now 80 Sun-Climate Papers For 2017

Commercial Nuclear Power

Conflicts of interest in health care journalism. Who’s watching the watchdogs? We are. Part 1 of 3

Commercial Nuclear Power

Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice

Ocean Cooling Resumes

May’s Bid to Keep U.K. Lights on Harder After Election Loss

Renewables Disaster Sees Australian Power Prices Jump Another 20% – With Worse to Come

Study Confirms: Trans Fats Policy Killed Millions

This Pretty Much Explains What Went Wrong

It’s Confirmed: Without Government Subsidies, Tesla Sales Implode

New Study: Large CO2 Emissions From Batteries Of Electric Cars

How Science Is Losing Its Humanity

Burgeoning U.S. LNG Export Renaissance Directly Attributable to Fracking

Colonizing Africa: Monsanto And Big Ag Criminalize Traditional Seed Exchanges

Coal war threatens climate policy breakthrough

Poor countries export power while millions go without – The Zimbabwean

In Refusing to Join #ExxonKnew, Is California AG Learning from New York’s Failure?

The Global Status of Renewable Energy: Taking Stock

U.S. left as ‘footnote’ in G7 climate talks

From the Scientific Urban Legend Department:  Slight Rise in Temperatures Tied to Heat Wave Deaths

Can Texas go 100% renewable?

Renewables Rent-Seekers Panic as Wind Power Operators Forced to Pay Back-Up Costs

China Rolls Out Red Carpet To California Governor Jerry Brown On Climate Change

Will the #ParisAgreement exit bring more rational climate policies in our future?

Flashback: Only Powerful Technocrats Can Fight And Win Against Climate Change

Snow in the Rockies, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada – in June!

Smith right about harmful, worthless climate accord

Trump Correct To Reject…Founder Of German Environmental Movement Calls Paris Accord A Bad Deal!

The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States

How Much Is The CET Affected By UHI?

‘Super Corals’ Are Resilient To Climate Change, Scientists Discover

Former NASA Chief Scientist: America is “Under Siege” from Climate Disinformers

Indirect Effects of the Sun on Earth’s Climate

On the costs of fighting climate change and the Site C dam

Here Comes the Global Gas Market – The American Interest

Joe Bastardi: More Paris Madness 

Denmark Is Killing Tesla (and Other Electric Cars)

Ocean Warming Dominates The Increase In Energy Stored In the Climate System – CO2 is Life

Cornwall Alliance: What’s Wrong With the Claim That ‘97% of Climate Scientists Agree’ About Global Warming?

French President Offers US Climate Scientists €1.5 Million Each to Move to France

Global Climate Policy Meets Its D-Day?…SPIEGEL: “CLIMATE ALLIANCE IS CRUMBLING”!

Power Prices Rocket & Dunces Dither as Australia’s Energy Crisis Deepens

A Holocene Temperature Reconstruction Part 4: The global reconstruction

Climate alarmist problem solved – Hawaii signs law saying it will reduce CO2 emissions

Canada Asks China To Invest In Its Oil Fields

ExxonMobil Fires Back at NY AG’s ‘Inflammatory’ and ‘False’ Allegations

Coal as ‘Clean’ as Natural Gas? – Hit & Run :

Report: Divesting from Fossil Fuels Could Cost Pensioners Trillions

What’s the Recovery Rate from Extinction?

California Hands China Propaganda Win with Rogue Climate Deal

Unpalatable: Eating insects helps to curb climate change

OSU researcher under investigation corrects paper cited 500 times

Energy Superpower USA: American Oil Exports Double, Reshaping Global Energy Markets

Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China

Dear Alarmists: Now That The Paris Accord Is Settled, Please Go Away

Was the U.S. created by int’l community in 1783?

Trump Was Right to Leave the Paris Agreement. Why He Shouldn’t Have Had to Withdraw in the First Place.

Professor: ‘Trump’s Climate Withdrawal Is An Impeachable Offense’

Zeke Hausfather Brings Real Climate’s CO2 Reduction Fantasies Back To Brutal Reality

Trump’s EPA Chief Backs Approach to Science That Could Upend the Global Warming ‘Consensus’

Is Elon Musk Cracking Up? An Investigation

Pittsburgh, Not Paris

‘Unusually’ Thick Arctic ice pack traps boats, triggers rescue operation off Newfoundland

Climate craziness of the week: climate change likely to induce food violence

This one chart shows how solar energy growth is skyrocketing beyond predictions

American Solar Direct, Residential Solar Installer and Sales Firm, Is Bankrupt

UN Sustainability Advisor: “The next human-caused climate disasters should be named Typhoon Donald, Superstorm Ivanka, and Megaflood Jared”

How ‘Green’ is Wind Power: Offshore Wind Farms Killing Whales


50% RE in the UK – the Ugly Facts

USA Today: To Fight Climate Change, Start With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Private Jet

Believe Me, You Don’t Have To Worry About China Seizing “Climate Leadership”

Bret Stephens’ Never Trump Fever Brings On Climate Change Reversal

Maryland Approves Two Offshore Wind Farms

When it Comes to the News, Where’s the Media?

Meet Dr Ollie, The World’s Smartest Dog!

The Media Claims Trump’s Paris Decision Could Put Mar-A-Lago Underwater

By Leaving Paris Climate-Change Deal, Trump Will Do U.S. Economy A ‘Yuuuge’ Favor

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The Paris Climate Deal Was A ‘Fraud’ And A ‘Sham’ … Until Trump Decided To Ditch It

Say what?! AP: ‘Climate’ decision could accelerate damage to Trump properties in Florida

Finkel report: governments should control electricity market to change weather

17 New Scientific Papers Dispute CO2 Greenhouse Effect As Primary Explanation For Climate Change

Kiss Idaho Goodbye: Another Major Land Takeover

New York AG Once Again Changes Justification for Anti-Exxon Probe

The Conversation: Dictatorships Are Better Climate Custodians Than Democracies

NextEra Drives Off Bats Using Sonic Torture Devices

America’s 256 Renegade Mayors Upholding Paris Climate Agreement

EIA: U.S. Retains Title of World’s Top Oil and Natural Gas Producer for Fifth Straight Year

NYT: ‘The U.S. Can’t Leave the Paris Climate Deal Just Yet’

Trump just SAVED America from the disastrous Paris Climate Treaty fraud

California’s endless winter: 8 feet of snow still on the ground in June

California Once Again Tops the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index… But Falls a Penny Short of the Highest Electricity Prices in the Lower 48

Germany’s Environment Ministry Blames “Cold Winter” For Stalled Fight Against Climate Warming!

Claim: El Niño and global warming combine to cause record-breaking heat in Southeast Asia

Privatizing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Pelosi Says Withdrawing from Climate Deal Dishonors God

Global Warming’ Is a Myth, Say 58 Scientific Papers in 2017

Blog: Peer-reviewed scientific papers increasingly cast doubt on catastrophic anthropogenic global warming


EU CO2 Emissions On The Rise, Blaming Cold Winter

Last Chance Hotel: Australia’s Energy Crisis at the Crossroads

U.S. Gives OPEC A Run for Its Money

More scare chemistry: on the use of “solvents” in extracting oil sands

A Roundup of the Energy Manifestos

Electric car industry wants subsidies to grow Australian market (current national sales = 4 cars a week)

API Report: Amidst Shale Revolution, Industry Safer Than It’s Ever Been

EPA Chief Pruitt: Establish ‘Red Team, Blue Team’ of scientists to examine climate risk of CO2

We’re Saved! 120 college professors vow to ‘comply’ with UN Paris Climate accord

In the future, people will marvel how hysterical mankind has been, Lindzen says

Marc Morano Sticks It To Al Jazeera

Energy Made Easy – EU’s emissions in 2015 rose after five years

Dumping “Farce” Paris Accord Right Decision, Writes Basel Daily: “Donald Trump Is Right”

New Paper: ‘Private Benefit Of Carbon Is Much Higher Than Social Cost Of Carbon’

Epstein vs. Harvard Law’s Freeman: ‘The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels’ 

Surprising Convergence of Day and Night Upper-Atmosphere Temperatures

A Preferential Option for Climate Catastrophe?

Massive underwater domes of methane look set to blow at any moment

Rigor Mortis: Wasted Billions On Sloppy Science

Why we can’t trust academic journals to tell the scientific truth

A giant crack in Antarctic ice is “days or weeks” from breaking off a colossal iceberg

Al Gore: ‘I Don’t Have A Private Jet…I Live A Carbon-Free Lifestyle’

The madness of the #ParisAgreement on climate

The hottest planet in the known Universe has been found – and it’s warmer than most stars

Sea Levels Are Stable To Falling At About Half Of The World’s Tide Gauges

To Live and Breath in Beijing

German Right Demands Climate Policy Shift

The Carbon Sense Coalition » Open Letter to All Australian Politicians

80 Graphs From 58 New (2017) Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Global-Scale Modern Warming

Response to Climate Doomsday Alarmist Bob Ward

Overpopulation’ Fears Are A Hoax

Sierra Club Once Again Denies Science on Fracking and Groundwater

Paris Agreement: The Real Reason Trump Left the Accord

Climate change act threatened by “immensely scary” Brexit, says policy guru – The Ecologist

Paris Will Reduce Temperatures By Only 0.17C – Lomborg

NOAA Study Suggests Research Behind Obama-Era Methane Rules Relied on Inflated Emissions Data

Costs of Bike Accidents Skyrocket

COLUMN-U.S. natural gas prices tumble as power producers switch back to coal: Kemp

Wealth of Scientific Evidence Shows Wind Turbine Noise Wrecks Sleep & Health

Paris, Meet New Hampshire

Alarmist Gary Yohe Twists Data To Save Paris Agreement

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Al Gore With His Failed Global Warming Predictions

Gore admits Paris pact symbolic – Makes incorrect claims about Greenland, sea levels & extreme weather on Fox News

Paris Accord: QTIIPS

Energy Cost is Why We Disagree About Climate Policy

How Climate Law Relies on Paris

Exiting Paris agreement brings out emissions deception by mainstream media

Trump has revealed the dirty secret of the Paris Accord: it is meaningless

Donald Trump pulls US out of Paris climate accord to ‘put American workers first’

Fake Climate News Starting To Unravel

Climate Alarmists Won’t Admit They Are Wrong

CLIMATE CON: China Expanding Coal Use By More Than Canada’s Entire Power Capacity – Spencer Fernando

Obama’s Decisions Doomed Paris Climate Accord

Scotland Squanders ₤Billions on Subsidised Wind & Gets Stone Age Power in Return

One graphic $ays it all: Who actually paid in to the Paris Green Climate fund?

Fmr. NYC Mayor Bloomberg Promises $15 Million To Help Make Up For U.S. Withdrawal From Climate Deal

German Conservatives Call For Radical Change Of Germany’s Climate Policy

New Video : Catastrophically Bad Sea Level Forecasting By Climate Scientists

EU-China trade tensions undermine climate unity

A path forward after the Paris climate agreement – The Globe and Mail

NYT: ‘Euphoric’ Small Businesses Cheer ‘New Sheriff in Town’ After Climate Pact Exit – ‘Like a major win at a football game’

Blog: Harvard historian beclowns self over Paris Climate Accord

Clexit Gloom and Doom

Paris Climate Withdrawal Re-Triggers Global Warming Doomsday Cult

Warmist Nation Mag.: ‘Trump Echoed Hitler in His Speech Withdrawing From the Paris Climate Accord’

NASA Head Ducks Debate, Concedes No Rise In Hurricanes…Says We’ll Have To Wait For It!

End Game of Climate Wars: Clive James discusses how it plays out (slowly)

Paris: Donald Trump Demonstrates That He Has The Basic Competence To Be President

Exiting the Mad Hatter’s climate tea party

Donald Trump is right to ditch the Paris Agreement

The First Impact of the Climate Deal Withdrawal – The American Interest

Trump Paris climate deal: Wall Street and FTSE hit new highs as President drops pact

Trump & The Markets: Why Are Investors Not Betting on Climate Change?

Decarbonisation is a miserable fantasy which hurts the planet and makes us all poorer

Renewables Rent-Seekers Reel as Trump Defies Climate-Cult & Delivers Fatal Blow to Paris Agreement

On Site C, Pipelines and Noble Cause Environmentalists

Only Six Months Left For The Maldives

Bjorn Lomborg: Trump Is Right To Reject Paris Climate Deal: It’s Likely To Be A Costly Failure

The Guardian Just Noticed Greens are Losing the Climate Debate

Trump To Withdraw From The Paris Climate Agre

‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris’: Trump pulling U.S. from global climate pact, dismaying allies

Trump’s Paris Accord Speech Was The Correct Tone & Words For The Correct Move

TRUMP: Paris Accord Is A Plan To ‘Redistribut

Uh, oh. Science Journal Nature editorial on #ParisAgreement: “Better out than in”

Growth & Innovation Are Better Forms Of Climate Insurance

Fleeing Paris Accords Makes Scientific Sense

Good Climate Hunting (D. J. Trump, writer, director)

Science Wins! Trump stomps on climate religion, withdraws from UN pact – Round Up

Trump Did the Right Thing in the Right Way

Failure of Paris Climate Deal Was Inevitable

Trump’s Reported Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement Right Choice for America and the World

Trump Deflates Paris: Nod to James Hansen, Rebuke to John Holdren

Trump leads way in popping symbolic Paris bubble

Paris covfefe

Bye Bye Paris

Monsieur le Président Trump: Adieu à Paris!

Friday Funny – the first consequence of exiting the #ParisAgreement

The craziest reactions to Trump pulling out of the #ParisAgreement

The 14 Dumbest Reactions to Trump Quitting the Paris Climate Accord [Updated!]

Actual Headline — ‘A Big Winner: Al Gore’

Business Leaders Slam Trump’s Decision To Dump Paris Climate Agreement

Cities And States Rebel Against Trump On Climate Change

Trump Paris clexit heralds avalanche of fake news

Weather Channel Site Goes Apocalyptic After Trump Paris Accord Speech

Gore: Trump’s climate exit is ‘reckless and indefensible’ – DiCaprio: ‘Today, our planet suffered’

De Blasio Declares NYC Will Defy Trump, Commit To Global Warming Agreement

Democrats Plot ‘Revolution’ To Circumvent Trump’s Paris Decision

Enviro: Trump Leaving Paris Is A ‘Suicide Not

ACLU: U.S. Exiting Paris Climate Accord Is ‘An Assault on Communities of Color’

Schumer: Trump tells Earth to ‘drop dead’

Tom Steyer: Trump’s Paris exit a ‘traitorous act of war’

Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘Trump will have the death of whole nations on his hands’

Fmr. CBS Newsman Dan Rather: ‘History will judge mercilessly Trump’s reported decision to withdraw from Paris’ pact

3 Chemists Conclude CO2 Greenhouse Effect Is ‘Unreal’, Violates Laws Of Physics, Thermodynamics

A Holocene Temperature Reconstruction Part 1: the Antarctic

Scientists are testing a ‘vaccine’ against ‘climate denial’

The Oceans Of The World To Be Wrapped Into Sustainable Development

Wind Industry Thugs Sue for Subsidies: NextEra’s Reign of Legal Terror Escalates

The World’s Largest Floating Solar Plant Is Finally Online

In one graph, why the #ParisAgreement  is useless

New Study Sees New Health Risk To Humans From Wind Turbines: “Micro-Seismicity”

Trump inspires Clexit! East European States Mount Revolt Against UN Paris Agreement

UN Chief laments: ‘The problem is that many of our societies have an addiction to cheap energy’

Dilbert 1, Scientists 0.

Trump will liberate America from the Paris climate pact

Spurning the Paris Climate Agreement Is the Right Call

Green Energy Insurrection: Aussie Miners, Heavy Industry Threaten Investment Walkout over Energy Prices

We might have been wrong about how anaesthesia blocks consciousness all along

Independent Repeats Fake Fossil Fuel Subsidy Claims

U.S. shale booms and depresses oil prices again

1989: UN Predicts Global Disaster — The Utter Failure Of Climate Alarmism

Will Trump Do the Right Thing?

Greenland Glacier Retreated Two Feet Per Day From 1850 To 1903

Monsters Inc: Wind Industry Maliciously Causing Utterly Needless Harm

1952 : Every Seaport Will Drown Within A Generation

The Lib-Dem Party Energy Manifesto

USGS Study Adds to Overwhelming Evidence that Fracking is Not Significant Threat to Drinking Water

If Trump Exits Paris, Will It Make The Slightest Difference To Climate?

New Video : NASA Data Tampering Wrecking Science

Ice cores dating from the Black Death challenge the concept of ‘natural’ lead levels

Green Madness: Four Trillion Dollar Per Year Carbon Tax Required to Save the World

The Political Power of the Scandinavian Wind Industry (time to reveal and revolt)

Cheers! WaPo: Whatever Trump decides on Paris, he’s already put the brakes on climate action

East European States Mount Revolt Against Paris Agreement

Merkel’s Phony CO2 Policy… U.S. REDUCTIONS Making Huge Progress As Germany Does Nothing

Would Hayek Want a Carbon Tax?

Study finds a natural cause for early 20th century Arctic warming – but kowtows to CO2 in the present

We Owe it to the Poor to Exit the Paris Climate Treaty

Global Warming is a war driven by oil and gas against coal… ?

Study: ‘Heat island’ effect could double climate change costs for world’s cities

Ted Cruz: Trump should withdraw from UN Paris climate pact

Gulf News Demands USA Submit to the Paris Agreement

America, Visegrád vs globalist Paris climate pact loons

California Renewables Dream’n

Dear Mr. President: @POTUS Please Exit the Paris Climate Agreement

Desperate Paris Agreement Advocates: The USA is a “Rogue Country”, Better Off Out

EU Economists say carbon price needs to rise 10 – 20 fold to meet pledges

CRISPR Gene-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations

We’ve been obsessed with calories for 100 years because of a book you’ve never heard of

Diesel pollution linked to heart damage

Greens Have No Policy On Biomass

On Anti-Exxon Campaign, LA Times Refuses to Hold Those in Power Accountable

NYT Peddles More Global Warming Science Without Numbers

Urban ‘heat island’ effect could intensify climate change, making cities up to 7C warmer

Most Academic Papers Of Little Or No Value—And Many Are Toxic

Donald Trump’s potential science adviser believes CO2 is ‘good’ and US should withdraw from Paris climate deal

Bulgaria’s new environment minister in video describing global warming as ‘manipulation’

$7.5bn worth of coal-fired power plants planned for Vietnam

EU climate laws undermined by Polish and Czech revolt, documents reveal

Rex Tillerson: Dark Knight Of The Oil & Gas Lobby

Big Oil faces threat of glut amid rise of green energy

Charging six electric cars at once could cause local power outages 

The ‘Business Case’ for Paris Is Bunk 

Steel CEOs say EU carbon reforms threaten jobs, investment

Producers not Consumers Now Control the UK Electricity System

More Spectacular Fraud At Climate Central

“Super Storm Hits Britain” – Yes, It Rained A Bit Yesterday

If Wind Power Really is Cheap, Why Not Slash the Massive Subsidies?

Arctic Springtime Postponed

Even if it wins it loses: How OPEC is cutting itself into irrelevance as oil falls below US$50

Africa has become greener in the last 20 years


Left-wing heads will explode if Trump exits Paris

Nature Unbound III – Holocene climate variability (Part B)

This is the way the climate scare ends; not with a bang, but a whimper

Can France go to 50% nuclear?

New Papers Show Solar Activity Impacts ENSO, Refuting Claims Sun Has Little Impact On Climate


Trump tells confidants US will leave Paris deal: ClimateDepot says it would be “victory for science”

Scientists Predict 0.3C of Dangerous Warming if President Trump Pulls Out of Paris

Psst, who said scientists were getting rich? It’s bankers, renewable giants, the Green-machine and Al Gore

Journalistic Malpractice; Claiming Glaciers are Melting due to CO2 when there is no Warming Trend – CO2 is Life

CIA 1974 : Global Cooling To Produce “global unrest beyond comprehension”

Businesses Belted by Australia’s Renewable Energy Target: Power Prices Spiral Out of Control

More On Renewable Natural Gas and shoot first, aim later environmentalism

Global Warming Creates New Plants, Will Make

Terrorism may top Trump’s agenda, but Europe keeps talking about climate

Trump says he will announce Paris deal decision next week

Donald Trump says he’ll make decision on climate-change agreement next week

Trump refuses to get in line for climate deal

The Philosophic Roots of the Paris Agreement Part I: Deep Ecology vs. Human Progress

Why Are Big Corporations So Eager For Trump To Break His Promise On Paris Climate Deal?

Pope’s climate essay won’t convince Trump, it didn’t even work on Catholics

Trump: Obama’s Global Warming ‘Crippling’ Eco

White House: Trump’s views of Paris climate deal are ‘evolving’

Trump’s ‘Evolving’ Climate Views Signal Path Forward on Paris

Republicans warn Donald Trump: Staying in Paris deal will preserve Obama-era regulations

Top GOP senators tell Trump to ditch Paris climate deal

AGs to Trump: Withdraw from Paris agreement

Trump considering ‘climate change’ agreement … but why?

U.S Must Withdraw from the Original U.N. Climate Treaty

The Looney Effort to Keep the US in the Paris Non-Treaty “Treaty”

No, Santer et al. have not refuted Scott Pruitt

New Video : “Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?”

Global Smart Grid: China Driving Intercontinental Energy Distribution Grid

Major Exxon Investor Warns Shareholders Not to Give In to Global Warming Hysteria

The pros and cons of leaf abundance due to increased global carbon dioxide greening the Earth

Estimating Cloud Feedback Using CERES Data

Crazy litigious climate : “citizens have a constitutional right to a stable climate system”

‘Huge increase’: Arctic Ice Expansion Over The Past Year

Key Colorado Voices Support AG’s Decision to Appeal “Kids’” Anti-Fracking Lawsuit

NASA watched a wave of ice bend the Earth’s crust

Carbon policy indecision creates ‘investment strike’ in renewables in Australia

China and India Will Continue to Increase Oil and Coal Consumption, Paris Agreement Notwithstanding

Climate Budget Cuts Are Smart Management, Not an Attack on Science

Shell’s Uriah Heep

24 health ‘facts’ that are actually completely wrong

Physics World insults me, simultaneously promotes climate alarmism and crackpottery in HEP

China On Verge Of Mass Production Of New Nuclear Reactors

Maue: new climate hiatus or accelerated warming trend coming?

Setting the Record Straight on Rolling Stone’s Fact-Challenged Piece on Injection Wells and CELDF

Climate Scientists Fail To Discredit Trump’s

Sea level rise hysteria can be cured by looking at tide gauge data

NOAA: Above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is most likely this year

New Video : NOAA Hiding Critical Arctic Sea Ice Data

Santer takes on Pruitt: The Global Warming Pause and the Devolution of Climate Science

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Borrows the Words of a Holocaust Survivor to Express His Personal Angst

Scientists just detected what appears to be a whole new layer in Earth’s mantle

On That Penis Paper Causes Global Warming Hoax

More Wind Turbine Collapses: So Common You’d Think ‘Enemy’ Forces Were Involved

Robust Natural Variability Affirmed In Global Sea Level Rise Rates – No Correlation With CO2 Forcing


Governor Brown’s clandestine visit to real “front-line” of California’s pollution

Serious Injuries At Tesla Auto Plant Are The Double Industry Average

Out of State Activists Bring Their Travelling Tour to Ohio, Align With State’s Most Extreme Anti-Fracking Group

Not Worried About CO2

Can we discuss the climate without the hysteria?

Study: climate of Los Angeles has been stable for 50,000 years

Another glorious solar scheme fails ignominiously, “fast clouds”, “rusty pipes”, dumb decisions

Mexican Meltdown: Tehuantepec Community Erupts Over Wind Turbines Leaking Toxic Oil

Solar Power Record–But What About The Winter?

Stick Nern: Credit where it’s not due

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Just Shattered What We Knew About Jupiter

Arctic Sea Ice Bounces Back

Publisher blames bad choice of reviewer for publication of hoax paper on penis as “social construct” 

Small Business Association Leader: Germany’s Climate/Energy Policy Has “Failed Spectacularly”

We are in a crisis of crap health news — this week’s reporting shows why

Study shows telomere shortening in youth with higher pollution exposure

You’re less apt to fact-check ‘fake news’ when it’s on social media: study

Renounce Climate Alarmism

Turns out, snakes can hunt in packs, so let’s just all move to Antarctica


Chelsea Clinton: ‘Climate Change’ Connects To ‘Child Marriage’

Friends, Opponents Sound the Defeat of President Trump’s Climate Agenda

Once Again Calls on President Trump and EPA to Revisit and Revoke the Scientifically Invalid CO2 Endangerment Finding

Study: Weathering of rocks a poor regulator of global temperatures

Guv Brown uses “Climate Change” to Create Totalitarian State—Government in Total Charge of Your Life!!

Trump’s OMB Dir. Mulvaney: No more ‘crazy’ climate spending

Articles: The Carbon Tax Rebate Scam

120 Years Of Climate Scares – 70s Ice age scare

TV weatherman goes off on climate skeptics: “put up or shut up”

Trump’s Budget Drastically Shrinks EPA

Scientists hit Bill Nye with thousands of tweets for ‘presenting himself as the expert voice’ on science

Study: weather patterns affect frost timing more than global warming

China just extracted gas from ‘flammable ice’, and it could lead to a brand new energy source

Reports Of Arctic Ice Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated…Greenland Ice Mass Near Record

Recent regional climate cooling on the Antarctic Peninsula and associated impacts on the cryosphere

Peer Review Of Science Is A Deeply Tainted System

Trump’s Budget Eliminates Funding To UN Clima

Germans in ‘Green’ Power Backlash: Burgeoning Free Democrats Run on Anti-Wind Platform

Carbon emissions, carbon intensity and the global trade in CO2

Data Doesn’t Support Clean Air Council Claim that Marcellus Development Is Increasing Asthma Issues

Climate Depot’s New ‘Talking Points’ Report – A-Z Debunking of Climate Claims

Senator Rand Paul: Say Au Revoir to Paris Climate Agreement

Contradicting consensus Study suggests ‘continual warming over the past 11,000 years’

Arctic Fake News Update

Schwarzenegger says you can have four Hummers and still save planet

EU nations set to wipe out forests and not account for emissions

April Pause in Ocean Cooling

Michael Mann: ‘Predictions can never be ‘falsifiable’…we must ultimately wait to see whether they come true’

UN Chief: Climate-Aware Businesses Will Dominate Tomorrow’s Economy


Wind Turbines Provide Zero% of Global Energy: Despite $Billions Squandered on Subsidies

Memorial Day Used To Be Hot

India To Tax Wealthy Solar Investors

Climate alarmism: The mother of all availability cascades

Trump pulled in three directions on Paris climate deal as decision looms

Exclusive: Trump EPA transition chief laments slow progress in killing green rules

When misconduct occurs, how should journals and institutions work together?

The oldest hominins could have lived in Europe, not Africa, claims new study

Oxfam’s Climate Warriors Declare War on Poor People

China to partly fund new CSIRO climate research centre

The Tories’ Energy Manifesto

Climate scientist Josh Willis shows you how to deal with your climate change denying uncle – but fails

Climate Policies Failure

The Heatwave Of May 22, 1925

New Paper: Geothermal Heat A Leading Driver Of Surface Temperatures

China Claims Methane Hydrates Breakthrough May Lead To Global Energy Revolution

Cocoa glut leaves bitter taste for African farmers

1969 : New York Times Predicted An Ice Free Arctic And An Ice Age Three Days Apart

Another Telegraph Advert For Offshore Wind

Windfarms blamed after three whales die off Suffolk

South Australia’s Wind Power Debacle Destroying Jobs: Unemployment Rockets (Again)

Conceptual penis drives climate change

That ‘Alien Megastructure’ star just kicked into action again, and scientists are freaking out

‘Tagesspiegel’ Calls German Solar Energy Scheme An “Exemplary Initiative” On What “Not To Do”!

Scott Pruitt: Obama was no ‘environmental savior,’ past administration accomplished nothing

NYT Warns Of Global Warming Floods Of Biblica

China makes ‘flammable ice’ breakthrough in South China Sea

Guardian’s Seed Nonsense

Carbon Taxes Pound Canada Economy


Swedish Study Proves Pulsing Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise Causes Sleep Deprivation

Forecast for winter: El Nothing?

Official Climate Agenda is Always the Negative Side; Never Fair and Balanced

Why Solar Power Is So Cheap!

EPA Invites Left-Wing Environmental Group to Agency

Sequestering ‘blue carbon’

Punked! Peer-reviewed journal publishes hoax study attributing climate change to penises

Latest Telegraph Puff For Electric Cars

Macron’s Nuclear Mistake – The American Interest

Before the Flood’ – Exploration for Answers to Climate Change

Fat but fit? Studies confuse, while advocates & journalists do little to clarify

Nearly 40 years after Mount St. Helens’ deadly eruption, it’s ‘recharging’

Study: Brainwash the Next Generation to Promote Climate Action

PARIS AGREEMENT: Trump to face intense G-7 pressure on climate change

Sen Al Franken worries about ‘climate dislocation & refugees’ & a flooded East Coast

Trump ‘can’t escape climate change’ impacts says Fiji PM

Uncertainty about the Climate Uncertainty Monster

Claim: Unwanted children the “fundamental cause of climate change”

Cicadas are emerging 4 years early, and scientists are stumped

Despite the Paris Accord, India and Pakistan Will Continue to Use Coal

Vatican Confident Pope Will Change Trump’s View On ‘Global Warming’ At Upcoming Meeting


ACMA, media watchdog, says lies by omission at the ABC are OK

Germany’s Energiewende “An Economic, Social and Ecological Disaster”, Writes Top German Socialist!

Colder Than Normal Eastern Pacific Ocean Temps Lower El Niño Bias

Industrial Scale Battery Storage of Wind & Solar Would Cause Surge in CO2 Emissions

Shale Isn’t OPEC’s Only Problem – The American Interest

American boom forces Opec to consider even deeper cuts

Extra Icy Arctic in May

Theresa May: we should have the lowest energy costs in Europe

Study: trees in cities actually make pollution worse during heat waves

U.N.’s Global Warming Fraudsters Are More Interested In Climate Cash Than Climate Change

American trees have started migrating west, and no one knows why

How dependent are GISTEMP trends on the gridding radius used?

Claim: Planting trees cannot replace cutting CO2 emissions

Antarctica might go green say scientists (only 2km of ice and 50C of warming to go)

Obama’s Energy Efficiency Rules Cost More Than They Saved

New list of extreme weather mortality events shows events of the past were worse than today

Claim: Pope will Convert President Trump to Climate Action

Another New Paper Traces Variations In Temperatures, Precipitation To Variations In Solar Activity

Catastrophic climate change – a reminder of what the IPCC actually said

RCP 8.5: The “Mother of all” Junk Climate Science

Coal and the IPCC


Claim: Dams are major driver of global environmental change

Climate “Expert” Bill Maher Demonstrates Failed Liberal Approach to Climate Change – CO2 is Life

Scientists Found Forest Lands Seven Times The

Resurging German Free Democrats Coming Out Against Out-Of-Control Wind Energy

Oklahoma Ends Wind Tax Subsidy

‘Baby Boomlet’ Study Latest to Show Positive Economic Impact of Fracking

Enviros Champion China’s Coal Production

Australia’s Renewable Policy Destroying Jobs: Miners Facing Power Price & Supply Crisis

What You Need to Know About the So-Called Kids’ Anti-Fracking Lawsuit

UN’s Valletta Declaration In Malta Will Decide Future Of Zero-Carbon Europe

The Curious Case of Dr. Miskolczi

Could bogus scientific results be considered false advertising?

Summer Savings and Huge Air Quality Improvements On Tap For Ohio — Thanks to Fracking

Shale Wars

Labour’s Promise 60% Low Carbon Energy By 2030

Former PM – John Howard Calls Australia’s Renewables Policy a ‘National Scandal’

No takers yet on French President Macron’s plea for climate scientists to move to France

Climate Hypocrite Trudeau Government Blocks Canadian Carbon Audit

Analysis Debunks Absurd Sea Level Rise Claims About South Florida

Study: Earth is becoming GREENER, not BROWNER due to climate change

Climate Movement Falters As German Greens/Socialists Take Historic Election Trouncing

China’s Belt and Road Initiative still pushing coal

Innovative finance needed to find $300 billion a year for climate losses

Did Sir David King Lie To Parliamentary Committee?

Green Victory Against The West: China And India Dominate Global Coal Industry As Europe Divests

Wind Power In China

Why Is China Having Measles Outbreaks When 99% Are Vaccinated?

Air Pollution Linked To Measles Incidence, Proving Immune Status Is


Home Car Charging: A Primer

UN Bonn Climate Conference Demands $300 Billion per Year to Alleviate the Tedium

Six out of seven Climate Models wrong about Antarctic sea ice

Scientist Bail From EPA Board ‘In Protest’

4 Graphs That Demonstrate Why The IPCC Climate Models Will NEVER Be Accurate – CO2 is Life


Diesel vehicles produce 50 percent more nitrogen oxide than originally thought

15 New Papers: Scientists Abandoning Claims Of  Dominant Man-Made Influence On Arctic Climate

Is New York Going To Drown Due To Global Warming? – YouTube

Warning about forced vaccination program

What’s really in a McDonald’s hamburger?

The truth on what really causes heart disease

Pew: #climatemarch and #sciencemarch did little to sway public opinion, and may in fact have hurt “the cause”

Coal to be India’s energy mainstay for next 30 years: policy paper

UK energy price cap could mean job cuts, Innogy exit from UK market – Deutsche Bank

Trump’s energy plan coming one deadline at a time

Bret Stephens Is Right About Progressives and Science

In Fight Against U.S. Shale Oil, OPEC Risks Lower for Longer

This 36.4 million-year-old fossil might finally close the gaps in whale evolution

Antarctic ice expansion shows climate models unreliable – The Commentator

An Arctic Surprise

Inside the National Grid’s epic challenge to keep the lights on

Who leads the world in the fight against climate change?

Fake Climate Science On German ARD Television. Sea Ice Cover Indeed Saw Large Pre-Industrial Fluctuations

Court Documents Reveal That Monsanto Hired Army Of Trolls To Kill Online Dissent

A prime example of why correct facts don’t matter to climate alarmists

Neighbours Sue Wind Power Operator – Infigen – for $20m Damages Caused by Devastating Wind Farm Fire


Barents Sea Grows Ice in May

Electricity in Texas: is 100% renewables feasible? Part I


Low-Nutrient, Vertical-Farming Foods Could Pose Serious Health Risk To Vegans Hell-Bent On Saving Planet

US Secretary of State Signs Arctic Climate “Affirmation”

Syrian Conflict Links to Climate Change Demolished

Australia’s Failed Wind Power ‘Experiment’ Makes it an International Joke: Wind Power Output Totally Collapses (Again)

Scrapping green subsidies would be a much faster route to cheaper energy bills than price caps

Pop Goes The Cosmic Consensus? ‘9000 Scientists Can’t Be Wrong’

When science had no shame. Part 1: Why are nearly all sci-fi movies anti-science dystopia?

New Video : “Journalists Are Key Players In The Global Warming Scam”

Researchers have increased the distance at which a supernova could kill us all

Europe’s Biggest Solar Company Goes Up In Smoke

German Solar Energy: From “Technology Of the Future ” To Extinction In Just 10 Years!

Huge study shows link between common painkillers and increased risk of heart attack

Heightened risk of heart attacks found with common painkillers in routine use

Dial-a-headline on NSAIDs & cardiac disease gives us a heart attack

Not good: Nearly 1 in 3 drugs have safety issues even after FDA approval

Scientists discover an extra 5 million square kilometers of forest , just like that.

Why the UN Climate Models Are Inherently Unreliable, and Should Be Abandoned in Favor of More Top-Down Approaches


Even at $40 oil, U.S. shale will still grow in 2017, Rystad says

Greeks Rally Against Subsidised Wind Power & Wind Industry’s Unlawful Land Grabs

Finland Is Worried That It Is Nearly As Warm As 1939!

GLOBAL FREEZING: 15-year ICE AGE to hit in just 4 years as the sun prepares to HIBERNATE

Brazil calls off Zika emergency

Stephen Hawking and 32 top physicists just signed a heated letter on the Universe’s origin

Gloria Steinem Backs Abortion Because: “Forced Childbirth is the Single Biggest Cause of Global Warming”

New Video : The Fake News 97% Consensus

Peak Climatista?

Barack Obama: Climate Denier

Obama’s Contradictory Climate Talk In Milan

US signs international declaration on climate change despite Trump’s past statements

Paris Agreement: Carbon Tax Elders Offer More Bad Advice

Science Unsettled: Why Trump Should Dump The Paris Climate Deal

‘Fraud, Fake…Worthless Words’: NASA’s James Hansen on UN Paris Pact – Trump should take note

More solar jobs is a curse, not a blessing

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Flashback 1978: Scientist Predicts 10°C Warming, 5 Meter Sea Level Rise, 660 ppm CO2…By 2028!

Study reveals climate shifts through the eons

Germany’s Wind Power Debacle Worsens: Too Much Power One Day, None the Next

Found: ‘lost’ forests covering an area two-thirds the size of Australia

Europe’s Solar Industry Is Now Collapsing Due To  Cut-Price Competition From China – Belair Daily

US Drought At Historic Low Levels

Researchers find gut bacteria can trigger brain lesions that lead to strokes

Climate “Dismissive”: The New PC Term for “Denier”

German Sun King’s SolarWorld to file for insolvency

Europe Squanders €1.1 trillion on Wind & Solar: But Gets Only 4% of its Power from Sun & Wind


NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story (supposed threats to coastal military installations ignore science)

Dumping Paris agreement right decision for U.S. and the world

Elon Musk just announced his solar roofs will have “Infinity Warranty”

Obama: Climate Change ‘Created By Man’ and ‘Can Be Solved by Man’

Trump Loses Senate Vote To Repeal Obama-Era Methane Rule Thanks To McCain

3 Republicans Defect To Reject Bill To Repeal Obama-Era Methane Limits — Interior Dept. says it will scrap regs anyway

Obama Climate Change Speech Earns $3.26 Million for Personal Foundation – CO2 is Life

Obama Makes An Amazingly False Claim About Gl

Analysis Confirms Global-Warming-Defying Protracted Northern Hemisphere Winter!

Goldman Sachs — bigger than fossil fuel in the climate debate

Trump administration's delegation to UN climate meeting totals 7; France sends 42

Video: analysis of NASA data shows modern temperature trends are not unusual

What happens if they’re wrong and the world’s scientists are right about anthropogenic global warming?

97% Of Climate Scientists Agree’ Is 100% Wrong

This orca died with one of the highest concentrations of PCB ever seen in a marine mammal

Europe Has Little Output to Show for Its Wind and Solar Investments

What does it take to substitute 4 GtC using low-C electricity?

Trump Won’t Make Decision on Paris Climate Accord Until Later This Month 

As the World Cuts Back on Coal, a Growing Appetite in Africa

The Wall Street Journal Makes The Case For Pulling Out Of Obama’s Paris Deal 

New hi-tech gadget promises power from polluted air

Time for Trump to Fulfill Promise and Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement

Earliest signs of life on land have been found in 3.48 billion-year-old Australian rocks

Study: Zika virus transmission isn’t as dependent on warmer temperatures as previously thought

Should We Call Climate-Change Deniers “Dismissives” Instead?

Bill Nye the Eugenicist, “Sex Junk,” Social Justice Warrior, Climate Nazi Guy

Renewable resources and the importance of generation diversity

This new study says forget what you think you know about salt

Will US Climate Scientists All Move to France? Please?

Worldwide: Over 1,200 laws aim to change weather — need more to limit downpours, seas, storms

What Is Seen And What Is Not Seen, Climate Edition

Leading Alarmist Climate Scientist Concedes NO Anthropogenic Signal Found In Tropical Pacific

Massive landforms have just been discovered under the Antarctic ice sheet

Fukushima’s meltdown gave every human on Earth 1,000 bananas’ worth of radiation

Incompetence or Fraud in Alaska?

Climate Policies, Electricity Prices And The Energy Price Cap 

Vermonters Vent Fury at the Wind Industry’s Constant Stream of Lies

Resilient Arctic Ice in May

Trump Considers What Steps U.S. Should Take on Climate Change Accord 

Bring Back Free Market Environmentalism

US Shale Industry Roars Back To Life After Oil Slump 

Renewable Energy Agency Wonders Why Russia Is Not Wasting $300bn On Renewable Energy!

Anti-Fracking Donor Memo Mapped Out Strategy To Attack Oil And Gas With Questionable Health Claims

Laws to tackle climate change exceed 1,200 worldwide – study

A fool’s errand: Al Gore’s $15 trillion carbon tax

A review and update of human exposure and toxicity of pesticides.

Fraud, Fake … James Hansen on Paris (Trump should take note)

Trend Models & The Inability To Discover Cause


Soul-Searching Scientists Struggling To Convince World Of Climate Change

Claim: Installing solar will combat national security risks in the power grid

Mr. President, Tear up this treaty

After Record Snow, Climate Experts Predict The End Of Snow In Hawaii

This entire beach vanished 33 years ago – and just mysteriously reappeared

“Demand Destruction”: How to destroy national economy

New EPA Study Indicates Agency Is Greatly Exaggerating Methane Emissions

Antarctic Ice Sheets Stable For Millions Of Years, New Study Finds 

Oh noes! Global warming kills gut bacteria in lizards

New Video : “Are US Springs Getting Hotter And Drier?”

The Paris Climate Deal Must Go

10 New Papers: Sea Levels 1 – 6 Meters Higher 4,000 – 6,000 Years Ago

Escape the Green Box

Hawking: mankind, leave Earth in 100 years

Global Fatcats Urge More Carbon Pricing, Climate Policy Continuity


Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Slammed For “False Statements”

New results show low daily doses of cannabis could actually improve memory

Why Citing a Scientific Study Does Not Finish An Argument

Energy Economics Mythbusters: Claims Renewables Create Real & Lasting Jobs Just Fake News

Inflammatory Infant Mortality Study a Prime Example of Flawed ‘Pay to Play’ Science

Ivanka Trump to review climate change as US mulls Paris pullout

Decoupling wealth creation, energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Ice age to freeze Britain thanks to climate change on ‘this date’

Being Powered 100% By Wind & Solar = 100% Total Fantasy

Another Arctic Ice Panic Over As Global Temperatures Plummet 


BBC’s Silly Climate Anthrax Scare Story

Impending US Solar Energy Crash?

China Fuels Coal Renaissance As Trump Weighs Global Warming Treaty

Data Analyses Show Rapid Global Surface Cooling, Growing Arctic Ice Thickness

Protesters demonstrate climate alarmism is a religion

Millions of smart meters may need replacing due to IT blunder

Are Microbiologists Climate-Denying Science Haters?

South Australia’s Wind Power Crisis Continues: Gas Generators Forced to Fire Up to Prevent Another Statewide Blackout

Another Green Fiasco: Millions Of ‘Smart’ Meters Going Dumb 

Pa. Supreme Court Affirms Ruling that Fracking Did Not Contaminate ‘Junkyard Plaintiff’s’ Water

Scientists ‘Confident’ In Warming, Despit

Global Warming Will Kill Us All By Releasing

Study: Antarctica’s ice sheet survived warmer times, remains stable today

King Coal: ‘It takes 79 solar workers to produce same amount of electric power as one coal worker’

Extreme Market Distortion: German Power Prices Could Be Negative 1000 Hours A Year!

EU trend of CO2 reduction seems to have stopped

Architect Of Paris Agreement Undercuts The Cl

New Video : Is Greenland Melting Down?

SolarCity’s solar installations crash nearly 40%

Fake News: #ExxonKnew Campaign Claims Global Warming Caused Exxon Valdez Spill

INFOGRAPHIC: Pennsylvania Asthma Hospitalization Rates Plummet as Marcellus Production Soars

German’s Furious as More Ancient Forests Felled to Make Way for Wind Turbines

Renewable Industry’s Giant Battery Claims Unplugged

International Team of Scientists to Test Method for Slowing Glacier Retreat

Green Mythology: Sun, Wind, Waves & Tides Fail to Deliver the Goods

One Year after Standing by Al Gore, New York AG Has Little to Show for #ExxonKnew Campaign

Australian Wind Power Forecast: 75% Chance of More Blackouts Next Summer

Mitigation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

Recent Research Shows Climate Models Are Mostly “Black Box” Fudging, Not Real Science

Would a Carbon Tax Dividend Help Poor Households?

Another Manntastic claim: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream

Banking on Climate Alarm

Analysis finds NOAA satellite data is incompatible with theory of man-made global warming

20+ Scientists: ‘No Continent-Scale Warming Of Antarctic Temperature Is Evident In The Last Century’

How Political Lunacy Sabotaged Australia’s Once Reliable & Affordable Power Suply

A roadmap for meeting Paris emissions reductions goals

Fascinating New Studies Confirm Solar Activity Plays Important Role On Driving Climate

The futility of “Earth Hour

EU countries used €600 million climate loophole worth extra “114 million cars”

Today in the Annals of Science

Bill Nye’s Edits Gender Selection Episode Proving His Priority Is PC Not Science

Environmentalists Flood Courts With Lawsuits


Higher lycopene exposure is inversely associated with a lower risk of

Global warming: Why eating INSECTS ‘could help tackle climate change’

EPA Chief Says Coal Can Defend Grid From Atta

English vineyards report ‘catastrophic’ damage

Omega-3 consumption decreases the risk of heart disease

There Has Been No ‘Global’ Warming In The Southern Hemisphere, Equatorial Regions

Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6-12 Year Old US Children

Why India and Pakistan Are Renewing Their Love Affair with Coal – MIT Technology Review

Greenland Meltdown Update

2020–The Climate Turning Point

New Study Confirms: The Warming ‘Pause’ Is Real And Revealing 

The Cholesterol Myth Has Been Busted Yet Again

Why It Is Wrong to Link Saturated Fat to Heart Disease

Arctic Defies Fake News Stories

Chinese firms to invest $15bn in Pakistani coal-fired power – Power Engineering International


Extent Of Multi-Year Ice Has Tripled Over The Past Decade

Mini ice-age conditions bring multiple crop losses globally

NCSE Previews Their Nakedly Partisan Climate Primer

Bret Stephens’s Climate Change Article Baited Liberal Activists

Lindzen, Soon and Spencer debunked?

Dem Congressional Candidate Says Climate Skeptics Should Commit Suicide

No NYTimes, Arctic ice is not ‘vanishing’

Record snowfall in Kansas

Leonardo DiCaprio And Other Celebs March In DC Over Climate Change. He And His Friends Are Hypocrites.

Liberal Writers Say Asking Questions Is the New Climate Change ‘Denial’

Video: Climate marchers agendas revealed

The looming RESET: White House Leaning Toward Exiting Paris Climate Pact

The Legal and Economic Case Against the Paris Climate Treaty

Uncontrolled Infusion Of Green Electricity Leads To Record-Breaking NEGATIVE Power Prices

Updated: Science fish-microplastics paper retracted

Alarmists Gone Wild: Saving the Arctic Sea Ice from Oblivion With… Windmills!

Energy scandal: misleading efficiency claims leading to huge bills for homeowners

An Environmentalist’s Protest (McKibben’s wind power hypocrisy)

Trump may pull US out of Paris agreement within two weeks

Dialing back the 10 foot hype – NOAA Tide Gauge Data shows no coastal sea level rise acceleration

Oh noes! Antarctic ice rift spreads

Brazil – Record Cold Threatens Safrinha Corn

Environmentalists’ Leave #ClimateMarch TRASHED

Watch: Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore 45 min. interview – ‘There is no such thing as climate science’

Past Sea Levels: Dig uncovers Roman invasion coast

Inconvenient study concludes: warmer temperatures lead to a more stable climate

Climate change alarmists’ prediction about Pacific Northwest now looks embarrassingly bad

NY Times Columnist Finds Out What Happens When You Question the Global Warming Narrative

Can California Cars Save the Climate? – Capital & Main

Climate Changes Activists: Science Deniers

Earth Day Marchers Ignore the Economic Science of Climate Change

Engineering PhD Calls Germany’s Renewable Energy Drive “A Disaster” And “A Debacle”

VIDEO: Does diet soda = dementia? A second look at the study uncovers key statistical shortcomings

New Study: Some Coral Reefs Are Adapting To Warming Oceans Just Fine 

China’s coal-fired power generation surprises naysayers

India Admits It Will Miss Coal Emissions Targets 

Climatists Wrong-Footed

Documenting the Global Extent of the Medieval Warm Period

UK Taxpayers Face £1 Billion Bill over Green Energy Scandal

A common neonicotinoid pesticide, thiamethoxam, impairs honey bee

Patients are not plane crash victims and hospitals are not plummeting jetliners

Numbers don’t lie: Germany’s Energiewende has had zero impact on emissions – at best


Out of Climate Time … Again (failed Malthusianism rolls on)

ABC pushing “suppressed scientists” story but misses that CSIRO won’t even employ a skeptic

New report about Antarctica is horrible news for global warming alarmists

Heavy snowfall devastates Western Kansas wheat crop

Wind Subsidies Should End

Global temperatures plunge in April – “the pause” returns

New Paper: Greenland Gained Ice Between 1940s-2000s, Added Just 1.5 cm To Sea Levels Since 1900

Diesel fumes: Is the UK’s witch-hunt against diesel cars driven by zealotry and greed, not science?

Thoughts on the Public Discourse over Climate Change

The Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%’

Antarctic Peninsula Ice More Stable Than Thought 

April Arctic Ice Beats Expectations

Remarkable it was ever accepted, says report: Science to retract study on fish and microplastics

Pull out of Paris climate deal, energy group tells Trump

Climate Chaos

Climate Of Hysteria And The Death Of Civil Discourse 


Inside a True Believer’s Mind

Ignorance, intolerance, violence

Republicans are rethinking their disdain for the Paris accord – creating a political headache for Trump

The Soros funded People’s Climate March

Nature Unbound III:  Holocene climate variability (Part A)

April Cold Blast Across Central Europe Brings Unexpected Widespread Crop Damage

Counting Climate Dollars: Who Controls the Debate?

Anti-Fracking Activists ‘March on Science’; EID Compiles Peer-Reviewed Research on Fracking and Health

New Yorkers Count the Staggering Cost of Cuomo’s Wind Power Obsession

PG&E proposes rate increase to pay for Diablo Canyon closure

The Ethanol Industry Braces For Impact

Is the Canadian climate protest movement really worth all the bother?  

Watch: Faith and environmental stewardship on the farm fields of eastern Iowa

Renewables Work Just Fine – Provided There’s a Diesel in the Shed

Community “Disgusted” As Columbus Teachers Force Pre-K Students to Protest Wayne Fracking

Scientists Have Turned Spinach Into Beating Human Heart Tissue

Zika virus persists in the central nervous system and lymph nodes of rhesus monkeys

Curcumin from Turmeric Inhibits Zika, HIV, Herpes and Other Viruses

Russia: Record Snowfall at Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Station

Green heating system accused of causing ‘fuel poverty’

Major snowstorm forces cancellation of Climate March in Colorado

The climate crew: alienating allies and fighting the wrong fights

Raw Emotion, Not Science, on Display at People’s Climate March

Upper Layers Of Atlantic Refuse To Obey Global Warming Orders

Global Temperatures Plunge 0.5° Celsius In April 

Did Australia Just Make Itself Un-investible?

Climate march in Denver to feature a ‘die in’: ‘People wearing black will lay on the ground as if they are dead’

Brazil – Winter starts two months early

Bret Stephens’ skepticism will spread from NYT to other mainstream sources

Winter Blast Putting Climate Protests On Ice In Colorado

The last time Santa Fe saw snow this late in the season was May 7, 1969

Another Solar Company Goes Up In Smoke 

Finding: tropical storms produce radiation bursts

Top Think Tanks Call For Reset Of UK Energy Policy 

Can the U.S. Become the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas?

White House Puts Offshore Resources Back in the Game

Brexit Britain can’t thrive without cheap energy. We need a bonfire of green regulations

Former government official admits they faked climate data

New mechanism proposed that describes all solar eruptions

$176 billion a year lost to green tape – $7000 per Australian per year

Here’s Proof Obama Administration LIED To Us About Climate Change

Saturday’s “climate march” in Washington turns into another wrongheaded farce that has little to do with climate

People’s Climate March: A Demonstration Of First World Madness

Why the People’s Climate March Is a Farce

Cherry Blossom Fraud

Danish Meteorological Institute Moves To Obscure Recent Record Greenland Ice Growth

Hard freeze in France – Some vineyards totally destroyed

Climate will Make it both Easier and More Difficult to Exercise

Analysis: It’s not just droughts, but nearly all extreme weather is declining or at or near record lows

The Shale Revolution Crushes Wind And Solar 

$200M research misconduct case against Duke moving forward, as judge denies motion to dismiss

Time to defund the weather-forecasting rent-seekers

Sunless in Seattle – Two Rainfall Records Smashed

Flashback 2016: Warmist wrong claim: ‘Thanks El Niño, But California’s Drought Is Probably Forever’

Only half of meteorologists think human emissions are major cause of climate change

John Bates, Whistleblower Climate Scientist, Smeared by Global Warming Advocates

Bill Nye Has Hissy Fit After Scientist Blasts GW

Fact-Checking Bill Nye

MUST WATCH: Bill Nye’s Crazy Response/Challenge To Tucker Carlson

Bill Nye Loses The Plot

Tucker Carlson & Bill Nye Debate Climate Change

Our guru Bill Nye, the science and arts guy, revolutionized the evolution theory

Bill Nye Is Not the Right Guy to Lead the Climate Fight

The End is Nye – @BillNye the “Science Guy” loses his last shred of credibility – implosion imminent

People’s Climate March — Climate Change Bullies

EU Parliament Members call for Trump to dump UN Paris climate deal

20 More New Papers Link Climate, Weather, Clouds, ENSO, NAO, Sea Levels, Crop Yields…To Solar Activity

The Case for Pulling the U.S. Out of the Paris Climate Accord

Climate Dollars

Has science lost its way?

A Climate Hysteric’s Fake Enemies List 

Crazy Talk: Geoengineering Goes Mainstream At TED Conference, Stirs Controversy

Fast-rising U.S. shale oil output puts OPEC cut at risk: Rystad

UK reactor takes first steps towards fusion

U.S. drought reaches record low as rain reigns

Top Trump Aides Clash on Legal Risks of Paris Climate Accord

Paris climate accord eyed as treaty

Trump Now Uncertain About Withdrawing America From Paris Climate Agreement

Trump Will Use Art of the Deal to Kill Paris Climate Treaty

Harvard teaching hospital to pay $10 million to settle research misconduct allegations


Renewable Energy Sources: Does Their Output Matter?

Climate Weirding

Articles: Academics Play the Global Warming Card

Demand Investigation of the UAH Shooting!

Science-Denier Bill Nye: Is It Time To ‘Penalize People For Having Extra Kids?’

Are Global Warming claims & the so called Consensus, a Sinister Betrayal of Science?

CO2 reaches 410ppm: Panic now because Earth just hit another slightly significant base 10 number

New German Paper On Infrasound Shows Adverse Impacts On Brain Activity!

Environmentalists Are Dead Wrong

“Extraordinary” cold in Spain – Snow at 600 meters

Academic Freedom, Climate Change and Creationism

Climate Scientist Urges President Trump not to Cave to Ivanka’s ‘Climate Change Madness’

Surprise snowfall in the heart of France

China and the Paris Climate Accord

Future Atmospheric CO2 Scenarios

Technocrat Neil deGrasse Tyson is also ‘Mr. Scientism’

Extreme Weather 1971 Style

Retractions & Errors Driving Loss of Faith in the Peer Review

Artery-clogging saturated fat myth debunked

Experts: Popular Belief That Saturated Fats Clog Up Arteries “Plain Wrong”

Climate Evangelists Are Taking Over Your Local Weather Forecast

Political left, right similarly motivated to avoid rival views on climate change, and other topics


Energy Manifesto Calls For Reforms That Ensure Cheap And Reliable Energy Future 

In an attempt to discredit Judith Curry, Gavin at RealClimate shows how bad climate models really are

Why Renewables Cost More (some basics for short attention spans)

Will The High-Tech Cities Of The Future Be Utterly Lonely?

Surprise solution to plastic bag problem

Update on Possible Ecoterror Attack at UAH

And What Is The Scientific Basis For Imposing Energy Poverty On The Masses?

Record Rainfall In NE Scotland–Back In August 1829!

We’re All Victims Of The Great Green Swindle 

Flashback: Financial Technology To Be Transformative For Sustainable Development

The Definition Of Insanity

Tim Noakes found not guilty – of something or other

Green Jobs: A Bipartisan Mirage

Tahoe Glacier Making a Comeback?

Nuclear Power Subsidies Threaten Wind and Solar Power… Proof That Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Oh No! Global warming will cause increase in exercise — But exercise increases global warming!

Save the planet, get “biggest investment op in history of world”

Harvard Instructor: Science March Was ‘Eerily Religious’

Pay Up! Al Gore’s New Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming

Warmist Slate Mag. Slams ‘March for Science’: A bizarre cultural phenomenon of liberals, leftists…

If Bombing Syria Is Okay, So Is Bombing Oil Pipelines

Study: India won’t be able to meet Paris Climate Agreement commitments due to expanding coal power plants

Science March Is Racist Says Activist Who Got Detained At It

Why the March for Science failed, as demonstrated by its own protest signs

Armstrong and Green: What Does the March for Science Mean by ‘Science’?

Impressing A MSM Alarmist – Uses ‘extensive computer models’ to find ‘man-made extreme weather has hit all over the world’

Föhn winds: New insight into what weakens Antarctic ice shelves

Bill Nye: The Perfect Talking Head for a March Against Science

Former Obama Official: Climate Data ‘Misleading’

Study Finds Burning All Fossil Fuels Would Lead To Only Max. 500-800 PPM CO2 Atmospheric Concentration

High blood pressure: Sodium may not be the culprit

Q&A: Hawaii reassures tourists after brain parasite cases

Researchers find cold weather linked to mortality risks in Texas

Al Gore Wants To Spend $15 Trillion To Stop Global Warming

Despite Brain Scans, Researchers Can’t Predict Criminal Intent

More risks on school playgrounds linked to happier children

Bill Nye Pervs Science—Again

Earth Day March For Science Is Actually a Threat to Science

Climate Marches Aren’t About Science — They’re About Trump

The climate changes – It always has and always will

Manipulated IPCC Science supported by Manipulated Appeals to Authority

An 11 Year-Old Is Suing Trump for His Climate Change Denial

Civil War on the Left, Part 38: The Beclowning of Science

Earth Day Must Divorce Itself From The Climate Scare

Believe It! Global Warming Hiatus Real, Chinese And Japanese Scientists Affirm

Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’

CNN criticized on Earth Day for daring to air a climate skeptic

UN Policy Farce …Toothless Paris Switched From “Binding Agreement” To “Pledge and Review”!


Recent regional climate cooling on the Antarctic Peninsula and associated impacts on the cryosphere

New Paper Attributes 24% Of Temperature Changes To CO2 … Ignores Dominance Of Water Vapour, Clouds

Bloomberg urges world leaders to ignore Trump on climate

The Anti-Science “March for Science”

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Elected Science Deniers Are a Threat to Democracy


Bill Nye Turns Crybaby When Global Warming Hoax Exposed by ACTUAL Scientist on CNN

Robust relationship between solar wind speed and North Atlantic Oscillation discovered

Why This Scientist Won’t be Attending the ‘Science March’

Princeton professor criticizes ‘March for Science’ protests 

Hard freeze kills 95 to 100 percent of Alsace vineyard buds

Science Marchers, Secretary Perry’s Memo and Bill Nye’s Optimism

Nearly 10% of USDA scientists believe their work has been tampered with 

‘March for Science’ invokes God, Hitler, Gay Marriage, Racism, Sexism – Blames GOP for making climate worse

Turkey – Greenhouses collapse due to snowfall

Most Ivanpah solar power plant output comes from natural gas

Ruling against National Post writers in defamation suit by prominent climate scientist overturned

Remembering Al Gore’s $30,000/year Utility Bill (‘inconvenient truth’ made news ten years ago)

Berkeley pop scientist denies the orbital cause of ice ages

Shots Fired at Climate Skeptic’s Office During March for Science

World Bank President: Lets Invest US $40 TRILLION in Renewables

What The IPCC Said About Glaciers In 1990

The March for Science Is the Problem, Not the Solution

Mind-Blowing Science

Climate change is NOT to blame for polar bear hybrids

Greens? Nein Danke: Germany’s Once Powerful Green Party Faces Existential Crisis 

Greens Make Natural Gas Their Next Target – The American Interest

Study Calls EPA’s Labeling CO2 A Pollutant ‘Totally False’

The Democratization of Science Is  A Bad Thing: Or, Why Bill Nye Perving Science Was Inevitable

Concentrated solar power in the USA: a performance review

Rapid Retreat Of Glaciers In Early 20thC

Shale’s the Wild Horse OPEC Can’t Tame

NOAA’s Jim Hansen’s 1988 Forecasts

Sea ice off Newfoundland thickest ever yet another polar bear comes ashore

The Meaning and Utility of Averages as it Applies to Climate

Greenest Countries Are Ridiculously Poor Dictatorships

Academic Intolerance Is Having Chilling Effects Even Beyond the Campus 


Claim: Genocide in War-torn Cesspits is Because of Climate Change

March for Science a Dud

Watch CNN Debate: Bill Nye blows gasket when a real scientist Dr. Will Happer schools him on ‘climate change’

13 Most Ridiculous Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970

Our Air Is Cleaner, Why Do Americans Think Its Getting Worse?

Democrats Show Support For Science March

Untangling the March for Science

More record lows in eastern Canada

Craziest activist photos from the #marchforscience #sciencemarchdc

March for Science comes under microscope over left-tilting political agenda

How The Shale Boom Turned The World Upside Down


March For Science is deeply misguided, unethical

March “for Science” — an attempt to replace the failing Earth Day

The Govt’s Fake Claims About Smart Energy Savings

Welcome to Green Energy Poverty Week

I Love Neil deGrasse Tyson, but He is Wrong on Climate

Dear journals: Clean up your act. Regards, Concerned Biostatistician

‘Is the U.S. raising a new generation of climate-change deniers?’ Skeptical climate book for schools called ‘a real danger’

New Study Finds Renewable Fuels Are Dirtier Than Fossil Fuels!

The Conversation: Business Schools Should Focus on Sustainability, Not Profit

Winter returns to Russia and Europe – Cold records broken

A Journalist’s Not So Smart Energy

March For Politics, Scientism & Scidolatry

Steven Koonin: A ‘Red Team’ Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science 

Winter invades Poland – In mid-April

Science Foundation: Data, Facts and Information

Switzerland – Abnormal snow and cold could damage trees

Thirteen reasons to CLEXIT (climate exit)

“Our Common Future” Revisited – how did the roadmap for the green juggernaut fare over 30 years?

Stand up and “March for Science” say people who don’t know what science is

Governor Cuomo Objects to Pipelines Despite Acknowledging their Necessity

Green Energy Poverty: Are Low Income Americans Impoverished by Alternative Energy?

New Research: Medieval Warm Period Was As Warm As Today 

Trump Meets With Italy’s PM, But Will They Talk Climate?

“Ethical ambiguity:” When scientific misconduct isn’t black and white

Bioethics Film Festival Urges Scientists To Heed Warnings Of Science-Fiction

“Hard Lessons From the Great Algae Biofuel Bubble”

WaPo Issues Wildly Misleading ‘Fact Check’ On EPA Head

A new record: Major publisher retracting more than 100 studies from cancer journal over fake peer reviews

Gwinnett solar panel maker files bankruptcy

Pruitt takes steps to roll back Obama’s fracking rules

New Paper Asserts ‘Biased’ Climate Models Underestimate Natural Variability And The Warmth Of The Past

Those Earth Day Dopes

Vox: Telling Parents They’re Hurting Sick Children Maximises Climate Compliance


Finally, Some Critical Thinking On The Subject Of The Feasibility Of Renewables

It’s not ‘Earth Day’ – it’s ‘Anti-Trump Day’

The Carbon Sense Coalition » Keep a Diesel in the Shed

Nation Mag: CO2 called the ‘other poison gas killing Syrians’ – Declares CO2 ‘a far more deadly gas’ than nerve agent Sarin gas

Proof the New York Times Stealthily Revises its Articles after Publication

Paris codpiece

The results of this field-based study suggest the potential of

These findings suggest that pesticides could contribute to declining

International Tribunal Accuses Monsanto Of Committing ‘Ecocide’™

On the brink of eradication: Why polio research matters

Meteorologist Bastardi Blasts NOAA For Naming “Eyesores” In The “Middle Of Nowhere”!

The Staircase Hypothesis – an alternative explanation for the recent global warming

Trapped In Thick Arctic Ice, Canadian Fishermen Call For Compensation 

Netherlands: Poor People Most Punished By Climate Change Costs

Does Sir David King Still Believe The Drivel He Spouted in 2004?

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth fined for breaking campaigning rules

Energy Dept. chief Perry says coal retirements threaten to destabilize the grid

California Governor Brown acknowledges other states aren’t buying his climate hype…

Grassroots Rising: Paris Agreement is America Last, Taxpayer Last, and Consumer Last

President Trump Should Run, Not Walk, Away From Paris Climate Treaty

Venezuela Blames Climate Change after Its Troops Invade Colombia

Why Big Oil wants Trump to stay in Paris climate agreement – Apr. 18, 2017


Germany – Easter holiday period even colder than Christmas

Trump Administration Should Be Wary of Shifting Carbon Tax Pitch

Coupling nuclear energy facilities with underground storage/hydrogen generation: nuclear’s opportunities

California ski resort may stay open all summer – and fall – and into next season

Clean Coal: Carbon Capture and Enhanced Oil Recovery

STUDY: Natural Forces Caused the ‘Hiatus’ In Global Warming

Why the market for fossil fuels is all burnt out

The End Of Oil? I Think Not!

‘Detergent’ molecules may be driving fluctuations in atmospheric methane concentrations

Emissions Reduction “Without Compromising” Economic Growth? 

Current Solar Activity Resembles Dalton Minimum…Weakest Month 75-100 Period Recorded!

How inconstant are climate feedbacks – and does it matter?

Global Greening in the New York Times (CO2 benefits contradict SCC)

The Carbon Sense Coalition » Why Wind Power does not Greatly Reduce Consumption of Hydrocarbon Energy

Record California snowfall stunned forecasters

The Sun, Not People, Causes Global Warming

UK’s Chief Scientist Speaks: “no extreme weather or climate event can be attributed solely to climate change”

Russia – Anomalous cold leaves migrating birds without food

Cotton grows 60% faster with double CO2 and warmed by 7 degrees

The Good, the Bad and the Null Hypothesis

Forbes Column: Ban Fracking? Bad Economics, Bad Ecology

Climate whackos abandon NYT because it hired a skeptic

Paris Agreement: Remember Enron to Rio to Kyoto

L A Times article deceptively hides 750 million metric tons of U.S. Greenhouse Gas emission reductions

Union of Concerned Scientists Hates Truth About Global Warming

Fraud by bone researcher takes down two meta-analyses, a clinical trial, and review

No Warming In Argentina Since 1940

New ‘Karl-buster’ paper confirms ‘the pause’, and climate models failure

Trump team to debate future of Paris agreement

White House Floats Excuses to Break Trump’s Promise to Cancel Paris Climate Treaty

This Isn’t A March For Science This Is About Economic And Political Policy

China Cooled Nearly 0.2°C During Global Warming Hiatus 

China Gas Output Rises to Record as Coal Production Rebounds

Europe’s Age Of Unreason Harms Its Wildlife 

What Can The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals Do For Cities?

New Paper: 100% Renewable Energy Not Feasible, ‘Unsupportable And Reckless’ – Keeps Poor Impoverished

Coal’s Colossal Comeback

No global warming at Mawson – Antarctic

Brexit Britain on EU Green Targets: “Trade and growth are now priorities for all posts”

UN Head Orders Monitoring Panel To Oversee Implementation Of New Urban Agenda

Scientific integrity in climate science

Climate Change? Bluebell Plant Fraud

The High Cost of Renewable Subsidies

NYT Readers Face Diversity

Micky Mann’s Meandering Jetstream

Real science must guide policy

Antarctica Record High Temp Of 19.8°C In Fact Set 35 Years Ago – When CO2 Was Low

Is Extreme Weather Increasing In The US?

Discussion: Five reasons blog posts are of higher scientific quality than journal articles

DOE Takes On Green Energy Subsidies

Swiss Giant Novartis Likely Bribed Thousands in Greece

Michelle Dispels CO2 Hysteria

The Lancet and Air Pollution

Why do researchers commit misconduct? A new preprint offers some clues

The Rule Of Law Vs. The Rule Of Science

China Chief Climate Negotiator: Where’s the Money?

There goes that scare: Antarctic Peninsula cooling by almost 1 degree

Huge Ancient Methane Seeps Discovered in the Canadian High Arctic

Geologists Discover US’s Largest Natural Gas Deposit

New Paper: Northern Hemisphere Temperatures Rose 4–5°C Within ‘A Few Decades’ 14,700 Years Ago

Europe – ‘Significant’ cold could wreak havoc on agriculture

The Lure of Free Energy

EPA chief sued for doubting global warming hysteria

Trump Takes on the Obama “Climate Change” Agenda

Green Madness: Ireland ‘Doomed’ To Face Hundreds Of Millions In CO2 Fines 

Seattle still waiting for first 65-degree day this year

As third retraction for prominent physicist appears, university still won’t acknowledge investigation

‘March for Science’ fully admits: ‘The march is explicitly a political movement’

UK Smart Meters – a Ghastly Mess Created by DECC

‘Catastrophic Collapse’ Of Solar Energy As UK Government Cuts Subsidies  

‘March for Science’ Laments Bombing Of ISIS Fighters

New infrared-emitting device could allow energy harvesting from waste heat


Antarctic Peninsula Cooled Nearly 1°C During 1999–2014 

Delivery Robots Will Become A Sidewalk-Clogging Nightmare

Over the top: the sad case of Tripp Funderburk & the Coral Restoration Foundation International

Exclusive: World Leaders Must Bring Donald Trump ‘Back to the Table’ on Climate Change, Says U.N. Deputy Chief

The Magic Disappearing $100 Billion Climate Fund – The American Interest

EPA’s Pruitt Bashes ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits Against Border Wall

Antibiotics accumulate in the soils after repeated application of

Fracking Comes To Alaska, Triggering New Oil Boom

Fractivist Journalism and Its Proficiency with Fake NewsNatural Gas Now

Oh No! Not another ‘tipping point!’: World must hit zero carbon emissions ‘well before 2040’, scientists warn

NYT Ties Trump To ‘Data Gaps’ NASA Neglected For Years

Breaking Study: Insecticides Found in Iowa Drinking Water

Global polar bear population size is about 28,500 when updates are included

Claim: Next 10 years critical for achieving climate change goals

30 mins apart’: What one TIMEly tweet captures about today’s health news landscape

Bad’ air may impact ‘good’ cholesterol increasing heart disease risk

Colorado court rules pesticide drift is trespassing against landowners

The use of biosolids and wastewaters containing pharmaceuticals

Ford’s Electric Cars in China: Good News or Bad?

Trump eyes climate skeptic for key White House environmental post

Kevin Trenberth Defends the Climate Community “Scientific Method”

Trump’s EPA is seeking a 24/7 security detail for its new leader

Time Mag: ‘Climate Change Deniers Have Pres. Trump’s Ear. But Now They Want Results’

The politics of knowledge

Are Claimed Global Record-Temperatures Valid?

Climate “Scientists” Make the Election Pollsters Look Accurate…and 10x as Smart – CO2 is Life


Trump Refuses To Sign G7 Statement Endorsing Paris Agreement

American Lung Association Never Mentions CO2 as Harmful to Human Health – CO2 is Life

Cheap Coal Drives China’s New Coal Boom 

Guangzhou Rising – Canton Sinking

Australians duped into thinking that renewable energy is cheap

Satellite Data: Post El Niño Global Surface Cooling Continues… Pause Extends To 20 Years

The Opportunity Cost of Renewables Investment 

Climate Change is a Political Battle, Not a Scientific One – CO2 is Life

Scientists: Humanity Is Already Losing Control Of Artificial Intelligence, Could Spell Disaster

Environmentalists Lose Big In Battle To Stop Fracking

The Days of ‘Trust Me’ Science Are Over

For U.S. shale, another boom on the horizon

Climate “Science” Gone Mad; The True Face of Envirofascism – CO2 is Life

Inventor Of The Internet: Disaster Looms When AI Runs The Economy

Malibu Climate Stampede: Rich and Famous Buying the High Ground

Coral Reef Sophistry – CO2 is Life

Rivers Declared to Be “Persons”

Trump Begins To Deconstruct Corrupt EPA-Owned ENERGY STAR Scam

Rules for Climate Radicals; ‘Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty’

Good Grief!’ Climate Change Gives Liberals a Case of the Sads

It’s Time For EPA To Reconsider And Rescind The Endangerment Finding

Climate “Science” Pillars of Sand; Eroding the Foundation of the Hoax – CO2 is Life

Climate change causes quietest cyclone season in Southern Hemisphere

Meteorologist: US Southwest “Permanent” Drought Totally Gone! …US “Now As Good As It Gets”!

Early snow in Australia thinks ‘global warming’ is increasing ticks in Alabama, except it’s cooled over the last century there

Falling Sea Level: The Critical Factor in 2016 Great Barrier Reef Bleaching!

G7 officials fail to agree statement on climate change

China, India, Brazil and South Africa push Trump on climate change

U.S. panel sounds alarm on “detrimental” research practices, calls for new body to help tackle misconduct

Fear Not for Permafrosty

The dream of 100% renewables assessed by Heard et al

Boom & Bust: Global Green Energy Investment Drops Nearly 20% Since 2016 

Curcumin inhibits zika and chikungunya virus infection by inhibiting

Full-fat milk ‘may drastically reduce risk of diabetes’ – study

Baby can be allowed to die against parents’ wishes: judge

All of the 30 infant formulas tested were contaminated with

More than $16 billion spent on cosmetic plastic surgery in US

Death toll in Nigeria meningitis outbreak up to 489

How the health care system keeps you sick  – Dr. William Davis – #402 – YouTube

Journalism ethics questions swirl around U of Kansas opioid survey, pharma funding

Two Common Statistical Fallacies

EPA Asked To Invalidate A Pillar Of Obama’s Climate Agenda

A beneficial climate change hypothesis

Climate Lessons: US Science Teaching Union Responds to Reason on Climate with Three Lies

DROUGHT CONDITIONS ACROSS THE U.S. VERY LOW – Limited to only 1.6% of continental US

Catastrophic Meltdown of Canadian Ice…

EPA staffer bravely quits job in defiance of Trump… sort of

Media false claim: ‘The weather has been weird’ – ‘There Was Nothing Normal About America’s Freakish Winter Weather’

Eugenics: When Scientific Consensus Leads To Mass Murder

US Science Teachers say trash books and watch Leo instead

Reporting bias and the “increase” in weather events in the US

Obesity, Diet Pills & Death

A Swelling Volume Of Scientific Papers Now Forecasting Global Cooling In The Coming Decades

California’s governor says never-ending drought is officially over

The flawed thinking at the heart of the renewable energy swindle

Bill Nye not wanted at ‘March For Science’: He’s the wrong race, sex

Properly Representing Wind and Solar in Electric Systems: Generation Capacity (Part I)

Forecasters: Missing La Niña led to warmer winter

Only Gullible Fools Believe that the Great Barrier Reef Is Dying

What “Permanent Drought”? California Governor officially declares end to drought emergency

Soros-funded report mocked for blaming 1989 Exxon Valdez spill on global warming

Claim: Climate Will Cause an Invasion of Brain Eating Parasites

Pause Or Not, Climate Models Continue To Grossly Overstate Global Temperature Trends

Off to a bumbling start at Interior

Climate grief group has nine step program

Measures To Protect Endangered Birds From Wind Turbines Completely Ineffective!

Euro Studies Support Global Cooling

Bullying as scientific misconduct

Michael Mann Adjusts the Climate “Turning Point” Out to 2020

Claim: Cities Must Step Up To The Plate To Champion Climate Change Mitigation

Leaked Gov’t Docs Show Britain Plans To ‘Scale Down’ Global Warming Regs To Create Jobs 

McKitrick on Air Pollution: The models get ‘more deaths from air pollution than you were death from all causes’

California rain: This rain season now ranks second all-time

Fossil Fuels ≠ Global Warming

Mortality from Diesel Car Pollution in the UK

America’s Biggest Coal Miner Is Joining the Comeback Under Trump

Scientists Reveal How Man-Made Global Warming Is Created Via Data Manipulation, Dismissing The Sun

27 Years later, LA TIMES NOW Blames Exxon Valdez Spill on — Global Warming! (Soros funded article)

RICO lawsuit against Climate Action Network @CANIntl moves forward

Oh No! Study warns of CO2 at 5,000 parts per million by the year 2400!  ‘To cause unprecedented warming’

Climate change hangs over Trump’s meeting with China’s Xi Jinping

Hey @Algore ! Explain this! Bottom drops out of US hurricanes in past decade

Monopoly: Global Food Supply Controlled By Ten Companies

Ex-Chief Scientist: Our Advice To Gov’t On Climate Was Wrong

Cornell finds mistakes – not misconduct – in papers by high-profile nutrition researcher

The March Against Science

“Unprecedented ice conditions” in Newfoundland

Beware Of Latest Energy Scam: Community Choice Aggregators

The next Carrington Event

Cornwall Alliance Fights Climate Ugliness

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Seeks Obama White House Records on Controversial Global-Warming Report

UK looking to renege on climate goals post-Brexit – reports – pv magazine International

California doubles down on stupid – Court upholds cap and trade program, new fuel tax coming

Poland Rejects EU Climate Targets, Prime Minister Warns 

National Grid to pay power plants to shut down this summer

Another editor resigns from journal hit by citation scandal

Shale Is Helping America’s Trade Balance with China – The American Interest

Scientists link California droughts and floods to distinctive atmospheric waves

‘Climate Protecting’ Palm Oil Backfires …Deforestation May Be Leading To Drought!

The art of green deception . . .about those record temperatures in Antarctica

Alarming Arctic heat waves look a lot like the last alarming heat waves  in 1940s

Questions on the rate of global carbon dioxide increase

Science works even when it is not trusted

On BC CAPE’s guide to the BC Election: Why physicians should stick to medicine


Shale Versus the World – The American Interest

Despite NOAA Denial, Growing Number Of New Studies Confirm Global Warming Hiatus 

Green initiatives are disasters says Christopher Booker

Slick Rewrite: L.A. Times Blames Climate Change for 28-Year-Old Oil Spill

“1 in 10 pregnant women” or “51 babies”? Only NPR meets challenge of interpreting new Zika numbers in context  

Huge number of icebergs blocking Atlantic shipping lanes – More than 5 times normal

Climate “Science” on Trial; If Something is Understood, it can be Modeled – CO2 is Life

Claim: More Public Transport Helps Reduce Climate PTSD

Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’

The European forecast model already kicking America’s butt just improved

House tells NOAA in new bill – focus on weather, not climate research

Climate “Science” is Pseudo-Science; A Point-by-Point Proof – CO2 is Life

A Re-Look at ‘The Bet’ (Simon, Ehrlich, and Paul Sabin)

Killer Cold

House Democrats urge teachers to trash book by climate scientists on global-warming dissent

The WMO’s Dubious Omissions…Arctic Of The 1930s And 1940s Just As Warm As Today!

The Climate Yawns: Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama

Professor Michael Mann destroys the case for action on climate change

Greenland’s glaciers are ‘DOOMED’, experts warn

I thought the laws of physics worked for both sexes?

Interior Secretary: Ending War on Coal Necessary for Environmental Reasons, Jobs, National Security

Most citations to retracted papers don’t note they’re problematic, authors say

BBC Earth: “America’s Pronghorns Are Survivors of a Mass Extinction.” An Almost Really Good Article and Then…

Star pediatric oncologist committed misconduct, ethical violations: reports

Scientists Create Artificial Brain Connection That Mimics Human Brain

Facts are the reason science is losing during the current war on reason

Backreaction: Academia is fucked-up. So why isn’t anyone doing something about it?

Science needs reason to be trusted

Manbearpig lectured by a third-world leader

Powerful Headwinds For Wind Energy…”If Milk Were Subsidized As Much”, It Would Cost $50/Gallon!

Falling Sea Level: The Critical Factor in 2016 Great Barrier Reef Bleaching!

Liberals seek K-12 ban on book challenging global warming

Analysis Of CET Winter Temperatures

Climate change impacting ‘most’ species on Earth, even down to their genomes

Global Warming and Hurricanes – NOAA says no measurable effect yet

Report: Trump Considering Left-Wing Carbon Tax To Fight Global Warming

UN, EU Developing A Universal Definition Of The ‘City’

East Coast of Canada crawling with polar bears since early March thanks to the pack ice

Snow depth still increasing in Siberia

UN Creates Trade Negotiator Toolkit As Vehicle To Implement 2030 Agenda

New York, other states challenge Trump over climate change regulation

Big oil climate appeasement

US coal companies reportedly ask White House to remain in Paris climate pact

Studying The Long-Term Effects Of Climate Fraud On Science Credibility

Carbon Tax Foolishness

SSE glitch: ‘Smart meter said I owed thousands’

Smart meters can give readings 7 times too high

Dueling press releases: Plants have been helping to offset climate change, but now it’s up to us

Study suggests increased atmospheric CO2 created a 30% growth in plant photosynthesis during last two centuries

Shale Transforms the Global Gas Market – The American Interest

The Deepening Crisis of Post-Modern Science 

Antibiotics may increase the risk of bowel cancer

India Grants Glaciers Legal Personhood In Effort To Protect Them

Scientific advice promoting diesel ‘was wrong’

Man behind dash for diesel called C02 ‘worse than terror’ 

Scientists Show Uncertainty on Future Development of El Niño

Global Temperatures Drop To Pre-El Nino Levels 

U.K. Seeks to Abandon Green Goal That May Sour Brexit

Real Versus Statistical Control

Chris Wallace goes full warmist: Touts UN ‘guesswork’ as hard science & ‘carbon pollution’

Why John Christy’s Missing Hotspot Matters

On the Falsity of Climate Consensus: Judith Curry’s March 29, 2017, Testimony

Got a theory that breaks a consensus? Expect aggressive silence. Snickering. Wait decades

Michael Moore calls Trump’s actions on climate change ‘Declaration of War’

The Misuse of Asthma as a Justifaction for EPA Rules

House Hearing on “Climate Science”: Eyewitness Report and Thoughts

Global Warming and Hurricanes – Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Growing Skepticism: Already 150 New (2017) Scientific Papers Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

RFF’s Climate Anger (intellectual pollution hazardous too)

Race ranks higher than pounds in diabetes, heart-health risks

WebMD Implicated in Cancer Cover-Up

The End Of OPEC Is Near

A Pillar Of The Anti-Fracking Movement Takes A Hit. The Implications?

Quietest Hurricane Season On Record 

Renaissance For Coal In Asia

Health News Report: Larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration

‘Fake breakthrough, fake news:’ One physician-researcher’s takeaway on news coverage of MS drug Ocrevus

It’s time for science to abandon the term ‘statistically significant’

India’s nuclear power promise is fading despite the deal with US. Here’s why 

Trump’s Next Step on Climate: Reconsider EPA’s CO2 is a ‘pollutant’ finding


Climatologist Dr. John Christy tells Congress: ‘Consensus Science is not Science’

Anchorage more than doubles previous snowfall record

Paying Attention To The Huge Costs Of Generating Electricity From Intermittent Sources

Scientist tells Congress: Obama science czar ‘put a target’ on my back due to ‘my heretical view’ on climate

Suddenly Sick: The Foibles of Medical Science

Monster El Niño Forming – Will be more devastating than the last one

Arctic Researcher: The Donald Ate My Homework

Trump climate move risks unraveling Paris commitments

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry slams ‘manufactured consensus’ of ‘global warming’

Liberals Claim Trump ‘Signed Death Warrant for Planet Earth,’ Began ‘Extinction of Human Life’

Oh, please: ‘Weather whiplash’ triggered by changing climate will degrade Midwest’s drinking water

Beleaguered Models: Harvard Physicist/New Study Say Daily Insolation Errors Not Accounted For!

Scientist to Congress: ‘No evidence’ that hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes are increasing

Trump’s Rollback of EPA Overreach: What No One is Talking About

Recent Sea-Level Change at Major Cities

A big shift: Labor heavyweight tells Greens MP off for zany and mean climate zealotry

China: USA is “Selfish” for Wanting to Burn Coal

New Paper Indicates Antarctica Has Been Gaining Mass Since 1800

Should Congress debate black holes?

What NPR Misses About Energy Jobs In America

PANIC: NYT Melts Down Over Trump ‘Denialists’ ‘Risking the Planet’

Vatican says Trump risks losing climate change leadership to China

Climate craziness of the week: Apparently, crime DOES pay when it comes to carbon footprints

Trump cuts show Paris treaty is a paper tiger: Bjorn Lomborg

Putin: Climate change doubters may not be so silly

“Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase ‘climate change’”

Earth Hour: Hey, Let’s Live Like We’re In Venezuela

Seattle – Rainiest February, March in 120 years

A ground-breaking new paper putting climate models to the test yields an unexpected result – steps and pauses in the climate signal

Michael Mann Vs the Truth at Congressional Climate Hearing – Caught in Multiple Provable Falsehoods

The Shame of Chinese Coal

Study: ‘Weaker Sun Could Reduce Global Temperatures By Half A Degree’

A newcomer’s first opinion of Michael Mann in the context of science discourse

‘Deniers,’ lies and politics

International Team of Scientists to Test Method for Slowing Glacier Retreat

Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power

How dare he!? EPA scientific integrity office reviewing Pruitt’s comments that CO2 is not climate control knob

Will EPA’s Scientific Integrity Office Censor EPA Chief? 

Warmist Michael Mann Spends House Science Hearing Trashing Global Warming Skeptics

Remembering the Incredible New England Snowstorms of March 1956

German Springs Arriving Later As Wikipedia Caught Whitewashing, Disinforming!

Wildflowers bloom big across California’s desert

Climate News This Week:  What Was Important?

If Taxpayers Can’t Talk About Climate Change, Neither Can Scientists

Geoengineering Claim: Cancelling All Anthropogenic Warming Will Only “cost about $1 billion to $10 billion per year”

The Rising Trend of UK Industrial Electricity Prices 

Climate Undamaged

Curry, Christy, Pielke and Mann testify


Breaking: In New Study Leading Warmist Scientists Determine Sun Plays Major Role – Warming Delayed by Decades!

Standing Up For Free Speech In Science 

Red Teams Can Save Climate Science From Itself 

The Dummy, Dishonest and Intolerant Left

Michael Mann Vs the Truth at Congressional Climate Hearing

Bayer Unleashes Army Of Re-Educated Farmers From GMO Training Program

How many scientists admit to questionable research practices?

Conservative MP who championed biomass received thousands in donations from industry

China’s coal-fired generation strong despite renewables push: Citi –  Coal

Study reveals the atmospheric footprint of global warming hiatus

New Shetland Islands Oil Discovery to Revive Production in UK Waters?

Chinese workers dig in Pakistan desert for coal

Leaked paper exposes EU countries’ abuse of climate loophole

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

El Nino struggles to get going

CO2 ≠ Pollutant

Cancer org bestows award on scientist under investigation

Experts call for creation of ‘red teams’ to challenge climate science

Putin says climate change is not man-made and we should adapt to it, not try to stop it

Longer telomeres protect against diseases of aging: A tale of mice and men

Zika vaccine: watch out—it will alter your DNA

Climate change’s toll on mental health

Very low frequency electromagnetic field exposure linked to motor neurone disease

U.S. House of Representatives Approves Honest and Open Science Act  

Miami Beach Turning Into Modern Day Atlantis–Fake News BBC


Florida: The Sun State with Hardly Any Household Solar

20+ Scientists: ‘No Continent-Scale Warming Of Antarctic Temperature Is Evident In The Last Century’

Sun’s impact on climate change quantified for first ti

A Course In Deception: Scientist’s novel takes on research misconduct

And, the wailing begins over Trump killing Obama’s overreaching climate regs

The Trump EPA: A Dramatic Shift From the Obama Era

AEMO Report blames renewables: SA Blackout due to lack of “synchronous inertia”

Trump’s Order Undoing Clean Power Plan Isn’t Anti-Environment: It’s Pro Jobs and Pro African/Hispanic-American

Trump takes biggest swing yet at Obama climate legacy

Longest winter on record in Caribou, Maine

“Experts” Sent In To Convince Public Of Wind Park Safety Met By Derision And “Jeering Laughter”

Sanity prevails – Trump signs executive order undoing Obama-era climate regulations

More wailing over Trump’s killing Obama’s overreaching climate regs – this time the doctors weigh in

Michael Moore: Human ‘Extinction’ Begins With Trump Reversing EPA Climate Regs

SA Premier turned down a $30m coal deal that could have saved a billion dollars 

Peak Oil: Not Just Wrong but Invalid


CO2 was not cause of Global Warming between 1979-1993

US Coal Production On The Rise As Gas Prices Go Up 

Why Won’t Gov’t Tell Us The Costs Of Green Energy?

“Deadly heat stress could threaten hundreds of millions”

Has China Faked Its Coal Data?

Swiss National Science Foundation: ‘Weaker Sun Could Reduce Global Temperatures By Half A Degree’ 

EPA Gave $179M To These Nonprofits Angry Over Budget Cuts

Mann-made Global Cooling

Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies

Donald Trump declares ‘new age of American energy’ as he destroys Obama’s climate change legacy 

Trump’s EO on Energy Independence

Trump’s Executive Order On Energy: This Time, He Listened To The Lawyers

New Literature Strongly Suggests CO2 Residence Time In The Atmosphere Is Exaggerated!

Fear of Nuclear – Part 3

Mitigation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

False claims on low-carbon energy are damaging UK

Scientists: Graphene Powered ‘Electronic Skin’ More Sensitive Than Human Skin

‘Biggest Oil Discovery In UK Waters This Century’ 

New EPA chief calls Paris climate accord a ‘bad deal’

Off To Mars: Age-Reversing Pill To Start Human Trials Within Six Months

On fighting climate change and what it will mean for BC/Canada’s energy politics

30 New (2017) Scientific Papers Crush The Hockey Stick Graph And ‘Global’-Scale Warming Claims

Improved estimates of ocean heat content from 1960 to 2015

Acknowledging and Overcoming Nonreproducibility in Basic and Preclinical Research

Surprising news about trend of America’s temperature and precipitation

To Protect Climate Money, Obama Stashed It Where It’s Hard to Find

Trump to drop climate change from environmental reviews: Bloomberg

Report: Trump Commands State Department to Slash UN Funding in Half

Fmr. UN climate chief Christina Figueres to Vatican – ‘We need to be clear that Fossil Fuels Kill’

Doctor groups take up ‘global warming’ advocacy – ‘Will tell the public their health is threatened by’ man-made climate

Study: why  CO2 levels are lower during global cold periods

President Trump Sets Stage for Measured Policy on Fuel Mandates

Solar Activity Continues Near 200-Year Low. And Antarctic Sea Ice Drop Caused By Natural Factors

Discounting Away the Social Cost of Carbon: The Fast Lane to Undoing Obama’s Climate Regulations

Triumphing Trump Removes Draconian Obama Emissions Rules

Could global warming lead to 10ft reptiles? Scientists say small plant-eating lizards could grow to the size of Komodo dragons

Mammals shrink when Earth heats up — horses the size of cats?

WaPo: Weather Service made poor decision in overplaying Nor’easter snow predictions

Bitter cold damages D.C. cherry blossoms

Shumlin’s Folly: Burlington Buried by Record 30″ Of Snow – Vermont Gov Warned End Of Skiing In 2007!

Not Funny: Monty Python’s Eric Idle: Climate skeptics should be put on trial for ‘crimes against humanity’

€100 Billion For Nothing: German CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise  

Physics paper’s results off by factor of 100

What Trump Budget Critics Miss: If Energy Technologies Hold Promise, The Market Will Respond

Honey, I Shrunk the Arctic Ice! Not.

HALF of Arctic ice loss is driven by natural swings

Study: Extensive ice cap once covered sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia

Less Than 20% Of US Republicans Are Concerned About Global Warming 

Trump’s Budget Takes on Cronyism and Waste at DOE

Enviros Want EPA To Crack Down On Scott Pruitt

Paper: Fight against ‘climate change’ finds an unlikely ally — Trump – His support of fracking will cause lower emissions

Warmists freak: ‘Trump Threatens To Take Us Back To The Climate Dark Ages’

Exergy and Power Plants

Climate change financing dropped from G20 draft statement

Skeptical Journalist Spotted, Species Feared Extinct

Green Energy Costs to Double, Committee on Climate Change Reveals

Trump budget: US to stop funding UN climate process

New Discovery: Eruptions On The Sun Trigger Surprising Phenomenon Near Earth 

Climate Lessons: An End to Brainwashing of Children by the EPA?

Trump advisers want concessions for coal if US stays in climate pact

The Summer of 1826

Response to the New York Times primer on climate change: ‘Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change’

“Green” Germany’s Emissions Keep Rising – The American Interest

Trump Dropping Climate Change Impact From Government Reviews 

Financial Stability Board – Climate Deceit

The Cost Of Going Green

The social cost of carbon regulations hurt the poor, and ignore benefits

Automobiles Are A Solution, Not A Scourge

Trump approves Keystone pipeline

German Daily Writes Climate Summit-Hosting Germany Embarrassing Itself As Its Own Emissions Rise!

Government websites break their own rules to cater to ‘climate cult’

Record Cold Devastates South Carolina Farmers

Third weakest solar cycle since 1755

Oops… ‘scientists’ overlooked effect of ‘dead zones’ on coral reefs

Walking Dead: Paris Climate Deal Died Last Week

All Australians “are detrimental”. Climate Scientist worries that her baby will cause floods, droughts, and warm globe

Potsdam PIK Climate Director Says We Will Have To Go Back To Mud Huts By 2040

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year even as global economy

A serious climate opportunity

Good news! Study says the foundation of aquatic life can rapidly adapt to global warming

Third year of flat global carbon emissions fuels resistance to Paris climate accord

The silver-tongued liars’ playbook for coal

Bad Weather Proves Climate Change, Says WMO

Ocean Physics in a Cup of Coffee

3.6 Million More Penguins Live in Antarctica Than Thought

A Bureaucrat Says: “Market Argues Against Arctic Ocean Oil Development.”  The Market Seems to Disagree.

Leaving UN climate pact fueled by 3 years of flat global CO2 emissions

Climatist Consortium Against Human Health

Climate Lessons: The New York Times goes full Duranty on CO2 Scaremongering

The Poor Quality of the CO2 Alarm

Trump Is ‘Not Considering’ A Carbon Tax

Arctic Ice Usual Suspects

By the numbers: Lifetime Performance of World’s First Offshore Wind Farm

The social cost of carbon REGULATIONS

The latest sting: Will predatory journals hire “Dr. Fraud”?

Anti-Exxon AG’s Staff Has Its Own Email Scand

Oh noes! Last remnant of ancient North American ice sheet on track to vanish

Gottleibsen: Australian Energy Crisis “criminal” with 75% chance of blackout

Right To The City’ Is Close To Gaining ‘Human Right’ Status

German Physicist On Electric Cars: “Slaying Of Beautiful Hypothesis By An Ugly Fact”

U.S. EIA: “Record Precipitation, Snowpack in California”

Coral Davenport And The New York Times Continue Ramping Up Their Climate Fraud

On the Politicization of Electricity (intervention breeding intervention)

Big Oil Replaces Rigs With Wind Turbines

Cheap Energy & New Technology: China Sees a Manufacturing Future — In America

The Russians Hacked our Winter Weather

State of the Climate 2016 – based exclusively on observations

Russian Scientists Dismiss CO2 Forcing, Predict Decades Of Cooling, Connect Cosmic Ray Flux To Climate

UN: Faced With ‘Clear Science, Real Threats’, Countries Must Remain Committed To Paris Agreement

Maine Bill Protects Global Warming Skeptics From Prosecution

Spain – World Tour bike race cut short due to snow and cold

They agreed to listen to a complaint about a paper. Then the harassment began.

Climate caused Brexit sayth the Gore 

Sen. Inhofe says environmentalist policies undermine US economy and national security


Earth Hour supporters propose ‘Carbon Law’

Science March Organizers Racked By Infighting Over Diversity

Science march on Washington plagued by organizational turmoil

Fake News BBC Claim Record Temperatures

Climate change helped cause Brexit, says Al Gore

Skeptic Willie Soon: create a ‘place in hell’ for UN climate science

UK Starts Drilling First Fracking Wells

U.S. Shale to Feed European Gas Market Battered by Winter

OPEC cuts seen filling wallets of North American heavy oil producers

OPEC: The Cartel That Failed 

The Anthropocene: Scientists respond to criticisms of a new geological epoch

False claims on low-carbon energy are damaging UK

EnvironMENTAL: Support group provides ‘a safe space for confronting climate grief’ – ‘The Problem With Climate Catastrophizing’

Climate Lessons: Read this Classic Post before talking about Earth Hour with your family and friends

Recent Research Shows Climate Models Are Mostly “Black Box” Fudging, Not Real Science

The Global Warming Debate Spectrum

Leaked paper exposes EU countries’ abuse of climate loophole

Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies

Arctic Inversions and Intrusions

What Judge Gorsuch Could Mean for Energy Policy and the Regulatory State

First EPA Chief Admits Agency Has Gotten Out Of Control

More ‘settled science’… land-based microbes harming coral reefs

Greenland Ice Sheet Growing at Record Rate

Trump ally calls for US to roll back climate commitment

Global Warming Is Within ‘The Range Of Natural Variations’

International Conference on Climate Change

‘Days of trust-me science are over’ — GOP House Science Chair Lamar Smith warns warmists

Climate media news coverage collapsed in the 2016 election year

Trump Kills UN Climate Change Initiative

Cheers! Last Year, America’s Major TV Networks Spent Just 50 Minutes On Climate Change. That’s It.

More worrying than global warming – report on ‘extreme space weather’ shows risks to Earth

Blizzard dumps record snowfall on Prince Edward Island

False Alarm: Debunked Climate Paper Triggers Apocalyptic Scare-Mongering 

These 7 Predictions From The Original Earth Day Were Way Off

Don’t Breathe In CO2 Says Lancet

Media Touts Study Blaming Diabetes Epidemic On Global Warming

This flu season, let’s immunize ourselves from the annual infection of exaggerating relative risk reductions  

Not statistically significant but clinically meaningful’: A researcher calls ‘BS’ on cancer drug spin

No surprise: Repatha reality is messier than initial reports suggested

BMJ Editor-in-Chief: Lessons From the Controversy Over Statins

UN Experts Call for Worldwide Treaty to Phase Out Pesticides

Lake Tahoe – Largest physical rise in recorded history

Vermont – Second-Biggest Statewide Snowstorm On Record

Record snowfall in Maine and New Hampshire

If only we had listened to climate scientists back in 1979…here’s what would have happened

Snowfall record smashed in Rochester, NY

The Problem With Climate Catastrophizing

Corporate Sustainability Is An Oxymoron That Does Not Benefit Shareholders Or Employees

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supremacy Falters 

Australia’s Energy Crisis Worse Than Expected 

Will Trump and Pruitt End Our Biofuel Nightmare? – The American Interest

Facts Global Energy: Only 10% Of Cars Will Be Electric By 2040,  

An editor in chief was caught manipulating citations. Now he’s been asked to resign.

Aussie Climate Scientist: Having a Baby is an “ethical entanglement”

A Compendium Of Climate Laughingstocks

Shale Shock: How to Use America’s Energy Market as a Foreign Policy Tool

A serious climate opportunity

Tackling Rising Fake News By Shameless Journalists

The longest stretch of a blank sun since 2010

“No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.”

What leads to bias in the scientific literature? New study tries to answer

50 Inverted Hockey Sticks – Scientists Find Earth Cools As CO2 Rises

Schemes to Sweeten Carbon Tax Can’t Mask Its Bitter Taste

Divers say less than 5% of Great Barrier Reef is dead, not half

Lack of correlation between tornadoes and temperature increase in the USA

America’s Shale Gas Selling at Record Prices to Overseas Buyers

Low oil prices prove how wrong Obama was yet again

Ocean Surface Temps–How Low Will They Go?

Six Reasons to Rescind Social Cost of Carbon

Thoughts On One-Time Pads For Cell Phones

Low carbon drive ‘cuts household bills’

4 New Papers Suggest Falling Sea Levels More Harmful To Corals Than Rapidly

GWPF Condemns Misleading Committee on Climate Change Report on Policy Costs

Abundant Natural Gas Delivers For US

NuScale’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Keeps Moving Forward

Trump’s NASA Budget Cancels Most Of Obama’s Legacy

Clexit Says “Trump must Dump Paris (and defund the UN climate industry)”.

Everyone Is Misinterpreting Mattis’ Climate Change Remarks

Obama’s $77 Billion climate funds stash found – will be gutted

Why don’t the raw data match what was reported in a chemistry paper?

Subsidised Wind & Solar Set to Quadruple German Power Prices

California Regulators Debunk Activist Misinformation, Confirm Drinking Water Safety

Denmark’s Wind Farm Revolt: Danes Demand & Get Ban on New Wind Turbines

Trump Wants EPA’s Budget At The Lowest Level In 40 Years

Obama-era fuel standards on Trump’s chopping block

Why do True-Believer Alarmists cling to the Falsified AGW hypothesis?

Renewable Energy, what is the cost?

Power Costs Crippling Business: Australia’s Renewable Target is an Economic Suicide Pact

After Even Deeper Collusion with Schneiderman Revealed, #ExxonKnew Campaign Tries to Change the Subject

Esquire Mag Features Climate Depot…Again: ‘It’s the Golden Age’ of Climate Skeptics – ‘Grinning ear-to-ear’

Some States Consider Raising Gasoline Taxes

No Trend In Arctic Sea Ice Extent For Ten Years

Fracking Keeps the Lights — and Air Conditioning — on in Florida

Uncertainties, Errors In Radiative Forcing Estimates 10 – 100 Times Larger Than Entire Radiative Effect Of Increasing CO2

How The Recent El Nino Saved Climate Models 

Hundreds of millions of British aid ‘wasted’ on overseas climate change projects

Game Changer: Huge Alaskan Oil Find

Combined Heat and Power’ Distributed Generation: Beware of Government Mandates, Subsidies

WSJ: The Case For Pulling Out Of Obama’s Paris Climate Accord 

Another taxpayer-funded energy company files for bankruptcy

Merkel’s Lead Minister Signals Germany Ready To Give Up Leadership Role Against Climate Change!

About those ‘devastating’ EPA budget reductions

Winter Snow Extent Tenth Highest On Record

Environmental Levies To Cost £57 bn In Next Five Years

Uh-oh, G-20 Poised To Signal Retreat From Paris Climate Deal Pledge

German Minister Announces End Of Unilateral Climate Targets 

Fake News: Whipping up a media frenzy over bizarre “records” before they occur

Record snowfall in Prince Rupert

Scott Pruitt’s statement on climate change

Colo.’s Democratic Leaders Tout Benefits of Oil and Gas, Urge ‘Collaborative Conversation’

The Limitations of Climate Science

Aussie CSIRO Predicts the End of Wheat Yield Gains

Subsidized Company, Supplying Subsidized Industry (Which Is Based On Subsidized Junk Science) Files For Bankruptcy

OPEC Is Losing The Shale Battle 

Australia’s Power Policy FAIL: Runaway Renewable Energy Target Destroying Business, Industry & Jobs

Sustainable Development Goals Take Hold As A Universal Impact Investment Framework

Green Craziness: Deepening Aussie Energy Crisis

Forbes Contributor’s Agenda Driven Anti-Fracking Series Chock-Full of Long-Debunked Claims

Sen. Sanders attacks EPA head using debunked talking points

New EPA Chief Bashes Global Warming Orthodoxy

Warmists Freak Out Over EPA Chief’s Skepticism: ‘Outed himself as a pure climate denier’ – ‘Unqualified…extreme…irresponsible’


Ants can handle climate change just fine – even in Cleveland

Seattle Mayor Appoints Its First ‘Chief Resilience Officer’

Mounting Voter Fury Forces Canadian Renewables Retreat: Subsidies Slashed by $3.8bn

Amtrak train stuck almost 13 hours in 25-foot-deep snow – Video

UT Study Debunks another Flaming Water Scene from Gasland

Watch: Women’s Day at Portland State: ‘Jail the Climate Deniers!’

Little Or No Sea Level Change At La Jolla, California Since 1871

No, climate change didn’t cause “5 Whole Pacific Islands” to be swallowed by sea level rise

Trump Readies Executive Order Targeting EPA Climate Rules

WHITE HOUSE: The Clean Power Plan is gone — and there’s no ‘replace’

Green Enemies of the Environment.

The climate lynch mob at MIT

Science deniers in the wind industry

30 New (2017) Scientific Papers Crush The Hockey Stick Graph And ‘Global’-Scale Warming Claims

Sea Level Decline Over The Past 1,700 Years

Protect the Eagles: End USFWS’s 30-Year ‘Take’ Permits


Linkages Between Biodiversity And Implementation Of 2030 Agenda

‘Die Welt’ Article Warns: German “Energiewende Risks Becoming a Disaster” …As Costs Explode!

Prominent physicist loses paper over data falsification

We’re All Living Longer, Despite What The Experts Say!

Budget 2017: Solar industry facing devastating 800% tax increase

Germany’s Once Powerful Green Party Fears General Election Crash 

UNFCCC’s 25 year long process of climate speculation built upon a foundation of conjecture

Environmentalists Use Photoshop and Fraud to Deceive

Fault off San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles counties could produce 7.3 earthquake

Australian summer 1939 was hotter than 2017

Something new: A journal publishes running tally of retractions

New EPA Head Stacks Agency With Climate Sceptics

The EPA’s Air Pollution Scare Is Fake News Myth

The Return of the Thermohaline Circulation Catastrophe Beast!!!


Five Reasons Why Ridicule Is The Proper Response To Global Warming Alarmists

Claim: Global Warming Creating Thicker Ice in the Baltic

Extent Of Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Is The Highest In A Decade

President Trump:  Don’t Pussyfoot Around On Climate Policy!


The Lappeenranta renewable energy model – is it realistic?

Ohio Anti-Fracking Group Organizer Pleads Guilty to 13 Felony Counts for Election Fraud

Disgraced Identity Thief Peter Gleick: Democracy Under Assault From Liars

WaPo Cherry Blossom Claims Refuted: “Nothing But Lies And Statistical Manipulations”!

Hindsight’s a bitch: Colleagues dissect painful retraction

Great mass extinction caused by ice age, not climate change

Winter Snow Extent Continues Rising Trend

BBC’s Air Pollution Bandwagon

Trump Orders EPA To ‘Zero Out’ Global Warming Programs

Pay to play? Three new ways companies are subverting academic publishing

New Zealand’s lost summer


End the phony Social Cost of Carbon

Exactly what are scientists marching ‘for’?

Inconvenient Truth: Wind Turbines are the Largest Cause of Bat Mortality

China’s Electric Cars Sales Plunge After Subsidy Cuts

Record Cold in Boston

After #ExxonKnew Failure, Activists Try Attacking Shell

Let’s Talk About The ‘97% Consensus’ On Global Warming

Shock finding: P-T mass extinction was due to an ice age, and not to warming

New York Won’t Allow Cost Of Green Energy To Appear On Bills

U.S. Shale Production Growing At An Unprecedented Pace

Author says he lied about approval for animal research

Trump to Undo Vehicle Rules That Curb Global Warming

Science Has a Reproducibility Crisis

Renewables Revolt: Australians Refuse to Pay One Cent More for Wind & Solar


Historical Grape Harvest Dates Show Modern Temperatures No Warmer Now Than Most Of The Last 1,000 Years

VW eco-scam, official corruption, is killing diesel

A primer on the hatred of climate skeptics – one woman saw the light and is no longer a leftist

Science Funding Misinformation

Ten times normal February snowfall in Abbotsford BC

Climate scientist to Congress: Increased CO2 causing ‘remarkable greening of planet Earth’


Australia’s Power Grid Groans: Wind Power Obsession Threatens Lives & Livelihoods

Leading Renewable Energy Expert Says Germany Sacrificing Nature For “Green” Energies

Windy Clean Green Pollution

1974: Global Cooling Caused Droughts, Floods, Blizzards, Tornadoes, Typhoons, Hurricanes And The Polar Vortex


A Climate Story That Must be Told

Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’

Leaked Document: Deep EPA Climate Budget Cuts Looming

Germany’s “Silent Catastrophe” …330,000 Households See Power Turned Off In One Year!

Reality Bites: ‘Green’ Dreamers Struggling to Spin Away South Australia’s Failed Wind Power Experiment

First they came for your light bulbs, then your meat, now…bread!? Global Warming Linked To Production Of Bread, Study Reveals

Ohio CEO: “Phones Are Ringing Off the Hooks” With Business Opportunities, Thanks to Fracking

Record-busting western snowpack too deep to measure

Secretary Tillerson won’t meet with U.N. climate chief

Asian pollution, heat waves worsen US smog, Princeton-NOAA study shows

Watch: Roger Helmer  – EU MEP Speech: ‘Green energy is eating its own tail’

New Paper Indicates There Is More Arctic Sea Ice Now Than For Nearly All Of The Last 10,000 Years

Allowing Fracking In Maryland “Will Help Narrow the Energy Gap” For Minorities

Aboriginal Leader Warren Mundine Tells Australians to Grow Up and Go Nuclear

Record rainfall in Spain – Six months’ of rain in 24 hours

‘Scientists have to take to the streets’: Climate alarm goes past 11, now u

Climate-Dollar bragging is over: funding goes underground to avoid “climate

The admirable Andrew Bolt has the latest on South Australia’s energy crisis

Shocker: little known ‘Financial Stability Board’ has huge climate deceit

Budget 2018: America will eliminate funding for climat

White House: Climate funding is ‘a waste of your money’

On the Reproducibility of the IPCC’s climate sensitivity

U.S. Shale Is Pushing OPEC To Breaking Point

Democrats Drive Rise in Concern About Global Warming

West Australia – Unskeptical conservatives wiped out in election – No Trump

Steven Chu’s Juvenile Score Keeping

South Australia Embraces a Command Economy to Fix Green Energy Woes

Winter Storm Stella Is Already Blamed On Global Warming

Guardian’s ‘How Statistics Lost Their Power’

Battery powered SA, could be 100% renewable for just $60 – $90 billion

Gas power shortage sees Australia face blackout threat

FLASHBACK: NY Times Predicted The ‘End Of Snow’ In 2014

Why did the buffalo cross the land bridge?

Editors retract paper about anesthesia procedure after investigation uncove

Study in journal Nature: HALF of Arctic ice loss driven by natural swings —

Scott Pruitt’s statement on climate change

Fake Weather: Weather Service Rejects Accurate Snow Forecasts — Manipulates

NASA: Could Leftover Heat from Last El Niño Fuel a New One?

Rand Paul Is Right: NSA Routinely Monitors Americans’ Communications Withou

Exaggerated Coal-Ash Dangers: Part I

Russian Scientists Predict Global Cooling In The Next Few Decades

Investors Beware: Wind Farms Risk Being Sued By Rural Communities

Investors beware – Wind farms risk being sued by rural communities

Multiyear Ice Extent up 116% Over The Past Decade

Secretary Of Defense James Mattis Says Climate Change Is Real And A Nationa

Republicans Flip-Flop, Abandon Pledge To Fight Climate Change

Why are climate-change models so flawed? Because climate science is so inco

The Weathermen vs. EPA’s Scott Pruitt

Madness: Green Levies On Energy Bills To Double By 2020

The Dark Secret Behind India’s Solar Plan

Blog: Global warming: Fake news becomes no news

Study: Ice age thermostat prevented extreme climate cooling

Huge volcanic activity led to ‘snowball earth’

Headline-grabbing Science paper questioned by critics raction Watch at

World Leaders Conspire To Keep Trump In The Paris Agreement

China Claims Coal Cutback Despite Doubts

UCSD Scientists Stress Out Over Trump Suppressing Climate Change Data

Natural Swings, Not Global Warming Responsible For Up To Half Of Arctic Ice

Climate Alarmists Use Photoshop And Fraud To Deceive

Cold extermination: One of greatest mass extinctions was due to an ice age

Dr. Richard Lindzen responds to the MIT letter objecting to his petition to

From the No Schist, Sherlock Files: “On Climate Change, Pruitt Contradicts

How to Convince Skeptics that Climate Change is a…

Friday Funny – The @sallykohn mega-climate madness edition

The great floods of 1947

Was The Younger Dryas Cooling Event Caused By A Cosmic Impact After All?

Solar Industry Objects To Paying Rates

My $1 Million Climate Model Bet

Selection of climate model survivors isn’t the scienti

Scott Adams sees through 15 of 20 main alarmists’ tric

“Knowledgeable informant” outs researchers for falsifying data raction

EPA environmental justice leader resigns, amid White House plans to dismant

New UCLA End of Snow Prediction

Trump Should Keep Promise, Withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Treaty

Last Gasp Of The Global Warming Scam: Treating You Like An Idiot

Not so smart: New energy meters won’t work in 1 in 3 homes

From Russia to North Yorkshire, hidden agenda of fracking’s opponents

‘Less than nothing’: Climate scientist slams China, India’s Paris pledges t

G-20 Poised To Signal Retreat From Paris Climate Deal Pledge

A primer on the hatred of climate skeptics – one woman saw the light and is

Claim: Modern Use of Fertiliser is “Unsustainable”

Poland challenges EU’s carbon market reform

New Paper Indicates There Is More Arctic Sea Ice Now Than For Nearly All Of

White House Considers Breaking Trump’s Promise To Withdraw From The Paris A

A Sinful Environmental Holocaust! Seriously?

Citation-boosting episode leads to editors’ resignations, university invest

Polar Bears Are A Pest – End Their ‘Threatened’ Status

NASA/NOAA Have Little Or No Long-Term Temperature Data For The UK

Arctic ice extent ‘nearly identical’ to recent years — While Greenland is…

Your turkey sandwich is contributing to global warming

Climate Change will suck the flavour from your daily bread

Trump Administration Not Returning Calls From the UN Climate Boss

New study shows why calling people “climate deniers” is not just counterpro

The second coming of American oil shale is preparing to challenge OPEC agai

California Snowpack 185% of normal, another big snow on the way

Germany’s ‘Silent Catastrophe’: 330,000 Households See Power Turned Off In

DiCaprio, Bono, and Al Gore: flying eyebrow artists for the planet

Statistician trashes Obama cost estimates of climate: ‘Manipulated by regul

Dr. Patrick Moore was right: @Greenpeace IS full of sh

Denial is a River in California: Can Oroville Spark New Dam Building? – Mas

Without Subsidies, Green Energy Jobs At Risk

White House Proposes Steep Budget Cut To NOAA

The Social Cost of Carbon Calculation Debate

Joe Bastardi: Fact-Checking Bill Nye

BASF Executive Calls German Energiewende A “Huge Botch”…Government “Deceivi

The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog: Warming world temperatures could be m

20 New Papers Affirm Modern Climate Is In Phase With Natural Variability

Solar Homes use more grid electricity than non-solar homes

It’s families who are footing bill for deluded energy policies

Germany Facing Mass Blackouts Due To Wind And Solar Power

A Potent Greenhouse Gas Used to Make Solar Panels Is on the Rise – Seeker

How renewable energy advocates are hurting the climate cause

Faked data, plagiarism, no co-author okays…yeah, this paper’s been retrac

The Environmentalist Left’s New Agenda

Trump Takes Hatchet To EPA

2 Recent Papers Further Confirm That Natural Cycles Are Indisputable, Power

Antarctica Set Record High Temperature In 2015 After Setting Record Cold Re

A new EPA approach: ‘Climate science must be subjected to fair and open deb

MSN augments “Fake News” with photoshopped penguin photos

Blizzard warning in Hawaii

Warren Buffet: Climate Not Impacting the Insurance Business

Universities stifle debate as academics lurch to the left

Groupthink Rife In British Academia: Growing Risk Of Systematic Bias In Sci

Bread Causes Global Warming

Antarctic Record Temperature Con

Making America Great Again! Trump Orders EPA To ‘Zero Out’ Global Warming P

Green Group Flew 50 Kids To D.C. To Brainstorm How To Reduce CO2 Emissions

Antarctic Record Temperature Con – ‘Balmy temperatures’ claim is ‘clearly n

Trump takes away EPA “right” to control every puddle in USA: WOTUS executiv

The Climate Science Debate Illusion

Lies about the pause

Humans Spark 84% Of American Wildfires, Study Finds

NASA Prophet – Arctic Will Be Ice-Free In One Year

Green Lunacy: Anti-Shale Europe Dependent On Russian Gas As Never Before

Shale Boom 2.0: OPEC Underestimated U.S. Frackers

Editorial: The Carbon Tax Chimera

Germany’s Plan For 100% Electric Cars May Actually Increase CO2 Emissions

Reservoirs and Methane: Facts and Fears

Green Activists Abandon Their Cars,Their Rubbish And Their Pets

More on Curry’s climate model study saying they are ‘not useful as projecti

The Hydrogen Economy – More Green Mythology

Claim: Red State Local Government Sneaking In Climate Measures Using “Refra

Polar Bear Scare Unmasked: The Saga of a Toppled Global Warming Icon

Meet ‘Cheyenne’, the coal-powered climate predicting supercomputer

Radical Green Obsessions: German Gov Pushing To Devolve Humans To Herbivore

The Climate ‘Deus ex Machina’ is shown to be a false God

Fear of Nuclear – Part 2

Snow is in midsummer in southern Australia

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XIV

Record cold February morning in Canberra

NASA Global Warming Research Funding Slashed

Congress Investigates Climate Study After Scientist Exposes Fake Science

Worst floods in a century in San Jose

Climate Models Are Warming Earth Two Times Faster Than Reality

Antarctic Sea Ice Claims Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny

The Impacts of the Demand for Woody Biomass for Power and Heat on Climate a

More Green Madness: £450m Lost Over Failed Green Power Programme

Time Mag Misreads Science

Energy Return and Economic Planning

Donald Trump & Paris Climate Agreement: Teachable Moment for Europe

Flooding: What Is Normal?

Australia “invented airconditioning” but can’t keep them running

On renewable natural gas and mindless anti-everything environmentalism

The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions

BeeGate – The Risk-Monger

Happiness: Coal CEO Celebrates Trump Repeal of Unfair Anti-Coal Rule

Household solar storage increases emissions, study concludes

Comparing electricity generation in six key nations ostensibly in Renewable

German Power Consumers Now Saddled By Staggering 35 Billion Euros In Taxes,

Germany’s Renewables Revolution Destabilises Neighbours’ Electrical Grid

Silly PR: Communications expert explains how science should respond to fake

Oil – Where did it come from?

Ocean Climate Ripples

Seminar for a term describing a non-existent problem: “Climagration”

Five Trillion Dollar Plan to Save the Arctic Ice

Survey Finds 64% Of Brits Believe Climate Propaganda, Rather Than Facts

Green Panic: Supreme Court Nominee Thinks Government “Experts” Should Somet

US Congress Launches Probe Into Climate Data That Duped World Leaders Over

Polar Bear Numbers Still On The Rise, Despite Global Warming

Ocean Oxygen Misdirection

The Carlisle Floods Of 1822

Germans Horrified That Forests, “Strictly Protected” Species, Being Cleared

NASA to Focus on Space Science: Senate Passes the NASA Transition Act

Arctic Ice Fake News

Take Back Al Gore’s Nobel And Give It To The Fracking Industry

What’s The Environmental Footprint Of A Loaf Of Bread? Now We Know

The timing of interglacials

When you have 94 retractions, what’s two more?

‘System Black’: South Australia’s Wind Power Experiment a Costly, Abject Failure

Enviros Panic About Trump’s Alleged Cuts To Green Programs

Biofuel Madness: Another Disastrous Impact of Global Warming Deception

German Electricity Price Projected To Quadruple By 2020, To Over 40 Cents Per Kilowatt-Hour!

Record snowfall in Yankton S.D.

Germany’s plan for 100% electric cars may actually increase carbon emissions


Warren Buffett says ‘global warming’ is not impacting insurance industry

Most snow in Reykjavik in 80 years

Does Solar PV in half of Europe make more energy than it consumes?

Bill Nye And Bernie Sanders Talk Climate Change

EPA will take huge climate hit in current budget proposal

FOIA Lawsuit filed over State Department role in forging Paris Climate Agreement

20 New Papers Affirm Modern Climate Is In Phase With Natural Variability

The Great Greenland Meltdown Con


Bill to Eliminate EPA Introduced in Congress

Blockbuster Paper Finds Just 15% Of CO2 Growth Since Industrialization Is Due To Human Emissions

Brussel declaration on principles for science & policy making

Greenland Viking Science

German Electric Power Giant Loses Staggering 5.7 Billion Euros in 2016 As Renewables Wreak Havoc!

Peers Report On Energy Fails To Address The Real Problem


Record Snowfall – Colorado Ski Resort Extends Season

A new culprit for ‘climate change’ is found, but it’s not of this Earth — it’s Mars!

NYT Quietly Deletes Section Of Pruitt E-mail Story That Contradicted Sierra Club, NRDC Talking Points

Trump To Roll Back Obama’s Climate Rules Through Executive Action

Big-gov-brain wants “half a trillion” to add ice to the Arctic

GOP Lawmaker Defends His Bill To Abolish EPA To Angry Voters

New Studies Found Something That Really Causes Climate Change (And It Has Nothing To Do With Human Beings)

Claim: Air pollution may have masked mid-20th Century sea ice loss

How progressive: ship dead trees 5,000km and burn them (use £450m for kindling)

EU Sees Almost No Fossil Fuel Consumption Progress Despite Hundreds Of Billions Of Euros Invested!

Global polar bear population larger than previous thought – almost 30,000

More than 300 Climate skeptics ask Trump to withdraw from UN agency

More Methane Madness

Brief Summary of Science for the Climate Debate

Ivanka, Jared Intervened To Alter An Executive Order

NYT, WaPo, Time, CNN Praise ‘Republican’ Calls for Carbon Tax

Climate Change ‘Lunacy’ Called Gift to Conservatives

Bette Midler: It’s 62 Degrees in NY! Global Warming! Blame Men!

Does labeling bad behavior “scientific misconduct” help or hurt research integrity? A debate rages

A Trifecta of Green Lunacy: The law of unintended consequences kicks in

G20: Angela Merkel Sets A Climate Ambush For Donald Trump

Lies about the pause

Solar Homes use more grid electricity than non-solar homes

Observations Show No Warming Trend, Mostly Stable Glaciers In The Himalayas…Contradicting IPCC’s ‘Fake News’

Through The Looking Glass with NASA GISS

The Top 10 Energy Stories Of 2016

Wind Industry Armageddon: South Australian Blackouts Lead Australia’s Chief Scientist to Demand Immediate Cap on Wind Power

Why are “utility investors and renewable energy investors… like oil and water”?

State Health Officials: “Risk of Harmful Health Effects Is Low” for Residents Living Near Oil & Gas Operations

A likely to be wrong claim: “Colorado River flows will keep shrinking as climate warms”

What If the World Enters a New Global Cooling Period? (while EPA fights against wood stoves in Alaska)

Polar bear habitat update: Masie charts show more ice in 2017 than 2006

Naomi Klein admits that it’s not about carbon—it’s about capitalism.

Natural Gas Plays an Important Role in Reducing California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New Paper: Computer Predictions Of Climate Alarm Are Flawed 

Another Climate Alarm Gets Silenced: Study Shows “Tiny Algae, Hugely Resilient”!

Study: Being An Environmentalist Isn’t Good For The Planet

Methane bomb bursts: catastrophic release of methane highly unlikely

Baby corals learn from mummy corals warming lessons

USGS Report Finds 50 Percent Decline in Induced Seismicity Risk

Congress Slashes Funding For NASA’s Global Warming Research

Are Climate Alarmists Glassy-Eyed Cultists?

John Bates, Whistleblower Climate Scientist, Smeared by Global Warming Advocates

INFOGRAPHIC: Cancer Incidence Rates in Fracking and Non-Fracking States

Gore warns ‘global warming’ will make parts of Earth ‘no longer be fit for human habitation’

How Crickets Could Help Save the Planet – NBC News

Most Polar Bears Live In Canada, Where There Has Been No Net Warming For Centuries. So Why Are They Endangered?

Lomborg Blasts UN Paris Treaty’s $100 Trillion Price Tag For No Temp Impact: ‘You won’t be able to measure it in 100 years’

Seven Most Absurd Claims Made in Physicians for Social Responsibility Methane Report

Cancer biologist stops research as his retraction count rises to 13

South Australia Falls Victim to Green Hubris

SA Blackout: a grid crippled by complexity

Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears not ‘declining’ concludes new report

Report: Ohio Counties Have Received Over $43 Million in Real Estate Property Taxes from Utica Shale Production

EPA Officials Use Encrypted Text App To Fight Trump Administration, Republicans Demand Investigation 

Respected Scientist & Democrat: Trump Correct on ‘Hoax’ Global Warming

Science and the Issue of Trust

Renowned Princeton Physicist Schools New York Times Science Journalist On CO2 Science!

EPA: US greenhouse gas emissions declined in 2015

A “plethora of data errors” prompts authors to retract oncology paper

Three Key Takeaways From Drexel’s New Methane Study

The United States of oil and gas

Germans Face Pain As Power Prices Surge To “Record Levels”, Renewables Go “Almost AWOL”

Watch: Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Dr. Willie Soon exposes ‘global warming’ science

Oroville Dam: Crisis Eases, Emergency Spillway Repairs in Progress

NY Post Provides Greater Insight into Rockefeller-Schneiderman #ExxonKnew Collaboration

Researcher issues massive changes to papers amidst plagiarism investigation

UK’s nuclear plans in disarray as Toshiba crisis deepens

NOAA & The Oroville Dam

Headline: We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans. Amen: We Did

Help failing sad climate scientists deal with their dark moods

Why Trump Should Not Fund an Oroville Dam Fix

The proposed US carbon tax – a recipe for disaster

Discredited Anti-Fracking Researcher Pitching Herself as “Academic Neutral”

Researchers disagree over how to explain doubts over physics findings

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: ‘Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant’

Here’s How Trump Can Withdraw From The Paris Agreement

The Oroville Dam Crisis: What Happened, What’s Next?

Station At Germany’s Highest Summit Measures Midwinter Cooling Of Over -3°C Over Past 30 Years!

Baker-Shultz Carbon-Tax Plan: Bad Deal for Americans

Survey Finds 64% Of Brits Believe Climate Propaganda, Rather Than Facts

Annual Factbook Finds Natural Gas Has Helped Drive Energy Costs to Record Lows

14 Reasons Why Silicon Valley Embraced Climate Alarmism

Iranian Village evacuated for fear of dam break after heavy snowfalls

Mish Michaels isn’t alone: Many meteorologists question climate change science

For Still-Poor China, Coal Pollution from Home Heating

The Green Energy Money Pit

Record snowfall in Barrie, Ontario

Oroville Emergency Spillway: Does this Look Like Bedrock to You?

Using The Oroville Dam Crisis To Bash Trump

Pause-deniers finally get busted by mainstream media

New Department of Energy Study Finds Low Methane Leakage Rates from Natural Gas Systems

Bloomberg: Green Energy “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Journal retracts paper by state senator (and former mathematician)

More Data Manipulation By NOAA, NASA, HadCRUT…Cooling The Past, Warming the Present

Climate Blame and Shame

A Reverse Greenhouse Effect

Fracking and Health: Headlines vs. Reality

Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Repairs Starting

Oroville dam risks may be underreported

US GDP, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe – Scientific American

‘Slowdown’ In Ocean Heating Gives Climate Sceptics A Warm Glow 

Claim: 0.7C / Century is Exceptional


Retire the Phony ‘Social Cost of Carbon’

Australia’s Hottest Day on Record Ever – Deleted

California: Oroville Dam emergency, evacuations underway

Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Expected to Fail within the Hour

New York Times Manipulates NOAA’s Climate Science Scandal

Time To Repeal Energy Star, The EPA’s Brand Of Fake ‘Energy Efficiency’

Green Energy Policies Blamed For Price Rises 

State Of The “Super-Hot” Arctic Report

Asian sea levels changed rapidly 6,000 years ago — natural sea level rise “unprecedented”

Legendary Motor Developer Calls Electric Cars An “Environmental Fraud” …”Dangerous False Path”!

Precipitation Misunderstandings

Why the Oroville Dam Won’t Fail

French Socialist Presidential Candidate Offers Asylum To US Climate Scientists

About the 97% of Climate Scientists

Australian Blackouts Due To Unreliable Renewables Were Predicted In Royal Society Paper 

Will Donald Trump and the Republicans bring an end to the costliest scare story ever known?

How can we trust global warming scientists asks David Rose


Greenland Gaining Five Billion Tons Of Ice Per Day

Is Failure of the Oroville Dam Possible?

Damning Questions About Oroville

3 Recent Studies Indisputably Show Solar Activity Is Very Powerful Climate Driver!

Lessons learned from the end of California’s “permanent drought”

Lake Oroville 100% Full; Emergency Spillway Use Hours Away?

Trump’s election could have mixed impact on New England’s energy industry

As coal shortfall looms, miners enjoy unexpected boom

Climate activists’ final act, as they move into the last stage of grief

Winter Sees the Return of Coal and Gas

The new ‘climate denial’

Canada – Record snowfall and record cold

Fossil Fuels Still Dominate UK Electricity

Damaged Lake #OrovilleDam spillway being sacrificed with high releases – now about 4 feet to top

The Economics Don’t Add Up For Latest Carbon Tax Pitch

Trump brings big change to climate policies

An entire month’s worth of snow in 6 days

Global Warming Protesters Trash The Dakotas

Good news: Methane hydrate breakdown unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release

ICYMI: Carbon Tax is a Bad Deal for American Families

Authors pull virus replication paper after they cannot replicate results

Europe Reminded Of Its Power Grid Vulnerability As Brussels Blacks Out!

Climate science solution: bread made with cockroaches

Children’s ‘global warming’ lawsuit in federal court moves forward — against Trump

Lake Oroville Near 100% Full, Emergency Overflow Imminent

Congress Investigates Climate Study After Scientist Exposes Fake Science

Claim: climate change made the modern horse, of course

Carlisle Floods Due To Poor River Maintenance, Not Climate Change

It’s that bad — talk of “declaring emergencies” and nationalizing South Australian electricity

Oceans Melting Greenland campaign (OMG)

Donald Trump and the ‘madhouse effect’, according to Michael Mann

Carbon tax push from former GOP officials faces long odds – Electric Light & Power

Old Guard GOP Carbon Tax Plan The Same As Hillary Clinton’s

Green Group Urges Activists to Apply for Coal Jobs, to Infiltrate the Carmichael Coal Mine.

South Australia: The Green State That Cannot Keep The Lights On 

As The Lights Go Out, Blame Game Escalates Over Green Energy ‘Worship’ 

Climate Change means Perth smashes the coldest ever record for February 

Bespoke Temperature and CO2 Data Made to Order

Former EPA Chief Caught Sitting Near A ‘Coal Sucks’ Poster

Watch Out For Rule By The “Smart”

Watch Out For Rule By The “Smart” — Part II

Watch Out For Rule By The “Smart” — Part III

Former Obama EPA Chief concedes: ‘Climate change has become a religion’

GOP’ers who once smeared Trump pitch carbon tax to White House

Vatican Resurrects Pro-Abort Paul Ehrlich – Invites ‘huckster of overpopulation’ fears to Vatican

Why traditional statistics are often “counterproductive to research the human sciences”

German coal, gas plant output at 5-year high in January

Cold day records smashed in Perth region

Dr. Judith Curry speaks out on climate science’s fatal flaw – the failure to explore uncertainty

Power blackout to spread nation-wide, sparks political blame game

Australia’s chief scientist falls for a fake news story — compares Trump to Joseph Stalin

Elsevier to retract six more papers by computer scientist, citing duplication and fake reviews

Don’t Let “Party Elders” Fool You on Carbon Tax

Climate Lessons: Tell Your Children: ‘sustainable development’ means ‘suppressed development’.  Resist it.

Record lows across wide swath of southern British Columbia

Trump Climate – Part Two

MELTDOWN: There’s an energy crisis in South Australia after power cuts were ordered in scorching temperatures

The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions

100 sailors trapped in Arctic ice

Winter Cold Exposes Soft Underbelly of EU Energy Union Goal

South Australia Heatwave Wind Power Collapse, Rolling Blackouts

New Paper: Glacier Melt Rates Were Up To 3 Times Greater, Faster During Early 20th Century

Missoula Montana breaking cold, snowfall records


Hilarious: Renewables Won’t Work – Even If Climate Claims are True

Ronald Reagan Would Have Hated this Stupid ‘Conservative’ Carbon Tax Idea

AMO: Atlantic Climate Pulse

Bill Nye targeting kids with climate change hype in new show

Why data in context matters – On reporting about aggressive dogs

Where did the 2016 El Nino’s heat come from?

Climate Porn From The Climate Coalition

Dutch Expert: With Trump In Office, Now Safe To Expose The Many Myths Of Climate Alarmism

U.S. Oil Output Heads to 48-Year High as Shale Surge Resumes

Energy Transfer to Get Dakota Access Pipeline Approval From U.S.

Rolling blackouts ordered in SA in 40C heat

If Global Warming Is Real, Why Do Government Scientists Have To Keep Cheating?

Climate Lessons: CO2 Frightens Children and Adults thanks to Propaganda – why not help resist it?

Climate Change Stops Play!

Flashback: Climate change could lead to ‘killer cornflakes’ – Warming temps could cause cereal to carry ‘potent liver toxin’

Journal has no plans to retract NOAA study despite data manipulation concerns

Senior GOP figures are pushing the White House to consider carbon tax to fight climate change

NY Times’ Gillis, Man on a Climate Mission, Mocks GOP Crazies, Demands Zero Emissions

Dear Climate Alarmists – We Will Never Forget nor Forgive

Miranda Devine: Climate Change Isn’t About Science — It’s A Hot Mess Of Politics And Big Money 

Energy bills to rise after cost of green schemes ‘underestimated’

Dr. Neil Frank on Climate and Caring for Creation: A Book of Good Intentions but Poor Science

The New Maunder Minimum? Vegetable Shortages Strike London

The causes of the recent decrease in US greenhouse gas emissions

Networks Ignore NOAA Whistleblower’s Claims Against ‘Pausebuster’ Study

Even more on the David Rose bombshell article: How NOAA Software Spins the AGW Game

Global Weather Oscillations

BP Global Energy Outlook 2017

A Libel Suit Threatens Catastrophe for the Climate of Public Debate

Sanitation crews work to remove massive amounts of garbage from DAPL protest camp before spring thaw

More on the Bombshell David Rose Article: Instability in the Global Historical Climate Network

Trump Agrees That Global Warming Is A ‘Cult Movement’

Expert Hurricane Forecaster Says Upcoming 2017 Season Likely To Be “Worst/Costliest” In 12 Years!

Instability of GHCN adjustment algorithm

EXCLUSIVE-Polish “bluff” in EU climate talks tests…

U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

The Secret, Silent Wind Power Peril (Part I: The General Problem)

Australian chief scientist says Trump is like Stalin, totally missing left’s war on science

Qatar – Lowest temperature in recorded history

Coldest month on record in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Whistle-Blower: ‘Global Warming’ Data Manipulated Before Paris Conference

Trump, Stalin & Fake News

Scientists, Please Don’t March

Cambridge Professors Worried UK Government is Losing Interest in Climate Change

Warmists Lament: ‘Kids’ TV Is Ignoring Climate Change’ – Angry kids not being indoctrinated enough!

Climate Sensitivity: A Simple Inverse Model

Response to critiques:  Climate scientists versus climate data

The Mark Boslough Affair

Energy At A Crossroads: Fossil Fuels Renewed 

35 Scientific Papers: Global Sea Levels Were 1 – 2 Meters Higher Than Now For Most Of The Last 7,000 Years

Politics and science are a toxic combination

NOAA whistleblower tells how they used bad data to rub out “pause” for Paris

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XIII

Cambridge Executive Rebels Against Academic Climate Divestment Vote

Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records

Cambridge University Clashes With Own Academics Over Climate Change 

New Nuclear Is Struggling – The American Interest

Heat’s On At NOAA As “High Level Whistle Blower” Exposes Data Fraud, “Scientific Integrity Breaches”!

Latest Climate Propaganda Tool: Pope Francis “Brief Exposure” Flash Cards

Climate Alarmism Doesn’t Seem To Be Scaring Anybody Any More

BOMBSHELL – NOAA whistleblower says Karl et al. “pausebuster” paper was hyped, broke procedures

World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data

Climate scientists versus climate data

‘Apocalyptic’ SNOWSTORM blasts Middle East

Black carbon in the Arctic blamed on Russia

Vostok: warming or cooling by 2 °C per century has been frequent enough and natural

China to launch trading of green certificates for solar and wind power to cut subsidies on renewables

Enviros Say Posting False Info On Fed Site Is Illegal

Change Would Be Healthy at U.S. Climate Agencies

Is Anything Wrong With Natural, Non-Man-Made Climate Change?

German coal, gas plant output at 5-year high in January

University Culture and Climate Change

Unprecedented snowfall in West Azerbaijan

Breaking Views: Bryan Leyland: Things you know that ain’t so – 2016 was the warmest year

Rationing vegetables in Europe due to snow and cold

Ontario Coal Phase-out: All Pain, No Gain

The Independent’s Renewable Energy Deception

Riveting new book shows how EPA twisted science to suit political goals

Conflating the climate problem with the solution

Green Levies Hitting Home As Npower Hike Prices

Vox: “A lukewarmer isn’t much different than an outright denier”

U.S. May Export More Oil in 2017 Than Four OPEC Nations Produce

Sea Level Rise At Norfolk, Va

EU Caves As International Flights Will be Exempt From Carbon Tax  

Oil and Gas Production in N America

Dakota Access Pipeline: Leaking the Facts

The Carbon Sense Coalition » The Muddled Models of the IPCC

Princeton Physicist on ‘global warming’: ‘We should not bow to religious dogma disguised as science’

Media Slow to Admit California’s ‘Probably Forever’ Drought Almost Over

Anti-Exxon Activists Lose Crusade Against Tillerson

Study: Northern Lights may disappear – shrinking protective bubble to put Earth at risk of solar blasts

Snowiest January in a century in Chama, NM

Backlash prompts prominent nutrition researcher to reanalyze multiple papers

Japan Infuriating Enviros Building 45 New Coal Power Plants

The High-fat Hep C Diet: Bradford Hill is rolling in his grave

Study: El Niño forecasting reliability during the period 2002-2011 declined

World-leading climate change scientist calls for ‘rebellion’ against Donald Trump

Media claim: ‘President Trump, Military Split on Climate Change’

Trump’s Blitzkrieg against the rogue and fake U.S. government “scientific” tweeters

Molten lava ball called Earth springs leak — incandescent rock “waterfall” on Hawaii

Take the New York Times Climate Quiz

Fact:  Future Climate Will Be Flatter, not Hotter

Court Battle: Michael Mann Losing, Gives Tim Ball ‘Concessions’

Germany To Open Yet Another New Coal Power Plant 

U.S. Wind Energy Policy: Correcting the Abuse in 100 Days (Part I)

Scientists Criticize ‘Hottest Year on Record’ Claim as Hype

Could A New Global Temperature Reconstruction Using Ice Cores Be More Accurate Than The Instrumental Record?

Sorry, Massachusetts, but “100 Percent Renewables” is a Myth

Danish Think Tank: $9B Cloud Project Could Prevent All 21st Century Global Warming

NYT Oped by Global Warmist: A Scientists’ March on DC ‘is a terrible idea’

Eye-opening exposé of media bias – Video

Michael Mann’s Climate Rebellion: Scientists are … a Reticent Lot

Largest US Political Donor Moving ‘Beyond’ Climate Activism

Australian Government To Fund Construction Of New Coal Power Plants 

EPA Meltdown: Reform Junk Science Agency Causes Freakout

Japanese government planning to build 45 new coal fired power stations to diversify supply – ABC Rural – ABC News

Trump’s Climate Plans Just Made the Media’s Heads Explode Like Watermelons

The Environmentalist War On Science

Clean, green and catastrophic

Climatist Manifesto

Still far more worrisome than global warming: solar coronal mass ejections

A “New” Theory About the Formation of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Earth’s magnetic poles may be poised to flip

Germany/Austria January 2017 Mean Temperature Dives …Over 2.7°C Below Normal


Record gas use in Alaska during recent cold spell

Do the Netherlands’ trains really run on 100% wind power?

Huge underwater eruption in progress

Nuclear’s Latest: Project, Company, Consumer Troubles

California Dam Crisis Leaves Power Market Short of Big Hydro

20 New Scientific Papers Link Modern Climate Trends To Solar Forcing

Climate Science; Specialization and Generalization; Forest and Trees

Short Selling Skeptic Cashing In On Solar Company Collapses

I placed too much faith in underpowered studies: Nobel Prize winner admit

If Greens cared about CO2 they would dump renewable targets

Risk and Nuclear Power Plants

Flooding on I-5 in California – Video

Innate Skepticism

Fresh Congressional Probe into Flawed Karl “Pausebuster” Scandal

New Paper: Computer Predictions Of Climate Alarm Are Flawed

Got “significosis?” Here are the five diseases of academic publishing

Another Climate Alarm Gets Silenced: Study Shows “Tiny Algae, Hugely Resilient”!

Congress Slashes Funding For NASA’s Global Warming Research

Trump To Roll Back Obama’s Climate Rules Through Executive Action

More Arctic Sea Ice Now Than In 2006

Keys six countries graph

Stokes and the “somehow” theory of ocean heat

Nature Unbound II: The Dansgaard- Oeschger Cycle

Nature Unbound I: The Glacial Cycle

Fact-checking Al Gore’s controversial, apocalyptic climate conference

Oil – Will we run out?

California’s past megafloods – and the coming ARkStorm

Climatesense-norpag: The coming cooling: Usefully accurate climate forecast

Fake News: Fukushima Edition

Scafetta vs. IPCC: Dueling Climate Theories

John Stossel: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump

Andrew Napolitano: Trump has committed the most revolutionary act I’ve seen

The Left’s Fancy New ‘Tea Party’ Threatens To Devour Them

Don’t Be Distracted By Nit-Pickers: This Is Serious

World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data

NOAA Agrees To Review Scientist’s Claim That Data Was Manipulated To Discre

U.S. House Committee To Investigate NOAA Scandal As More Whistleblowers Com

The Future of Fossil Fuels: Dark or Bright?

European Solar Demand Fell 20% In 2016 As Subsidy Cuts Bite

NOAA Whistleblower Claims Global Warming Data Improperly ‘Adjusted’

WSJ: Change Would Be Healthy at U.S. Climate Agencies,

Central England Temperatures 1659-2016

How reliable are the climate models?

This is How Climate Works – Part 1

This is How Climate Works – Part 2

NY Times makes out climate change believers are forced to speak in hidden c

Global Weirding In 1916

This collective act of make-believe is devastating our environment and our

Arctic Ice Takes Revenge

Running the Climate Gauntlet

Energy Services Companies Roar Back To Life – But Only In The U.S.

The Winter Of 1947

Atlantic Hurricane Numbers Decreasing Despite Increases In Atmospheric CO2

Trump’s opening gambit on climate deals, plus Theresa May: Britain And US Can “Lead Together Again”

2016 Brought Record Crop Yields, Fewer Storms

China and India reach a ‘pack a day’ cigarette equivalent in air pollution

Climate Doomsday Alarmist Zeke Debunks Himself – Twice

A crisis of trust is looming between scientists and society – it’s time to talk

Judith Curry: Government Scientists & The Trump Shift

On tolerance for ‘alternative facts’ in the climate change debate

Clean Eating – Horizon

Painkillers make you deaf?

Even more Skulduggery in Nutrition

The implications of fossil fuel supply constraints on climate change projections: A supply-side analysis

Lowest temps in Moscow in 120 years – Video

Climate Ignorance: XKCD’s Cri de Coeur

Yet another study finds: ‘Cooling is associated with increased conflict’ — Not warming

GISS: 1998-2016 comparison suggests a trend of 2 °C per century

President Obama Just Transferred ANOTHER $500 Million to the UN Green Fund

At last, cancer reproducibility project releases some results — and they’re mixed

BBC: Ignore The Satellite Temperature Record

A Harvard whistleblower was subjected to a forced mental exam. Here’s why.

Senators Sing from Climate Hymnbook

Fracking Is Acceptable, Says Church of England

New Paper: Predictions Of Polar Bear Population Crash Based On Flawed Assum

2016 Global Temperature: The Pause Never Went Away

Pruitt: Human Role In Climate Change ‘Subject To Continuing Debate’

The ‘Doomsday Clock’ is broken – it conflates disparate threats

New study: Atlantic Hurricane Numbers Decreasing Despite Increases In Atmospheric CO2

From the Famously Failed Prediction Files: “Nobody Will Be Using Coal in 2017”

US biologist’s defense of flawed polar bear predictions is an embarrassment to science

Watch out, Mr. President. The environmentalists are coming for you

“worse than we thought” – Action is needed to make stagnant CO2 emissions fall

Green movement ‘greatest threat to freedom’, says Trump adviser

Climate Case: Judge Defends Rule of Law

Salon: Childless Climate Faithful Upset By Celebrity Hypocrisy

January 31, 1911 – 91 Degrees In Oklahoma

Fake News From Myles Allen


Prague: coldest January since 1940

Can Actual Evidence Ever Convince A Progressive Of Anything?

Role of terrestrial biosphere in counteracting climate change may have been underestimated

Another Obama Failure: He Wasn’t Able To Slow The Rising Sea Levels

BP’s Energy Outlook Forecasts that Fossil Fuels Will Remain Dominant

Earth’s Magnetic Field May Be About To Reverse

Snowiest January In A Century At Chama, New Mexico

The Consensus That Wasn’t: Less Than 1%, Not 97%

Fake Climate Change News From The New Yorker

Robust Evidence NOAA Temperature Data Hopelessly Corrupted By Warming Bias, Manipulation

Surprise: Ocean acidification quite good for some shells

Claim: Climate Will Increase Toxic Mercury Levels in Seawater

Record snowfall in Kashmir

The ancient Indus civilization’s adaptation to climate change

Trump and Charles in climate row

Study: 99% of Coral Will Bleach Every Year Within a Century

Green Mythology: adding different types of renewables smooths output

Federal Energy Efficiency Mandates: DOE’s End Run vs. the Public Interest (Part I)

Record snowfall in Western Colorado

The Incredible Heatwaves Of January 30, 1931 And 1911

Snow causes catastrophic loss to onion crop

IPCC Objectives and Methods Mandated Elimination, Reduction, Manipulation of Inadequate Real Data and Creation of False Data.

US Scientific Integrity Rules Repudiate the UN Climate Process

The ‘threat’ of climate change

Four Key Charts for a Climate Change Skeptic

Government facing legal action over failure to fight climate change

Fake Climate Science Exposed: Lake Malawi In Fact 120 Meters Lower During Little Ice Age!

This collective act of make-believe is devastating our environment and our budgets

India – Record snowfall cuts off Kashmir Valley

This is How Climate Works – Part 1

Al Gore Caught Riding In An SUV At Sundance Film Festival

Anonymous Nasa officials set up ‘rogue’ Twitter account to ‘spread the truth’ amid fears Donald Trump will lie about space, science and climate change

Southern French gas price hits record high due to cold

Do Global Temperatures make sense?

Temperature Misunderstandings

US Climate Becoming Much Less Extreme

US energy policy change will have repercussions for UK oil and gas, says expert

Green Subsidy Man Elon Musk Joins Trump Team 

Record snowfall in Placer County, California

Multi-millionaires receiving thousands in energy subsidies

Who Again Is “Anti-Science”?

NYT: Our Readers Are Too Dumb To Understand Global Warming Numbers – Hide Fact that Claimed ‘Hottest Year’ was within margin of error

Scientific American: Trump Mexican Border Wall will be a “Climate Mistake”

The Urgency of Revoking the USEPA’s GHG Endangerment Finding


Huff Post: Focus on Feelings, Before People Notice Climate Economics is a Mess

The Frigid 48: U.S. Average Temperature 11 deg. F

Eat Chocolate.  Save the Planet.

Watch: Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry on Fox News: Discusses funding & debunks 97% consensus claims

Germany Sees 4 Catastrophic Wind Turbine Failures In Four Weeks …Man Nearly Hit By Ice Projectile

Record cold and snow spread globally

Exxon’s World Outlook for Energy

The Overlooked Ecological Benefits of Fertilizer (and Fossil Fuel) Use

Wet elephant’ taxpayer-funded £18M tidal energy scheme supposed to power 600 homes stops working after 3 months

Physical Constraints on the Climate Sensitivity

Somewhat Contrived: The Bureau’s Approach to Calculating Warmest Years

95% Confidence That NASA Temperature Records Are Fraudulent

OECD Opens Investigation Into WWF  

Solar Is Always A Decade Away From Being Cheaper Than Coal

North Atlantic Cooling Has Plunged Below 1950s (And 1800s) Levels – And Scientists Project More Cooling

Is Climate Alarmism Governance at War with the USA?

‘Worse than we thought…’ another paper suggests collapse of the Atlantic current – citing science fiction

Judith Curry resigns — “battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide”

Earth Cooling At The Fastest Rate On Record

Global Satellites: 2016 not Statistically Warmer than 1998

Yet another study tries to erase “the pause” – but is missing a whole year of data

1000 Skeptical Peer-Reviewed Climate Papers “Should Put UN IPCC To Shame,” Says Harvard Astrophysicist!

‘Overwhelming Whiteness’ Is Hurting The Global Warming Fight

What Global Warming? Chart Shows Damage From Weather Disaster Is Sharply Declining

Snowing in New Zealand – In high summer

39 inches of snowfall in 24 hours

Craziness’ Of Global Warming Drives Skeptic From Academia

Judith Curry Retires, Citing ‘Craziness’ Of Climate Debate 

Dr. Judith Curry chooses integrity over the state of climate science

Two Recent Scientific Studies Show Climate Models A Long Way From Being Up To Par

Uncertainties in sea surface temperatures

UK Taxpayers Face £1 Billion Bill over Green Energy Scandal

Documenting the Global Extent of the Medieval Warm Period

Wind and Solar to Provide 4% of Global Primary Energy by 2040!

Politicizing Science at the US Dept. of Energy

Record Snowfall in Riverton Wyoming

Study: The solution to unreliable wind and solar power? Build more!

Privatization! Gore To Host ‘Climate Change Summit’ After CDC Cancels It

Claim: Trump’s Going To Slash EPA Workforce

Scientists Warn Trump’s Border Wall Will Be Bad for the Planet

Trump to sack climate change scientists and slash EPA: Unskeptical scientists are terrified

Germany: 120 Billion Euros For 5% Electricity Supply!  And “Huge New Green Movement” Against Wind Power

Inconvenient result: Ocean acidification can also promote shell formation

Lord Monckton’s Ten for Trump and America (climate disengagement at hand)

100,000 year ice age cycle linked to orbital periods and sea ice


Record-crushing snowfall in California

Trump set to eliminate U.S. involvment in Paris Climate Agreement

Australian wholesale electricity prices rocket at start 2017

Scientists Marching On Trump After 1 Week, Ignored Obama

‘Warming’ and ‘The Pause’ Explained By Wind, Upwelling And Mixing

How Germany’s Energiewende Is Spliting The Environmental Movement 

17 New (2017) Scientific Papers Affirm Today’s Warming Is Not Global, Unprecedented, Or Remarkable

Scientists, Women, the Press Think Trump is Coming for Them

Two Russian icebreakers trapped in “heavy severe ice” until May or June

Wood stove fad is blamed for pollution


Perfectly frozen fox is eerie reminder that nature is cruel

Sundance filmgoers warn of ‘global warming’ impacts: ‘It affects our ability to reproduce’ – Warn ‘criminal’ deniers: ‘We are coming for you’

Palestinian Climate Change Part II

Ontario Achieves Minimal Emission Reductions From Closing Coal Plants

Attributing the blame for global warming


German scientist rails against the climate priests


Germany’s Green Energy Policy ‘A Disaster In The Making’

Record snowfall in Salt Lake City, Utah

Drenched: How L.A. went from bone-dry to 216% of normal rainfall in four months

Alternative facts: Why the constitution gives Trump the power to tell @EPA

California’s stormy winter sets snowfall record for Mammoth resorts — over

EPA Expected To Be Hit With $800 Million In Budget Cuts – Matt Vespa

The Trump shift

Balkan push for new coal-fired plants raises environmental concerns

Researcher: More Evidence Extreme Weather In Japan, Global Cooling, Linked

The Vatican’s Biological Extinction Conference

Who Needs Icebreakers!

Conservation – not more control

Study: Climate Change is Making Some Birds Uglier

Apocalypse Cancelled, Sorry, No Ticket Refunds

ESPN’s The Undefeated Warns Against Ignoring Climate Change ‘Facts’

Larsen C Ice Shelf Crack Not Related To Climate Change …Ice “More Stable Th

Keeping Cool About Hot Temperatures

EPA Nominee Pruitt Attacked Because: “He believes debate should be encourag

Trump revives Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines

Green Energy Madness: Peak Wood-Burning Contributes To London Smog Alert

Energy bills fall as billions ‘green cap’ subsidies axed

No Quarter for Green Globalists

Study: Presenting Deliberately “Weakened” Skeptic Arguments Increases Climate acceptance

What are the origins of the global warming bandwagon

Wacky Claim: Forests ‘held their breath’ during global warming hiatus

The Beginning of the End of EPA

Trump plans to ban EPA from funding science: Report

Career EPA Staffers Will Undermine Trump, Leak To The Press

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Same As 2006

If SA gets any more free energy everyone will go broke

U.S. Shale Oil And Gas Sector Surges Back To Life

MIT physicist warns against ‘alarmism’ over climate change

Prominent Harvard researcher issues second retraction, again citing duplica

Reality-Based Climate Forecasting — Guest Post by Paul Driessen

Prince Charles’ Deluded Obsession With Global Warming

What Experts Think Of Speculation That El Niño Will Return In 2017

New Paper: 14 Scientists Affirm Solar Forcing, Not CO2, Is ‘Dominant Contro

Green Mythology: Tidal Base-load Power in the UK

California snowpack near 200 percent of average

LA Times: California Cap and Trade Might be Unconstitutional


America First Energy Plan’ (climate-change histrionics demoted)

Inconvenient Question: Gore asked about failed ’10-year tipping’ point

Sahara Desert – Biggest snowfall in living memory

Trump nominees dodge ‘climate denier’ charge

Trump’s Victory Creates Uncertainty For Wind And Solar Subsidies

Mainstream Media Ignores Study: Sea Surface Temperatures “Indistinguishable” From Those During Last Interglacial…

Ice on Danube River 13-ft thick – Emergency situation in 6 Serbian municipalities

Homogenisation Used to Embed Artificial Warming Trend in Colorado Temperature Record

Opec braces for US shale threat to global oil deal

2016 NOT Warmest Year on Record – Video

1.5million homes blighted by damp by ‘cowboy builders’

The Cruelest Tax Of All

Facts, beliefs, and identity: The seeds of science skepticism

Hungarian icebreaker sent to Serbia to reopen Danube – Video

Arctic Heatwave? It Was Warmer In 1985!

California ski resort breaks snow record for ANY month

GALLERY Amazing images of Spain’s beaches in snow

New website gives you the real deal on sea level rise and rates

The Startling Debacle Of Germany’s Electric Cars …Auto Industry Faces Demise In 10 Years

The Next Eco-Scare Story?

£100m wasted on cancelled carbon capture project

Trump signals big shift on energy, climate policies

The Economic Cost Of The Social Cost Of Carbon

A case study of the Northern Colorado Front Range temperature history

Humans, not climate change, wiped out Australian megafauna

The Trump Climate Dump: Why It Doesn’t Matter if Even 100% of Scientists Agree on Global Warming

All References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website at Noon

Trump Era Begins With Pledge To Eliminate Obama’s Climate Action Plan

Review: Gore’s Sequel ‘Proves Planet Is Screwed With or Without Trump’

The Climate Change Teapot

Sundance 2017: Robert Redford says the festival isn’t political. Its opening night gala starred Al Gore

About intellectuals and climate alarmism

“We made big mistakes:” Gastric paper pulled with unusual notice

AAl Gore is a climate change James Bond in urgent, exhilarating ‘Inconvenient Sequel’

Gore ‘INCONVENIENT SEQUEL’ Premieres Amid Snowstorm at Sundance in Utah

Oceans Make 2015 & 2016 Climate

“Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump”(AKA”The Phantom Menace”)

2016 Brought Record Crop Yields, Fewer Storms

Trump’s Energy Revolution Poses Many Challenges

The Hottest Yeah Evah! Really?

Millions wasted on failed carbon capture and storage fiasco

Current Solar Cycle 3rd All-Time Weakest …Next Cycle Likely To Be Weaker!

Cancelling British Renewable Subsidies Destroyed the Industry

Frits Bolkestein: Intellectuals And Climate Alarmism

Winnipeg – Snowiest December in more than 100 years


Environmentalists Target yet another Oil Pipeline

What they don’t say about “the hottest ever year” — 20 year warming trend is one third of what models predicted

Russian Icebreakers Stuck in the Arctic Global Warming

Heavy snowfall paralyzes Algeria

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XII

@NOAA data demonstrates that 2016 was not the ‘hottest year ever’ in the US

Obama Peddles the “100% Renewable” Myth

2016 Global Temperature: The Pause Never Went Away

Defying IPCC Models, U.S. Blizzard Frequency Has Nearly Quadrupled Since 19

Has recent summer sea ice loss caused polar bear populations to crash?

Latest Climate Crisis: Slightly Less Mild Weather by 2065


President-Elect Trump’s Climate/Energy Policy: 100-Day Action Plan a Good Start

MIT scientist on ‘hottest year’: ‘The hysteria over this issue is truly bizarre’ – Warns of return ‘back to the dark ages’

Five years after rain returns, climate modelers redo models and “predict” m

Spain – Heaviest snowfall in 35 years

Load of bollocks: 2016 allegedly the ‘hottest year’ by 1/100 of a degree! UK Met Office

ABC’s Late Night Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Tweets Trump EPA Pick ‘Scott Pruitt

2016’s Record Warmth Is Still Less Than Models Predicted

Trump’s NOAA Administrator Must Address the Temperature Record Controversy

Obama’s ‘Science’ Article: Long on Symbolism, Short on Substance

Bias, ignorance and reality in climate science

Rising U.S. shale-oil output threatens OPEC’s production pact

German Greens Move To Water Down Nature Protection Laws – To Clear Way For Wind Parks!

Trump Interior Pick: Extent of Human Role in Climate Change Up for ‘Debate’

The gulf between the Paris Climate Agreement and energy projections

Houston Chronicle Editorial: A Global-Warming Scare Story


China has giant unused wind farms — thousands of spinning white elephants

‘Climate Denier’: Imprecise, Fallacious And Hateful

NASA and Climate Dogma

Days before Trump takes office, Obama gives another $500 million to UN Gree

Rethinking the Social Cost of Carbon

Statistician: UN climate treaty will cost $100 trillion – To Have No Impact

Chinese Climate Negotiator: Trump has “Softened His Tone” on Climate Change

The delusional war on warmth

Claims Of More Extreme Rain In Australia Disproved By Facts

Enviros Occupy Manchin’s Office To Oppose Trump Nominees

Mid-winter cold and expensive electricity: a million pensioners fear they can’t heat their homes

Australia Will Be Wetter/Drier/Or A Bit Of Both

Trump and International Energy Poverty: Five Steps


UK Guardian: ‘The last five years have not been great at Greenpeace’

Aussie Climate Scientist Predicts Rainfall Will Change

Letter to British PM from climate scientists authored by Bob Ward?

New book holds the EPA’s feet to the fire

A Cloudy Question: was ‘the pause’ caused by a change in global cloud cover

What does Obama’s drivel tell us about the Science mag

The Conversation — cleansing skeptical thoughts — Read the banned comments


Obama: To deny climate change ‘betrays spirit of this country’ – UN deal ‘has the promise to save this planet’

Perth, Australia – Coldest winter in more than 20 years

Greek islands declare state of emergency after record snowfall – Ice Age No

Record snowfall on Prince Edward Island

Rewriting history in Slovakia – Coldest night ever

Another Colorado ski resort closes because of too much snow

Wind turbine manufacturer admits liability for noise damage. If word gets out…

Climatologist Resigns Over ‘Craziness in Field of Climate Science’

The Difference Between Energy, Work and Power – and Why it Matters to Climate Prediction

Pravda: “Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age” As Temperature Plummets to – 80°F In Russia!

Exxon Mobil and the Carbon Tax: ‘Upon Further Review’

Coldest Orthodox Christmas in Russia in 120 years

Warmist Meteorologist: ‘Climate Change’ and Trump Have Driven Me to Therapy

Climate CO2-Doomsdayer Mosher Confirms The Pause

Why is Nutrition Science in such a Mess?

Lawrence Solomon: How Vaccine Safety Turned into one of Trump’s First Presidential Priorities

Conflicts of Interest In Medical Guideline Committees Underreported

The Recursive Cost Of Carbon

Forget suing VW. We should all be claiming millions for other ‘green’ lunacies that literally cost the Earth

Tidal Lagoons Are Uneconomic

Taking Control Away From Official Disinformation Agencies

Satellite Records and Slopes Since 1998 are Not Statistically Significant.

Yellow Climate Journalism

With record rainfalls in California, another Nye-Lie bites the dust

Neutral Fact Finder Points to Melting Glaciers as the Cause of Global Warming, Rising Sea Levels and Rising CO2 in Atmosphere

Rex Tillerson, a lukewarmer, stands out like a sore th

Tillerson: Climate change not ‘imminent national security threat’

The ‘permanent drought’ of California ‘is now virtually over in the northern half of the state’

NASA Climate Chief: ‘Russia actually thinks that warming the Arctic is going to be good’

Obama Whitehouse: GDP has been Decoupled from CO2 Emissions

Heating empty Buildings with Wood Pellets—to get Rich

Arctic Was An Open Sea In The Year 1122

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Holy War Against Climate Change

National Geographic 1967 : Sunspots Control Glaciers

How Obama missed the biggest gift to American energy independence in history

Rain On The Green Parade: Climate Alarmists Make Fools Of Themselves

UK Government Signals Green Energy Project Is Uneconomic

Volkswagen #1 carmaker again, Fiat-Chrysler and Renault harassed for emissions cheating

$29 Billion Climate Disaster Ends in Seven Days

England & Wales Precipitation Annual Stats – 2016

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to climate change

The Climate Scam Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Articles: The Trump EPA: Increasing Levels of Common Sense

George Will: Academia may now be beyond satire

Germany’s Federal Accounting Office Slams Government For Out-Of-Control Electricity Costs

Trump appointees on climate change: Not a hoax, but not a big deal either –

The Next Subprime Crisis Could Be Green

As Heavy Rain And Snow End California’s 5-Year Drought, Climate Alarmists Look Foolish

Flashback 1967 National Geographic: Sunspots Control Glaciers – ‘Ice masses

The Mail’s Misleading Claim About Swansea Bay

German CO2 Emissions Increase For Second Year In Row

Record lows in Canada

Enviros attack Trump EPA nominee for ‘encouraging debate’ on climate science

How the darkness and the cold killed the dinosaurs

Black Sea Freezes For First Time in 62 Years – Video

Climate Dogma Tests

Dinosaurs wiped out by … Darkness and Cold

Scientist: Germany Faces An Energy-Political Fiasco

WSJ: The Climate Intelligence Agency

Exxon Ordered to Turn Over 40 Years of Climate Change Research

Satellite Reveals End of “Unending” N. California Drought

Another Showcase Example Of Fake Science, Climate Propaganda By Germany’s  Public Radio

A Dose Of Renewable Energy Realism

Watch: Dr. Will Happer shares his hatemail: ‘You are a f@cking uneducated Nazi. I hope you hang…’

The Heatwave Of January, 1896 In Southeast Australia

Would you prefer global warming?

All hail Donald Trump: slayer of the Great Green Blob

NOAA Jumps The Shark In Tampa Bay

Toronto Sun Accuses Trudeau of Gross Green Hypocrisy

Mind-Blowing Figures Put Tidal Lagoons In Land Of Make-Believe

The Ocean Climate Spin Zone

Failure…Hundreds Of Billions For Nothing As Germany CO2 Reductions Stagnant

U.S. Company Submits Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactor Application To Nuclear

Todays Disastrous Climate and Energy Policies – What Not to Do

NOAA’s Tornado Fraud

Davos Globalist Elite Bet on Trump Climate Failure

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and Baseload Tidal Generation in the UK

Massive Data Tampering Uncovered At NASA – Warmth, Cooling Disappears Due To Incompatibility With Models

Ninety Years Since St. Louis Was Destroyed By A Tornado

Study: ‘Strong evidence that first half of 20th century had more extreme weather than the second half’

Beyond Physics: Advanced Biology and Climate Change

CO2 Causes Earthquakes! Really?

New York Announces Nuclear Shutdown To Fight Climate Change

Global “clean” energy spending falls 18% in 2016

Explaining IER’s Position on the “Social Cost of Carbon”

Obama’s Climate Swan Song: “without some common baseline of facts … we’ll keep talking past each other”

Climae History: Ministry Of Truth Update

Watch: Eco-Hypocrite Sting Lecture on Climate Change – Hollywood

Origins of Science

Climate Progress on a Rant

Tillerson: ‘The Risk Of Climate Change Does Exist’

Trump Sec State Wants Global Response To Global Warming

Video Police: Greenpeace Says Netflix Binge-Watching May Not Be Good For The Environment

The ‘Pineapple Express’ delivers heavy rains, flooding to California

John Kerry at MIT warns of climate ‘catastrophe’: We are in an urgent ‘race

Bill Nye Thinks Paris Treaty Will End Floods

The End Of Germany’s Energiewende?

NASA Erasing The 1940’s Warmth In Greenland And Iceland

Climate Scientists Schneider 1977 : Scientists Can’t Forecast Climate And They Cherry-Pick Data

Sharp Drop Of Global Temperatures

Northern Ireland Crisis Deepens Over Green Energy Scandal

Gavin Schmidt : Removing The 1940’s Blip

Ocean Circulation Controls The Climate

December Rainfall Trends In The UK

Smackdown: AMS Paper Exposes Media, Scientists As Falsely Hyping Human Attribution In Extreme Weather Events

Atmosfear: Communicating the Effects of Climate Change on Extreme Weather:

Trump Can Restore Government Science Sanity

Climate Change 101: The Evidence Humans Aren’t Destroying the Climate

The California Permanent Drought

155 Years Ago In California

David Whitehouse: El Nino Warming Does Not Mean The End Of The ‘Pause’

1963 California Drought Ended With Flooding

Nuclear Breakthrough Needed

Chart Shows Damage From Weather Disaster Sharply Declining

“O Canada!” What An Energy Buffoon You Have “On Guard For Thee” In Ontario

Climate Scientist: Axe climate science funding. Groupthink has destroyed intellectual foundations

‘Knives Sticking Out Of My Back’: Climate Scientist Tells All

Dominic Lawson: Friends of the Earth, But Not of the Truth

Top Climate Scientist Goes Skeptic, rejects Alarmist ‘Dogma’

Dr. Pielke Jr. mocks new claim: ‘A magic force field’ is now preventing land-falling hurricanes?

Untruth in Green Advertising

Retired Vicar Scores Fracking Victory Against Friends of the Earth

Record Arctic Fraud Continues

RSS Global Lower Troposphere Temperature Data for 2016 Confirm Results from UAH

Death Of Global Temperature ‘Pause’ Greatly Exaggerated

Subsidies to Renewables: Lessons from Northern Ireland’s Renewable Heat Fiasco

Truth in Climate Advertising

Settled Science: Climate “Quirk” Protecting US from Hurricanes

Green Energy is a Charter For Crooks And Liars. The Scam Must End Now

What Kate Humble Forgot To Tell You About Yellowstone

Millions at risk of premature death due to AGW proponents

EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm or Face Fines

Desperation Rises Among Journalists As Their Scam Comes To An End

The Progressive Data Tampering Continues Unabated

Friends Of The Earth Lie About Their Lies

Greenland Ice Growth Continues To Blow Away All Records

Researching The Thing Of The Past

Death Of Global Temperature ‘Pause’ Greatly Exaggerated – 2016 Not Statistically Warmer Than 1998

Tucker Savages College Prof Preaching About Global Warming

Shocker: Climate change has mixed effects on migratory geese

Despite new study, global warming pause ‘still going strong’

A colour based comparison of the temperature series used by Hausfather et al. 2017

Climate Change Comrade: The BBC’s Harrabin’s Trump Card

Time for Scotland’s Politicians to Ask the Awkward Questions: What’s Happening to its Children?

Energy and Society from now until 2040

Unsafe toxic levels of chemicals found in drinking water of 33 states

Exxon Energy Outlook

Big Green biggest loser of 2016

Friends of the Earth Promises: We Will Never Again Spread Misleading Anti-Fracking Scares

PROOF of global warming(!)

The two-faced ‘reality’ of a clean energy future

John Christy on “the Big Picture”

Modern Scientific Controversies Part 5: Common Elements

Media And The Game Of Climate Change Denialism

Aussie Chief Scientist: Renewable Energy Push Hurts the Poor

Climate Scientist John Christy Climate Video

Alex Epstein: Ready to Make 2017 the Year of Fossil Fuels (energy education

Documenting the Global Extent of the Medieval Warm Period

JC in transition: Why I Quit Georgia Tech Climate Sceince

‘CRAZINESS’ in climate field leads dissenter Dr. Judith Curry to resign

UAH AMSU: 2016 finally beats 1998 as warmest year, by Earth-shaking 0.02 °C

Greenland Is Adding Extraordinary Amounts Of Ice And Snow

MIT: ‘more extreme storms’ for California due to warming – but history mocks the claim

Wind Turbines: Lots of Problems, No Free Energy

Who’ll Stop The Rain?

Study: Doomsday clock is ticking – Green tech is 10x behind in meeting Paris Climate agreement

SBC: Social Benefits of Carbon

Fossil Fuels Will Provide Nearly 80% Of The World’s Energy Demand In 2040,

£18m Tidal energy scheme stops working after just three months

UK Taxpayers Face £1 Billion Bill Over Green Subsidy Scandal

Climate Change: The Actual Greenland

UK CET Temperature Stats For 2016

Global Warming Is The Biggest Fraud In Science History

Energy Prices in Europe

Greenland Blowing Away All Records For Ice Growth


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