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***** 2017 YTD Headlines – September 30, 2017

PREDICTABLE: Liberals Seek To Frame Puerto Rico As Trump’s Katrina

This Is Textbook – Military Officials Defend Trump Administration’s Puerto Rico Response

Federal Judge Smacks Down DOJ Lawyers Protecting Hillary – Will Review Redacted Clinton Emails

NYT Columnist Repeats North Korean Propaganda on Social Media

President Trump, Melania Trump invited to Dr. Seuss museum after book donation drama

Westboro Baptist Cult Lunatics Join NFL #TakeAKnee Protests

The Bombs Are Still Falling – MSNBC Urges Government Censorship Of Social Media “To Protect Democracy”

Liberal ‘Therapists’ Pen Open Letter Blaming Trump For “National Mental Health Crisis”

CHANGE: Austria’s burqa ban comes into force this weekend. “Acceptance and respect of Austrian va…

Limbaugh: DC Establishment ‘Can’t Afford’ for Trump to Succeed

Hateful Eight: 8 Solid Reasons Why Subsidised Wind Power is Both Pointless & Harmful to Health & Wealth

Puerto Rico Gov Praises Federal Response | The Daily Caller

Why It’s So Difficult To Help Puerto Rico | The Daily Caller

Australia, Denmark, Germany vie to win Highest Global Electricity Cost! (It’s the Nobel Price Prize?)

Worldwide investment in renewable energy reaches US$ 4 trillion – with little to show for it | Energy Matters

Nobody panic, but fleas carrying bubonic plague have turned up in the US

Will Solar Power Be at Fault for the Next Environmental Crisis? – IER

Feds Spend $22.8 Million Helping California Fix The Dam It Neglected For Years

$50 Million Dollar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Fraud

Power Prices in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia Double the Price of Power in Nuclear Powered France

Uncovered: decades-old government report showing climate data was bad, unfit for purpose

Expert Software Engineer Calls Level Of Fraud In Leaked US Gov Climate Report “Sickening”

New Study on Fracking and Schools Comes to a Surprising Conclusion

Battered: America’s Hoary Bats Belted to Kingdom Come by Wind Turbines

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘The science ain’t there’ to link extreme weather to ‘climate change’

New York Times’s Climate Change ‘Leaked’ Report Was Actually Public

Unearthed emails: Monsanto connected to campaign to retract anti-GMO paper

Former Obama Officials Operate Shadow Network to Push Science Agenda

Meteorologisti: Earth has cooled since Gore’s first film in 2006: Temps ‘were warmer than they are now’

No wind or solar powered aluminium smelter anywhere in the world? Could be a message in that.

EXCLUSIVE: Researcher Claims To Have Evidence One Of EPA’s Most Successful Clean Air Rules Is Based On Fabricated Data

Actually, Plenty of Intellectuals Oppose a Carbon Tax – IER

There’s a simple new way to find out if hackers already have your password

ReasonTV: Why Medicare-For-All Is An Insane Idea

Story About Jared Kushner Registering As Woman | The Daily Caller

Understanding Climate Cycles: Here’s How To Avoid Climate Panics | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Gore’s “inconvenient bomb” continues – climate doom movie tanks

Real Estate Company Replaces Agents With AI, Data And Robots

Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Foreign-Funded Mosques and Arabic Preaching

US military chief Dunford: China is main threat to security | Asia Times

Articles: Big Brother’s Cashless Scheme

THE TRAGEDY OF THE PBS-KEN BURNS VERSION OF THE VIETNAM WAR: My own views on the Vietnam war haven’…

Renewables Hypocrisy | Science Matters

China Embraces Blockchain For Taxation And Electronic Invoice Issuance

Global Warming Caused Vikings to Become Terrorists

The Theory of Diversity Explained

Mysterious hybrid strain of anthrax is running rampant in African rainforests

Mercedes B-Class Electric and Diesel Cars Compared | Energy Matters

NY librarian endorses violence of Antifa

Cornell Student Pushes Back Against Attacks on Greek Life

Debunking the 100% Renewables Fantasy: Running on Sunshine & Breezes – Pure Nonsense

Aussie Liberal Press Notices the Importance of Reliable Electricity

Flesh-eating bugs seriously messed up this teen’s legs after a casual beach dip

Artificial Intelligence Will Lead To The Human Soul, Not Destroy It

‘Fake News’: Air Pollution Photo Fraud by The Hill

Vanderbilt University Professor: mathematics is sexist

African children pay the price for “clean green” electric car battery technology | Tallbloke’s Talkshop

The Source for Up to Half of Earth’s Internal Heat Is Unknown | RealClearScience

Insanity & Doom Update


Exclusive: Inside the clinic offering young blood to cure ageing

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Spreads Debunked Twitter ‘Fake News’ Lies [VIDEO]

Las Vegas Police: Video Undercuts NFL Star’s Racism Claims [VIDEO]

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump Tweets On Puerto Rico Are ‘Racist Dog Whistle’ [VIDEO]

American Citizen Found Guilty Of Helping Al-Qaida Launch Suicide Attack Against US Base

REALLY want to go there? Brian Stelter’s CNN/Fox News comparison reaches ‘height of hackery’ – twitchy.com

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING? 62% of NFL fans plan to watch less football….

Studies Confirm, Free People are Happier

Manufacturer Optimism Hits Record High After Tax Reform Plan Revealed

Hospital Ship USNS Comfort Heading to Puerto Rico

Facebook Execs Were in Close Proximity to Clinton’s Campaign Despite Claiming No Bias

Former NFL Player: U.S. Is ‘Hooked on This Pernicious Drug of Racism’

Women’s March Organizers Accused of Anti-Semitism to Visit College Campuses Next Month

Russia Protects Its Role as the World’s Asbestos Dealer

Will capitalism save the rhino? – FREEcology

Earthworks Parachutes Into Ohio from California, Local Elected Leaders Sound Off

Al Gore’s Environmental Messiah Complex – Acculturated


NBA ‘warns players they must stand for national anthem’

Why the Fossil Fuel Revolution Is Good for Both Humans and the Environment

Report: Ohio Pipelines Mean 26,000 Jobs, $1.2 Billion in Local Tax Revenue

Eisenhower was correct about ‘danger public policy could itself become captive of a scientific-technological elite’

Tesla Model 3 Cancellations: 63k

The three-year delay: Journal finally retracts paper based on made-up data

Hurricane drought to end? Models show Hurricane on track for East Coast

Al Gore’s swimming pool uses the same electricity as six US homes

Morning Joe: Ministry of Truth Is Needed To Fight War On Fake News, ‘Russian Operatives’ On Social Media

Something close to genocide’: San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz begs for more Puerto Rico relief

End the NFL

In three tweets, Trump undoes all the gains he made during Irma and Harvey

US Take On South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster: Mass Blackouts Make SA Butt of International Jokes

Al Gore Schooled by Mayor of an Eroding Island

Al Gore’s Climate Hypocrisy Is As Big As His Energy-Sucking Mansion | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Do You Know How To Identify A “Constitutional Crisis”?

Mocks Washington Post’s Claim that ‘Global Warming’ Forces Farmers in India to Commit Suicide

Study: Dogs & Cats ‘play a significant role in causing global warming’ – Equal to 13.6 million cars

Newspaper series prompts CDC to correct paper on Legionnaire’s disease

East China Is Cooling | The Daily Caller

We finally know why artificial sweeteners can make you put on weight

College Insurrection | higher education and politics

Egypt “hunting down” gays, conducting forced anal exams – Amnesty

American U. | cancels Libertarian event | misused word

New Paper: Investigative Journalism Professor Slams Today’s ‘Fake News’ Climate Science Reporting

Anti-School Choice Activist Matt Damon And His Hypocrisy

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Perpetuates White Guilt by Bowing to the Race-Baiting Flag Kneelers Like Colin Kaepernick

Lesbian Bishop Calls Jesus a Bigot | Faith

Trump is 100 Percent Right About the NFL. Trump caught them out and exposed them and…

Republicans Try to Save Obamacare After Repeal Failure

So Much Winning: NFL Ticket Sales Plummet Nearly 18% After President Trump Calls Protesting Players Out

Obama’s Interior Secretary Also Chartered Private Jets At Taxpayer Expense

 Trump Wins Bigly as Every NFL Player Stands for Thursday Night Anthem

FACT CHECK: Does The Death Tax Only Apply To Estates Worth More Than $11 Million?

WATCH: United States Air Force Academy Superintendent Nails Racism In Blistering Speech

Professor Who Said ‘Trump Must Hang’ Threatens To Sue School If He’s Fired

HHS Secretary Tom Price Resigns After Private Flights Scandal

ABC News Anchor David Muir Gushes About Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Bravery’ On Health Care

Man Charged With Assaulting Five Women In Park Because They Were White

How Trump Defeated The NFL, The NBA, And The Media

Food Truck Kicked Out of Town for Serving Hurricane Victims Without a Permit

Even The Cheapest Obamacare Plans Are “Unaffordable” In 94% Of American Cities, New Study Finds

Colin Kaepernick Donates Money To Charity Honoring Convicted Cop Killer

Conservative Provocateur James O’Keefe’s Group Hit With Restraining Order, Blocking Latest Sting

‘Ticking Time Bombs’: Germany Investigates Hundreds Of Extremists In Its Military

ALT FACTS: Majority Of Americans Agree With Trump On NFL Protests

The Democratic Line on Facebook and Russia is Crazy

Tesla Bribes: Would $65,000 Be Enough To Sway Your Review A New Car? Ask These Guys…

110 Million Americans Have an S.T.D.

THE 21st CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT THE WAY I HAD HOPED: Woman who got an eyeball tattoo may lose h…

Why Trump’s Appeals Court Nominees Are Backed Up in the Senate

Librarian Scolding Melania Trump Shows Need for School Choice

Democrats Praise Tom Price’s Resignation Over Flights, Remain Silent On Robert Menendez

Tax Reform Must Include IRS Reform

Congress Relying On Debunked “Guilt By Association” Online Tool To Track “Russian Influence”

Media Celebrate Tom Price’s Resignation As ‘Scalp’ For Politico

CNN Panelist: Asking To Separate Race From Sports Is A Form Of ‘Supremacy’ Itself

JOURNALISM ALERT: Washington Post Interviews Third-Graders Who Hate Trump

Colorado GOP Rep: Democrats Plan On Kneeling During Special Session

WATCH: New Arrest Video Shows NFL’s Michael Bennett Lied About Why He Was Detained

Facebook: You Don’t Own Your Face, We Do

Why are Search Engines so Hostile to Climate Realism?

Crabber Says Sea Level Same Since 1970 | The Daily Caller

Super EU Nanny-State Now Aiming To Regulate The Color/Cooking Of French Fries!

New API Report Finds Oil and Gas Industry Supported 10.3 Million US Jobs in 2015

The Role of Internet Gatekeepers in Climate Alarmism

There’s actually a huge limitation to the Mediterranean diet

This is the best advice to help extend your phone’s battery life

Breaking: Trump waives Jones Act for Puerto Rico

NSA leaker: I pulled a Sandy Berger to get top-secret documents out

Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent: I’m pro-life only after a child is born

New York City to create task force to bail out corrupt taxi medallion system

Is it time for conservatives to “shut down” anti-Israel campus speakers?

Trump: Let’s face it, NFL owners are afraid of the players

Protesters in Berkeley aren’t sure why they are protesting

Lindsey Graham: I didn’t really know what I was doing on health care, and neither did other Republicans

Justice Ginsburg: Sexism a ‘major factor’ in Hillary’s 2016 loss

ISIS leader releases new audio tape calling for more attacks

Media efforts to expand “private jetgate” to EPA come up dry

Poll: McConnell’s approval among Trump voters now nearly as bad as it is among Clinton voters

And the next celebrity billionaire president may be …

Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa at Ben Shapiro event

Librarian rejects First Lady’s gift of Dr. Seuss books calling them ‘racist propaganda’ (Update)

Poll: Americans Still Believe In ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty,’ Even For College Students

Women’s March Ignores Saudi Arabia’s Long-Awaited Step For Women’s Rights

When Kaepernick Took A Knee, He Was Feted. When Joseph Kennedy Took A Knee, He Was Sued

Sessions Teaches Free Speech 101 And Media Reaction Proves They Need It

Trump Should Target The NFL’s Special Legal Privileges, Not Players’ Politics

5 Quick Takeaways From The Alabama Republican Primary

Why The Russia On Facebook Narrative Is Overblown

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Quoting The Declaration Of Independence Is ‘Very Fundamentalist’

After Pretending To Be Scandalized By The Word ‘Boobs,’ CNN Floods The Zone With Hugh Hefner Stories

Why Congress Should Not Repeal The Jones Act

5 Big Fat Myths About LGBT Discrimination Laws

New York Times Joins Campaign Against Catholic Judicial Nominee

The Republican Senate’s Terrible Week Bodes Ill For The GOP

‘The Strange Death Of Europe’ Says Europe’s Decline Is A Choice

Pope to focus on “fake news” in message for World Communications Day 2018‎ – Vatican Radio

Massachusetts librarian who compared Dr. Seuss books to ‘blackface minstrelsy’ once dressed as Cat in the Hat

Cuban Doctors Revolt: ‘You Get Tired of Being a Slave’ – The New York Times

U.S. to Pull More Diplomats Out of Cuba After Attacks – The New York Times

Elon Musk’s Mars Vision: A One-Size-Fits-All Rocket. A Very Big One

South Korean banks brace for massive electromagnetic pulse attack from the North that could cripple economy

The Wall Street Journal kills off its international print editions – Sep. 29, 2017

Elon Musk proposes city-to-city travel by rocket, right here on Earth – The Verge

Bold Eagles: Angry Birds Are Ripping $80,000 Drones Out of the Sky – WSJ

Accused NSA leaker Reality Winner says she hid report in her pantyhose

Pennsylvania Company to Pay Record Fine for Illegally Hiring Immigrants – WSJ

Price out as Trump health chief after outrage over private jet flights

6-year-old admonished for taking a knee at Tampa school | Miami Herald

Substitute Teacher Kneels In Classroom During Pledge Of Allegiance

Stock markets wrap up solid third quarter

Armed military to replace cops on Danish streets and border – The Local

Millions of ballots seized by police ahead of Catalan vote – The Local

Austria moves to ban the burqa

For Catalonia’s independence referendum, students rally for the right to vote – The Washington Post

Pelosi mutters ‘oh God’ during question, suffers brain freeze, stares at reporters

Canadian police seek recalled Vatican envoy for child porn – ABC News

Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning Again. That Doesn’t Seem Like A Good Idea

Dem addiction to Trump attacks gives party cause for concern | TheHill

Squeezed again: Americans burdened by Obamacare now face even higher costs under Trump – LA Times

Whole Foods Restaurants Hacked; Sonic Investigates Possible Breach

Cops using sneakers to spot MS-13 members, gang leader says

Flight furor: Obama officials also took pricey, non-commercial planes

Amazon, Siri, Facebook, Google: How to turn off listening devices

Has Apple Finally Made a Dud iPhone? – Bloomberg

Trump administration demands Facebook info on anti-Trump activists

Eric Holder-Inspired U.S. Attorney General Drama Series Set At CBS | Deadline

Judge: Black Lives Matter is a movement that can’t be sued :: WRAL.com

Saints QB Brees Says Team Will Kneel, Then Stand For Anthem

Patriots Fan’s Jersey Burning Party Is Illegal, Fire Chief Says

After Anthem Protests, N.F.L. Plots a Careful Path Forward – The New York Times

NFL Favorability Nearly Cut In Half | The Daily Caller

Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet?

Assange Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion Narrative is False

Ban on gas car sales proposed by California lawmaker | The Sacramento Bee

Tax Plan Will Be ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Economy, Trump Says – Bloomberg

Trump’s tax plan is already in trouble with his own party

Distrust of Senate grows within GOP | TheHill

BUT OF COURSE: Chelsea Manning Inspired Communist West Point Graduate To Infiltrate The Military. …

UNEXPECTEDLY: NFL ticket sales plummet 17.9%….

SOS: Kill the Renewable Energy Target Before It’s All Too Late

DEFCON: Professional Hackers Breached Dozens Of Voting Machines Within Minutes

Top Intel Democrat Blasts Twitter’s ‘Inadequate’ Presentation On Russia Propaganda

Clemson University Student Senators Protest Trump By Sitting During The Pledge Of Allegiance

Trump’s Transportation Dept Hands Puerto Rico $40 million To Fix Roads And Bridges

Congresswoman Defends 2003 Push To Boot US Navy From Puerto Rico [AUDIO]

Problematic Women: Michelle Obama’s Hypocrisy

No Water, No Power: 21 Photos of Puerto Rico’s Isolation

Illinois Gov. Rauner Signs Bill To Allow Tax Dollars To Fund Abortions

University Sued After Firing Professor For Insect-Collecting Research Misconduct

The GOP’s 3 Priorities for Tax Reform

University Of Vermont Students Demand Perpetrators Of ‘Hate Crimes’ Be Expelled

BRONCOS BACK DOWN: Denver Players Pledge Not To Kneel Next Sunday For Anthem

Three Teenagers Are Currently Running For Governor In Kansas

REAL-LIFE Sweeney Todd: Russian Couple Allegedly Kills 30 People, Ate Them, Sold Human Meat Pies

Popular Fast Food Chain ‘Sonic’ Announces Massive Data Breach

MOMENTUM FOR THE ANTHEM: Steelers Star Announces That Entire Team Will Stand For Anthem

What Are We Going To Do? Puerto Rico In Chaos As Cash Runs Out

DACA Illegals Should Get ‘Greatest Thing on Earth’ Citizenship, Says Sen. Lankford

Billionaires Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg Back Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens

Seven Things Saudi Women Still Can’t Do

The US Military’s “Weapon Of The Future” Looks A Lot Like Skynet

Tennessee Titans Player Has One-Word Message for Fans Upset About National Anthem Protests: ‘Bye’

Report: Taliban Controls or Contests Nearly Half of Afghanistan as Trump Intensifies U.S. Involvement

NFL Teams See Drop in Facebook Followings After National Anthem Protests

Chris Matthews: Roy Moore Is a ‘Wild Man’ — His Views Are ‘Out of Line’

Indian Woman Allegedly Kidnapped, Tortured, for Marrying a Christian

Ghanaian Migrant Who Raped Camping German in Front of Her Boyfriend Calls Victim a ‘Prostitute’

Anti-Semite Shouted ‘We Will Wipe You Out’ at Worshippers Outside Synagogue

Swiss City Votes to Greatly Reduce Money Benefits Paid to Failed Asylum Seekers

ESPN’s: Trump  — ‘He’s Failed at Literally Every Single Business He Ever Entered’

The Ladies Are Always Right: Women’s Legends Football League Says WE STAND Over Anthem Controversy

Federal Data: 72 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Are 21-Years-Old or Older

Billionaire Koch Brothers Throw Weight Behind Latest Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Nearly 500 Criminal Illegal Aliens Arrested in National ‘Sanctuary City’ Sting

U.S.-Backed Iraq ‘to Coordinate Military Efforts’ with Terror Sponsor Iran

Are The Kneelers Protesting America? Just Ask Kaepernick

No Stand No Service: Missouri Bar Turns Marshawn Lynch and Kaepernick Jerseys Into Doormats Over Anthem Protests

Hillary Clinton Spent 600 Hours In The Makeup Chair Because America Is Sexist

Here’s why Trump’s tax plan will hit Californians especially hard – LA Times

DOJ files suit against company for allegedly not hiring Americans

This tax cut isn’t for the middle class, which only pays 2.5% now

Hillary Clinton peddles fake news about Trump and Puerto Rico | Power Line

Shares of U.S. Media Companies Set for Worst Month Since 2015 – WSJ

BBC political editor ‘given bodyguards’ at Labour party conference after online abuse

Extra security placed near Ray Lewis statue after petition urges its removal

It Begins: Stubhub Advertises 10% Discount on NFL Tickets

Future Colin Kaepernicks, Beware: You Can Get Fired for Political Speech

JPMorgan Suggests Bet Against CBS Amid NFL Anthem Controversy – Bloomberg

Donald Trump vs. Pro Football Is a Ratings Game the NFL Can’t Win – Bloomberg

Why didn’t TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday?

Airport systems break, causing chaos at airports in London, the US and around the world

Tennessee businessman calls NFL protests ‘unpatriotic,’ pulls ads during games | WTVC

Man with samurai sword on London tube train

Packers’ national anthem plans continue to rile fans

Final reading on Q2 2017 gross domestic product GDP

NANCY PELOSI?  JERRY BROWN?  California names an official state dinosaur….

Lesson from the German Elections: Voters See Through the ‘Equality’ Scam

Watch Rachel Maddow try to defend Anthony Weiner’s claim he was hacked back in 2011

Citi Is Bringing Back One of the Most Infamous Bets of the Credit Crisis – Bloomberg

Turkey’s President Erdogan threatens to invade Iraq and cut off oil pipeline after Kurds vote for independence

To Be Great the U.N. Must Defend Democratic Sovereignty – American Greatness

FBI raids NBA mega-agency

Dems Claim Data Awan Took Was Homework | The Daily Caller


Mitch McConnell’s epic losing streak – Axios



PERHAPS EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN WASN’T ROSY: We kept hearing from the usual suspects during the las…

The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics

Obamacare’s Failure — Democrats Should Admit Affordable Care Act’s Failure & Move On

Debunking the ‘20 million’ ObamaCare myth | TheHill

U.S. Navy — North Korea Missiles Would Be Shot Down

Dick Vitale Says NCAA Coaches Exposed In FBI Probe ‘Must Be Fired’

‘We Should Be Proud of Mohammad Cartoons’: Danish Minister Shares Controversial Image

U.S. Ambassador to Colombia: FARC ‘Has Not Complied’ with Peace Deal

BuzzFeed Asks Judge To Force Comey And Clapper To Testify About Dossier

‘Disgrace To Humanity’ — Liberal Journos UNHINGED Over Roy Moore

Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Kentucky Household To Fund Pension Ponzi For 2 Years

Chelsea Manning Inspired Communist West Point Graduate To Infiltrate The Military

FED STUDY: Most Americans Still Worse Off Than Before Recession. Newly released income and wealth…

WATCH: WNBA Finals Team Boycotts Anthem. Crowd Boos Lustily.

Polls: What Do Americans Think Of NFL Players Kneeling, Trump Ripping Them?

WUT: Interpol Admits Terrorist ‘State of Palestine’ Into Its Ranks

Conservative Legal Group Raises Concerns About Gov’t Case Against Clinton

WATCH: NFL Fans Burn Season Tickets And Jerseys

Six Reasons Interpol’s Decision to Admit ‘Palestine’ Is Dangerous

SAT: 46% are ready for college

CRIMINAL JUSTICE SEXISM: “The coked-up British med student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife…

The Rich Get Richer: America’s Top 1% Now Control 38% of the Wealth

Fed Stunner: Top 1% Of Americans Are 70% Wealthier Than The Bottom 90%

Republicans Push For 2nd Special Counsel To Investigate Hillary, Comey, & Lynch

UK Breaks With EU To Endorse Vaping For Smoking Cessation

Saudi Spokeswoman Defends Oppressive Culture For Women [VIDEO]

4 Reasons You Should Try Virtual Doctor Visits

Trump slashes refugee admissions to 45,000 | TheHill

Matt Drudge: No Difference Between Dems And GOP Anymore

FACT CHECK: Does Obamacare Allow States To Waive Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions?

Tax Reform Just Got Real. Why the GOP Tax Plan Is Great News for America.

Acosta Fact Checks Trump On Number Of MAGA Hats [VIDEO]

Europe Will Take 50,000 Migrants Directly From Africa To Deter Deadly Sea Crossing

Six-Figure Pensions For University Of California Teachers Surge 60% Since 2012

Michelle Obama scolds female Trump voters

Heart failure could be treated using umbilical cord stem cells

The NFL Has Its Hands Deep in Taxpayer Money

This Chart Defines The 21st Century Economy

How Much Longer Can NFL Owners Afford To Sanction Anthem Protests?

FCC Dem Criticizes Agency’s Alleged Delay In Response To Hurricanes, But Omits Important Details

Report: Average Mexican Immigrant Sponsors More Than Six Relatives For Visas

Why Can’t We Talk About Muslim Supremacism?

Puerto Rico Needs Help. Here’s What You Should Know.

‘Kingsman 2’ Director ADMITS To Editing Out Anti-Trump Scenes For Ticket Sales

5 Things To Know About The Kurds’ Vote For Independence

REPORT: ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Target Of Failed Taliban Missile Attack

JOSH KRAUSHAAR: Democrats Lose Touch With America Hillary Clinton’s new book blames a lot of cul…

‘Protest Gameday’: Hundreds Storm Capitol To Support ‘Head Start’ Education Program [VIDEO]

Trump Threatens To Campaign Against Indiana Dem Senator If He Opposes Tax Reform

Zuckerberg Fires Back At Trump, Admits “Russian Ads” Were Meaningless

The Obscure Law Affecting Puerto Rico’s Ability to Recover After Hurricane Maria

Merkel Allies Call For New Party Leader After Worst Election Since 1949

The NFL & Luther Strange: A Tale Of Two PR Disasters

No Pack No! Aaron Rodgers Wants Packers Fans to Join Team in Linking Arms During the Anthem

Report: Russian-Purchased Black Lives Matter Ad Targeted Ferguson

Left Calls Trump Admin ‘Pro-Rape’ for Defending Students’ Due Process

Roy Moore Victory Signals Widespread Support for Immigration-Cutting RAISE Act

Analysis: Up to $137 Per Vote Spent on Luther Strange’s Behalf in AL Senate Race

Protesting the Protests: Backlash Against the NFL Spreads As Fans and Businesses Fight Back

The Deadliest Catch: California Sees Record Rise in STDs

GOP Tax Overhaul Aims to Cut Taxes on Middle Class Families and American Businesses

Journal Hoax Shows Limits Of Scientific Publication

Global EV and related climate alarmist colossal messes

Nearly 500 researchers guilty of misconduct, says Chinese gov’t investigation

Look At All The Negative Stories CNN Wrote About Roy Moore Before He Won

Transgender Training Mandatory For Ontario Hockey Coaches

Michelle Obama Says Female Trump Voters Only Voted For Him Because They Were Told To

Kneeling Protests Are The Worst Form Of Resistance Ever

1967: IN 50 YEARS WE’LL HAVE FLYING CARS! 2017: New cases of U.S. STDs at a record high, ‘outpa…

Pluto’s ‘Skyscrapers’: What’s Responsible for Dwarf Planet’s Giant Ice Blades

CNN Loves To Cover Corruption Trials Of Senators, Unless The Senator’s A Democrat

Trump: The NFL Has To Change Or ‘Their Business Is Going To Go To Hell’

The GOP Is Already Laying The Groundwork To Cave On Tax Reform

I BLAME THOSE MARTIAN SUVs: Radar survey offers new insights into Martian climate change….

Lauren Duca Is Happy To See White People Get Punished

WATCH: Colbert Urges Audience to Boo Trump Over NFL Comments, Says He’ll Make It His Ringtone

TRUMPONOMICS: Trump Tax Plan Proposes Tax INCREASE On Higher Earners

The Strategy Of Going Too Far

See What Triggered MSNBC To Cut Off Roy Moore’s Victory Speech

Iraq Deploys Troops To Kirkuk After Kurdistan “Yes” Vote; Turkey Threatens Blockade

Sports Illustrated Is Wrong. The National Anthem Protests Are Not A Sign Of Unity

IT’S A SHAKEDOWN: More evidence that the London Uber ban is about politics and demanding concessions…

Can We Stop Pretending China Actually Cares About Global Warming?

Canada Says It’s No Safe Haven for Immigrants Losing U.S. Protection – WSJ

Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY

Trump suggests Facebook colluded with media against him | TheHill

Senior Citizens Increasingly Caught Selling Medication; Authorities Say

Flesh-eating bacteria kills Houston woman after Hurricane Harvey

Michelle Obama: ‘Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice’

Zealandia drilling reveals secrets of sunken lost continent news

Venezuela Prepares for War With U.S. With ‘Rifles, Missiles and Well-Oiled Tanks at the Ready’

Pentagon: 44 percent of Puerto Ricans lack clean drinking water | TheHill

For desperate Puerto Ricans, fuel a precious commodity

In our troubled world, disaster movies are becoming obsolete

James Cameron Sounds the Alarm on Artificial Intelligence and Unveils a ‘Terminator’ for the 21st Century

‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation: Tim Allen Blames Conservative Politics | TVLine

Here are the 20 most expensive places in America to die

FBI Director: Terrorist Drones To Come | The Daily Caller

Teen stabbed to death with scissors in NYC high school

Family Suing NYC Hospital After Man Slips into Coma in ER Waiting Room | NBC New York

Four arrested over fight in ‘EMPATHY TENT’ at UC Berkeley

Nielsen: Football ratings off 11 percent this year

Army investigating West Point grad’s pro-communist social media posts | TheHill

Trump ‘not happy about’ Price’s taxpayer-funded private jet use – CNNPolitics

Football Fans Voice Displeasure But NFL Isn’t Listening | Trending

‘Obamacare’ survives; GOP concedes on last-gasp repeal try

Kneeling for a Self-Deceiving Lie | Roger L. Simon

Freedom Caucus Chair: ‘Aggressive Timeframe’ on Tax Reform Difficult

The Latest: Trump draws red line on tax overhaul

The Appalling Delusion of 100 Percent Renewables, Exposed

5 futuristic technologies set to change our lives really soon

Russian Duma Passes Legislation Banning VPNs, Tor

OPEC Faces Existential Crisis | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Commentary: The 6 biggest reasons I’m a climate-change skeptic — and why you should be a skeptic too

EU blasts Trump for rejecting climate change deal then increases coal exports from US

It’s absolute fantasy to think we can move to all electric cars without fossil fuels

NFL Protests: Trump Is Right

Now It’s Resourcism!

Trump’s Travel Ban, Supreme Court Vacillation & Muslim Bias Charge

NFL Protests & Donald Trump — It’s Not Just a Private Enterprise

Hurricane Maria Devastated Puerto Rico. Protectionism Isn’t Helping.

Mandatory Union Dues: Unconstitutional & Un-American

Cuba: U.S. Embassy Attacked, Only the Latest Outrage from the Castro Regime

So DHS will finally start collecting social media data on immigrants

College basketball bribery scandal arrests – Business Insider

Air Force Rationale For Killing J-Stars Radar Plane Replacement Isn’t Credible

Resounding “Yes” In Kurdish Independence Vote Evokes International Response

Flashback: Sen. John McCain ‘won’t stop fighting’ to replace collapsing Obamacare, you guys – twitchy.com

In Stunning Reversal, DHS Says Russians Were Not Behind Attempted Wisconsin Vote Hacking

Journalism magazine says it’s time to label Trump’s words ‘racist.’ Good.

Feminist social media lawsuit fails in spectacular fashion

WaPo: New study rocks political world … broadcasters hardest hit?

The Left’s (brilliant) scam behind the NFL anthem protests

Chait: White supremacy and the discourse of far left panic

David slays Alabama Goliath: Roy Moore defeats incumbent Sen. Luther Strange

IRONY: CNN Calls Trump Racist While They’re Getting Sued By 175 Black Employees For Discrimination

Here’s How Much Money the NFL Rakes in From Taxpayers

Here’s What Saudi Women Still Can’t Do Even After Driving Ban Is Lifted

TRUMP 2020 GETS A SHOT IN THE ARM: NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Unco…

Percent Of NFL Players That Knelt For Anthem | The Daily Caller

WaPo Lauds Clinton For Trump’s Aid Relie | The Daily Caller

Video Released Of Beginning Stages Of Border Wall Construction

NARRATIVE MONTAGE: Hurricane Maria Is ‘Trump’s Katrina’

Report: Violent Crime Increased In 2016

FINALLY: Saudi Arabia Says Women Will Be Allowed To Get Drivers Licenses

This Restaurant Owner Won’t Show Any NFL Games Until Anthem Protests End

IRS Sharing Tax Information Of Trump Campaign Officials With Robert Mueller

Hillary Slams Trump Admin Over Private Email Use: “It’s Just The Height Of Hypocrisy”

Google Doodle Celebrates Lesbian Who Called Proper Speech ‘Terrorism’ And Longed For SEX WITH TREES

DirecTV Will Allow Angry Customers To Request NFL Refunds

Althouse: Is it wrong for foreign leaders to try to influence American elections? Hillary didn’t think so.

Three wild speculations from amateur quantitative macrohistory

Jeff Sessions Calls Out College Censorship, Vows to Defend Free Speech

What Conservative Lawmakers Want to See in a Tax Reform Package

House Freedom Caucus Members Talk Tough on DACA, Immigration Reform

SCOTUS Dispute Over Ballot Integrity Divides Red States, Blue States

EPA Spent $25K On A Secure Phone Booth For Scott Pruitt To Prevent Eavesdropping

Washington Has Killed Every Coal Export Project In The Last Seven Years


Trump Says U.S. Prepared To Use “Devastating, Military Option” On North Korea

Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander: I Stand for Our Flag and Anthem

Afghan Taliban Capitalizing on ‘Ghost’ Troops Plaguing U.S.-Funded Security Forces

 Defenders Say NFL Protests ‘Not About Disrespecting’ America — Kaepernick Disagrees

Spurs’ Popovich: ‘Our Country Is an Embarrassment in the World’

Louisiana Bar Will Not Show Saints Game After Sunday Protests

Paul Ryan On NFL Protests: ‘People Are Within Their Rights to Express Themselves How They See Fit’

University of Chicago Supports Medieval Studies Scholar Falsely Accused of Encouraging White Supremacy

Sheila Jackson Lee Takes a Knee on the House Floor to Protest Trump’s NFL Remarks

ESPN’s Kellerman: LeBron James Comes Across More ‘Presidential’ Than Trump

 Rep. Steve King: ‘DACA’ – ‘Delivering Amnesty to Central Americans’

NFL Sponsors Starting to Push Back Over Anthem Protests

Trump Deploying Resources to Aid Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

Breitbart ‘Nationalized’ Alabama Senate Race as ‘Proxy War’ Between Grassroots and GOP Establishment

Crossover Voters in AL Sen Primary Warned: ‘Fraud,’ Punishable Class C Felony

George Clooney Writes Prayer for United States: ‘When I Pray, I Kneel’

Venezuelan Foreign Minister at UN: Trump ‘Defiled’ UN Acting ‘Like World’s Emperor’

Before Football Players Kneeled on the Playing Field, They Fell on the Battlefield

Gregg Popovich: White People Need to Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

Megyn Kelly: NFL Players Have ‘Every Right to Take a Knee’

Professor Doubles Down on Tweet Saying ‘Trump Must Hang’

Can we trust research in science and medicine? | Practical Ethics

Wind Power Propaganda Unplugged: How Media Helped Sell the Greatest Fraud of All Time

Regular alcohol drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes

Memories of Alzheimer’s patients may not be lost forever

Facebook Is a Broadcaster: How to Regulate It Like One | Fortune.com

U.S. to Curb Russian Military Flights Over American Territory – WSJ

California Is Already Preparing for a North Korean Nuclear Attack | Foreign Policy

China says situation on Korean peninsula very dangerous

North Korea moves warplanes into US bombers’ flight path after warning Trump they’ll shoot down any American jet they see

Republicans agree to raise bottom tax rate, double standard deduction – Axios

Chicago police officers to be reprimanded after kneeling in Instagram post – Chicago Tribune

Coach: White People Must Be Uncomfortable | The Daily Caller

Might Athlete Protests Reach Podiums at the Winter Olympics? – The New York Times

Dem lawmaker threatens to force Trump impeachment vote next week | TheHill

N.F.L. Owners’ Unity With Players Might Be Short-Lived – The New York Times

Behind the NFL’s Frantic Scramble to Hit Back at Trump – WSJ

Trump ramps up NFL fight, calls for ban on kneeling during anthem

Assuming the present trend, Russia will remove the GPS, U.S. satellites by 2020

Fox News: Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Meets with Skepticism, Even from Left

Climate Science Comes Up Short — Quadrant Online

DNA analysis has solved the mystery of whether Canaanite descendants live on

Cashless: The Globalist One World Currency Will Look A Lot Like Bitcoin

In Government, Failure Is The Way To Get Yourself More Money

Who are the GOP warmists?

The “Battle for The Net” – a Little Twin of Climate Alarmism

How nanoparticles and a common spice are killing cancer cells

What Else Did Al Gore Get Wrong? – WSJ

Claim: 6 ways climate change will ‘have a profound impact’ on your wallet – Will reduce income 23% by 2100!

Geo-Engineering Exposed: Scientists To Dim Sunlight In Order To Cool Planet

Shock Horror! Poll Shows Tourists Hate Wind Turbines: Scotland’s Highlands Shunned

The New Face Of The Democratic Party?

Here Are The Congressional Aides That Traded On Insider Information Over The Past Year

How a Radical Left-Wing Historian Birthed the Anti-Columbus Crusade

Global Trade Volume Is Up, No Thanks to Protectionism

Tech CEO Isaac Schlueter Calls For Fewer White Men In Tech

Leaked Descriptions Of Infamous “Russia Ads” Derail Collusion Narrative “They Showed Support For Clinton”

Report: GOP Senators Push Amnesty for 2.5 Million Illegals

LISTEN: Texas Democrat Who Railed on Blacks Now Caught Trashing Mexicans, Women

Taking a Stand: Stadium Worker Quits Job After Bills Protest

Take a Knee, Pay Your Own Fee: Louisiana Politician Wants to Take State Money Away from Saints After Protests

Analysis: GOP Establishment Has Wasted Approximately $235,000 Per Day Against Republicans in Alabama…

HBO’s John Oliver Lies About Trump Rubbing U.S. Flag Against His ‘Old Boner’

The Hypocrisy of the NFL

Academic freedom is crucial for society

CNN’s Laura Jarrett: Sen. Menendez’s Defense Team Doesn’t Dispute He Got Lavish Gifts From Donor

Trump Disputes CNN Report That Kelly Is Upset About His NFL Comments

The End of NFL Football?

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Has No Time For Silly NFL Kneelers

The 180 second workout which can replace hours at the gym

In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes. | Miami Herald

545 people are responsible for the mess, but they unite in a common con – Orlando Sentinel

Hepatitis A outbreak has San Diego commuters wary of where they sit, what they touch – LA Times

Survey: Just A Quarter Of Americans Can Name All 3 Branches Of Government

Death toll from West Nile climbs to 7 in L.A. County, officials say – LA Times

Anthony Weiner gets hard time

Director of Hollywood Bomb Blames Americans Rejecting ‘Science’ for Flop

Woman walks into LongHorn Steakhouse in Spotsylvania, gets bitten by a copperhead

Selfies with human remains: Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after gruesome find

Battered Puerto Rico hospitals on life support after Hurricane Maria

Puerto Ricans hunt for precious Wi-Fi and cell signals

Conditions growing dire in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

‘Gaydar’ Shows How Creepy Algorithms Can Get – Bloomberg

California hit by 28 earthquakes in 24 hours as ‘big one’ fears grow | Daily Star

Los Angeles Chargers Welcomed Another Embarrassing Crowd In Week 3 | The Big Lead

Congressional aides risk conflicts with stock trades – POLITICO

How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege? – The New York Times

NFL national anthem flap sees Steelers coach Mike Tomlin rap Alejandro Villanueva, while his jersey sales soar

Donald Trump’s language is similar to Isis rhetoric, says Sadiq Khan

In Dire Straits, Connecticut Nears 90 Days Without Budget – The New York Times

Natalya Kaspersky’s Snoop-Proof Phone Helps Putin Thwart Spies – Bloomberg

ISIS challenges Prince Harry to a fight vowing to send him and his Apache helicopters to ‘hellfire’

Police: Man arrested near White House with weapons in car – CNNPolitics

‘Swarm attack’ from armed drones pose ‘grave threat’ to Trump

Jews around world concerned by far-right breakthrough in German election

Protesters chanting ‘Nazis out’ hit AfD vote party

Leadership of German far right splits hours after electoral success

North Korea says US declared war, says it can shoot down bombers

Weakened Merkel wins fourth term, hit by nationalist ‘earthquake’

The Politicization of Everything – WSJ

Pharrell gets on his knees at Concert for Charlottesville

Stevie Wonder, ‘1984’ cast and Michael Moore take a knee to support NFL protests

It’s Disgusting’: NFL Fans React to National Anthem Protests Insider

Americans Nationwide Burn NFL Tickets, Shirts in Solidarity With Trump

Nike Backs NFL Players’ Right to Protest in U.S. Anthem Debate – Bloomberg

More than 200 protest racism in loud NFL statement

Roger Goodell Ignoring League’s Own Rules in Letting Players Protest Anthem

Trump urges fans to boycott NFL over anthem protests

Take Baby Steps Toward Encryption by Securing Your Smartphone

Technocracy: Wake Up To The Rockefeller Movie Of Political Reality

Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI doomsdaylogy is more limited than Musk’s

Ban clean air!? ‘Cleaner air could actually be exacerbating global warming trends’

Jimmy Kimmel: The Left in a Nutshell

Vox: Women’s Only Colleges Should Accept ‘Transgender Women’

No Players On The Field For National Anthem At Titans Vs. Seahawks Game

How Did Kaepernick Become A Leftist?

NPR Laments ‘Gender-Segregated’ Competitive Sports As ‘Exclusive’

President Trump Slams Commish Goodell for ‘Justifying’ the NFL’s ‘Disrespect’ for Our Country

Unforced Error: MLB Player Responds to President Trump’s Speech By Staging Baseball’s First National Anthem Protest

NBA Star Chris Paul May Have Threatened The President of The United States

Pelosi: Trump Has ‘Unclean Hands’ on Race — He Has Exploited Divisions in Our Country

Biden: Trump ‘Emboldened White Supremacists’

352-Event Earthquake Storm Hit Southern California Last Week

NFL to Feature ‘Unity’ Ad to Stave Off Disunity Caused by Anthem Protests

Tennessee Church Shooter Suspect Identified As 25-Year-Old From Sudan

Football Fans Boo Players Protesting National Anthem

THE PUERTO RICO MESS: Before he appoints Peter Thiel to the Sup Ct Trump……

NASCAR Team Owners Say They Won’t Tolerate National Anthem Protests

Police Identify Antioch Church Shooter as Emanuel Kidega Samson

Trump: ‘Rocket Man Should Have Been Handled a Long Time Ago’

Clinton: Members of the Media Told Me ‘We Overdid It’ With Email Coverage, Expected Me to Win

Labor Group Accused of Hypocrisy for Independent Contractor Posting

Experts Say Medical Care Next Big Cyber Threat

Russian Ads on Facebook Seems Too Small an Amount to Affect Election

NFL picked sides in the culture war, now it has to live with the consequences

Institute at Columbia University Sues Trump for Blocking Critics on Twitter

Los Angeles County Public Health officially declares Hepatitis A outbreak

New Report: Anti-Israel activism on campuses more “aggressive, sophisticated”

The real problem with those new campus sexual assault guidelines

Chicago’s awesome new soda tax produces predicted results

Tom Price does the right thing (perhaps belatedly) on government travel

Politics and sports have always crossed paths

It’s Trump’s Fault – US Employers Cut Bonuses For First Time In 7 Years

22-Year-Old With Concealed Carry Stops Tennessee Church Shooter

WATCH: Sen. Chuck Schumer Says ‘That Damned Wall’ Will Not Be The Symbol Of The United States

Valerie Plame Resigns And Apologizes After Tweeting Article About ‘Jews Driving America’s Wars’

Following uproar, surgery journal retracts paper with male-only pronouns

There’s another huge plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean

The Nazi Origins Of Renewable Energy And Global Warming

Work by group at Australian university faces scrutiny

Why People Like Al Gore Hate The World’s Poor – InsideSources

Chicken Little: Green Ministers May Block UK-US Trade Deal Over EU Food Scares

Poll: Anthem protests biggest reason NFL viewers stopped watching.

Tinder, Grindr Want More Customers, Urge ‘Dreamer’ Amnesty

Instagram Apologizes After Algorithm Generates Rape Threat into Advertisement

A.I. Pioneer Says Tech Monopolies Are ‘Dangerous for Democracy’

Trump: North Korea Might Not ‘Be Around Much Longer’

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Accuses Donald Trump of Inspiring ‘Dissension and Hatred’

Several NFL Owners Condemn President Trump’s Remarks on Players Who Protest the Anthem

Putting America’s Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt In Global Context

Facebook Ban On Vaping Advertising Is Risking The Lives Of ‘Tens Of Millions Of Smokers’

‘Deception’ Over The Risks Of Smoking Alternatives Violates ‘Public Health Ethics’

SO THIS IS KIND OF BIG: Clergy and Lay Scholars Issue Filial Correction of Pope Francis……..

Trump Rips Nuclear Deal Following Iran’s Missile Test

FASTER, PLEASE: New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains….

Texas Fights Open Borders Advocates on Sanctuary City Ban

LeBron James Slams Donald Trump: ‘Going to White House Was a Great Honor Until You Showed Up!’

WINNING: U.S. Household Wealth Reaches Record High of $1.7 Trillion

Hillary Clinton: Women Are ‘Publicly Disrespecting Themselves’ by Supporting Trump

Milo Proposes Creation of California College Republicans Legal Defense Team

Former Congresswoman Calls Trump A ‘White Supremacist’

Drone Footage Shows Puerto Rico Devastation From The Air

Mexican Foreign Minister: Go Ahead And Send The Illegals Back, America’s Loss

The Worst Republican Senator | Power Line

WHAT HAPPENED? Astonishingly, the 2016 Clinton campaign conducted no state polls in the final thre…

DeVos Ditches Obama Campus Assault Rules, But Problems Lie Ahead

With Uber and Lyft in Philly, taxi loans are underwater, like mortgages in 2008

Retailers Say Beverage Sales Down As Much As 47 Percent Due To Soda Tax

Michael Barone: A split in the party, a return to normal

Valerie Plame Wilson has a lot of anti-Semite company on the Left

NFL commish SACKED for this reaction to Trump’s slam on kneeling players – twitchy.com

Farewell to the National Football League | Unexamined Premises

US Bombers Rip Past North Korea To Remind ‘Rocket Man’ Of American Power

Cruz: Tax Reform Should be Used to Repeal One of ‘Most Damaging’ Bills

Black Lives Matter Is ‘Alive And Well,’ Co-Founder Says

‘Free Speech’ Dead at Berkeley: Milo Event Canceled After ‘Pressure’ from University

Russell Brand On The Benefits Of Legalizing Drugs

Democratic Politician’s Attack On Rubio Over Unanswered Phone Calls Backfires Big Time On Social Media

BOZELL & GRAHAM: An Overwrought Hatefest at the Emmy Awards

Amid Tensions With North Korea, Trump Starts A Culture War

North Korea Returns Fire At The UN: ‘No One Other Than Trump Is On A Suicide Mission’

Teen Sentenced After Punching Principal For Telling Him To Turn Down Music

Commissioner Goodell: Trump Comments ‘Divisive,’ Show an ‘Unfortunate Lack of Respect’

Trump: ‘McCain Never Had Any Intention of Voting’ for Graham-Cassidy Bill

SPEED UP THE DESTRUCTION OF THE NFL: Dem calls for all NFL players to kneel during national anthem….

Pentagon To Probe “Evacuation Hoax” Messages Sent To US Soldiers In South Korea

YES. NEXT QUESTION? Is Constant Corporate Monitoring Killing Morale? All of these efficiency prog…

Blame Game 2017: Clinton Implies She Was True Victim Of Negative Press Coverage

 Show Biz Meltdown: Bombs Away!

Convenience Store Clerk Fires Gun At Armed Robber, Gets Suspended For Two Weeks

Anti-Trump AG Obsessively Targets Exxon’s Climate Record While Ignoring Solar Industry Corruption

U.S. B-1B Bombers Fly Just Off Coast Of North Korea: 4 Reasons Why This Time It’s Different

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Trump’s NFL Protest Comments are why Trump is President: He takes a commonly held…

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: Science says: Yes, your dog really does love you….

Keith Olbermann: NFL Fans Should Sit During National Anthem To Protest Trump

Former Democratic Congresswoman Urges All NFL Players To Kneel During National Anthem

Spain In Crisis: Catalan Police Reject Madrid Takeover, Vow To “Resist”

CNN: Trump’s Attacks On Athletes Were ‘Racial’ [VIDEO]

California Farmers Race To Replace Workers With Robots Amid Labor Shortage

Ancient Italian fossils reveal risk of parasitic infections due to climate change

PBS – Global Warming Killed All Life On Earth 17 Years Ago

Robert Mueller Special Counsel Investigation: Manafort Under Pressure

Soros-backed Organization Attacking Moore as Battle with Luther Strange for Senate Seat Heads to Tuesday Vote

Judd Apatow: Trump Playing to ‘Rape Base’ by Scrapping Obama’s Campus Assault Rules

Maher: Obamacare ‘Was a Redistribution of Income’ – Obama Should Have Said ‘That’s Exactly What We’re Doing’

Ben Shapiro Says To ‘Trigger People With Truth’

OBAMA’S WATERGATE: Six months later, CNN confirms what was widely reported — and ignored on the l…

What the heck happened to the Democrats’ fundraising?

BEYOND JOLT: Travelers warned about meth-laced soda in Mexico….

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Trump’s “divisive” comments show lack of respect for the NFL

BREAKING: Earthquake Aftershock Hits Mexico City

Trump Slams the Brakes on Self-Driving Cars – Bloomberg

Public university to host retreat solely for ‘Women of Color’

Trump to NBA star Curry: If you don’t want to visit White House, “invitation is withdrawn!”

OH THANK GOODNESS: Graham Says Friendship with McCain Won’t be Hurt By ‘No’ Vote on Health Bill….

Revolt Against Trudeau Tax Plan Spreads To Big Business

Liberals Freak Out When Trump Calls Out NFL Players For Kneeling During Games

St. Louis Protests Could Cost The City A Chance At Amazon’s Second Headquarters, Thousands Of Jobs

‘Authoritarian Approach To Power’: Macron Faces Third Wave Of Mass Protests

ERICKSON: I Have More Moral Authority Than Jimmy Kimmel

Los Zetas Cartel Stockpiling Weapons near Texas Border

London Residents Already Hate The City’s Decision To Ban Uber

Trump’s Exec Order On North Korea Is A Big Step That Should Have Been Taken Years Ago

MSNBC Contributor Compares Alabama Senate Can | The Daily Caller

Thousands Could Die – Puerto Rico Scrambles To Evacuate River Valley As Dam Fails

WELL, YES: School choice is crucial for African-American students’ success. Here’s what I need …

‘Super malaria’ spreads in South East Asia – UPI.com

WATCH: Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up’ – Trump Tells Them How To Make It Happen

NFL Chief Lashes Out At “Divisive, Disrespectful” Trump Over “Son Of A Bitch” Comment

One Relatively Unknown Federal Agency Will Play A Big Role In Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda

WATCH: Iran Defies US With Test Of Powerful Missile

‘It’s kind of a weather roller coaster’: On last day of summer, California hit by snow, hail – LA Times

Environmentalists Say EPA’s $1.1 Million Fine Against Farmer Wasn’t Enough

Puerto Rico’s poverty rate is 46%, more than twice the poverty rate in Mississippi, the poorest state in the U.S

Actors Bow Out of Roles After PC Diversity Pressure: Is This the Start of a Disturbing New Trend?

U.S. Allowing Aid from Syrian Regime Territory to Reach ISIS Bus Convoy

House Votes to Block Sessions’ Asset Forfeiture Rollback

More Voters Identify as ‘Trump Supporters’ Than ‘Republicans’ | Trending

TIME TO SHUT DOWN THE NFL: Attorney: Tests show Aaron Hernandez had CTE….

5 Facebook Restrictions and Annoyances (and How to Solve Them)

Anti-Trump actor Johnny Depp fights global warming, but won’t give up 14 homes and private jet

Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age? – Sky & Telescope

Nutrition science isn’t broken, it’s just wicked hard

How economists rode maths to become our era’s astrologers | Aeon Essays

Why Universal Basic Income Is Gaining Supporters And Critics

Oregon Takes Kids Because Parents’ IQ Is Too Low

Study: Sea Level Rise Revised Downward

Tourism and Petroleum Industries Thrive in America’s Gulf Coast States

PET scans show many Alzheimer’s patients may not actually have the disease


Boss of Californian community colleges wants to ban algebra

Blog: Affirmative action is the new third rail of American politics

Not Just a TV Ratings Drop: The NFL Also Suffering Tumbling Turnout at California Stadiums

Collapse: Time Magazine’s Brutal Deep Dive Into The Ever Shrinking And Regional Democratic Party – Matt Vespa

Michael Bloomberg: Facebook May Need to ‘Read Every Message’ to Stop Fake News

FreedomWorks Warns Of ‘Crash Into Demographic Crisis’ If GOP Fails On Tax Reform

Pro-Amnesty U.S. Chamber of Commerce Touts Trump Support of Luther Strange on Giant Birmingham Billboard

Chelsea Handler: ‘Maybe We Trade’ Trump for Kim Jong-Un

Trump Approves More Than 100K Illegal Aliens for DACA in Last Three Months

Rasmussen Poll: 34% Less Likely to Watch NFL Because of Anthem Protests

McCain blows up health care reform again, says he can’t support Graham-Cassidy “in …

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off North California Coast

NWS Declares “Extremely Dangerous Situation” After Puerto Rico Dam Fails

VIDEO: College Students Pretend To Decapitate “Pig” Police Officer; University Defends

McCain Destroys Obamacare Repeal AGAIN After Promising Repeal In 2016

Report: 4th Grade Teacher Changed The Word ‘Men’ In Declaration Of Independence To ‘Humans’…

HOLY JOURNOLIST, BATMAN! Secret Facebook Page Reveals Marvel, DC Comics Writers Conspiring to Harass…

Pee In The Pool Can Cause Breathing And Eye Irritation

Cleric Suspended For Saying Women Have Small Brains, Shouldn’t Drive

Teenagers Arrested After Threatening To Kill McDonald Employees

Bernie Sanders Says He’d Consider Voting To Reduce Aid, Weapons To Israel

ACLU Sues St. Louis Over Police Using ‘Chemical Weapons’ On Protesters

Hawaii Pregnancy Centers Go to Court Over Law Requiring They Promote Abortions

Bernie Sanders Slams “Terrorism-Funding” Saudi Arabia, “Not An Ally” Of The US

NYT Writes Nearly 1,500 Words On Berkeley With ZERO Mention Of Antifa

Pictures Of Pyongyang: WSJ Unveils Never-Before-Seen Images From North Korea’s Showcase Capital

Jimmy Kimmel Really Is a Democrat Party Operative With A TV Show

NBC Pushes Fake News That Russians Tried To Alter 2016 Election Results In Wisconsin

Stop Shopping Until You Drop — Or Until A Terrorist Drops You

8 Times ‘Maverick’ John McCain Has Thwarted Conservatives

Sen. John McCain Backed Into a Corner. He Refuses to Tell Authorities Where He Got 9 Million Dollars From…

DHS Notifies 21 States That Of Hacker Targeting; Election Officials Blame “Russian Government Cyber Actors”

Luther Strange Swamp Pal Bob Corker to Receive More Money from Alabama Taxpayers Than Senate Salary

7 Things the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Graham-Cassidy

Snowflakeism Strikes Cornell University

Black Sheriffs Lay Out How To Solve Mistrust Between Cops And Citizens

Five Stories The Establishment Media Killed This Week

Fraud’: Mainstream polls use 29% More Democrats than Republicans

Honest John McCain Shows HIs Support For ObamaCare

Putin reveals fears that robots will one day ‘eat us’

Levi’s Stadium Nearly Empty For TNF | The Daily Caller

France threatens to skip 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea over security concerns – LA Times

Is Gov’t Investigating Solar Companies? | The Daily Caller

Spectacular findings in Australia push back human settlement by at least 10,000 years

50 Countries Sign Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty At United Nations

SACKED: Admiral, Captain Removed in Ongoing Investigations into USS John S. McCain, USS Fitzgerald C…

It’s Leftward Ho — and No End in Sight

California Cities Sue Oil Companies over Climate Change

CDC Oddly Quiet On Study Proving Vaping Does Not Pollute Indoor Air

London Tube Bomber Was Part of ‘Deradicalization’ Program

Schools Now Getting Rated On How Friendly They Are To Trans Kids

Sen. Hates Graham-Cassidy Except He Hasn’ | The Daily Caller

Journo Levies Bizarre ‘Exploitation’ | The Daily Caller

A Look At How Nestle Makes Billions Selling You Groundwater In A Bottle

Valerie Plame: Hey, check out this thought-provoking article about Jews driving America’s wars

Taiwan Cuts Off Fossil Fuels To North Korea

Anti-Islamic Discrimination Rising In Countries Attacked By Jihadis

No, the Electoral College Is Not a ‘National Security Threat’

California Legislature Demands Apology From Trump

MSNBC Panel Complains That Trump Doesn’t Mention Russia When Talking About North Korea

Scottish Health Officials Rule Vaping Is ‘Definitely’ Safer Than Smoking

Oh, The Things Kids Say…

John Lewis: Trump ‘Made It Very Comfortable for People to Put on Those Hoods, Put on Those Sheets’

Study: US women report diverse preferences related to sexual pleasure

What Needs to Change in the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

‘JUSTICE-PRICING’: Filmmaker Charges White Males $5 More For Tickets

CUT OFF: Trump Administration Unveils Sweeping New North Korea Sanctions

WATCH College Students Defend Antifa’s Violence

Dem. Rep: McCain Will Make ‘Good Choices’ On Obamacare Repeal Because He’s Dying

Texas Democrat Uses ‘N-WORD’ In Tir | The Daily Caller

Unleashing the Power of Mockery on Annoying Social Justice Warriors

After 2.5 Years, A Lawsuit To Unseal Draft Whitewater Indictments Against Hillary Gets Its Day In Court

Zuckerberg Promises To Protect ‘Election Integrity’ After Handing Over Docs To Mueller

ABC Green Cards Sitcom About Illegal Immigrants Living In America

If The Majority Votes To Secede – What About The Minority?

1 Million Ohio Public Employees Face Pension Cuts As Another Ponzi Teeters On The Brink

Kim Jong Un Vows To Tame “Mentally Deranged Dotard” Trump “With Fire”

NFL Players Ask League to Ruin Football With Social Justice Activism, and Activism Awareness Month

Green Jobs Lost As Green Subsidies Dry Up–But Elon Musk Set To Make Billions From Californian Taxpayers

Canada Follows China With Social Scoring App For ‘Behavior Modification’

Scientists have reversed brain damage in a 2-year-old girl who drowned in a swimming pool

NOAA’s Climate.gov Says Natural Wetlands, Tropical Agriculture Responsible For Methane Increases, Not Oil and Gas

Siemens To Shut Canadian Wind Turbine Plant

Bike-Crazy Oregon Riders Enraged Over First Bicycle Tax In Nation

War On Cash Puts ECB, EU On Collision Course With Germany

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump EPA Pick Scott Pruitt a ‘Piece of Sh*t’

WATCH: Kimmel Attacks GOP Senator Over Health Care Bill, Uses His Own Son To Push Socialized Medicine (Again)

Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Want Americans To Suffer?

The Nuclear Option: Creepy Kimmel Politicizes Infant Son’s Health Crisis

Jimmy Kimmel ‘Apologizes’ for Using Son’s Medical Crisis to Score Political Points

Democrat Party Operative , With TV Show, Jimmy Kimmel takes on Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill

Jimmy Kimmel says Graham-Cassidy is a gift to the insurance lobby. The health-insurance lobby opposes Graham-Cassidy.

CNN Anchor Defends Kimmel On Health Care | The Daily Caller

Kimmel Threatens Fox News Host: ‘I’ll Pound You When I See You’

Dear media: Stop treating Jimmy Kimmel as if he’s some nonpartisan expert on healthcare

All About Hepatitis A, The Reason San Diego Is Bleaching Its Streets

Trump’s war strategy hailed by Afghan president: ‘A difference of day and night’

Ellen Degeneres to Megyn Kelly: As A Gay Woman, I Can’t Have “Dangerous” Donald Trump On My Show

Could Russia (or Mexico) bribe the feds to regulate Drudge? | TheHill

Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘Impeachment Is About Whatever the Congress Says It Is’

How Matt Drudge became the pipeline for Russian propaganda

Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops – The New York Times

Scientists Loved and Loathed by an Agrochemical Giant – The New York Times

Monsanto’s New Weed Killer, Dicamba, Divides Farmers – The New York Times

Alarm over flesh-eating ulcer cases in Australia

Rodrigo Duterte tells Philippines police to kill his son if drug allegations are true

Thousands rally in Philippines, warn of Duterte ‘dictatorship’

The NFL is praying for a ratings turnaround

Shawnee Mission high school student Tyler Ruzich joins race for Kansas governor | The Kansas City Star

49ers-Rams tickets reselling for the price of two stadium pretzels – SFGate

Fearing far-right surge, Merkel tells Germans to vote on Sunday

Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Draws In More Germans as Vote Nears – WSJ

Trump to put more sanctions on North Korea

Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes For Off-Air Tirade: ‘A Better Person Would’ve Had a Better Reaction’

A stunned Puerto Rico seeks to rebuild after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria’s rampage demolishes Puerto Rico | Miami Herald

Maria Back Over Water After Devastating Hit to Puerto Rico by Dr. Jeff Masters

Jimmy Kimmel Health Care Commentary Is Poorly Informed

New Study: Millennials Graduating High-School With No Work Experience

Republican $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Is Irresponsible, Anti-Growth

Princeton’s campus newspaper disbands editorial board after string of right-leaning opinions

Washington state Democrat lawmakers want to end college Republicans

WashPost Columnist: ESPN Must Let ‘Diverse Voices’ Call Trump a White Supremacist

Top Trump General: Iran’s Complying With The Agreement. Trump Should Kill The Deal Anyway.

Portland Comic Con Bans ‘Nazi’ Cosplay – Including Red Skull And Hydra Costumes

WATCH: Atlantic Writer Says Trump Presidency Wrought By ‘The Force Of Whiteness”

Hillary: I’m The ‘Paula Revere’ Warning About Russia’s Election Meddling

DIFFICULT PEOPLE: Hulu Show Mocks Those ‘Christian Right Motherf***ers’

Report: Tesla And AMD Developing Custom AI Chip For Self-Driving Technology

Jimmy Kimmel Praised Five Countries’ Health Care Systems. Here Are Some Problems With Them.

Prosecutors Unveil Full Details Of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia

Activist In Seminar: All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be

Socialism Corrupts and Absolute Socialism Corrupts Absolutely

A North Korean EMP Attack Would Call For a Strong U.S. Counterstrike

FACT CHECK: Individual Mandate Penalty Falls Heaviest On Families Making $50K Or Less

The National Nervous Breakdown, and How to Exploit it Ruthlessly

WALL STREET JOURNAL: All Mr. Comey’s Wiretaps: Congress needs to learn how the FBI meddled in the …

The Politician Behind California High Speed Rail Now Says It’s ‘Almost a Crime’ – Reason.com

POOR PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico ‘100 percent without power’ after Maria hits….

Third Trump Critic Gets Rewarded With State Dept Job

Lindsey Graham: Obama Can’t ‘Acknowledge His Signature Issue Is Failing’

Prophets of Rage Music Video Depicts Black People Hanged in Front of Trump White House

Mauldin: Americans Don’t Grasp The Magnitude Of The Looming Pension Tsunami

WSJ Turns On Antifa: Violent, Black-Clad Protesters Are “Dividing The Left”

Samantha Power was unmasking so many American’s that she averaged more than 1 request for every day in 2016

‘Double Take’ Demolishes Planned Parenthood And OK Cupid [VIDEO]

EPA Chief Who Used An Alias To Avoid Scrutiny Complains Trump Admin Isn’t Transparent

8-Year-Olds Take a Knee to Protest National Anthem at Illinois Youth Football Game

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Urges Trump to Get Better DACA Deal for Black Men’s Sake

Trump Blasts Socialism at UN: ‘Failed Ideology’ that Causes ‘Poverty and Misery Everywhere’

Celebrity Committee To Investigate Russia | The Daily Caller

WikiLeaks Releases Russian Mass Surveillance System Documents

Zuckerberg Hires ‘Gang of Eight’ Pollsters To Skew DACA Amnesty Polls

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes After Trump At Climate Conference

Politico Calls The Electoral College A National Security Threat

Australian Health Leaders Reject Science To Uphold National Vaping Ban

DeGrasse Tyson: Climate Deniers Hypocrites For Using Cellphones [VIDEO]

NO DEAL: Howie Mandel Says Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy

This ‘White Privilege Checklist’ For Students Is EVERYTHING

ISIS And The Fake Passport Industry

National Enquirer To Judge Judy And Her Daughter: Sorry About All Those Fake Stories

TV Star Melissa Joan Hart Whines About Hurricane Maria: ‘Our Family Vacation Is Canceled’

Shapiro at ‘National Review’: College Students vs. The First Amendment

What, No Hurricane Bounce? Ford Idles 5 North American Plants In Wake Of Slumping Car Sales

Kids Cancer Charity Triathalon At Trump Golf Course Canceled After Complaints

DUMB: What Was Tom Price Thinking? This Politico piece blows him up so thoroughly, I’m not sure…

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel to GOP: Seize the Moment and Pass Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Now

I COULD HAVE SWORN DIVERSITY WAS OUR STRENGTH: Bridgewater State Professor Says “Fuck Any” Stude…

Luther Strange Campaign Admits EB-5 Program ‘Not Used as Intended,’ Keeps Investment in It

Myth of the Infrastructure Cure-all

House Dems Go On Tweet Storm Attacking Obamacare Repeal

Union Leaders Tried to Bully This California Teacher Into Silence. She Didn’t Give In.

Hillary’s New Political Group Is Now Using Her Granddaughter To Beg For Cash

‘There No Escaping’ Russia Investig | The Daily Caller

1967: In 50 years, we’ll have flying cars! 2017: App lets users rent ‘warmed up’ second-han…

The Best Albums of the Reagan Presidency

WHOA: Sharyl Attkisson says she has something in common with Trump (thanks to Obama?)

France may make wolf-whistling and asking women for their phone number a CRIMINAL offence

Emmanuel Macron: French media are ‘totally narcissistic’ – POLITICO

WHO warns the world is running out of antibiotics

Maxine Waters pushes Trump impeachment – during eulogy!

Paper ballots are back in vogue thanks to Russian hacking fears

EU ready to move alone on digital tax if no global deal

For weeks, Equifax customer service has been directing victims to a fake phishing site – The Verge

Ransomware hack targeting 2 million an hour – Axios

Mueller casts broad net in requesting extensive records from Trump White House

Mueller team’s focus on Manafort spans 11 years – CNNPolitics

Scramble for survivors as quake flattens Mexico City buildings

Powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan coast

Sacramento State Student’s Art Depicting Cops As Pigs Drawing Attention

Stop ‘escalation,’ Spain PM tells Catalan separatists as protests rage

Spanish police seize millions of Catalan referendum ballots

Suspect in Starbucks robbery may sue man who stopped him – SFGate

Spanish Police Detain Catalan Officials Ahead of Independence Vote – WSJ

City hopes fencing stops disrobing of Confederate statues | Local

Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Los Angeles County | abc7.com

Buffett joins the world’s richest for $147 billion photo

With Popular Single-Payer Plan, Bernie Sanders Enters New Territory: A Wealth Tax

Trump rebounds after polling slide – POLITICO

Are the glaciers in Glacier National Park growing?

Pelosi: DREAMers’ Families Did a ‘Great Thing’ Illegally Bringing Children to America

LEAKED: Watch MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s Unhinged Outtakes…for Eight Crazy Minutes

Theresa May launches stinging attack on Donald Trump in United Nations speech

Embarrassment as Theresa May delivers speech to mostly empty United Nations General Assembly

Islamic State backers find ephemeral platform in Instagram – 9/20/2017 11:44:06 AMer

Jihadis upload 270,000 extremist posts on social media in five months as tech giants remain slow to combat it

Mexico earthquake as it struck – BBC News

Drone stops IS ‘execution’ in Syria – BBC News

Internet firms say removing extremist content within hours is huge challenge

NFL TV Ratings Slide Worries Wall Street | Hollywood Reporter

Christian Numerologist Says World Will End On Sept. 23

Witch Compares Casting Curses To National Ant | The Daily Caller

Fury fuels the modern political climate in US | TheHill

Hurricane Maria damage: Puerto Rico rivers burst banks as water levels hit record highs

Major Damage in Puerto Rico, USVI as Deadly Maria Makes Landfall; Nearly 1 Million Without Power

‘Storm of the century’ Maria pummels Puerto Rico

Parents Get Angry After Actress Teaches Students About The Constitution

Parents Angry To Learn Kids Were Quizzed On Abortion, Trans People In The Army

Rolling Stone magazine put up for sale – their own fault

Manafort Calls On DOJ To Release His Intercepted Communications With Foreigners

The Washington Post Gets It Wrong On New Gun Legislation

US Sets Up First Permanent Base In Israel

WOW, THIS REALLY DOESN’T FIT THE NARRATIVE: Black Lives Matter group takes the stage at pro-Trump …

 MSM Always Knew Trump Camp Was Wiretapped — They Just Lied About It

Establishment, Media Attacks Roy Moore for Condemning Racial Strife Among ‘Black, White, Red, and Yellow,’

Finland’s Welfare State Has a Massive Baby Problem. The number of newborns has fallen to its lowest level in 148 years.

NEW FRONT IN THE SJW WARS OPENS UP: Cotton, That Evil, Evil Plant. Man, who knew what a stone col…

Confederate Chic: When Leftists Love Johnny Reb

The RNC Doubled the DNC in August Fundraising

Today In Media Pokes Fun At Hurt Feelings | The Daily Caller

College Campuses Are In Trouble, But They Can Save America

Denmark Makes $50 Million Pledge In Protest Of Trump

Middlebury College Policy Rewards Censorship And Makes Violent Threats Effective

DEBUNKED: Hurricanes Harvey And Irma Were NOT Caused By ‘Climate Change’

WATCH: Multiple Buildings Collapse During Earthquake In Mexico City

Report: Over 40 Million People Are Enslaved Worldwide

The Religion Of Environmentalism Demands Compliance

Dow hits record high as Fed meeting starts, Trump talks to the UN

‘No One Will Trust’ U.S. if Trump Ends Nuclear Deal, Iran’s President Says – NBC News

Jann Wenner really blew it with Rolling Stone

New report cites risks youths face when getting tattoos and body piercings – Chicago Tribune

WATCH: Israel intercepts Iranian-built drone on Syrian border

Hungary set for fresh anti-Soros blitz

Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh back on road after South Side crash | TribLIVE

Trust has been an issue: Facebook’s ads take a sour turn

TV ratings hit new low for Chargers in San Diego – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Portland designates 2nd Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day – Portland Press Herald

NFL attendance: Rams and Chargers combined less than Texas-USC game

Major Hurricane Maria to lash Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic with flooding and damaging winds

Dominica PM: Hurricane Maria ‘devastates’ island – CNN

Puerto Rico imposes rationing as Hurricane Maria approaches

Bolton: Trump’s U.N. Speech the Best of His Presidency

Trump draws APPLAUSE for blasting murderous’ Iran regime

Trump To Talk North Korea, Terrorism In UN General Assembly Address

Bikini Atoll has thriving ecosystem

Did Elon Musk Just Push the Next Great Scare Story?

China Accelerates Gene Technology In Drive To Create Human Super-Soldiers

What an artificial intelligence researcher fears about AI

Pat Michaels: “A Climate Roadmap for Pres. Trump”

A Google Company is Unleashing 20 Million Mosquitoes in California to Fight Zika

ESPN OFF THE RAILS: This Video Montage Proves ESPN Has Been Biased for a Long Time….

Portland State University Slammed For Defending Professor Who Made A Case For Colonialism

MSNBC Ignores Refugee Status Of Suspected London Bombers [VIDEO]

Media Continues Gaslighting Somali Refugee’s Stabbing Terror Attack at Minnesota Mall

CNN Debuts Documentary Teaching High Schoolers About Anal Sex, Transitioning

TOLERANCE: Malaysia scraps beer festival following Islamist party’s objections. Though there are …

NBC: ‘Glimmer of Modern Reality’ In ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Trump-Bashing At Emmys

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose An Internet Sales Tax

National Institute Of Health To Award $200,000 Grants For ‘Transgender Studies’

Joy Behar: Trump Surrogates ‘All Owe The American People An Apology’

UVA Gets Rid Of Historic Plaques Because They Feature Confederate Soldiers’ Names

Flynn: Emmys Insult the Audience and the Audience Predictably Tunes Out

RETAIL BLUES: Toys R Us could file for bankruptcy as soon as this week….

University has no record of dumbo CNN diva airhead @ananavarro receiving a law degree – why does she LIE ?

NFL not wavering on Los Angeles market despite attendance for Rams, Chargers

What New Census Data Reveal About American Commuting Patterns

VIDEO: The 5 Craziest Trump-Bashing Moments From the Emmys….

NAACP Sues Trump Over Decision To Rollback DACA

Tapper: Hillary Isn’t Helping Dems With Her Book Tour

California AG Candidate Will Make State’s Reluctance To Target Exxon A Campaign Issue

Thirty Years from Now the Big University Campuses Will Be Relics. Universities Won’t Survive | Quote Investigator

Flashback: Can The New York Times Ever Live Down Their 2016 Election Prediction? Is NYTs Run By Low Information Ideologues ?

MICHAEL BARONE: House Republicans’ frustrations may doom their majority. Well, Republican voters’ …

White Powder Sent to Israeli NYC Consulate for Second Time in Four Days

Liberals Immediately Attack Fox News’ Newest Host

Pepe The Frog Creator Takes Legal Action Against Reddit, Mike Cernovich And The Alt-Right

FACT CHECK: Have Israeli and Hungarian Border Walls ‘Proven Remarkably Effective’?

Hillary Clinton Won’t Rule Out Challenging Legitimacy of 2016 Election

Roger Ailes Stirs Up Trouble From The Grave

More Equifax Lies? Company Originally Hacked Five Months Earlier Than It Disclosed

Trump Calls for Reforming UN Bureaucracy

5 Reasons It’s Ridiculous For Hollywood To Go Nuts Over Sean Spicer’s Emmys Appearance

Illegal Immigrants Shout Down Nancy Pelosi At Promotional DREAMer Press Conference

I Don’t Have Anything To Start Over – Harvey Victims Pray For Relief As 1000s Remain Stuck In Shelters

Pelosi Gets A Dose Of Leftism: Shouted Down By Immigrants

Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?

Trump’s Pick for Key Legal Slot Fought for Nuns, Against Disputed Obama Appointees

China Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Cash-Free Utopia

VISA Bribes Restaurant Owners With $10,000 To Go Cashless

Why Obamacare’s Much-Criticized Individual Mandate Is Likely to Endure (for Now)

Emmy Awards review: A rocky start, some tears, and a battle cry to just turn the TV off

Emmys Get Political Within Seconds, ‘Imagine if Your President Wasn’t Loved By Nazis’

Emmys Devolves into Three Hour Celebrity Anti-Trump Rage Fest

Emmy Awards Ratings Hit Low On Trump-Bashing Night; ‘Sunday Night Football’ Dips

Moon Express is on track to start harvesting the Moon by 2020

 Harvard committee proposes to abolish the freedom of association

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Yes, They Have All Gone Completely Insane

16-County Regional Planning Organization Promotes ‘Technocracy In America’ Ideology

How The Wall Street Journal Turns the Truth On its Head | The Daily Bell

California School Tapes 8th Grade Students’ Wrists, Put Them In Dark Room For Slavery Lesson

Clinton urged not to talk about ‘freedom’ in Saudi speech

How Big Business Made Brazil Fatties

Virgil: The Threat from China — America’s New ‘Sputnik Moment’

Washington Post: Establishment Gears Up for Steve Bannon’s War on the GOP Leadership

Tillerson: Trump Open to Staying in Paris Climate Accord, ‘Under the Right Conditions’

Bernie Sanders: ‘The Current Model of the Democratic Party Obviously Is Not Working’

Comrade Sanders shakes his head, laughs at Clinton’s claim he didn’t work hard enough for her election

TOO LATE? ESPN President Tells Staff ‘We Are Not A Political Organization’

Teacher Who Forced Student To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance Placed On Administrative Leave

Trump Was Right! Brits Had Arrested Suspected London Underground Bomber Two Weeks Earlier.

Ian Buruma, New Editor of the New York Review of Books, Defended the Islamization of Europe

Underreported: What Happened When Government Tried to Fix a Coal Town

NYT Reporter: Hillary Thought ‘It Was Our Job’ To Get Her Elected [VIDEO]

In one Michigan county that swung for Trump, all recent population growth has come from minorities

The Trump administration’s approach to rape on campus is welcome

 Cohn’s Meeting with Global Climate and Energy Ministers Is an Act of War Against Trump’s Base

Italy Allegedly Paying Libyan Warlord, Former People Smuggler to Halt Migrants

Police Arrested Suspected ‘Refugee’ Attacker Two Weeks Before London Terror

Report: ISIS Plan to Attack Gay Nightclubs in Paris Foiled by Police

PICS: Anti-EU and Juncker Protests Erupt in Poland

Feinstein: Senate’s Russia Probe Could Take Another ‘a Year-and-a-Half, If Not More’

Transgender Row over Sweden’s ‘Man-Free’ Music Festival

London Underground Bombing Another ‘Known Wolf’ Terror Attack?

Cantor’s Back And Fighting For DACA Citizenship

Christian Sentenced To Death For Insulting Islam Over Text Message

Dallas School District Weighing Renaming Schools Named After Franklin, Jefferson And Madison

Dem Senator Claims Trump Will Back Path To Citizenship For Illegals

California Dems Passed A Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize For Presidency

Former Joint Chiefs Chair Trashes Trump’s Ban On Trans Troops

Cotton: The DREAM Act Is ‘the Single Biggest Amnesty in the History of the U.S.’

McCain on Transgender, DREAMer Military Ban: ‘Just Not Fair’

 Urgent Memo to Donald Trump—Biggest Threat to the Environment Are Environmentalists

Illegal Alien NBA Hopeful Charged with Sexual Assault Denied Bond

GRAPHIC: Mexican Governor Denies Cartel Violence Despite 32 Executions in Days

EXCLUSIVE: Former VA Surgeon: Here’s How The VA Manipulates Stats To Make Hospitals Look Good

COMEDY GOLD: Washington Post’s Dana Milbank Claims Donald Trump Is Killing Him. Poor Dana Milbank. …

General Confirms “US Policy Is Not To Defend Canada” In The Event Of A Missile Attack

MSNBC Panel: Trump Is Telling People ‘It’s Okay’ Not To Hire Black People [VIDEO]

Newly Released Emails Show Hillary Invited Putin To Clinton Foundation Event

BAD NEWS: Obamacare Premiums Expected To Spike 18%

Another riot in St. Louis: 9 arrested, 23 businesses vandalized

Feminist Group Fights Over Whether To Have A Black March On A Jewish Holiday

Gun sales fall by $100 million due to the ‘Trump slump’

Washington Post Writer Says Trump Is Killing Him, Literally

MSNBC Host Defends Antifa As ‘Good Peopl | The Daily Caller

MSNBC LAUGHS At ‘Working Class White | The Daily Caller

Trump’s nominees are getting confirmed at half the pace of Obama’s picks

Democrat: “I’m opposed to self-employment. You give these people false hopes that they could ever earn a living on their own.”

House Passes Bill to Deport Suspected MS-13 Gang Members

Yale Swaps Out ‘Freshman’ And ‘Upperclassman’ With ‘Gender-Neutral’ Terms

Senators Call For U.S. To Shutter Embassy In Cuba After Diplomats Are Hit With Mystery Illness

To Combat “Hate” – Make Government Weaker

I LIKE THIS MODEL: Portage doctor doesn’t accept insurance, charges patients a monthly subscription…

Portage doctor doesn’t accept insurance, charges patients a monthly subscription fee for unlimited visits

The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump

Coach seating on airplanes is a ‘Titanic waiting to happen’

Gorka on DACA and Trump’s War with the GOP Establishment

How a Business Should Be Run According To The New York Times

IT’S COME TO THIS: New Segregation Signs Pop Up in Leftist Establishments….

UC Berkeley Faculty Calls for Campus-Wide Boycott of Class

London Police Make Second Arrest After Subway Attack

Blog: Left’s oddsmaker FiveThirtyEight sees grim prospects for DACA

Police Officers Injured By Thrown Bricks During Violent St. Louis Protests

Sen. Feinstein Defends Questioning Of Judge’s Catholic Faith [VIDEO]

NY Times Reporter Sends Out Most Idiotic Tweet Ever

How Many Americans Can’t Name A Single First Amendment Freedom?

Protesters Smash Windows, Throw Bricks At Cops In Second Night Of St. Louis Violence

Four American Tourists Attacked With Acid In Marseilles Train Station, Suspect Arrested

The Conversation: Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate

Two key House members call to investigate Russian ‘collusion’ with anti-fracking green groups

Barbarian Technocrats Have Broken Down School Doors And Are Plundering Knowledge

UN Urges Governments To Take Over Water Resources & Allocations

“Mexico Oil Privatization Pays Off With Billion-Barrel Find”

Comey’s Mishandling of Classified Information

Data Driven: How Your Car Will Soon Know All Your Habits

Internet Surveillance Hurts Women And Young, And It’s Getting Worse

As Big Box Stores And Malls Die, Suburbia Slides Into Poverty

Origin of Zero Symbol Is Centuries Older Than Previously Thought

Whistleblower or wrongdoer? White House correct on Comey violations | TheHill

Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking ‘the red pill’

Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’ — ProPublica

Bolton: ‘There Is Simply No Argument’ for ‘Continuing This Iran Deal’

Clinton On White Women Voting Against Her | The Daily Caller


Implementing the New Afghanistan Policy | RealClearDefense

 Poll: Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Can’t Name Any First Amendment Rights: Local CBS affiliate distills…

Trump condemns Rice’s unmasking: ‘What she did was wrong’ | TheHill

Portland probe finds Uber used software to evade 16 government officials

It’s Bad: New Emails Show Huma Abedin Mishandled Classified Info on Barrage of Sensitive Issues

Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to ‘Nazis’ who marched in Charlottesville

Joe Biden: ‘Take away their money’ if colleges don’t judge all accused students as rapists

The Joy of Destruction | The Weekly Standard

Extra credit: Mother Teresa Sullivan’s Phony Jefferson Statue Narrative – Bearing Drift

Imran Awan Had a Secret Server Connected to House Democratic Caucus

Blog: Caught giving cops a fake server, Xavier Becerra clams up

Democrat Xavier Beccerra Turned Over a Fake Server to Investigators

Awans Funneled Data to Secret Server | The Daily Caller

Sen. Al Franken Uses Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Hate List’ to Tie Alliance Defending Freedom to Pol Pot

The ‘Dreamers’ Can Stay but Never Vote | Roger L. Simon

The Surreal Blessings of Donald Trump

5 Reasons ESPN Is Failing

ESPN Issues Mild Reprimand to Liberal Host Who Called Trump a ‘White Supremacist’ | Trending

Germany’s refugee crisis through the looking-glass

Lindsey Graham Drives Obamacare Repeal Bill on Breitbart: Melt Phone Lines to Congress

Dangerously Vague – New US Law Blurs The Line Between Hate Speech And Hate Crime

Make Mark Zuckerberg Testify

New Hampshire voter fraud needs to be investigated

Obamacare costs to rise faster than inflation, CBO projects

Illegals Eligible Under Bernie Single Pay | The Daily Caller

The Establishment’s John McCain introduces bipartisan bill to block Trump ban on transgender troops

Chelsea Clinton tweets false story claiming Michigan passed bill allowing EMTs to deny gay patients treatment

Most Americans Oppose White Supremacists, But Many Share Their Views: Poll | HuffPost

5 attacks in Europe in 2 days. Diversity In Europe.

How to Retire Rich: Have a Written Plan | Money

Sportswriting Has Become a Liberal Profession

EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany’s Angela Merkel as climate hypocrite

The Awan breach on Capitol Hill gets murkier and leads to more questions

Who’s a Fascist? Why Does it Matter? | Faster, Please!

DEDICATION: Biologist reaches into electric eel tank, comes out with equation to measure shocks. …

EVERGREEN GOT OFF LIGHT: Evergreen State College settles claim with embattled professors for $500,000…

Full text of President Trump’s Rosh Hashanah call to Jewish leaders

Diversity Can Spell Trouble | Hoover Institution

University President Apologizes For Hosting Black Students In Home With Cotton Decoration

CCW Weekend: I’ll Say It Again – You Need A Gun Safe

Can the Left Escape the Identity Politics Trap? | Ed Driscoll

LIMBAUGH: Holding Trump Accountable When Necessary

Mueller Picks Another Clinton/Obama Donor For Russia Probe Team

Trump tweets ‘chain migration’ can’t be part of any immigration legislation [Video]

Not Another Charlottesville: Richmond Police Enforce Weapons Ban Ahead Of Confederate Rally

London Attack Used ‘Signature’ ISIS Explosive

Curt Schilling SLAMS CNN On Air For ‘Hatred Of Our President,’ Lying ‘Time And Time Again’ [VIDEO]

Napolitano pledges to uphold UC’s free-speech tradition – San Francisco Chronicle

Proof for Pardon: Julian Assange Ready to Spill the Beans on DNC in Exchange for Pardon

Stossel, Moen Weigh In on Bank of Canada Free Market Economist, Alt-media Ban | Sprott Money

Obamacare Ensures DACA Amnesty DREAM Act Will Cost Taxpayers $115 Billion | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

WaPo Journalist On MSNBC: ‘Antifa Is Not The Issue’ [VIDEO]

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Continues To Defend Antifa

Trudeau Government Is Silencing Critics Of Legal Pot, Says Watchdog Group

Washington Post: Steve Bannon Waging War Against GOP Establishment with Economic Nationalist Primary Challengers

 Washington Post Readers Deceived About Religion Writer Sally Quinn’s Occultism

Why Would Any Conservative Watch Late-Night TV?

NYT Furious GOP Doing Exactly What NYT Wanted Dems To Do In 2013

NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Study: Women twice as likely as men to lack interest in sex….

YOU DON’T SAY: Renewables Are Expanding at an Astounding Pace. But It’s Still Not Enough to Meet C…

Donald Trump Signs Congressional Resolution Condemning White Supremacists in Charlottesville

Open Borders Governor to Deploy Anti-MS-13 Gang Task Force in Schools

Police Union Officials Slam Antifa Professor Who Tweeted He Was Proud to Teach ‘Future Dead Cops’

Chief of Staff Kelly Set Up President Trump for Amnesty Fiasco

Equifax Hack Slams Already-Struggling Store-Branded Credit-Card Lenders

 Because patience is a virtue

Documents Reveal DHS Abandoned Illegal Alien Background Checks to Meet Amnesty Requests Following Obama’s DACA

Germany’s ‘enraged’ hope to shout down Merkel – The Local

Montana Snow About 60 Days Early

Germany’s far-right party is about to be stronger than ever – The Washington Post

700 Catalan mayors support holding independence vote

European Tax on Digital Giants Faces Resistance Led by Ireland – Bloomberg

Fearful of Trump’s America, asylum seekers from across the globe stream into Canada – LA Times

Teen wanted for deportation is accused of California killing

Hispanic Population Surges In Chicago, New Census Data Shows

House goes to court to protect secrecy of records – POLITICO

Confederate rally organizers say they don’t know how many people to expect Saturday

Location Scout for Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Shot Dead in Mexico | Variety

Apple’s New “FaceID” Could Be A Powerful Mass Spying Tool

Sliding NFL ratings could throw networks for a loss

Robot submarines could soon be used to spy on America’s enemies – The Washington Post

Iran claims to have ‘father of all bombs,’ overshadowing American ‘mother’

Russia Unveils Massive Military Force: ‘The Enemy Has No Chance’

May orders internet bosses to clamp down on extremism

The apocalyptic aftermath: Mirror man joins rescuers on British Virgin Islands torn to shreds by Hurricane Irma

Nursing home tragedy unfolded days after Irma’s initial hit | Miami Herald

Hurricane Irma aftermath: Is Florida too developed to evacuate? | Miami Herald

St. Louis braces for more protests over cop’s acquittal

Left warns Pelosi, Schumer: Don’t get too close to Trump – POLITICO

Hurricane Jose May Threaten New York, U.S. East Coast Next Week – Bloomberg

‘mother!’: Some Viewers Completely Perplexed, Angered by Film | Hollywood Reporter

Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’ Is the Worst Movie of the Year | Observer

London: Terror level at critical as ISIS claim Tube attack

Why a U.S. Navy Spy Submarine Is Flying the Jolly Roger

Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War? – YouTube

LAWS ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: ATF Ran Illegal Mixed-Money Slush Fund For Years With Zero Oversigh…

Mind-altering cat parasite just got linked to a whole lot of neurological disorders

Electric Trucks Are Finally Hitting American Roads – MIT Technology Review

Bernie in 1987: Medicaid for All Would ‘Bankrupt the Nation’

Hurricane Irma: Barbuda needs the world’s help

Vegans Suck at Science. Here’s The Proof. | T Nation


The Phantom Soapbox: DC Comics goes full retard.

The Rise in Violent Crime has been Caused By… – The Writer in Black

#BenAtBerkeley: Triggered Cupcakes Melt In Berkeley Over Ben Shapiro Lecture – Victory Girls Blog

Some Democrats decide the time is ripe for single-payer

Half of millennials would give up their rights to get out of debt

Doctors took three years to realize I had a broken neck

NYC Police Union Calls for Antifa Prof’s Firing After Anti-Cop Tweets

SJW Profs Want Article Pulled Because Of Pro-Colonialism Findings

Protesters fill St. Louis streets, ex-cop acquitted of murdering black man – Breaking News – Jerusalem Post

High-Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

Islamic State execute 3 in Anbar for collaboration with security – Iraqi News

UN ‘botched’ sexual abuse cases in CAR | Central African Republic News | Al Jazeera

Christian man in Lahore sentenced to death over blasphemous WhatsApp text

North Korea missiles ‘now capable of hitting Guam’

Pay-to-play’ at Clinton State Department exposed in new emails, watchdog says

Enrollment drops at schools known for ‘social justice warfare’

Whoopi Goldberg: Are we sure Antifa isn’t a false flag by the right?

May raises level to critical after ISIS claim Tube attack

Dear Celebrities: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!! – YouTube

Ynetnews News – 2 Minnesota moms charged in Michigan genital mutilation case

Pets or meat? Venezuela’s Maduro urges starving populace to eat rabbits

63 Counties Projected to Have No Obamacare Insurer in 2018

She Doesn’t Understand How Bad She Was, And Still Won’t Go Away

College Insurrection | higher education and politics

Should You Tell the Cops You Have a Gun? – Reason.com

The Teacher-Shortage Myth | City Journal

Single Payer Health Care & Cost Effectiveness

‘Star-Spangled Banner’: Racist Anthem?

London Underground Bombing — Parsons Green Tube Station Attack a Sign of What’s to Come

GOP after DACA: No One Left to Lie To

Carnage, Continued | City Journal

Donald Trump & ‘White Supremacy’ Lie — Excoriate the Left for It

Campus Sexual-Assault Crisis: Here Is the Root Cause

Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan & Democrats

Here is a list of things that millennials are killing

Activist Hijacks Police Press Conference To Call Ben Shapiro A ‘Fascist,’ ‘White Supremacist’

Kelly Thinks Mexico Could Be Venezuela | The Daily Caller

Britain Expects More Attacks As ISIS Claims Responsibility For Subway Blast

Former Clinton Staffer Blames SEXISM And ‘Black President’ For 2016 Election [VIDEO]

Pro-Palestinian Students OK With Violence Against ‘Fascist’ Zionists

State College Joins Growing Body Of Schools Banning Vaping Anywhere On Campus

Potential EPA Science Panel Nominees Want To Stop ‘Suicidal Global Warming Crusade’

Review Of Ken Burn’s Vietnam PBS Series – Maggie’s Farm

TYLER O’NEIL: $450,000 Spent and 1 Life Lost to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue….

Google Also Allowed Advertisers To Buy Racist Keywords Like “Why Do Black People Ruin Neighborhoods”

Black Students Threaten Taxpayer-Funded School With Federal Lawsuit Unless Statue Is Removed

Higher Minimum Wage Laws Might Make You Sick

Another Coverup? Equifax Accused Of Scrubbing That Its Chief Security Officer Was A Music Major

Judicial Crises Network Launches Ad Against Sen. Feinstein’s ‘Religious Litmus Test’

FLASHBACK: CNN’s Baldwin Loves When Kathy Griffin Chants ‘Nipple’ On Live TV [VIDEO]

The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

Gun Rights Top Media Poll

House GOP Leadership Throws Support Behind Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

Chicago Prevails In Bid To Block Sessions’ Sanctuary Cities Order

FACT CHECK: Was There Violence On Both Sides Of Charlottesville?

Noted Scientist Robert DeNiro Talks About His Religious Beliefs In Attacking Donald Trump

Al Sharpton: If ESPN Fires Jemele Hill, They Will Face Our ‘Wrath’ [VIDEO]

Church Of England Reconsiders Accepting Conservative Clergy

DEATH BY GOVERNMENT By Professor R.J. Rummel

College Professor & Antifa Activist Tweets: ‘I Think It’s A Privilege To Teach Future Dead Cops’

Sobering Stats on the State’s Stealing – LRC Blog

FACT CHECK: Is Trump’s Wall Really ‘Already Under Construction’?

Paul Ryan Signals Support for Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Plan as Momentum Grows

Kevin McCarthy Backs Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Legislation

CNN Guest Criticizes Trump For Having ‘White Supremacists’ In Cabinet [VIDEO]

Kentucky Gov Bevin’s Support for Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Puts Mitch McConnell on Notice

Republican Congressman Proposes Pardon Deal For Julian Assange

Equifax hired a music major as chief security officer and she has just retired

What is the Best Oil for Deep Frying? (You May Be Surprised)

Amazon Web Services Can Now Host the Defense Department’s Most Sensitive Data – Nextgov.com

How do we survive?’: fearful Californians prepare for nuclear attack | US news

‘Missile launch, take cover’: Japan’s terrifying wake-up call

France hammer attack: Two women injured by man shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ in France | Daily Star

Donald Trump tweets about Parsons Green London bomber

Sick ISIS supporters celebrate Parsons Green bombing online and claim it shows ‘weakness’ in British security

Parsons Green explosion: Woman ‘burned from head to toe’

Parsons Green explosion: Hunt for Tube bucket bomber – latest news

Terror Arrests in Britain Surge 68 Per Cent in 2017 to Record High

9 Family Members of Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens Respond to Possible DACA Deal with Democrats

Germany: Four Asylum Seekers Arrested After 56-Year-Old is Gang Raped

Jimmy Carter Comes Out Swinging to Defend Trump on DACA

California’s ‘Resistance’ to Trump Has Been a Dud

Roy Moore: 9/11 Was Punishment for U.S. Turning Away From God

Box Office Poison: Jennifer Lawrence Announces She’s Taking a Break from Acting

Donald Trump & DACA — Bad Dealmaking

Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens news

Bin Laden’s son calls for jihad in Syria

Barbaric murders – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

ISIS headquarter discovered from a flour mill in Pakistan – Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency

PressTV-Saudi to take bids for first nuclear plants: Report

Expert: Let’s go back to paper ballots

Tucker Battles Writer Who Considers ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ a ‘Neo-Confederate Symbol’ Insider

Voter fraud investigations eschewed by Democrats

North Korea fires another missile Pyongyang South Korea Japan – Business Insider

Lawyers plea to keep ‘weak’ and ‘sick’ Anthony Weiner out of jail

Feds Gave Democrat Ad Firm $60 Million | The Daily Caller

House votes to deport illegal immigrant gang members over Democratic objections

Equifax had ‘admin’ as login and password in Argentina – BBC News

US army robbed in Poland – Fort Russ

Full SCOTUS Keeps Trump Travel Ban in Place Till October

Census Bureau: Mens’ Wages Remain Below 1973 Levels

Malmö Emergency Room Workers Say Gang Violence Putting Their Lives ‘at Risk’

UN Slams Hungary, Says Wall ‘Designed to Keep People Out of the Country’

 Kris Kobach: ‘Tying DACA Amnesty to Tax Cuts Is the Ultimate Bad Deal-Making’

Non-Accredited Colleges Acting As ‘Visa Mills’ for Tens of Thousands, Report Claims

The Economist: Illegal Aliens Protected by DACA Getting Jobs Over Unemployed Americans

Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants ‘Quick’ Amnesty for 800K Illegal Aliens

DACA Amnesty Deal Explodes Twitter

Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria This Year

Global Study: Immigration a ‘Major’ Concern Across 25 Countries, Majority Doubt ‘Refugee’ Claims

French ex-principal: My school was not safe for Jews

German police in widespread raids on ′visa marriages′

Watch What Happened When Ben Shapiro Spoke at UC Berkeley

Here’s what women really think of bald men

Campus P.C. Culture: Boise State Professor Does His Job, Uproar Ensues

Democrats 2020 – Old Leaders Refuse to Leave

North Korea’s Nuclear Program Could Force Us to Act — and Reveals the Failures of Our National-Security Policy

Knifeman attacks French soldier in Paris by Chatelet Metro

Democrats Follow Bernie Sanders Off a Cliff

Explosion, Fire From “Bucket Bomb” On London Subway Train Treated As “Terrorist Incident”

Conservatives Balk at Talk of Trump Amnesty Deal With Democrats

Trump Is A Terrible Negotiator

YOU STAY CLASSY, CNN: CNN Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Says He Would Poison Trump’s Food….

Former CIA Director Resigns From Harvard After Chelsea Manning Named Visiting Fellow

Germany: Syrian Muslim with 4 wives and 23 children receives €30.000 in benefits every month

North Korea Fires Another Ballistic Missile Over Japan

European Court Of Human Rights Affirms Church Self-Governance

Leftists, Never-Trumpers Gloat over MAGA Voters’ DACA Dismay

Susan Rice Admits Unmasking Trump Team After Denying Knowing Anything

NYT’s Peters: Trump’s ‘New Best Friend’ Pelosi ‘Is Going to Impeach Him if She Gets the House Back’

Criminal Justice Prof Justifies Antifa Violen | The Daily Caller

US Military Believes North Korea Has A Hydrogen Bomb

REPORT: ESPN Tried To Get Another Black Host To Fill In For Jemele Hill

MEDIA SILENCE: Trump’s Position In 2018 Not As Grim As You Think

Trump: We’re not looking at amnesty for DREAMers, we’re just looking at letting them stay here

POLL: Majority Of UVA Students Support Removing Lee Statue, Renaming Confederate Parks

Tim Tebow Is The Best Thing To Happen To Minor League Baseball

NRA Fact Checks The Washington Post

Neighbors Rescue Mother And Little Girl | The Daily Caller

Thomas Jefferson under attack: Next up — the Declaration of Independence

Anaheim’s emergency declaration sets stage for removal of homeless encampment – LA Times

UC Berkeley boosts security amid fears of political violence

BUILD THAT WALL: Berkeley Puts Up Concrete Barriers All Over Town To Stop Antifa At Shapiro Speech

Antifa activists say violence is necessary | TheHill

Feds Collect Record Taxes Through August; Still Run $673.7B Deficit

House backs $1.2T spending bill with more money for military

Canada now investigates ‘climate denial’

Australia Day is scrapped in Melbourne suburb

Artificial sweeteners raise risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests

‘South Park’ Messed With Your Amazon Echo In The Most Vulgar Way Possible

South Park Built Shopping Lists, Set Alarms On Your Amazon Echo And Google Home

Chocolate industry drives rainforest disaster in Ivory Coast

U.S. Expected to Keep Iran Nuclear Deal in Place for Now – WSJ

Folsom School Bans ‘USA’ Chant Over ‘Unintended Message’ Worries

North Korea ‘preparing imminent launch of intercontinental missile which could reach US or Britain’ warns Japan

North Korea threatens to ‘reduce the US to ashes’

American tank brigade rolls into Poland as fears grow Russia is planning ANOTHER Ukraine-style land grab

Scientists hope to restore extinct Galapagos tortoise

Antidepressants raise the risk of an early death by 33%

Google’s depression tool ‘could cause more harm than good’

Duke recruits men for program to fight ‘toxic’ masculinity

Manhattan D.A. Aims to Stop Prosecuting Subway-Fare Evaders – WSJ

Next year, scientists will send messages to search for aliens – CNET

Piers Morgan on Hillary Clinton’s What Happened? book

Hillary Clinton demonstrates ‘alternate nostril breathing’ during CNN interview

Union Power Is Putting Pressure on Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants – Bloomberg

Amazon ‘turns a blind eye’ to £1.5bn VAT fraud

U.S. Military: American Fighting for ISIS Reportedly ‘Surrenders’

Donald Trump vows to work with Democrats to legalize Dreamers, says ‘the wall will come later’

Strange but true: Praise in lefty San Francisco for Pelosi and Trump — gasp — working together – LA Times

Susan Rice in March: ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking Trump Team Intercepts

Competition, not regulation, will protect free speech on the internet – AEI

Why Russia Won’t Help More on North Korea – by Hannah Thoburn

Vegetarians Twice as Likely To Be Depressed

Fearing Russia, Sweden holds biggest war games in 20 years

Judge orders Hillary Clinton lawyers to face bar investigation in Maryland

Romania Seizes New Migrant Boat in Black Sea — Naharnet

Germany deports 8 Afghans convicted various crimes including rape

Inside the Beltway: A new warning about the ‘Deep State’

A metaphor for Summer 2017

HP pushes third-party ink blocking printer firmware update (again)

A Master’s Degree in Whitewashing Islam

Campus Censorship: Orwell Ignored

Regional News: School district apologizes after teacher bans Trump shirts | Times Free Press

Irma & Harvey Lesson: Price Gouging Is Public Service

Millennials Support School Choice. Here’s Why.

Labor Takes Aim at Tesla in Private Letter to CA Dems

Take Google’s Free Course and Challenges to Become a Power Searcher

Newmark’s Door: “Why our schools can’t get kids to eat healthy”

China Sold Trucks Used With North Korean Missiles

Feds Give Berkeley $97,999 to ‘Honor the Legacy’ of Black Panther Party

Newmark’s Door: “Does Talcum Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?”

Put These Charts on Your Wall… | PensionPartners.com

An Expensive Experiment With Single-Payer Health Care – Reason.com

Another statue of St. Junipero Serra vandalized in California

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

Trump: “No Deal Was Made Last Night On DACA… The Wall Will Be Built”

How to Encrypt Chat on Twitter and Facebook

Communism Most Cruel – Reason.com

The Russians Were Coming!

Preet Bharara: Let’s investigate the ancestors of DACA opponents, just out of curiosity – twitchy.com

Trump Administration Working in Other Ways to Dismantle Obamacare | Trending

Don’t buy all the PR-style hooey about ‘dreamers’ – The Washington Post

Dating App Introduces Planned Parenthood Badge For Users

7 Necessities Cost As Much As iPhoneX | The Daily Caller

Dream Act Amnesty Would Legalize A Lot More Immigrants Than DACA Beneficiaries

ENERGY DOMINANCE: Ukraine Just Got Its First Shipment Of US Coal

Why social media apps should be in your disaster kit

US Military Officials Reportedly Observe North Korean Missile Launchers Being Prepared

White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Jemele Hill’s Attack on Donald Trump a ‘Fire-able Offense’

Watch As Amazon Deletes Hundreds Of One-Star Reviews Of Hillary Clinton’s New Book

Dreamers at Loyola’s medical school—largest DACA med student cohort—try to remain optimistic despite uncertainty

Harvard University Will Now Pay You To Badger Fellow Students About Social Justice

Clinton Makes Huge Admission About Obamacare

Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacks Seven People In France

UC Berkeley Professor Cancels Class After Students Complain About ‘Militarized Campus’ For Shapiro Speech

Have Colleges Completely Lost Their Minds? (2) | Power Line

Cruz Highlights 7 Ideas for Tax Reform

What the Color of Your Pee Means About Your Health – Health

Security Contractor Says He Was Silenced By Clinton State Department On Benghazi

University of Virginia president condemns Black Lives Matter attack on Jefferson statue

CRYING WOLF: Robert Redford to Esquire: Trump Is ‘Our Fault,’ Worse ‘Than Nixon.’ Flashba…

North Korea may have detonated 250-kiloton bomb – UPI.com

Fact Check: Mitch McConnell-Affiliated PAC Lies About Roy Moore in False Attack Ad on Border Wall

IN MODERATION, ANYWAY: Proof that red wine IS good for you? Expert says it can improve memory, decr…

Here’s Susan Rice’s Explanation For Unmasking Trump Campaign Officials

ANOTHER LEFTY-CAPTURED INSTITUTION COMMITS SUICIDE: Jemele Hill’s Trump comments have turned into…

Clay Travis: ESPN is Drowning and They’re Not Smart Enough to See it

‘Burma Calling’: Al-Qaeda Orders Jihadists to Rescue Rohingya ‘by Force’

San Diego begins ‘sanitary street washing’ of downtown after pooping homeless people cause deadly hepatitis outbreak

Rapper XXXTentacion sparks outrage with music video showing him HANGING a white child

Texas calls in U.S. Air Force to counter post-storm surge in…

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of ‘Hamilton’ playwright

How a new generation of left-wing podcasters are dethroning Rush Limbaugh and right-wing talk radio

‘Shape-shifting’ bacteria spotted on International Space Station

Cord Cutters to Top 22 Million in U.S. by End of 2017 (Study) | Variety

2020: Sanders has big lead, Zuckerberg the dark horse, McAuliffe dead last

Protesters shroud Jefferson statue, decry UVa response to rallies | Local

Racist Anthem’ spray painted on 106-year-old Francis Scott Key statue in Baltimore

Spain threatens to arrest over 700 Catalan pro-referendum mayors

Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ, professor says | Technology

Researchers face backlash from LGBTQ groups over AI study

Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage – ABC News

Obama to host global summit in Chicago | TheHill

Police: New Apple technology will delay justice in DC area

Apple suffers embarrassing demo Face ID fail at iPhone X launch

Burger-Flipping Robot Taking Over In 50 Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s employee gives birth and tries to flush infant down toilet, DA says – LA Times

Senate rejects bipartisan push for new US war authorization

Mike Flynn’s son is subject of federal Russia investigation

Mueller Probe Has ‘Red-Hot’ Focus on Social Media, Officials Say – Bloomberg

The great nutrient collapse

Teflon Don confounds Democrats – POLITICO

Most Voters Welcome Trump’s Outreach to Congressional Democrats – Rasmussen Reports™

Survey: 4 In 10 Adult Americans Still Sleep With Teddy Bear

Teens who tried to elope ELECTROCUTED by their family after tribal judge ruled they were a ‘symbol of ‘dishonour’

Superman Protects Undocumented Workers From Armed White Supremacist in Latest Comic

Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders

State Health Department Identifies ‘HIV Clusters’ In DFW

Twitter founder: Trump presidency is product of short attention spans

Celebrities Turn Hurricane Benefit Concert into Left-Wing Sermon

Hurricane Telethon Gets Political Right At The Start [VIDEO]

Exclusive: U.S. won’t issue some visas in four nations in deportation crackdown

College Park to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections

Why Getting the Power Back On in Florida Could Take Weeks

Officials: 6 dead, 115 evacuated at Hollywood nursing home

As Hurricane Irma raged, thieves sledgehammered way into Little River businesses

Apple’s Face ID security technology may not prove popular with consumers

Florida swelters and asks: When will power and AC be back?

Privacy focused search engines (still) on the rise – gHacks Tech News

Newmark’s Door: “NASA’s plan to defuse Yellowstone’s continent-killing super volcano”

South Korea detects radioactive xenon gas from North Korea nuclear bomb test

Catholic Bishops: Ending DACA ‘Reprehensible,’ ‘Opposite’ of Scripture

Sports Illustrated keeps posting bikini shots from hurricane-ravaged areas

GOP Lawmaker on Marijuana Policy: ‘We’re Completely on Our Asses’

Trucker: ‘Overregulation’ Looks Like Deciding When I Work, Eat, And Sleep

Get Up, Stand Up! – The New York Times

Teen Vogue Writer: Don’t Date Anyone Who Isn’t a Feminist!

REPORT: Trump Prepares To Abandon Wall In Favor Of Legalizing DREAMers

Joy Reid: Trump Era Is ‘The Worst Time to Be a Human’

Katy Tur Says Dems Should Just Move Voters From California Into Swing States

Bernie kept $5 million of the money donated to his campaign, refusing to pay back debt to cities. Socialism at work.

Cop Cleans Out Wallet Of Unlicensed Hot Dog Vendor Just Because He Can

Irma’s Last-Minute Westward Shift May Have Saved Florida $150 Billion In Damages

Leftism Is Not Liberalism. Here Are the Differences.

ESPN: Host Calling President Trump A White Supremacist Was ‘Inappropriate’

PETA Pays College Students $500 Per Semester To Advocate For Vegan Lifestyle

Trump Pumps $50 Million Into Energy Infrastructure After Hurricanes Leave Millions Without Power

Sarah Sanders Says Clinton Book Full Of ‘False And Reckless Attacks’

Trump Has Always Backed Amnesty, White House Says

UNEXPECTEDLY: Tagging fake news on Facebook doesn’t work, study says….

Of Course Hillary Clinton Identifies with Cersei Lannister. They Are the Same Person.

BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU: Airport Denizens, Beware: Ubersnitch Lena Dunham Promises ‘I Hear All an…


Trump Ready To Make DACA Deal Without Border Wall Funding

Utah Valley University Faculty Must Report ‘Argumentative’ Students To ‘Behavior Assessment Team’

EVERGREEN HEADLINE. The European left: unfit to govern: Europe’s left has seen an even more drama…

SOMEONE Isn’t Peeing Like A Lady In HuffPost’s Women’s Lavatory

FACT CHECK: Clinton Claims ‘Nearly Every Newspaper’ Endorsed Her Bid For The Presidency

Qatar, Chief Funder Of Hamas, Courts America’s Jews

Poll: Nearly Half Of Americans Have A Gun In Their House

Hillary: Trump Wants ‘To Be Like Putin,’ Wants ‘Unaccountable, Unchecked Power’

WATCH: Berkeley Protesters Claim Ben Shapiro Is The ‘Architect’ Of A ‘Fascist Regime’

HELL FREEZES OVER: New York Times Defends Shapiro Against Leftists

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns After A FIFTH Child Sex Abuse Allegation Surfaces

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Portland Police Announce They’re Deleting Gang Member Database….

What Fiduciary Duty? San Fran Politicians Try To Force Pension To Dump $470MM Of “Fossil Fuel” Stocks

Report: DOJ Won’t Charge Officers Involved In Freddie Gray’s Death

Apple’s iPhone X ‘FaceID’ Facial Recognition Sparks Racism Fears

University Presidents Defend Trump Judicial Nominee Questioned About ‘Dogma’

Can a Christian Serve as a Judge Anymore?

21 Photos That Take You Inside Irma’s Destruction

REPORT: Texas Professor Resigns after Tweet about Sec. DeVos Being Sexually Assaulted

Federal Government Grants $138,000 for Study on Gender Identity of Children

Hillary Clinton: I Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Reporters, Lawmakers and Stick Them with Pins

GRAPHIC: Narco-Terror in Southern Mexico — 19 Dead in 3 Days

Amnesty: Democrats’ Dream Act Would Kill Donald Trump’s RAISE Act

Former UN Security Council Chief: Venezuela Using ‘Torture, Sex Crimes, Murder’ to Silence Dissidents

Sanctuary Cities: Killing For The Common Good

Trump Has Always Backed Amnesty, White House Says

U.S. Senate Intel slips sentence into bill that could lead to spying on citizens

Democrats’ Defense of DACA Shows Contempt for Constitution, Rule of Law

ESPN anchor blasts Trump as ‘white supremacist’

Equifax’s Data Breach: Here’s What You Should Be Doing Right Now

Reed College Students Disrupt Learning to Protest Western Civ Course Hum 110

Peggy Noonan Was Right About The National Cathedral’s Confederate Windows

In Response To Attacks, New Florida Law Aims To Protect Religious Expression In Public Schools

Why Illegal Immigrant Advocacy Groups Aren’t Really Pro-Immigrant

Jemele Hill’s Tweets Are Bad, But Her ESPN Show Is Even Worse

Yes, Hillary, The Media Did Help Trump Win. So Did You

Blaming Everyone Else For Her Mistakes Is The Most Human Thing Hillary Has Ever Done

SHOCKER: Watchdog Says Remaining Obamacare CO-OPs Doomed For Failure

E-Cig Sellers Blast Massive Vape Tax That Will ‘Devastate The Small, Family-Owned’ Shops

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Bikini Baristas Sue City in the Name of Free Speech and Women’s Rights: City …

Twelfth Dem Backs Sanders’ Single-Payer Bill

Trump: New North Korean Sanctions Are ‘Nothing’ Compared To ‘What Will Have To Happen’

Pelosi Clings To Obamacare As Dem 2020 Hopefuls Shift Toward Single Payer

Climate change activists want punishment for skeptics

Irma’s wrath: more than half of Florida still in the dark

Traffic jams as Floridians are allowed to return home

Brazil investigates reports of massacre among Amazonian tribe by gold miners

Statue Of Christopher Columbus Vandalized In Central Park

Professors told to report students who make campus ‘less inclusive’ to Behavior Assessment Team

Ontario judge who wore Trump hat in courtroom to be suspended 30 days without pay

Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson says ‘we are creating a bubble’ in stocks

Study: The Liberal Media’s Summer of Pummeling Trump

Russia Successfully Test-Launches Yars ICBM

End Warrantless Deep State Spying: Don’t Renew 702

NSA Quietly Awarded a Classified $2.4 Billion Tech Contract With More to Come

Key US surveillance law faces Congress fight

Trump Plans Aggressive Road Show to Sell Tax Overhaul

Trump Will Work With Either Democrats or Republicans to Achieve Tax Overhaul

61% Say It’s Time for Hillary Clinton To Retire

‘It hurt’: Clinton says Sanders dragged out nomination fight

A $150 Billion Misfire: How Forecasters Got Irma Damage So Wrong – Bloomberg

Hands On with the TSA’s New ‘Enhanced’ Pat-Down Procedure | The Weekly Standard

WHAT’S WRONG WITH NANCY? Orders LGBT group to clap for Obama, laments ‘bulleting’ of youth

It’s Official: Broadway Hates Michael Moore

Danger lingers in Florida as Irma moves into Georgia – LA Times

Irma wasn’t the total disaster that was feared. But in parts of Florida, you could see disaster from there – LA Times

2,000 Years Of Economic History (In One Chart)

D’OH! NARAL sets hypocrisy trap for Trump & then stumbles right into it – twitchy.com

After the Storm, It’s Finally the First Day of School in Houston – The New York Times

Irma Swiftly Lays Claim to Florida’s Sea of Trees – The New York Times

After a Dozen Hurricanes and 40 Years, What Has Changed and What Has Not. – The New York Times

Before Pounding Florida, Hurricane Took Out Its Fury on Another Part of the U.S. – The New York Times

Florida Keys Battered but Still Standing After Irma’s Rampage – The New York Times

The Monster Surge That Wasn’t: Why Irma Caused Less Flooding Than Expected – The New York Times

In Florida, a Storm’s Fright Gives Way to a Blackout’s Troubles – The New York Times

All Food Is Gone! Violence Erupts On Caribbean Island Of St. Martin

ESPN Host: ‘Trump Is A White Supremacist | The Daily Caller

Farming Contaminates Water in More Ways Than One

A CRISPR Future New Form of Eugenics?

BREAKING: Decision Makers Have Been Informed Of Evidence Against Russia Hack – Disobedient Media

Vast new intelligence haul fuels next phase of fight against Islamic State – LA Times

Mexico rescinds Texas aid offer after huge quake

Political Pistachio: The Nature of Tyranny and Dystopia

Spain Has Been Mistreating Us For Years – 100s Of Thousands Turn Out For Catalan National Day

Over 60% of voters want an annual limit of 500,000 or less for legal permanent immigrants

Cornell student gov demands ‘repercussions’ for ‘hate speech’

Retired appeals court judge: ‘I pay very little attention to legal rules, statutes, constitutional provisions’

(24829) The Old Reader

Dairy Queen Franchise Sign That Says ‘In God We Trust’ Generates Controversy After ‘Offended’ Customer Calls…

Dreamers in medical school ask Congress to help them so they can help others

Republicans Immigration Surrender DREAM Act Traded for Border Security

The U.S. is now over $20 trillion in debt — here’s how it got there

Online users unearth footage of Al Jazeera anchor justifying 9/11 attacks

What Seattle’s income tax fight says about our America’s pension mess

Obamacare’s Out-of-Pocket Costs for Specialty Drugs Increases 16% in One Year

Poll: More Americans Have a Gun in Home Than Ever Before

Excuse Me? CNN’s Don Lemon Claims He ‘Can Smell’ Racism [VIDEO]

HuffPost Publishes Article Calling Bush A ‘Terrorist,’ Promoting 9/11 Conspiracies On Anniversary Of Attacks

FACT CHECK: Are ‘Seven Of The Nine’ Wealthiest Counties Around DC?

WH Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly Hits Back After Democratic Rep. Gutierrez Calls Him “A Disgrace To The Uniform”

Clowns Are Protesting ‘It’ Screenings Over ‘Negative Clown Stereotypes’

6-Year-Old ‘Disciplined’ For ‘Misgendering’ A Transgender Classmate

FLASHBACK: Hillary Lied About Being In New York City On 9/11

WATCH: Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Gen. Dunford Offers Brief But Powerful Speech On 9/11

‘Phenomenal’ pill slashes risk of death from heart disease by 22% and could save millions of lives

Lawsuit Claims Saudi Arabia Funded ‘Dry Run’ Operation Before 9/11

Allies al-Qaeda, Taliban Stronger Despite 6,786 U.S. Military Fatalities, 52,570 Injuries Since 9/11

Disrespect for National Anthem Damages NFL as Unifying American Passion

IPAs Are Giving You Man Boobs – MUNCHIES

CAMPUS WHISTLEBLOWERS: What happens when college professors uncover wrongdoing in the halls of their…

VIDEO: Bill Maher Is So Excited That It Was Republicans in the Way of These Hurricanes….

Trump Should Eliminate Fake Science

FACT CHECK: Did Obama Spend $1 Trillion ‘To Upgrade The Nuclear Arsenal’?

Physicians Group Launches Effort To Help Patients Find Pro-Gun Healthcare Providers

This $586.56 San Francisco Lawsuit Could Destroy The Entire ‘Gig Economy’

Why Nobody Can Trust Facebook

Pope Defends DACA With Pro-Life Argument

Hurricanes Show Why Drones Are the Future of Disaster Relief | NBC News

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks ‘Mother Nature’s Rage’ Is Directed at Trump

Paris: Non-Muslims Get Special Terrorism Screening—by Muslims

Trump Aide Refuses To Link Climate Change With Hurricanes Irma And Harvey

Terrorists Start Al-Qaida Rip-Off After Disaffection With ISIS

Cleveland State Destroys Students’ 9/11 Memorial

Kansas City Police Disarm Armed ‘Antifa& | The Daily Caller

The True Conservatives Hype A Trumpocalypse In A Desperate Bid For Attention

The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels – In Military

In The Long Run, 9/11 Didn’t Bring Us Any Closer Together

United Nations Unanimously Approves New Sanctions On North Korea

Donation Processor Drops Pro-Family Group Over ‘Hate’ Label

University of Virginia Students Shut Down ‘Cops And Robbers’ Party After Complaints Over ‘Insensitive’ Theme

‘Chappaquiddick’ Review: The Truth About The Whitewashing Of Ted Kennedy

INCREDIBLE: This Heroine Was Ready To Fly A Suicide Mission To Take Down Hijacked Flight 93

U.S. National Debt Hits $20 Trillion For First Time In History

Iowa State University Requires Job Applicants To Sign ‘Diversity And Inclusion’ Pledge

The Numbers Behind The ‘Dreamers’

The Sandcastle: Decline From Democracy To Tyranny Is Inevitable

Downtown Charleston Under Water: Irma Flash Flood Emergency Declared

Donald Trump Jr. Obliterates Michael Moore Over His Idiotic Tweet

Hurricane Irma alligator wanders into downtown Melbourne

Trees Down, Power Lines Block Miami Beach Roads

Hurricane Irma: Nearly half of Florida in the dark, Tampa takes pounding

Welcome To 1984: Big Brother Google Now Watching Your Every Political Move

Inspired by Seattle and turned off by Trump, the People’s Party looks for a national stage

A Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Shame – The New York Times


Hurricane Irma Makes Landfall In Florida Keys Sunday Morning

Equifax’s response to breach slammed as Americans face a lifetime of problems from the hack

Reports Confirm North Korea Has Enough Oil To Survive An Embargo

Irma’s 15-Foot Storm Surge Could Demolish 1,000 Miles Of Florida Coast: “It Will Cover Your House”

GOP Rep Jordan: Trump Did Not Make a ‘Good Deal’ on Debt Ceiling

Radical fallout: Oberlin College enrollment drops, causing financial problems

Paid Clinton advisor Adam Parkhomenko posts innuendo that Bernie Sanders is a paid Kremlin agent

No storm on record, anywhere on the globe, has maintained winds 185mph or above for as long as Irma

The Equifax Breach Exposes America’s Identity Crisis

DACA Fraud Rate at ’40 to 50 Percent’, Says Former Immigration Official

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Obama officials gave contractors tens of millions of dollars in improper con…

Study: Vast Majority of Top Colleges Deny Due Process in Sexual Misconduct Cases | Trending

‘Undocumented Citizen’? The Narrative On DACA Is All Messed Up. Here’s The Truth

What the Rich Won’t Tell You – The New York Times

PM Viktor Orban: ‘Hungary Is Not an Immigrant Country and Does Not Want to Become One’

LGBT History Gets Short Shrift in Schools. There’s an Effort to Change That

BREACH OF DUTY: How Democrats left America naked before North Korea’s nukes….

Outrage Grows After Stephen Colbert Gives Trump Nazi Salute

THE SCIENCE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SETTLED: US forecast models have been pretty terrible during Hurrica…

Babies On Drugs In America? 1984 Predicted It!

Mind The Chemtrails: US Air Force Dispatches Sprayer Aircraft In Response To Harvey

U.K. Doesn’t Know Why Muslim Incarceration Rate Is Skyrocketing

Hurricane Irma Seems To Be Sucking Water From Shorelines

State Department Would ‘Like to Be Able to Sit Down and Talk’ with North Korea About Nukes

Firemen Abandon House Blaze After Being Attacked in Swedish No-Go Zone

Iraqi on Trial for Child Rape, Assault, ‘Used Shop to Seduce Young Girls’

Migrants Prefer Germany Because Its Benefits ‘Are Quite High,’ Says Gov’t Minister

 Want to Destroy ESPN and CNN Forever? Cut the Cord, Dummy

20 States Ask Supreme Court to Release Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood

Death Toll Rises to 64 in Mexican Earthquake

Hollywood Celebs Appear in TV Special to Promote ‘Change’ in U.S. High Schools

Growing Hepatitis A Outbreak in San Diego Forces Extreme Measures

TWEET: Liberal Science & Hurricanes…

Professor who argued ‘all cultures are not created equal’ targeted for removal from teaching law class

The Guy is Hiding Something: Top Hillary Advisor Suggests Bernie Colluded With Russia During the Primary

Death By Political Correctness: Student Charged With Islamaphobic “Hate Crime” After Mocking ISIS On Facebook

We’re Just Trying To Feed Our Families – Equifax Hackers Demand $2.6 Million Ransom In Bitcoin

Looting And Lawlessness Breaks Out After Irma Barrels Through

Report: Manafort Notes from Trump Jr. Russia Meeting ‘Not Seen as Damaging’

Flashback VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Calls for Illegal Alien Children to Be ‘Sent Back’

Hillary Clinton Blames Angry Voters for Defeat; Calls for ‘Sacred Resistance’ Against Trump

Republicans Furious After Trump’s DOJ Declines To Charge Lois Lerner

Minimum Wage: Bad for Humans, Good for Robots

Chicagoans plan to rally for Colin Kaepernick at Bears opener

U.S. Park Police Tear Down Anti-Trump Camp

Truth Suffers in Defense of Antifa

In An Increasingly Divided America, Everyone Agrees On One Thing: “Everyone Else Is Wrong”

SO MAYBE K STREET IS GOOD FOR US TOO? Parasites Inside Your Body Could Actually Be Protecting You….

State Ignores ‘Basic Economics’ To Push Crushing 75 Percent Vaping Tax

New York Magazine: White Audiences Must ‘Examine Their Racist Failings’

Howard Marks Graciously Admits He Was Wrong: “Sees No Reason Why Bitcoin Can’t Be A Currency”

Axios: Trump Hoped for Elites’ Approval with Democrat Debt Deal — and They’re Giving It, for Now

New Study Set To Examine ‘Gender Identity Among Young Children’


(What’s Left Of) Our Economy: The Real ‘Dreamer Fakeonomics’

Triggered: George Clooney has Full Blown Meltdown Over Steve Bannon — ‘Licking My Ass’

Notre Dame President Smites Dianne Feinstein For ‘Chilling’ Questions About Nominee’s Faith

Millennial Chick Can’t Stop Having Sex with Trump Supporters

Facebook Engagement-For-Hire Economy Has Generated More Than 100 Million Fake Likes

George Clooney: Hollywood Is ‘Well Represented Right Now in the West Wing’

Cory Booker accepted $10,000 from Menendez Pac!

De Blasio assembles a diversity all-star squad to vet “oppressive” monuments

In Interview, Top Indonesian Muslim Scholar Says Stop Pretending That Orthodox Islam and Violence Aren’t Linked

It’s A Killer – Florida Orders A Third Of The Population To Evacuate As Irma Hurtles Toward Tampa

Bernie Sanders Rebukes Hillary Clinton, Says No One Believes Her Claims That He Stole Her Ideas

Blog: Report: Hackers can now cause blackouts on US electrical grid

Trump’s DOJ Won’t Pursue Criminal Charges Against Lois Lerner

Fast-growing green energy ‘scam’ puts taxpayers and homeowners at risk

Katy Tur: How Do Democrats ‘Justify Working with’ Trump After Slamming Him So Much?

Julian Assange: Friedrich Engels The Hater of Irish People . Comrade Engels Claims Irish People Are Filth.

Can the U.S Military Hold the Line in the Gathering Political Storm? – American Greatness

NBC’s Big Trump-Russia Scoop Falls Apart | The Daily Caller

This 12-Year-Old Boy ‘Transitioned’ To A Girl, Took Hormones, Then Changed His Mind

With Scumbags Like This, It’s Easy To Understand Why Bitcoin Is At $4400…

VIDEO: Illegal Aliens, Open Borders Activists Demolish Fake Jeff Sessions Monument Outside DOJ

Kaine Concerned About Depiction of Antifa — ‘I Don’t Know Enough About Them to Say That They’re Terrorists’

Talking Point: 12 Democrats, Media Figures Call Trump ‘Cruel’ for Ending DACA

Tragic Kingdom: Dragged Down By ESPN, Disney Shares Continue to Tumble

In Positive Turn, Justice Department Prosecuting Bureaucrats Rather Than Entire Agency

Betsy DeVos Stands Up for Due Process Rights in Campus Sexual Assault Cases

Conservatives And Small Businesses Unite Against Trudeau’s Tax Grab

Congress, NY Attorney General To Investigate Massive Equifax Breach

The University of California and Janet Napolitano sue the Trump administration to save the DACA program she created

Nebraska Senator Calls For Professor Who ‘Berated And Intimidated’ Conservative Student To Be Fired

Islamic Relief: Charitable Support For Political Violence

Trump’s Justice Department Lets Lois Lerner Off The Hook

Berkeley Finally Releases Shapiro Tickets — And They Sell Out In 45 Minutes

WATCH: Sen. Mike Lee Gives Incredible Speech Against ‘Religious Tests’

Hollywood Blaming Everyone But Themselves For Box Office Woes: It’s Rotten Tomatoes’ Fault!

WATCH: Conservative Millennial Hilariously Mocks Hillary’s Election Loss Excuses

‘Cake Is Speech’ Is Now The Official Position Of The U.S. Government


‘Dreamers’ Furious DHS Closed A Loophole Allowing Them To Get Green Cards

Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?

The Myth That Climate Change Created Harvey, Irma

Equifax Help For Leaked Data May Require You To Give Up Your Right To Sue

US Citizen Pleads Guilty To Supporting Somali Terror Group Al-Shabaab

Menendez ‘Supporters’ At Corruption Trial Have Undisclosed Ties To Embattled Senator [VIDEO]

Trump DOJ won’t charge IRS ‘targeting’ villain Lois Lerner

HOPE: High School Bans Flags On Cars. How Students React Is AMAZING

Is Sacramento Paying Gangs Not To Kill People?

ABSURD: Former IRS Chief Lois Lerner, Who Targeted Conservatives, Gets Off The Hook

FLASHBACK: Hillary Once Opposed Amnesty For Illegal Immigrant Children

EBay, PayPal, Amazon Blasted for Sales of Confederate Items

Not a Joke: Berkeley Offers Students ‘Counseling’ to Cope With Shapiro Speech

TOO LATE: Let’s keep politics – and kneeling – out of football….

Climate Academic Compares Global Warming Skeptics With The 9/11 Hijackers

UC Berkeley Students Try To Ban Hate Speech From Campus

Trans Boy Transitions To Girl — Then Back To Boy [VIDEO]

Republicans see tax reform complicated by Trump deal with Democrats

Pay-To-Play: Chicago Tribune Blasts Rahm As Data Reveals 70% Of Donors Get Lucrative City Hall Contracts

Report: Jared Kushner Helped Dem Senator Push Trump For DACA Amnesty

UC Berkeley is offering counseling for students harmed by conservative speaker Ben Shapiro

Huge Solar Flare Sparks Widespread Blackouts, May Deter Korean Missile Launch This Weekend

Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse “White Privilege Tax” on All WHITE PEOPLE’S Income!

University Of California College President Sues Over DACA Rollback

North Korea Says U.S. to Pay Dearly for Haley’s ‘Hysteric Fit’

Nuke-sniffer, ballistic recon aircraft deploy to Okinawa amid rising tensions with N. Korea

Sweeping change in China’s military points to more firepower for Xi

Stephen Colbert Gives Trump Nazi Salute Over Charlottesville

ISIS Supporters Celebrate Hurricane Irma: ‘May Allah Drown the Enemies of Islam’

New York school tells students they should masturbate to avoid carrying out sex attacks on nights out

New Study Favors Fat Over Carbs

Uber Faces FBI Probe Over Program Targeting Rival Lyft

Jamie Dimon leaves Wall Street perch to have a say in Washington

Maxine Waters on Alt-Right: ‘You See How Much They Want to Kill Me’

Trump dumps do-nothing Congress

Earthquake measuring 5.3 hits Japan hours after Mexico quake kills at least 30

Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after tremor

California’s homelessness crisis moves to the country

Banned Pesticides From Illegal Pot Farms Seep Into California Water | U.S. News | US News

At least 32 die after massive quake off southern Mexico

Canada Pot Stocks Rally as Ontario Plans to Open 150 Stores

Something else to fret about: ISIS mounting dirty bombs on drones

More opioid prescriptions than people in some California counties

FEC Dems renew bid to regulate internet, Drudge, ‘not done fighting’

Equifax Says Cyberattack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed

Dollar Deepens Dive as Caution on Currency Grows

NFL Kickoff Game Ratings Take A Hit From 2016 As Patriots Lose To Chiefs

Hurricane Irma will ‘devastate’ parts of the United States, FEMA chief says

Miami is in the ‘worst possible position’ as Irma shifts

Fuel shortages, bottlenecks hamper Florida mass exodus

Major Hurricane Irma likely to deliver destructive blow to Florida this weekend

Terrorism, Migrants, Extremism at Top of Germans’ Fears Ahead of Election

Pelosi: Trump Supports DREAM Act: ‘He Would Sign It’

Rep. Dave Brat: Democrats Must Support E-Verify If Serious About Immigration Reform

Harvard Editorial: Charles Murray Lecture ‘Threatens the Lives’ of Students

Italian Foreign Ministry: International Community Pushing ‘Global Compact’ for Regular Migration

Cato Project: Islam ‘Consistent’ with ‘Libertarian Principles’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Individualism’

Conservatives Furious after Trump Cuts Debt Ceiling Deal with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

Immigration Reformers: Three Big Reasons to Oppose DACA Re-Amnesty

Hillary Clinton Unloads on Democrats in Memoir, Angering Some

It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race

See How Your Senators Voted on the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Debt Ceiling Deal

DACA Fraud Rate at ’40 to 50 Percent’, Says Former Immigration Official

Three Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Members Arrested in Ohio, Georgia

10 Shotgun Hacks To Improve Your Shooting Experience

Black Parents Sue School, Claim Bullies Abuse Daughter for ‘Acting White’ | Trending

Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide

New Data: Illegal Voters May Have Decided New Hampshire in 2016 | Rule of Law

Sen. Mike Lee: Christian Baker Case About First Amendment, ‘Compelled Speech’

Not Just Florida: Georgia And South Carolina Face “Catastrophic Storm Surge”

BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules Against Donald | The Daily Caller

FLASHBACK: Far more Democrats than Republicans blame “Jews” for the financial crisis….

DOJ, FBI Staffers May Be Delaying Info On Tru | The Daily Caller

Harvard Professors Arrested After Blocking Traffic To Protest Trump

Louise “Hard Drugs” Mensch Fires Lawyer Over Twitter For Criticizing Evan McMullin

Associated Press Now Refers To Illegal Aliens As ‘Undocumented Citizens’

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal Leaves Door Open To Endless Collusion Investigation

Clinton’s score-settling frustrates Democrats

Israel strikes deep in Syria, said to hit military facility

Hartford Warns It Will File for Bankruptcy Unless State Provides a Bailout

Network Evening Newscasts Ignore First Day of Menendez Trial

Trump Stuns GOP by Dealing With Democrats on Debt, Harvey Aid – WSJ

Hunger in U.S. Drops to Lowest in a Decade

Police: Taco Bell Employees Fatally Shoot Armed Robber

75 Students Ordered to Get Blood Test Over Can of Beer

Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide

The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas

Study: Violent Political Confrontations Rising In California

Felons are getting security clearances as U.S. struggles to work through backlog

Tens of thousands of witches join forces every month to cast a spell on Donald Trump to ‘protect the world’

Gov. Deal issues evacuation order for Chatham County, coastal Georgia

Two South Florida nuclear power plants lie in Irma’s path. Are they ready?

Irma may topple construction cranes in South Florida; residents warned to evacuate

Dade Residents Find Some Pumps Dry, Water In Short Supply

Irma will be ‘devastating’ for US: emergency chief

Hurricane Irma has the potential of affecting every major city in Florida

Miami Beach Mayor Urges Residents To Get Out Now: ‘This Is A Nuclear Hurricane’

The Atlantic Has Three Active Hurricanes For The First Time In 7 Years

South Korea Protesters Clash With Police Over Deployment Of US THAAD Missiles

The Pivot Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

Trump sides with Democrats in debt limit, funding, Harvey deal – POLITICO

CNN Really Wants Kasich to Challenge Trump Again

Trump’s Deal with Democrats Is a Warning to Republicans — Establishment and Conservative Alike

Media Likes Using One Word to Describe Trump’s DACA Decision– ‘Cruel’

Selfish DREAMer Who Doesn’t Want to Wait In Line Writes Op-Ed Explaining His Greedy Ways,,,,


NBC News Wrongly Claims Sen. Menendez Is A Republican

WaPo Defends DACA Through Misleading Fact Check

French Police Discover ‘Bomb Factory’ In Paris, Arrest Two

Islamic Rule: Muslims live in this area. Keep your ‘filthy’ dogs away from Muslims

Here’s How Many Americans Live In Houses They Can’t Afford

Humans are still evolving, study suggests – UPI.com

Facebook sold political ads to fake accounts linked to Russia

Reminder: Experts Have Been Warning Us About Global Warming Since the 1930s

University Advises Teaching Assistants Not To Say ‘Last Name’ Or ‘It Is Easy To Imagine’

Blue States Sue To Block DACA Repeal

Facebook Is Gunning For An Office In China, Says Report

Media Conspicuously Omits D.C. Metro Shooter’s Immigration Status – Judicial Watch

2 Democrat Senators Show Hostility to Religion in Questions for Judicial Nominee

Trump Correct to Put ‘Dreamers’ in the Hands of Congress, GOP Lawmakers Say

 Mayor de Blasio: you know you want the heavy hand of government, and so do I

How The Feds Blocked Effective Flood Insurance

47 Conservatives Sign Open Letter Warning The Media About The Southern Poverty Law Center

Leftist Editor: You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Even THINK Men Are Men And Women Are Women

WATCH: CNN Mocks Hillary For Visiting States On Book Tour She Ignored During Election

Poll: Heavy majority supports letting DREAMers stay and become legal residents, 76/15

Texas voter ID law not as dead as you were told

How can Trump “revisit” DACA in six months if it’s unconstitutional?

Miami-Dade, Florida Keys to residents: Get out

That time the Washington Post excused North Korea’s nuclear program

Holocaust museum retracts study justifying Obama’s ‘bystanderism’ in Syria

Initial Harvey aid may have lots of baggage attached

BUT OF COURSE: ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Premiere Sets Up Trump Supporters as Racist, Fear Monge…

Clinton: I’m a ‘Lightning Rod for Fury’ in Part ‘Because I’m a Woman’

UN: Syrian Government Forces Used Chemical Weapons More Than Two Dozen Times

De Blasio Rails Against Concept of Private Property, Says It Impedes NYC’s ‘Socialistic Impulse’

Senate Republicans to Increase Debt Limit By Adding It to Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill

CNN’s Cuomo: DACA has ‘Been Legally Dubious’ from the Start

Schumer, Pelosi Offer Support for Harvey Aid if Tied to Short-Term Debt Limit Increase

Markey on DACA Decision: Trump is ‘Acting Like Pontius Pilate’

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Free Speech Hypocrisy

Insurance Commissioners Say Obamacare’s Individual Market Near Collapse, Not Sustainable

Former Democratic IT Staffer to Return From Pakistan, Face Charges

Iranian Spy Service Threatening, Blackmailing Global Media Outlets

EPA Workforce Approaching Lowest Levels Since Reagan

Top Dems Took Campaign Cash From Senator on Trial for Corruption

Sanders Brushes off Clinton’s Accusations of Blame: ‘Our Job is to go Forward’

George Clooney The Hater

Blue Cross payment cuts prompt protest by Minn. mental health providers – StarTribune.com

Vicente Fox: Trump is “too stupid to realize that one day the minority will become the majority”

John Kasich: “If the DREAMers want to go somewhere and live, come to Ohio.”

Harvard Students Promise to Protect Charles Murray Lecture

Rachel Maddow Claims Links Between Eugenics and Anti-Immigrant Policy

The Trump administration now has tons of DACA data and is poised to weaponize it

Flashback: When Americans Paid a 62% Marginal Tax Rate For Making $22,000 A Year in 1944

Female Circumcision in Islam – Muslims in Calgary

Why I and Other Lawmakers Should Live Under Obamacare

Black Leaders Should Focus on Lifting People Out of Poverty, Not Purging Statues

There Is No Such Thing As a ‘Deserving DREAMer’

Congress Should Follow Trump’s Lead, Cut EPA Funding

Harvey Is Restoring The Faith Of A Nation Scarred By First Responders Who Abuse Their Power

Lawmaker Seeks to Derail $900M for Amtrak Project as Earmark

Congress Shouldn’t Let Health Insurers’ Political Game-Playing Net Them Taxpayers’ Billions

What Congress Should Do On Tax Reform Versus What It Likely Will

Law Professors Celebrate Marriage And Work Ethic, Immediately Attacked As Racists

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Nuclear War With North Korea Right Now

How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage

DACA Backlash Shows Democrats Don’t Really Think Their Policies Should Be Subject To Elections

WINNER: Worst Anti-Trump Hurricane Irma Tweet

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Goes Full Communist, Chastises Private Property

Facing DACA Deportation? You Can Live With Cher!

Sociologist Explains How ‘Cheap Sex’ Is Hurting Women

DePaul Pledges Its Campus Is Safe For All Illegal Immigrants

‘Misleading’ Surgeon General Report On Vaping Battered As ‘Fiction’

Germany must pay Poland up to $1 trillion in reparations, minister says

Antifa’s Victims Share One Thing In Comm | The Daily Caller

Can ‘DREAMers’ Receive Federal Bene | The Daily Caller

Chuck Schumer In 2009: ‘Illegal Immigrat | The Daily Caller

Facebook inflates its ad reach by millions, analyst claims

Top Silicon Valley tech exec on cash handouts: Let’s eliminate poverty for all Americans

Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees

Clinton blasts Biden for saying Dems didn’t address middle class during campaign | TheHill

At CNN, Retracted Story Leaves an Elite Reporting Team Bruised

Man arrested for asking ‘threatening’ question at GOP senator’s town hall

McCarthy: Republicans will punt wall fight to December

Thousands Protest in Chicago After Trump Ends DACA

Thousands March Across Brooklyn Bridge to Defend DACA

Dem lawmaker: Kelly is a ‘disgrace to uniform’

The Latest: Trump vows to revisit DACA if Congress stumbles

Monthly Refugee Admissions Lowest in 15 Years; Percentage of Muslims Declining

Earthquake swarm continues to rattle southeastern Idaho

A powerful solar storm is headed toward us, bringing hazards and rare light shows

California officers accused of ‘sadistic and terrorizing acts’ against prisoners

Charlottesville Council votes to remove Confederate statue after tense hearing

Denver nurses suspended for opening body bag to admire man’s genitals

Rahm Emanuel tells students Chicago schools are ‘Trump-free zone’

Political Divisions in U.S. Are Widening, Long-Lasting, Poll Shows

The ‘Frankenmissile’: How South Korea plans to destroy the North’s underground military bases

Revealed: The middle-aged rocket scientist ” who became Kim Jong-un’s missile programme mastermind

China’s military practices for ‘surprise attack’ over sea near Korea

China Fears Radioactive Fallout From North Korea Blast

Survey: White Christians are now a minority of US population

Florida on edge; evacuations coming as Hurricane Irma nears

Amazon faces complaints of price gouging ahead of Irma

Empty shelves everywhere, but retailers say supplies are on the way

Hurricane Irma is so strong it’s registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes

Hurricane Irma Is Stronger Than All of 2017’s Other Eight Atlantic Storms Combined

Hurricane Irma: Strongest ever Atlantic storm batters Caribbean islands – latest news

Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as Category 5 storm

North Korea’s Leader ‘Begging for War’ Haley Warns

A Flawed President Whose Pugnacious Divisiveness Uniquely Suits the Moment’s Need

Turkey slams Germany’s ‘disrespectful messages’ about Erdogan, democratic values – World – CBC News

Obama lawyer who worked on DACA admits it’s probably unconstitutional – twitchy.com

Democrats Aren’t Supporting Sanders | The Daily Caller

WEIRD HOW LITTLE PRESS ATTENTION THIS IS GETTING: Menendez corruption case puts other Democrats at …

HE MUST BE SILENCED. THIS THREATENS THE WHOLE FEEDLOT: Prof finds majority of minorities don’t fac…

US vs North Korea: Trump’s military options poised to WIPE OUT Kim Jong-un revealed

Exclusive: 77% demand end to ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal immigrants

Conservative Group Hoping For ‘Perp Walks’ After Breakthrough In IRS Lawsuit

GOP Congressman Determined to Protect DACA with House Maneuver

REPORT: America’s top universities deny students fair hearings – FIRE

EUROPE’S NEW LIE: Comparing Asylum Shelters to Nazi Concentration Camps. Recently, Franco Berardi…

Hurricane Harvey: A View from a Rugged Communitarian | Newgeography.com

JUST NBC THE HYPOCRISY: ● Shot: “Former FEMA head Michael Brown remembers Hurricane Katrina t…

Merged Offline and Online Offensives Hit ISIS – The Cipher Brief

UH-OH: North Korea threat prompts Japan evacuation preparations. There are currently about 38,000…

5 Hurricane Charts Climate Alarmists Don’t Want You to See as They Rush to Politicize Harvey

The Southern Poverty Law Center Almost Got Me Killed. Why Does the Media Still Propagate Their ‘Hate Map’?

The Paths Republicans Might Take On DACA | The Daily Caller

Rahm Emanuel Assures Illegal Students They Have ‘Nothing To Worry About’

“Social Justice Collective” Calls For Four-Year Universities To Ban Veterans, Cites NRA Ties

EPA May Curtail Use Of Monsanto Herbicide | The Daily Caller

What ‘Trump Studies’ Is Telling Us – POLITICO Magazine

Angry Hillary Blames Everything From Bernie Sanders To “There’s Something About Mary” For 2016 Loss

Scientist Outsells Gore On Kindle | The Daily Caller

Only 1/2 Will Be Able To Hear Shapiro | The Daily Caller

Breaking from tech giants, Democrats consider becoming an antimonopoly party

Amy Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters Following Rollback Of DACA

School Officials Spread Fear To Close Down ‘Horrifying’ Vape Shop

Senate Faces Showdown Over Trump Judges

Trump Signals Willingness to Trade ‘Dreamers’ Amnesty for Merit-Based Immigration Reform

TWO THINGS THAT AREN’T RELIABLE: DNA ANCESTRY TESTS, and this NYT article about DNA ancestry tests:…

Telemundo And Univision Now Openly Lobbying In Favor Of Amnesty

Trump Wants Congress To Address Immigration And Graham Thinks Amnesty Is The Answer

A Massive Vaping Tax Is Killing Pennsylvania’s E-Cigarette Industry

Crowd Throws Tomatoes At Merkel During Rally

A NEW OBAMA? THE MEDIA STARTS SELLING ABDUL EL-SAYED: When he takes questions, one “clearly agita…

The Guardian Starts Selling Abdul El-Sayed, the Soros-Funded Muslim Democrat Running For Michigan Governor

The Navy Is Having Collisions at Sea. Here’s Why It’s Happening and What Should Be Done.

Conservative groups’ fliers vandalized, labeled ‘Nazis’

The Left’s Intimidation Tactics Against Conservative Opinion

Former Trump Insiders Predict Paul Manafort Close To Being Indicted For Financial Crimes, Report

Michael Moore: ‘To The Streets’ With DACA Protests

Obama Makes Misleading Statements Regarding DACA On Facebook

Nigerian Ministers Kidnapped, Murdered By Unknown Gunmen

Anti-Trump Actress Alyssa Milano Gets Slammed For Tasteless National Prayer Day Tweet

Sarsour: I Was An ‘Ordinary White Girl’ ‘Til I Put On A Hijab

During Harvey, Houston shows the power of ordinary people

Students Not ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ At 3/4 Of America’s Top Universities

Here’s What Might Happen If North Korea Dropped A Nuke On An American City

Meet The New Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Hypervirulent’ Superbug Discovered In China

No aid for them! Bette Midler says no federal money for Texas until their attitude improves or something

After retraction, CNN told investigative unit to lay off the Russia story

North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin warns of planetary catastrophe news

North Korea ‘secretly moving ballistic missile towards west coast’ and threatens America with the ‘final miserable end’…

North Korea’s nuclear test site at risk of imploding, Chinese scientist says | South China Morning Post

North Korea says nuclear tests are ‘gift packages for the US’ and warns more will follow

Powerful Hurricane Irma bears down on Caribbean

Virgin Islands Grabbing Guns Ahead Of Irma | The Daily Caller

Gov. Scott activates National Guard ahead of Hurricane Irma | Miami Herald

Keys Emergency Manager: “You Must Evacuate, You Cannot Afford To Stay”

Shoppers line up around store for supplies ahead of Hurricane…

Irma closing in on Leeward Islands on track headed for Florida | Miami Herald

Lettuce Produces More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Calorie Than Bacon Does – Scientific American

MORE REASONS TO DOUBT THE “INTERNET OF THINGS:” Algorithm unlocks smartwatches that learn your ever…

It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision To Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s


QUICK, SOMEONE FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT: Does Apple deliberately slow its old models before a new r…

‘Just Like You Can’t Wear a Swastika, You Can’t Wear MAGA’: says Georgia Teacher

Why Is Health Insurance So Expensive?

REVIEW: ‘Little Evil’ Is More Interested In Scoring Cultural Points Than Entertaining Viewers

Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer Tied to Heart Risks – The New York Times


On a Quiet October Morning | Trending

JOURNALISM: CNN Silent After Host ‘Incited Rage’ at Antifa Rally in Berkeley….

Politico Claims the NFL Made Colin Kaepernick a Civil Rights Martyr

DACA population could double to 1.9 million illegals

Obama’s Inner Circle Has A 2020 Candidate — And It’s Not Joe Biden

New Voter ID Lawsuit The Latest Example Of Democratic Virtue Signaling

According to New York State, Illegal Immigrants Are More Important Than Conservatives

Canadians Are Borrowing Against Real Estate At The Fastest Pace Ever

Trumka: We’ll Work to Protect Rights and Jobs of DACA Workers

GRAPHIC: Mexican Cops Appear to Execute Cartel Gunmen on Camera

Hollywood Freaks Over Trump’s Plan to End DACA: ‘His Inhumanity Is Bottomless’

Migrants from Congo, Nigeria, Morocco Arrested Following Rimini Gang Rapes

San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board: Trump sabotaging Obamacare is cruel to low income Americans

The Side of DACA the Media Won’t Tell | LifeZette

South Korea, U.S. to scrap warhead weight limit on South Korean missiles: Blue House

Shattuck: Too bad our former prez didn’t bother to take his own advice | Boston Herald

Dear Leftists, There Are No Nazis Under Your Bed | Trending

Doxxed? Trump’s Inner Circle May Be Under Cyber Attack | Trending

Study reveals global warming impact of keeping pets

Changing climate could worsen foods’ nutrition | Science News

Vegan cafe charges male customers 18 percent ‘man tax’ and seats women first in bid to address gender pay gap

Moderate consumption of fats, carbohydrates best for health, international study shows — ScienceDaily

Shannon Hillis on Twitter: “Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food. https://t.co/KtswW7GLSI”

Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows

The racism of some anti-racists. | tomowolade

This grim map shows all the places working-class Americans can’t afford to live

Flashback: John Maynard Keynes Big Believer in Eugenics Until February 14, 1946, two months before his death

South Korea Holds Ballistic Missile Drill “Targeting North Korea Nuclear Test Site”

Trump doesn’t cry or sing, but he knows how to help Harvey victims

Report: Antifa ‘Domestic Terrorist Violence’ Being Monitored By DHS, FBI

SecDef Mattis Issues Powerful Statement After North Korea Allegedly Tests Hydrogen Bomb

South Korea Practices Bombing North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site After H-Bomb Burst

JIM CROW: Segregation-Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms

As students head back to school, learn about America’s chronic absenteeism problem

Houston’s Tom Fontaine: Positive Reaction to Harvey Has ‘Restored My Faith in Humanity’

Indiana University Rejects Demands to Remove KKK Section from Historical Mural

Dem Sen Brown: US Trade and Tax Policy Have Encouraged Shipping Jobs Overseas

Glenn Beck Keeps Personal Chef Amid Bloodbath of Firings at The Blaze

Back to School: Students Primed for ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ While Failing in Math and Reading

Gun-Controlled Chicago: Five Shot in Four Hours

Trump Says ‘Appeasement Will Not Work’ with ‘Rogue Nation’ North Korea as Kim Jong-un Detonates Powerful Nuclear Bomb

Blunt: ‘It’s a Mistake’ for GOP Senators to Get in Fights With Trump

How the Obama Administration Bypassed Congress to Grant De Facto Amnesty to Young Illegal Aliens

Dem Rep Lee: Trump’s Border Wall Is a ‘Bigoted, Racist Backward Policy’

Trump and Mnuchin Threaten China with Trade Sanctions After North Korea Nuke Test

Smart Power: White House Leaker Sends Trump’s Inauguration Letter from Obama to Trump-Hating CNN

President Donald Trump Sets Internet on Fire, Retweets Hilarious Slam on Hillary Clinton’s New Book

Trump’s DACA Decision Looms for L.A.’s 100,000 “Dreamers”

A number of Senate Republicans are gathering behind a bipartisan push to shore up Obamacare

Comey 2016: Decision To Not Suggest Charges Against Hillary Came ‘After’ Interview [VIDEO]

Alec Baldwin: People Act Like I ‘Just Cured Polio’ Because of My Trump Impression

John Legend Puts Out Music Video Casting Call for White, ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters

A Word To The Wise – “You’re A Mercenary If…”

Taylor Swift Stubbornly Refuses To Be Political And Feminists Aren’t Happy About It

McCain Blasts Trump In Italy, Says US Is Committed To Upholding Alliances

WATCH: 17 Times CNN Personalities Denied Their Leftist Biases

‘They’re There Today’: ISIS Fighters Return To Tunnels 5 Months After MOAB

TWO YEARS AGO TODAY: Ordinary Americans lead the way on racial healing. After the Charleston sho…

NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Nanomachines that drill into cancer cells killing them in just 60 seconds de…

IRONY: Jesse Jackson Says Trump ‘Would Not Qualify To Get Into Jesus’ Kingdom’

Antifa Is Playing Right Into The Hands Of A Burgeoning Police State

Seattle Seahawks Flee America for Medical Treatment | Mises Wire

Cloudflare Pressured To End Services To Hamas Propaganda Site

NFL Fans Boycott Football Over Colin Kaepernick | Time.com

Harvey Could Bankrupt The Federal Flood-Insurance Program

Experts Warn E-Cigarette Bans Undermine Public Health And Risk Lives

Trudeau ‘No Apologies’ For Eliminat | The Daily Caller

UMd. Mock Trial Coaches Quit After Remarks About Latino Students | NBC4 Washington

Wasserman Schultz Wants Special Session in Florida Over Confederate Statue

Nancy Pelosi: The Voters ‘Don’t Want to Hear Us Criticizing the President’

It Begins: 18 Republicans Fall in Line to Oppose Trump’s Elimination of DACA

Authorities Evacuate 60,000 As Undetonated WWII-Era Bomb Found In Frankfurt, Germany

Gutfeld: Harvey Coverage ‘Has Destroyed [Leftist’s] Worldview’

Report: Arrested Democratic IT Staffer Imran Awan Still Has Active House Email Account | Trending

Google Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Take Down ‘Hateful’ Article or Be Demonetized

NY Times Says Comparing Antifa, Racist Groups is ‘False Equivalency’

The SPLC Reveals Its True Motive: To ‘Completely Destroy’ Its Political Enemies

Democrat Party Discriminates Against Dreamers in Campaign Contributions

The Nation issues editor’s note on story questioning whether the DNC was hacked – The Washington Post

Media Pushes Skewed DACA Polls, Hides Public’s Priorities

Gabe Sherman: Trump Is Visiting Texas to Distract From Mueller Investigation

MSNBC’s Nance: If There Wasn’t a Hurricane, We’d Be Talking Trump’s Impeachment This Week

5 Charts Showing Where Hurricane Irma Might Land

Police Union Head: BLM Protesters ‘A Pack Of Rabid Animals’

The Frigondas is a countertop blast chiller and a microwave – Reviewed.com Ovens

Obama Service Award Recipient Now Researching ‘Butt-Fisting’

Big Governmment Advocate Vanessa Williamson talked about her book, Read My Lips: Americans are Proud to Pay Taxes.

‘Cheap sex’ is making men give up on marriage

Ole Miss Goes Bananas: Dear Parents, How’s This For A $40K A Year Education?

Dem Rep Admits Trump Derangement Syndrome — I Would Oppose Mother’s Day If Trump Endorsed It

NYT’s Blow: ‘Bannonists’ See Trump as Path to ‘Deconstruction of Administrative State’

Facebook Exposed – “You” Are The Product

Matt Damon , Supporter of Government Schools.

The Post’s bizarre story on President Trump and a statue of Robert E. Lee at Antietam – The Washington Post

Report: Kelly Is Hiding Daily Caller Stories From Trump

BOZELL & GRAHAM: Leftist Artists Show Hate For Houston Victims

The Heretical Response To The ‘Nashville Statement’ Dissected

WATER STILL WET: This Week’s Top 5 Most Pointless Headlines

Washington Post writer slams Jeff Bezos in op-ed for mistreating workers | Fox Business


Melania Trump Ignores The Haters, Rocks High Heels Again On Air Force One

Armed Robots Fight Alongside Soldiers at National Guard Exercise

Ambrosetti Forum: Google still a ‘wonderful’ company, says EU’s top antitrust enforcer after $2.7 billion fine

Illinois Lawmakers Give Students More Opportunities in Education

The Growing Threat Of The Police State

Bill De Blasio Clears Bill De Blasio Of Bill De Blasio’s Ethics Violations

Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Sues Justice Dept Records About Top FBI Official Ties to Top Clinton Ally

Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals in August Since 2002

How you can tell if you’re deficient in these 5 nutrients

Federal Judge Rules Colorado Sex Offender Registry Unconstitutional

MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Barack Obama Is The Most Expensive Ex-President Ever

Arkema Texas Plant Explodes Causing “Massive” Fire, “Black Smoke Fills The Air”

The affirmative action ‘we don’t talk about’ — 30% of Harvard freshmen are legacies: survey


Automation hasn’t yet caused waves of job losses, but some wage proposals could make it worse.

Anthem cuts back Obamacare coverage in Missouri to 68 counties

President Trump has pledged one million dollars to #HarveyRelief I wonder how many of these ‘public servants’ will donate?

Yellowstone supervolcano drilling plan: NASA ‘playing with’ danger | Daily Star

L’Oreal’s SACKS its first transgender model after she blasted ‘ALL white people are racist’ in shocking Facebook rant

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Now One of Biggest on Record, With Over 2,300 Tremors

Vandals Target Columbus Statue In Astoria, Queens

Battle over Robert E. Lee statue enters Charlottesville courtroom Friday – The Washington Post

FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks – POLITICO

A Beating in Berkeley | The Weekly Standard

Trump advisor Cohn: Simplifying the tax code will tax the wealthy at a higher rate

94,785,000 Not in Labor Force; At 62.9% Labor Force Participation Stuck Near 38-Year Low

Federal Gov’t Jobs Down 11,000 in 2017; State Gov’t Jobs Down 2,000; Local Gov’t Jobs Up 12,000

U.S. adds 156,000 jobs in August; unemployment 4.4%

The Scientists Who Shape What and How We Eat – The Ringer

Judge Orders Muslim Convert to Stand: ‘This is Not a Court of Religion’

Job Creators Network Applauds Trump’s Tax Cut Plan

Illegal Alien Brothers Accused of Operating Fake ID Business

Whitlock: If Aaron Rodgers Supported Kaepernick, He’d Get the Packers to Sign Him

Poll: 40 Percent Think Media Presents ‘Greater Threat’ to America than White Supremacists

North Korea Threatens ‘Final Doom’ Against ‘Nuclear Criminal’ America

White House: Donald Trump Donating $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tom Ciccotta: Since the Election, College Faculty Say ‘We Don’t Like This Free Speech Thing’

Texan Fleeing Harvey Held Up by Mexican Gunmen

Philippines To Ramp Up Crackdown On ‘Fake News’

Social Justice Government Job Pays Big Bucks In Seattle

Liberal Site That Facebook Uses To Sort ‘Fake News’ Just ‘Fact-Checked’ A Satirical Website

Report: Germany Could Allow 390,000 Migrants To Bring Family Members Next Year

EXCLUSIVE: Despite Losing Homes, Houston Cops Put Duty First, Says Chief Acevedo

The Alarming Militarization Of American Police

MORE BERKELEY STONEWALLING: University Refuses To Release Tickets For Shapiro Event, Administrators Disappear When Questioned

Group Fundraising For Hurricane Abortions

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Joins Chris Christie and Pete King in Lying About Hurricane Sandy Relief

Elderly Houston Couple Rescued After Ordering Lunch and a BOAT from Chick-fil-A (Video)

Will Hurricane Harvey Mean More Mosquito-Borne Illness in Texas? – The Atlantic

MANY INVASIVE SPECIES ARE DELICIOUS: Rounding Up Canada Geese To Feed The Homeless….

Justice Department Forces Christian Pastor to Testify on Islam Views | Rule of Law

NEWS YOU CAN USE: You Probably Don’t Need to Eat As Many Fruits and Vegetables As You Think….

IT’S COME TO THIS: University of Mississippi Ends Fraternity Retreat Early After Participant Threw B…

WEIRD, IT’S LIKE THE FIX WAS IN ALL ALONG: James Comey started drafting statement exonerating Hilla…

Homeland Security Announces Border Wall Prototype Finalists

Texas Asks Appeals Court To Allow Enforcement Of Sanctuary Cities Law

Let’s Stop the Hysterical Rhetoric About the Opioid Crisis – Jeffrey Singer

Maps show what Harvey’s impact would look like in other U.S. states – Houston Chronicle

Trump Administration To Cut 90 Percent Of Obamacare Ad Budget

Firebrand Trump Strategizes ‘All Options’ North Korea Approach | Observer

Judicial Watch Statement on Court Ruling on Clinton Email Issue

Reporting On Columbus Day Removal In LA Ignores Its Inclusionary History

Woman Diagnosed With Spinal Meningitis After Being Bitten By Tick

Largest asteroid in a century to whiz by Sept 1

Apocalypse predictions from Nobel Prize winners reveal the 10 greatest threats to humanity – from nuclear war to Donald Trump or Facebook

kc trails killing suspect: ‘kill all white people’ | The Kansas City Star

SPLC: Army Bases Are Confederate Monuments | The Daily Caller

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

Pyongyang ‘sentences’ four S.Korean journalists to death

US nuke-ready jets drop bombs near North Korea border after Donald Trump warned ‘talking was not the answer’

Houston Curfew Follows Many in Big Cities Facing Disaster or Unrest – The New York Times

How Harvey is giving us a break from our pundit addiction

Harvey tests political opposites in Texas’ Abbott, Turner

‘The Worst is Not Yet Over for Southeast Texas,’ Governor Declares

Hero saves 50 people including babies and the sick from Hurricane Harvey floods in a boat after rescuers failed to show

Blasts at chemical plant spark new worry in storm-soaked …

Hurricane Harvey: Why Oil Prices Are Falling, Not Spiking | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Hurricane Harvey Proves Global Warming Increases Lifespans

Harvey marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history

Harris County’s Flooding History

Chris Christie Attacks Ted Cruz over Harvey Funding

Vaping Study Sinks Claims E-Cigarettes Are Hooking Teens On Tobacco

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Ryan Condemns Antifa As ‘A Scourge On Our Country’

Professor Wears Bulletproof Vest To Class To Protest Campus Carry

Maine Dems Worried Using The Term ‘Welfare’ Will Sink Medicaid Expansion Vote

The median family income of black Chicagoans has declined since 1960 (from $37,121 to $36,720 in 2015)

Archaeologists Blow Up History, Uncover 6,000-Year Old Italian Wine

Trump Kills Obama’s ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Ghost Hunt

Keith Olbermann: Condé Nast-y’s Misogynist-in-Chief

People Are So Afraid Of Google Now: Here’s Why

Investigation Has Turned Up Zero Evidence Of Cyberattack On USS Fitzgerald

Democratic Congressman Doesn’t Want Secret Service Agents Renting Trump Golf Carts

Drug Dealer Prosecuted For Customers’ Overdose Deaths

EXCLUSIVE: Antifa Assaulted Comedian Who Attended Berkeley Protest As Popcorn Vendor

For 13 Hours, This Texan Helped Rescue Those With the ‘Save Us’ Signal

LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day

WILL MUELLAR EXAMINE THE DNC SERVER?: Of course he should. It’s in the public interest! He also need…

10 Hurricane Harvey Stories That Will Give You Hope For America

COULTER: Why The Media Is In A Never-Ending Hunt For Right-Wing Violence

38-Year-Old Teacher Has Sex With 16-Year-Old Boy. Then His Girlfriend Found Out.

78-Year-Old Man Imprisoned For Digging Ponds Without A Permit

‘Slate’ Says Houston DOES NOT Showcase ‘America At Its Best’

How Black Lives Matter Fostered The White Identity Movement

Arkansas Tech Restores Free Speech Rights For Students Following Campaign

Report: Germany Could Allow 390,000 Migrants To Bring Family Members Next Year


Proposed Free Community College in Seattle Will be Anything But

Yes, we must talk about Politico’s awful, smug insult to Texans and faith

MSM climate change ghouls feasting on Harvey

VA Terminates Another Whistle-Blower

Rosenstein: Number of Americans Joining ISIS Has Dropped Significantly, Law Enforcement and Military to Thank


Decision Dismissing Sarah Palin’s Libel Suit Is an Embarrassment to the Times

1 Chinese Coal Company, More Than 4X’s ALL US Coal Workers

Is it time to shoot down one of Kim Jong-un’s missiles?

You Won’t Believe How They Use Your Data: Uber Says They’re Changing Their Data Mining

Summer on David Geffen’s Yacht: Jerry Seinfeld, Obama, Oprah and More | Hollywood Reporter

Kim Jong-un cackles like a maniac as he oversees latest NK missile launch and taunts Trump re: Guam

North Korea missile launch over Japan prompts Russia to evacuate hundreds to ‘safe zones’ – as Kim Jong un’s rogue state vows not to ‘flinch an inch’

Why Didn’t the US Shoot Down That North Korean Missile? – Defense One

Burning Man festival-goers brave dust storm in Nevada

A Boom in Confederate Monuments, on Private Land

Vandals Damage Statue Of Christopher Columbus In Yonkers

Big Labor Exploits Harvey

Pentagon says up to 30,000 National Guard troops prepared to assist in response to Harvey

Harvey to be costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, with an estimated cost of $160 billion

Divided US embraces floods as chance to pull together

Texas woman performs gospel song at Harvey shelter

After driving thousands from Houston homes, Harvey hits …

So, Is Climate Change Really Behind Hurricane Harvey?

Fashionably lame: These hot takes on Melania Trump’s shoes aren’t going to get any hotter – twitchy.com

Houston’s still-rising waters

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Harvey makes landfall, again

The Washington Post’s fashion critic published an 820-word critique of Melania Trump’s Harvey heels

At least 18 dead, 13,000 rescued in Texas as Harvey moves north toward Louisiana

What The F*ck!: Rescued Woman Blasts CNN For Exploiting Hurricane Harvey Victims

Prices Should Rise During Crises Like Hurricane Harvey – Reason.com

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath Reveals Americans’ Fundamental Decency

Real Slate Headline: ‘Houston Doesn’t Showcase ‘America at Its Best’’

EDGY: Slate argues it’s misleading to say Houston showcases America at its best – twitchy.com

Media Slams Man Who Rescued Hawk During Harve | The Daily Caller

Hurricane Harvey Brings Out the Best in Americans

CNN’s Zeleny: Trump’s Showing ‘Very Little in Terms of Empathy’ – ‘Very Little in Terms of Emotion’ in Texas

Texan Talks Flood Prep: Plenty of Water and Food, ‘Armed’

MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Republicans Have Opposed Hurricane Funding Because That’s Who They Are

Freakout Over Melania’s Shoes Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

HARVEY FLOODS: Bass Pro Shops Provide Boats for Rescue Efforts

Sick Leftists Celebrate Hurricane As Victory Over Conservative, White Americans

Katy Tur Doesn’t Think There Should Be a ‘Hurricane Season’ Anymore Since We Now See Hurricanes ‘In All Seasons’

CNN Worries Storm Relief Funding Will Get ‘Mired’ by GOP

Hurricane Harvey Survivor Slams CNN For Exploiting Tragedy For Ratings

Melania Trump Criticized for Stilettos, Arrives in Texas Wearing Sneakers

Bad Economics and Hurricane Harvey | Cato @ Liberty

Hurricane Survivor Slams CNN – You Are Still ‘Putting a Microphone in My Face’

Media: Harvey’s Hurting Because Texas Won’t Prep For Climate Change

Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

Melania Trump’s High Heels Are Good for America. – Acculturated

AP Hypes Harvey as Sign of ‘More Intense Hurricanes in the Future’

Donald Trump in Texas: Hurricane Harvey a Storm of ‘Epic Proportion’

 JOURNALISM: Melania Trump Heads to Texas to Visit Hurricane Victims. All DC Can Talk About Is Her S…

Looks like Karma CAN BE instant: University fires professor who blamed Harvey on GOP – twitchy.com

Excited CBS: Will Hurricane Derail Trump on Taxes, Building a Wall?

Hurricane Harvey: CNN Starts Talking “Climate Change”

Credit Where Due: Hollywood Raises Millions, ‘Help Us Help Houston’

Dem Louisiana Gov Edwards: Trump, Federal Gov’t Response to Harvey ‘Has Been Excellent’

CBS Hosts Push Sanders to Say Trump Is Visiting Texas ‘Too Soon’

Showcasing the Best of Us in the Worst of Times in Texas

Hurricane Harvey: HuffPost Tries to Shift Non-Evacuation Blame Away from Houston Mayor

AWESOME: Houston business owner @MattressMack turned his furniture stores into shelters – twitchy.com

Economists say Harvey will cost billions — but still significantly less than Katrina

 Brian Greene’s man-made hurricanes

Dr. Michael Mann, Climate, Hurricane Harvey, and the Communist Party

Bastardi: No Michael Mann — Climate change did not cause Hurricane Harvey – JunkScience.com

Don’t Blame Climate Change for Hurricane Harvey Disaster, Blame Society | RealClearScience

Former Obama Adviser Politicizes Hurricane | The Daily Caller

Climate Craziness of the Week: Hurricane Harvey used as election tool

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: Harvey is 7th highest magnitude hurricane on record to hit Texas

Oil prices hit by Hurricane Harvey, US WTI down over 1 per cent : The American Energy News

Some US Gulf refineries under water, some threatened by Harvey : The American Energy News

Texas Major Hurricane Intensity Not Related to Gulf Water Temperatures

Professor fired for calling Harvey ‘karma’ for Texas voting GOP – NY Daily News

Katrina, Rita And Harvey Tell Shale’s Story – Bloomberg Gadfly

Hurricane Harvey highlights biggest impact of shale-oil revolution

Texan nuclear plant runs through Hurricane Harvey

Did Michael Mann Just Predict the Death of Wind Power?

Partying in Paris instead of Preparing in Houston | Science Matters

Hurricane Harvey Tosses Global Oil Markets Into Chaos – The Energy Collective

Dr. Pielke Jr. slams linkage of Harvey to climate change as ‘political opportunism & attention seeking’

Islamic Terror Attacks Are Literally Changing the Face of Europe — And America

In all-hands-on-deck response to Harvey, lessons learned from earlier storms – CSMonitor.com

Controversial Speeches on Campus Are Not Violence – The Atlantic


THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING: Obamacare Causes New York’s Largest Hospital Network to Leave Insurance M…

OBEYING THE LAW? THAT’S FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE! The IRS Is Mining Taxpayer Data On Social Media In …

Sebastian Gorka on the Trump Agenda and China – American Greatness

Byron York: Next stop for Trump dossier probe: the FBI

Kathy Griffin: I’m no longer friends with Anderson Cooper

UNDERWRITER UNDERWATER: Key flood insurance underwriter already $23 billion in debt. The Nation…

THE WHITE GIRL’S BURDEN: “A large part of the scandal in Rotherham, and other similar scandals in Ox…


Innocent Town Amana Colonies Was Listed on the SPLC ‘Hate Map’ Because a Daily Stormer Book Club Met There Once

NBC’s Jane Timm Sparks Outrage in Attacking Trump’s Election Commission | Rule of Law

Black professor suspended for controversial statement against Black Lives Matter

In New York City, Don’t Ever Travel With Your Guns Legally

Now Even CNN Is Calling Antifa a ‘Militant’ Organization

Watch: Lowlife Looters Ransack Stores in Houston as Waters Recede

Free Speech In The Crosshairs | Hoover Institution


DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES WITH BASEBALL BATS: After melees, Berkeley mayor asks Cal to cancel right-wing…

Dennis Prager: Those Who Don’t Fight Evil Fight Statues | Stock News

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SCIENCE: Study: Drinking four cups of coffee daily lowers risk of death. “Th…

CLAUDIA ROSETT: North Korea, Unrestrained. To be fair to Tillerson, he joins a long roster of Ame…

I THOUGHT WOMEN NEVER LIED ABOUT RAPE: Woman Who Falsely Accused 15 Men of Rape Sentenced….

RIGHTSIZING STATE: Tillerson to abolish most special envoys, including climate….

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Scandal Erupts over the Promotion of ‘Bourgeois’ Beha…

NANCY PELOSI HAS HER JUDY COLLINS MOMENT: Better late than never, and perhaps spurred on by articles…

Vermont’s AG Denies Existence Of Emails Discussing Lengthy Probe Targeting Oil Groups

Judge Dismisses Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Against New York Times

Despite Wife Warning Him Not To Go, Hero Cop Died Trying To Save Lives In Houston

LOL Video: Serial Carjacker Gets Dragged Down The Street As His Pants Fall Off

South Korea drops eight heavy bombs near North Korea border to show ‘overwhelming force’

North Korea Warns “More Drills” Coming, Says Launch Was “Prelude To Containing Guam”

FBI Denies FOIA Request For Hillary Documents Due To “Lack Of Public Interest”

Trump’s Justice Department Still Defending Obama Contraception Mandate

Syrian Refugees Find Syria Safe Enough To Return To For The Holidays

Mark Zuckerberg is never going to be president

Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter To His New Daughter Has A Not-So-Hidden Message

UNL sophomore says she was berated and intimidated while trying to recruit students for conservative group

No, the feds shouldn’t give war machines to the police

A Full-Blown Civil War Is Materializing: “Nobody Will Be Able To Retreat To A Neutral Corner”

‘Antifa’ violence in Berkeley spurs soul-searching within leftist activist community

Denver City Council passes controversial immigration protections | FOX31 Denver

Look for Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025 – Defense One

US consumer confidence jumps in August

Denmark Targets Deep Cuts to Reduce World’s Biggest Tax Burden – Bloomberg

Summer Box Office Suffers Historic Decline in U.S. | Hollywood Reporter

Houston Looters Shoot at Cajun Navy, Try to Steal Rescue Boats | Trending

Muslim Reformer Maajid Nawaz Joins Christian Ministries in Suing the SPLC for ‘Hate’ Defamation

Sessions: Drug overdoses ‘the top lethal issue’ in the US – ABC News

China says North Korea tensions reached ‘tipping point’ – Channel NewsAsia

Trump: North Korea missile fires ballistic missile over Japan

South Korea holds live-fire drills that simulate destroying North Korea’s leadership – CNN

World War 3 fear: Japan to make ‘utmost efforts’ to stop ‘grave’ North Korea threat

Russia Says War Games Are ‘Purely Defensive’ – WSJ

North Korean Ballistic Missile Raises Alarm in Japan

Two men seriously injured by Spanish town’s ‘cruelty free’ alternative to bull running

Speak No Evil: Witchcraft’s popularity on the rise in Hudson Val

Cops: Woman Called 911 Over Meth Quality | The Smoking Gun

Trump’s Cabinet struggles with whether to defend their boss

Calfornia closer to allowing third gender on state IDs | Miami Herald

There’s too much at stake for Gary Cohn to quit on Trump

MTV VMA Ratings Sink, Almost 50% of Viewers Gone in Three Years, Down By More than a Million from Last Year

Harvey sets Texas rainfall record for tropical cyclone – NWS

Harvey brings death, destruction to Houston as flood waters …

Montage: Media Politicize Hurricane Harvey, Blame Global Warming, Mock GOP

300+ gators could escape as Texas flood waters approach height of fences | WNCN

Chemical emergency that added to area’s catastrophe is contained – Houston Chronicle

Cajun Navy members met with gunfire by apparent looters, group says

2 dams and levee overflow, adding to Houston floodwater – ABC News

Acevedo: Police focused on saving lives, arresting looters in Houston | abc13.com

Harvey Pounds Texas, and Louisiana Braces as Storm Moves – WSJ

 THE RISE OF “WHOLE COMMUNITY RESPONSE” TO DISASTERS: In all-hands-on-deck response to Harvey, lesso…

The perverse incentives of the National Flood Insurance Program

7 ways to try to wrap your head around the billions of gallons of water Harvey has dumped on Houston

Hurricane Harvey – GOP Non-Hypocrisy

Harvey’s death toll climbs to 7 in Texas amid ‘epic and catastrophic’ flooding – ABC News

NBC Spends More Time Slamming Trump Than Reporting His TX Assurances

In Hurricane Harvey Tweet, Olbermann Calls DeVos a ‘Motherf****er’

Trump’s Doing A Good Job On Houston. That’s Why The Left Is Moaning About His Tweets.

No Shame: MSNBC Whines That Trump Is Going to Texas Too Quickly

Dispatches from Houston: Hurricane Harvey Day 3

Cruz Shuts Down Media Attempt to Use Storm to Attack GOP

Hurricane Harvey and the National Flood Insurance Fiasco

How Much Harvey Damage Can Insurers Face Before They Crack?

Abbott Activates Entire Texas National Guard to Respond to Hurricane Harvey

Shocking Drone Footage Shows Harvey’s “Unprecedented” Devastation, “No Parallel To Any Rainstorm In US History”

 “Toxic Masculinity and Privilege” at work

Why Did Democrat Mayor Order Houston Stand Down During Hurricane Catastrophe?

Louisiana’s volunteer ‘Cajun Navy’ is helping Harvey victims as a ‘reciprocal gift of love’

Vilest of the VILE: Here are the 10 most awful, HATEFUL political takes on Houston (so far!) – twitchy.com

Flooded Texas faces higher risk of disease, experts warn

Hurricane damage shuts down major US oil refineries

Trump Approves Declaration of Emergency for Louisiana

He Just Can’t Win: CBS Wonders If It’s ‘Best Time’ for Trump to Visit Texas?

Politicizing Hurricane Harvey Helps No One

MSM Pushes Climate Change as Cause of Hurricane Harvey | Truth Revolt

FEMA predicts 30,000 Texans will need shelter in Harvey aftermath

Hurricane Harvey is America’s climate future

Climate Change Advocates Use ‘Harvey’ to Tout Global Warming

CNN Panel Politicizes Hurricane Reporters, Claim Trump Attacking Them

What Hurricane ‘consensus’?! ‘Global warming’ causes MORE hurricanes — Except when it causes LESS hurricanes

Fire ants are banding together into stinging horror rafts to survive Hurricane Harvey’s flood

Flooded Texas faces higher risk of disease, experts warn

 Editorial: The Incredible Cost of Harvey

NOAA: ‘It is premature to conclude’ global warming has ‘already had detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane’ activity


Warmist Michael Mann: ‘It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly’

Hurricane Harvey wallops US oil hub with high winds, rain : The American Energy News

Harvey’s Lesson: Always Be Prepared – Rocky Planet : Rocky Planet

Extreme Weather Expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: Category 4+ land-falling hurricanes have decreased over 70% since 1970

Watch: CNN anchor tries to tie Hurricane Harvey to climate change — then scientist shuts him down

1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

Hurricane Harvey: long-range forecasts | Climate Etc.

Judith Curry: Hurricane Harvey In Context | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Why Houston Flooding Isn’t a Sign of Climate Change

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Anyone blaming Harvey on global warming doesn’t have a leg to stand on’

As Terrible As Harvey Is, The Galveston Hurricane Of 1900 Was Much, Much Worse

 Mayor and Governor Arguing: Evacuate or Stay?

Researcher Writes A Study About How Great His Daughter Is At Convincing Christians Of Global Warming

New Poll Says Flake Is In Deep Trouble In Arizona GOP Primary

Caitlyn Jenner Harassed By Transgender Journalist For Supporting Trump

SHOCK: ‘The Washington Post’ Finally Gets Honest About Antifa Violence

Hillary Clinton Will Finally Go To Wisconsin — On Her Book Tour

Media Try To Connect Trump With Russia Again, Fail Again

Where The Hell Are The Police In Berkeley?

FEDERAL STUDY: Perfume Can Prevent Women From Becoming Cardiologists. The National Institutes of …

Houston Is The Best Of America. Berkeley Is The Worst. Here’s Why.

Top Democrat Pushes Racial Quotas For Incaceration

Uber faces big legal threats – lawyers

Gasoline Prices Soar While Oil Prices Sink Thanks to Harvey

Why is homeschooling illegal in so many places?

THE ATLANTIC: Did Climate Change Intensify Hurricane Harvey? Before we look into that question, p…

Dem Senators Demand Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Because Black People Smoke Them

Trump’s EPA Chief Investigated For Taking Weekend Trips Home

Israeli Supreme Court Says African Refugees Can Be Deported

States push lotto tickets on the poor, earn $70 billion, then put the buyers on welfare

 3 Reasons Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Awesome

Why Trump Was Right to Reverse Obama’s Policy on Military Gear for Police

Another Bakery Faces Backlash Because It Won’t Bake Cake For Gay Wedding

Texas Gov. Gives Federal Gov’t ‘A+& | The Daily Caller

UVA Latinx Group Demands White Officers Be Disciplined For Interrupting A Party

LET’S CALL THEM WHAT THEY REALLY ARE THEN: Democratic operatives with baseball bats. If Antif…

Woke, Predictable VMAs Ignore Antifa Violence, Hate – Hollywood in Toto

Poll: Half of country supports Medicaid work requirements

Newsletter Distributed On College Campus Calls For Banning Veterans

College Students With Asperger’s Could Sue Over Hate Speech Policies, Says Professor | Trending

Facebook Updates Policy To Combat Fake News

Christian Child Allegedly Forced To Live With Muslims, Give Up Crucifix, And Stop Eating Bacon

Don’t Fear The Death Tax Abolition

Man Tries To Call Police On Girl Who Isn’t In ‘Designated Free Speech Zone’

This ‘Endangered Species’ Story Was Government-Sponsored Fake News


What Are Schools Wrong About? Oh, Just History, Economics, Preparing Kids for Life….

OCCUPY TRUMP: Leftist Groups Plan Months-Long Sit-In ‘Resistance’ Against Donald Trump

Texas Democrat Uses Hurricane Harvey To Hype Government Shutdown Fears

BREAKING: North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

Why Did Trump Win 12% Of Bernie Sanders Voters? The Answer’s Obvious To Everyone But Democrats.

Progressive Democrat: Cenk Uygur Cheers Hurricane For Harming Oil Companies

Anti-Bull Fighting Activist Gets Mauled By The Bull He’s Trying To Help [VIDEO]

New Orleans Flood Pump Breaks | The Daily Caller

In Full: Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s Explosive White House Resignation Letter

The rise and fall of the Christian bookstore

Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath: Already Flooded, Houston Braces As Two Swollen Reservoirs Are Opened : The Two-Way

Fake News About Hurricane Harvey Is Why Americans Hate The Media

Dear Trans Lobby: The Military Is Not A Social Experiment

Meet The American Heroes Saving Harvey Survivors Stranded In Texas

Houston Opens Flood Dams To Save Homes | The Daily Caller

In new leap for AI: computer chips that can smell

California passed a law boosting police transparency on cellphone surveillance. Here’s why it’s not working

ACLU sues Trump over transgender ban | TheHill

Notting Hill Carnival revellers run in panic after ‘acidic liquid’ thrown over crowd

Flash – MTV awards go political in Trump era – France 24

Fall Movie Preview: Hollywood confronts the Trump era

Burning Man airport emerges in Nevada desert

Face scans, robot baggage handlers—airports of the future

 Brent Bozell: The Slow Death of the Republican Party

Scientists discover lost languages at Egyptian monastery | The Times & The Sunday Times

Trump Reverses Obama Policy on Surplus Military Gear for Police – NBC News

Flashback : When the Supreme Court Stopped Economic Fascism in America. FDR’s National Recovery Act and Blue Eagle.

London Police To ‘Prioritize’ Victims Who Are Non-English Speakers

“A class action that seeks only worthless benefits for the class and yields only fees for class counsel is no better than a racket…

AGAIN: Berkeley ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protest Turns Violent As Antifa Clashes With Police

Binary Thinking Is Preventing Us From Solving Serious Issues In American Society

Marine Who Found Smashed Awan Equipment Blasts Wasserman Schultz Over ‘Islamophobia’ Claim

Carney: Amazon Just Crushed the Anti-Trump Food Price Fear Mongerers

Joshua Cobin, Protester in ‘Groin Shooting’ Viral Video, Charged with Assaulting Police

‘Anti-racist’ Protesters Claim ‘Victory’ for Cancellation of Japanese-American’s SF Free Speech Rally

Italian Mayor: We’ll Shoot Anyone Who Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’

…And We’re Upset About Statues?

Renna on Twitter: “Toxic masculinity and privilege. https://t.co/EE9xVit4d4”

Projecting Weakness: President Trump Allows Inner Circle to Publicly Disparage Him as Globalists March

Hurricane Harvey launches FEMA’s 24/7 command center

Trump vs. the Enemies of the People

Is the IRS Scandal About to Break Wide Open?

Harvey Puts Houston Underwater

Budget Balloon | City Journal

Theater: Gone With The Wind Insensitive | The Daily Caller

 How fake is CNN? At least this fake

 What happens when you “Punch a Nazi”? – redux

 SPLC continues to destroy itself (along with others)

 The Left shuts down another rally for peace

Liberals, Shipwrecked | City Journal

A New Level In The Rhetoric Of “Our Opponents Are Evil”

Election Fraud? Registered Voters Outnumber the Eligible, in 462 Counties

What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all? A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore

California Can’t Fix Its Housing Problems

Keeping a Low Profile | Skating Under The Ice

 OBAMA’S TRUE LEGACY: 66% of Americans now fear speaking their minds in a politically correct nation…

YouTube “Economically Censors” Ron Paul, Labels Videos “Not Suitable” For All Advertisers

Video: Philly teacher protesting statue charged with making terror threats

Immigration Twilight Zone | City Journal

ISIS Threatens Pope, Urges Italy Attack | The Daily Caller

BREAKING: Antifa mob in Berkeley — shockingly — turns violent; Where are the cops?! [Videos] – twitchy.com

Climate Change Advocates Use ‘Harvey’ to Tout Global Warming

Image Of Flooded Nursing Home Goes Viral | The Daily Caller

Major refineries shutting down, Gulf oil production affected in wake of Harvey

Harvey forces evacuation of Houston TV station

Harvey Puts Houston Under Water | The Daily Caller

FORECAST: Harvey to re-emerge over Gulf and strengthen; Rain totals to DOUBLE – twitchy.com

REPORT: ‘Harvey’s’ Death Toll Reaches 6 – Massive Flood Event Begins

Blame CAPITALISM! LOONY SJW insists Harvey is NOT a natural disaster (gets BLOWN away) – twitchy.com

Show Me the Taxpayers’ Money | City Journal

National Weather Service: Houston Flooding ‘Unprecedented,’ Impacts ‘Beyond Anything Experienced’

America is awesome: Task forces from ALL OVER the U.S. deploy to Texas to assist with Harvey relief – twitchy.com

‘Incredibly frightening photo’ from skyscraper shows massive flooding in downtown Houston – twitchy.com

The Rain Continues to Fall on Southeast Texas

A National Catastrophe is Underway in Houston and Southeast Texas

With Sagrada Familia Basilica Revealed As Target, Barcelona Attack Reverberates

Lessons From History’s Iconoclasts On How To Handle Controversial Public Monuments Without Vandalism

CNN Calls Boston Rally ‘Mostly Peaceful’ As Leftist Protesters Beat Bystanders, Attack Police

Nazis Support Abortion, Gun Control, And Speech Codes. That Describes The Left

Chicago Vandals Burn Century-Old Bust Of Abraham Lincoln

Why We Should Keep The Confederate Monuments Right Where They Are

Quit Glorifying Communism. There Is Nothing Romantic About Life In A Police State

Trump’s Equivocation On Charlottesville Mirrors Obama’s On Terrorism

Why Employers Might Be Justified In Paying Mothers Less

Whoopi Goldberg Has No Idea What She’s Talking About

These Wealthy Parents Put Their Kids In School Two Or Three Days A Week, And Love It

Here’s A List Of All The Monuments Liberals Want To Tear Down So Far

Without Evidence, CNN Claims Barcelona Attack Was A Charlottesville ‘Copycat’

These 5 Statues Are A Disgrace To The Country And Need To Be Torn Down Immediately

Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Confederate Statues Torn Down

If You Won’t Acknowledge Leftist Violence, You’re No Better Than Trump

There Are Good Reasons To Reconsider Keeping Confederate Memorials In Our Public Squares

Trump Spoke Truth About ‘Both Sides’ In Charlottesville, And The Media Lost Their Minds

The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning

Dear NYT: Most Women Won’t Trade ‘Great Sex’ For Communist Labor Camps

More Than 1,000 Leftists Gathered In Chicago To Cheer A Convicted Murderer Who Hates Israel

This Charlottesville Map Indicates Police Allowed Violence, Either By Accident Or Purposefully

Stop Assuming People Are Guilty Of Supporting White Supremacy Unless They Say Otherwise

Al Sharpton: Let’s Abandon The Jefferson Monument Because He Owned Slaves

NAACP Leader: I Disapprove Of Pulling Down Confederate Statues

CBO Report Shows ‘Obamacare Sabotage’ Charges Are Bogus

Drake University Faces Lawsuit For Expelling Learning Disabled Sexual Assault Victim

Durham Police Took Pictures While Protesters Vandalized. Seattle Police Think That’s Insane

The ‘Peanuts’ Football Trick Explains Why Conservatives Keep Quiet About White Supremacy

Iceland’s ‘Eradication’ Of Down Syndrome Raises Inconvenient Questions For Pro-Choicers

America Already Has A Single-Payer System, And It’s Killing Veterans Like Me

Protesters Are All Wrong About Confederate Statues. They’re Not A Celebration, But A Warning

President Trump Has Certainly Unified The Country’s Political Class—Against Him

Why Saying Blondes Are Privileged Racists Is Dumb And Dangerous

Davidson: The Left’s Impulse To Tear Down Confederate Statues Is Like Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Democrats Are Keeping A Slew Of Federal Judges And Other Nominees On Hold

5-Year FRC Shooting Anniversary Offers A Study In Presidential Reactions To Hate Crimes

Don’t Let Politics Turn America Into Another Charlottesville

Wyoming Judge Appeals To Nation’s Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian

No, The Military Is Not Defying Trump On Transgender Ban—Because Trump Made No Ban

If We’re Tearing Down White Supremacy, Start With Planned Parenthood

Sorry, Google, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Scientific’ Values

CNN Contributor: ‘Make America Great Again’ Means White Nationalism

White Supremacists Were Not The Only Thugs Tearing Up Charlottesville

Charlottesville Was A Fight Between The Tribal Right And Tribal Left, Intended To Polarize America

Feminists Make Themselves Hypocrites When They Complain About Blondes And Heels

Venezuela’s Descent Into Chaos Buries The Left’s Hopes Of ‘Good Socialism’

Google Firing Over Diversity Memo Shows How Outrage Addiction Is Making Us Stupid

The Science Says The Google Guy Was Right About Sex Differences

CNN.com Removes ‘Anti-Diversity’ from Its Headline on Fired Google Employee

The Most Common Error in Coverage of the Google Memo – The Atlantic

Google Memo Writer May Also Have Defamation Claims Against The Media

This Congresswoman Just Called The NRA A ‘Domestic Security Threat’

For Fear Of Leaks, Google Cancels All-Hands Meeting Over Engineer Firing Fiasco

Watch These Liberals Protest Outside Of A Congressman’s Home Where His Wife, Daughters Live

Google Supports Freedom Of Speech For Child Sex Traffickers, But Not Conservatives

It’s Long Past Time To End All Discrimination Policies And Restore Equal Protection

Stop Gorging On Stupid Troll Polls

The New York Times Is Okay With Sexism So Long As The Target Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Nixon’s North Korea Dilemma Illuminates Why It’s So Hard To Bomb Small Countries

Illiberal Left Surfaces To Boycott ‘Bigot’ Dennis Prager’s Orchestra Performance

How Foreign Governments Influence What Americans Learn In College

ACLU Lawyer: ‘I Don’t Believe In Protecting Principle’ On Free Speech

James Damore Has Solid Grounds To Sue Google For Discrimination

Yes, Media Covered Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting. With A Pillow

Okay, Google: How Do You Prepare A Country For Totalitarianism?

We’re Not Out Of Time On North Korea. Here Are Our Options

Google Firing Employee Over Diversity Discussion Is Frighteningly Authoritarian

Bill Kristol’s Now Reduced To Begging Mike Pence To Dethrone Trump

Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare Was Never ‘Free-Market’ And Neither Are Its Replacements

The Left Can’t Have It Both Ways On Per Capita Caps In Medicare And Medicaid

Ham Pushes Back On CNN Host Who Says Fired Google Employee Didn’t Want ‘Women Anywhere Near A Computer’

Could This Man Work At Google?

Jeff Flake’s ‘Birtherism’ Complaint Against Republicans Doesn’t Hold Up

Emails Show Reporters Brushed Suspicious Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Under The Rug

The 1980s Called, And They Want Their Russia Sanctions Back

4 Reasons To Pick A College That Doesn’t Want To Destroy Your Principles

Race-Based Admissions Have Asian Students Hiding Their Ethnicity To Avoid Discrimination

Obama’s Attorney General Used Fake Identity To Hide Clinton Investigation E-Mails

Campus Rape Survivor: I Wish I’d Had A Gun To Defend Myself

‘Ozark’ Depicts What The Left Thinks About White America

Google Engineer Writes Common-Sense Memo About Workplace Diversity, PC Mob Erupts

Why Are Lesbian Teens Having Two To Seven Times As Many Babies As Their Heterosexual Peers?

What Happened At Mizzou Could Happen At Most U.S. Universities

Why Is A ‘Pro-Israel’ Group Lobbying To Preserve Payouts To Terrorists?

Socializing Medicine Through Single-Payer Will Lead To Rationing And Bankruptcy

Lena Dunham Epitomizes Our Self-Enforcing Police State

Lena Dunham, Reporting People To Authorities For Disagreeing With You Is Creepy Bullying, Not Heroism

Planned Parenthood’s Gender Identity Guide For Preschoolers Says Some Girls Have Penises


Casino Mogul Wants To Use Congress To Shut Down Online Gambling Competition

Cake Wars And The Coming Conflict Over Religious Liberty

If We Topple Every Statue Of An Imperfect Person They Must All Come Down

Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left

Americans’ Declining Interest In History Is Hitting Museums Like Colonial Williamsburg Hard

Democratic Former Senator Finally Says What Left Is Thinking: All Republicans Are Nazis

How Schools’ Failures With Gifted Children Drive The Test Prep Industry

Gawker Is Dead And Deserved To Die

Vandals Are Destroying Monuments Because They’ve Been Taught To Hate America

Don’t Let The Internet Bully You Into Picking Online Signaling Over Offline Friendships

How Senate Leaders Can Use Existing Rules To End Democrat Stonewalling

After Trans Discussion, Kindergartener ‘Came Home Crying And Shaking So Afraid She Could Turn Into A Boy’

‘Roseanne’ Revival Could Finally Provide Entertaining TV For Middle America

Today’s Farmers Are Trying To Achieve ‘Sustainability,’ But It’s Easier Said Than Done

Our Post-Charlottesville Narrative Is A National Embarrassment

Until We Update Surveillance Laws, Government Can Snoop On Your Phone And Email At Will

Pro Sports To Christian Players And Fans: ‘We Don’t Want Your Kind Around Here’

Why The ‘Punching Nazis’ Logic Leads To Punching More Than Nazis

No, It’s Not The Onion: Pregnancy Center Attacked For Candle That ‘Smells Like A Baby’

Why Seattle Just Adopted An Income Tax They Know Is Illegal

Trump’s Afghanistan Plan Upends His Campaign Promises Against Perpetual War

Both The Radical Left And White Nationalists Have False Visions Of Western Civilization

The Only Thing Neo-Nazis Are Good For Is Exposing Free Speech Hypocrisy

CBS Radio Anchor Says Fox News Is ‘Alt-Right Website’

Statue Watch: UVA Thomas Jefferson Vandalized, Ohio Revolutionary War Statue Decapitated

Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Are Everything That’s Wrong With Feminism

Clemson University Professor Calls Republicans Racist Scum

Dianne Feinstein & Jeff Sessions on Affirmative Action: A Democrat’s Punches Don’t Land

Ninth Circuit & Religious Liberty: Praying Football Coach Loses Case

Bruce Rauner & Cartoon — Illinois Policy Institute Is Not Racist

DOJ Defends ‘Absolute’ Restrictions on Sermons

There’s No Good Answer In Afghanistan

Bob Menendez: Democratic Scapegoat Becomes Crucial to Party’s Senate Minority

Imam: ISIS Created By Israel

Free Speech Should Be Protected Even under Donald Trump

Obamacare’s Rules: Tom Price Has Discretion to Loosen Them

Trump & Afghanistan: Questions Congress Must Ask

 How exactly did Charlottesville go so wrong?

Law Professors Condemned as Racist After Praising America’s 1950s ‘Bourgeois Culture’

Report: Welfare Reform in Kansas Caused Individuals to Reenter Labor Force Earning Higher Incomes

Death toll reportedly reaches 5 as Harvey spawns massive flooding in Houston area – Houston Chronicle

Hurricane Harvey flood fears as piercing 130mph winds  — and brings ALLIGATORS on to the streets

Three Texas prisons evacuate for Hurricane Harvey – Houston Chronicle

Don’t call 911 unless your life is in danger | khou.com

Cell Networks Suffer Outages in Harvey’s Wake – WSJ

Artificially Sweetened Beverages and the Risk of Stroke and Dementia

Major Hurricane US Strikes Over Past 57 Years Plummet, Far Below That Of 60 To 120 Years Ago!

Hurricane Harvey Threatens Wind Farm Output

Will Hurricane Harvey show Trump that climate change exists?

Hurricane Harvey: More Damages Expected From Flooding | Time.com

It’s official. Hurricane Harvey is an immigration issue now

1st Death from Hurricane Harvey Confirmed in Texas

Official Urges Locals To Report Flyers | The Daily Caller

Pendejo: Julian Castro Smears Trump with Nasty Spanish-Language Slang After Arpaio Pardon

ISIS Fighter Behind Brussels Knife Attack | The Daily Caller

How can you debate free speech if you don’t know much about the constitution?


WA cost to educate students speaking 220 different languages hits $140 million — up 13% in one year

Hurricane Harvey Brings Mass Destruction | The Daily Caller

“Instant Replay” – Watch hurricane Harvey explode from a tropical depression to a Cat 4 hurricane

Hurricane Harvey: Devastating — Not unprecedented

Bill de Blasio and Baltimore Vandals Follow Ku Klu Klan in Attacking Christopher Columbus

Free Speech Protest in San Francisco Cancelled Due to Threat of Violence

Leftists Try to Crush Trump-Friendly Comic’s Career – Hollywood in Toto

Media fear Trump will inspire violence against reporters

How to survive winning a huge Powerball jackpot

Yelling ‘Wolf’ in a Crowded Theater? Nancy Pelosi Flunks Constitutional Law

Too Much Debt Is Making Us Sticks-in-the-Mud – Bloomberg

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism

Beheadings in Libya Reaffirm Islamic State’s Foothold | RealClearDefense

The Media Is Trump’s Evil Empire – POLITICO Magazine

THIS WILL HELP: Prof accuses Trump voters of ‘authoritarianism,’ ‘prejudice.’ Double down on that …

Wake Forest University Teaches Men to ‘Leave Patriarchy Behind’

Why a conservative mayor in Mobile, Alabama, is an example for politicians everywhere

Byron York: Trump dossier mystery deepens

Clay Travis Flames ESPN on Fox News: ‘They’ve Got an Agenda’

Is Europe Lost? An Appropriate Jewish Response to Barcelona | Faith

  1. James Kennedy Ministries Sues SPLC, GudeStar, and Amazon Over ‘Hate’ Labeling

College Professor Wants to Limit Conservative Free Speech on Campus

BUT DON’T QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM. Student body prez: UC-Berkeley ‘not bound to Constitution.’…

Is ‘identity liberalism’ killing the Democratic party?

HuffPost Actually Goes There — Publishes Article Asking if Military Service Makes You Racist

Forget confederate monuments. Let’s remove Catholic statues

California first-grader sent to principal’s office for misgendering classmate

August 27, 1893 Hurricane Killed More Than 1,000 People

Hurricane Harvey downgraded to Category 1 storm after making landfall near Port Aransas | abc13.com

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall Near Corpus Christi, Tex. – The New York Times

HICKS IN STICKS NIX PIX. Weekend Box Office: Moviegoing Slows to a Standstill Amid Historic August S…

Harvey roars toward Texas as Category 4 hurricane

Harvey Strengthens To Category 4 Hurricane Hours Before Landfall

A Racist Hurricane?! ‘Harvey poised to disproportionately impact blacks in Texas’

Hurricane Harvey Upgraded to Major Cat 4 Storm – Landfall in Hours

Sharpton: I Hope Trump’s Behavior ‘Doesn’t Get in the Way’ of Hurricane Harvey Response

4324 day major hurricane drought to end as Harvey reaches Cat 3, making landfall soon

Camp David vs. golf with Larry David during a natural disaster – twitchy.com

THE CHINESE CERTAINLY HOPE SO: Twilight for Hong Kong’s Democracy? Exactly twenty years since …

Surprise: Hurricane Harvey Blamed On ‘Climate Change’ » Pirate’s Cove

Hurricane Harvey Upgraded To Category 3 As It Barrels Into Texas

Daily Kos claims #Harvey2017 is racist, CNN devastated they beat them to this breaking news – twitchy.com

ACLU Wants Border Patrol to Stand-Down During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: 1 Million Hiroshima Bombs per Day

Hurricane Harvey Is Racing Toward Texas. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Believe The Meteorologists. Harvey Is Incredibly Dangerous. | FiveThirtyEight

OOF: Jim Acosta’s storm question for Trump triggers MAJOR mock-a-lanche – twitchy.com

Hurricane Harvey: likely to be the next “Katrina” and “Sandy” for climate alarmists

CNN’s Acosta Questions What Trump Is Doing to Prepare for Hurricane Harvey

THWAP! Neil deGrasse Tyson steps on science rake trying to rub ‘deniers’ noses in Hurricane Harvey – twitchy.com

SCIENCE! Chris Hayes sounds alarm about ‘insane era’ Hurricane Harvey’s ushering in – twitchy.com

PHOTOS: Thousands Flee Texas Coast as Hurricane Harvey Approaches

‘PLEASE don’t make this political.’ Texans ask Montel Williams NOT to make Harvey political (too late!) – twitchy.com

With Hurricane Harvey approaching, Jim Acosta has a ‘fake news’ warning (for Trump) – twitchy.com

New NASA video shows Hurricane Harvey ready to swallow all of Texas

5 Things You Need To Know About The Big Hurricane About To Hit Texas

Hurricane Harvey Headed for Area with Significant Oil, Natural Gas Infrastructure – The Energy Collective

Texas Begins Mandatory Evacuations Ahead of ‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Harvey

Texas Governor Declares Disaster Area in Advance of Category 3 Hurricane Harvey

Texas Coast Warned of Possible ‘Catastrophic Rainfall’ from Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Has Gone a Record 142 Months Without a Major (Cat 3+) Hurricane Strike

First Texas Hurricane For Nine Years

All eyes on Texas as Tropical Storm Harvey intensifies; ‘…up to four feet of rainfall’ – twitchy.com

Tropical Storm Harvey threatens the Gulf Coast with a biblical flood disaster

Harvey Likely to Be First Hurricane to Strike Texas Since 2008 – Bloomberg

Houston, Gulf Coast brace for Harvey, a potentially monstrous hurricane

Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

UNHINGED: Trump is being blamed because there’s no food on the shelves in Houston #Harvey2017 – twitchy.com

UPDATE: Harvey upgraded to category 4 hurricane – twitchy.com

Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds – ABC News

With Afghanistan, Trump’s Strategy Is Military Common Sense | Observer

 WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? 10 new cases of TB found at Texas high school after second round of testin…

State Dept.: 16 U.S. Embassy Personnel in Cuba Injured by Sonic Attack

Was Cuban sonic attack a weapon, or an accident? – CNNPolitics

CNN Withholds Information About Iraq

Watchdog group accuses Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop of ‘deceptive’ marketing claims – ABC News

Amazon moving swiftly to cut prices at Whole Foods

ANALYSIS: TRUE. PC Corporate Culture Is a Plague That Government Helps Spread. The problem is tha…

Do You Think PETA’s Mad Everyone’s A Troll Now?

YES. NEXT QUESTION? Is ‘identity liberalism’ killing the Democratic party? Humanities professor…

DEMOCRACY DIES IN LAKE WOBEGON: In WashPost Column, Retired NPR Star Garrison Keillor ‘Looking for G…

 OF COURSE THEY DO: Law professors argue colleagues’ ‘bourgeois’ ideal is racist and classist. I …

Report: FBI Raid on Paul Manafort’s Home Was ‘Heavy-Handed and Designed to Intimidate’ | Trending


Connecticut Unfunded Pension Liabilities Miscalculated, Report Says.

Lesbian fantasist invented 15 rapes and assaults which saw man jailed to get sympathy from girlfriends, court hears

IT’S COME TO THIS. Marin County Catholic School Removes Catholic Statues to be “More Inclusive” to Other Religions

Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis – NYTimes.com

The Real Reason the Democrats Want to Be Rid of Confederate Monuments

New Study Finds Muslims & Leftists Responsible For Vast Majority of Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

Trump’s biggest accomplishments? Undoing Obama-era policies

Gary Cohn speaks out: Trump ‘must do better’ in condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists after Charlottesville

The obscene effort to shame ‘Trump’s Jews’

Preacher causes outrage amongst Christians for graphic Jesus sex scene

Trump Divorces the GOP Congress – WSJ

Democrats’ unexpected money problem

Migrant crisis: Facebook publishes torture used to extort ransom | The Times & The Sunday Times

Germany, in a First, Shuts Down Left-Wing Extremist Website – The New York Times

TSA reviewing cargo screening, concerned about terror vulnerabilities – CNNPolitics

David Attenborough: I feel better than ever about life on Earth | The Times & The Sunday Times

Justin Trudeau tones down warm welcome for migrants as Canada struggles to cope with influx

Canada Introduces ‘X’ as a Third Sex Category for Passport Holders – The New York Times

LA’s response to homeless encampments ‘isn’t working,’ councilman says

Google Issuing Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic, Plans New Safeguard – WSJ

Worries Grow About the Stock Market’s ‘Bad Breadth’ – MoneyBeat – WSJ

Five Reasons Houston Is Especially Vulnerable to Flooding – WSJ

Major storm to douse South Texas – CNN

Harvey Would Be 64th Hurricane to Hit Texas Since 1851

Hurricane Harvey Hysteria: Customers Fight as Stores Sell out of Water

Dire scenario looms for Texas as Hurricane Harvey explodes in intensity and prepares to stall out overhead

Harvey to be the strongest hurricane to hit US in years

Actor Don Cheadle Thinks American Lapel Pin Is Secret Nazi Insignia

How do you say ‘whoops’ in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work

Dems like Chuck Schumer should be asked if they would support a convicted felon serving in their caucus.

Judicial Watch files lawsuit for communications with environmental groups on Dakota Access pipeline

Michael Barone: Watching the eclipse with John C. Calhoun

HEH: Nancy Pelosi Won’t Tell Us What She Feels About Her Father Dedicating Lee, Jackson Statues when…

All Republicans are racist scum,’ professor declares

It’s Official. Democrats Have Learned Nothing From Donald Trump’s Win | The Resurgent

SQUEEZE: Trump Puts A New Sanctions Squeeze On China and Russia. The U.S. sanctions list on Nort…

Free Speech Attacks Come from Both Sides

Millennials Apparently Prefer Starvation, Food Lines To Income Inequality

Police Arrest White Antifa Thug Who Sucker Punched Black Trump Supporter

Why Does Anyone Listen to James Clapper Anymore? | Roger L. Simon

ISIS Calls Jihadists to Philippines, Threatens Pope Francis

Buffalo Bills Running Back Goes There on Kaepernick: ‘I’m Sure a Lot of Teams Wouldn’t Want Him…’

Antifa Accidentally Beat Fellow Protester Because They Thought He Was a ‘Nazi’

Man Gets Suspended From Twitter for Sexually Harassing Tony the Tiger

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Fall from Musical Grace

Why Fired Engineer James Damore May Have a Federal Case Against Google | Op-Ed | US News

ESPN boss slams reporter for selfishly ‘hijacking’ Robert Lee story

Safe spaces and ‘ze’ badges: My bewildering year at a US university | The Spectator

The ACLU’s Twitter account gets a lesson in political correctness

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Gender Ideology’s Kindergarten Commissars. “Schools ar…

Is communism the new Blue Bonnet? – Da Tech Guy Blog

There are no more low-priced homes

Debt Ceiling ‘Brinksmanship’ Could Test U.S. Top-Notch Credit Rating – MoneyBeat – WSJ

Trump Blames Debt Ceiling ‘Mess’ on GOP Leaders in Congress – Bloomberg

As white supremacists gather in the Bay Area, police warn: Violence will not be tolerated – LA Times

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck

D.C. judge approves government warrant for data from anti-Trump website

Hurricane Harvey poised to unleash flooding disaster on Texas into early next week

Debating the president’s mental health more complicated than just saying ‘that’s crazy’

Why Democrats can’t capitalize on Trump’s blunders-commentary

Google And YouTube Have Created A Culture Of Censorship

End Of The Checkout Line Spells Crisis For 3.5 Million American Cashiers

Billionaire Richard Branson Joins Technocrat Siren Call For Universal Basic Income

Should The Democratic Party Be Abolished As A Symbol Of Oppression?

Fair trade for thee, but not for me

Is Google Working With Liberal Groups To Snuff Our Conservative Websites?

Palanatir: The ‘Special Ops’ Tech Giant Wields As Much Power As Google

Replay: Google Is Monitoring Millions Of Conversations Every Day

Exposed Servers Let Hackers Take Control Of Prison Cell Doors, Pacemakers, Oil Pipelines

ESPN, Marvel & Missouri University: They All Turned Left and Hit the Rocks

These Hollywood Conservatives Are Standing By Trump

CNN Obsessed With Donald Trump’s Fitness [VIDEO]

WATCH: Top 5 Versions Of The Antifa Protester Being Hit In The Balls Outside Trump’s Rally

UMich Fraternity Cancels Ancient Egypt Themed Party Following ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Complaints

Reuters Made Two Unbelievable Screw Ups On The Robert Lee ESPN Story

CNN’s Ana Navarro Doubles Down On Trump Mental Illness Comments

Here’s What Happened When I Decided to Wear my MAGA Hat in Public

The Magical Thinking Opposition | Scott Adams’ Blog

CNN Gets Steamrolled By Their Own Charlottesville Panel: “The Media Is Not Being Honest”

Report: Over 500 Android Apps with Spyware Have Been Removed from Google Play Market

Alabama: Roy Moore Backs Donald Trump Push to End Mitch McConnell Filibuster as Luther Strange Stands Against President

Illegal Alien Deported 15 Times on Trial for Alleged Drunk Hit-and-Run

‘Crusade Against E-Cigarettes’ Is Keeping Smokers Hooked On Tobacco

Why Are Trump’s Justice Department Appointees Protecting the IRS?

GOOD THING SHE NEVER GOT THAT 3AM PHONE CALL, I GUESS: “So Hillary admits that she couldn’t think o…

Massive PBGC Rate Hikes Force Corporate Debt Binge As Companies Try To Pay Down Pensions

WSJ Editor ‘Commentary Dressed As News&# | The Daily Caller

MEDIA BLACKOUT: American Media Darling Trudeau Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration

Ex-Google Engineer Hires Lawyer Shortlisted as Trump Nominee – Bloomberg

Federal judge throws out Texas’ voter ID law  | Politics | Dallas News

There Goes Charlie Hebdo, Practicing Free Spe | The Daily Caller

Here Are Some Key Ways the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth

I Went to a Vandalized Columbus Monument. Here’s What I Saw.

A Massive Tax On Vaping Is Being Pushed Under The Guise Of Protecting Minors

Survivor Of Transgender Surgery: It’s Not A ‘Sex Change,’ It’s Mutilation

Maxine Waters scorches Trump: “Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you”

Clinton Mega-Donor Haim Saban: President Trump Not a ‘Nazi or Anti-Semite’

Sputnik Employee Surprised To Find Out He Worked For Russian Propaganda

New Poll Shows Trump Wins The 2016 Election If Held Again Today

Self-driving cars could mean “greater productivity and better working conditions” for millions of workers

Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming – Bloomberg

The 100 Richest Tech Billionaires In The World 2017

Wal-Mart and Google Partner to Challenge Amazon – WSJ

Connecticut man dies from tick-borne illness – Story | WNYW

Beware of Prematurely Declaring Trump Defeated – Bloomberg

North Korea photos suggest new solid-fuel missile designs

In Japan, robot-for-hire programed to perform Buddhist funeral rites

Planned Parenthood reaps benefits from sale proceed from sex toy industry

CNN anchor rants about Trump’s sanity as conservative media cheer – POLITICO

Trump: We’ll ‘probably’ end up terminating NAFTA

Trump: We Are “Liberating” Our Towns of Illegal Immigrants, Gangs

Black Trump Supporter Punched While Fleeing Arizona Melee

Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall funding

CNN Reporter Outside Trump Rally Gets Tear Gassed, Can Barely Speak

The Latest: Trump says US will ‘probably’ end NAFTA

Anti-Trump protester hit in groin with rubber bullet

Propaganda: New York Times Says Sex was Better for Communists

WaPo Editorial: Satan Is Good; Christians Are Responsible for Charlottesville

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban considering 2020 presidential run

NYT Reporter: ESPN Handed The Right ‘A Gift’ After Booting Lee

Former Spy Wants Wants To Censor Trump From Twitter

MODERN MARRIAGE: Forget About Divorce. Don’t Marry a Hillary Supporter in the First Place….

Boy Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Doing Macarena In The Street

Anti-Trumpers Seek Regime Change As They Plan Nationwide Protests

Confirmed: ESPN Is As Stupid As We Thought

The Origins of Fake News at The New York Times

Dem Senate Candidate Doesn’t Want To Talk About Harry Reid [VIDEO]

Hillary Says “Creep” Trump Made Her “Skin Crawl”

Morning Joe Panelist Crossing His Fingers That Mueller Finds Dirt On Trump

Chief Of Naval Operations “Looking Into” Possibility Ships Were Hacked

Berkeley College Republicans Slapped With $15,000 Fine To Host Ben Shapiro

Activist Groups Rally To Support Kaepernick Over ‘Exile’ From NFL

Lawmakers Want to Know if Sessions Is Going After Affirmative Action

NYT Columnist Apologizes For Comparing Rex Tillerson To Murderous Dictator

ACLU Goes Soft on First Amendment Rights of Gun Carriers

Democratic Rep Claims White House Employing ‘Neo-Nazis’

In Latest North Korea Propaganda Clip, “Crazy” Trump Is Overlooking A Sprawling Cemetary

Friend Of Trudeau Adviser Gets Top Diplomatic Post At Double The Usual Salary

Scalise Must Learn To Walk Again After Congressional Baseball Shooting

Universities are broke. So let’s cut the pointless admin and get back to teaching

Disagreement Isn’t Hate, Despite What the Left Says

How Buying Light Attack Fleet Would Help USAF’s Pilot Shortage

Obamacare Appears To Be Making The Opioid Crisis Much Worse

‘Give Up The Home You Own’: Black Lives Matter Activist Makes List Of ‘Requests’ For White People

DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS. Washington Post perspective: Liberals should stop being free speech abso…

WATCH: Cleveland Browns Kneel During National Anthem

‘Anyone Taping Me?’ Ellison Reveals How Pelosi Really Feels About Single-Payer – Cortney O’Brien

WaPo Op-Ed: Ban Conservative Speakers On Campus

Stocks Surge To Best Day In 4 Months As Warmongery

Why Is It Wrong To Condemn Both Fascists And Communists?

Court Blocks Major Pipeline Approvals, Says Feds Didn’t Consider ‘Climate Change’

School Board Under Fire After ‘Transgender Reveal’ Leaves Students Confused About Who They Are

Massachusetts Cops Back Governor’s Immigration Detention Bill

The Conversion Story WaPo Left Out Of Its Story On Priest Who Was In KKK

Newspapers Urge Chappelle-Nadal To Resign | The Daily Caller

Credit Cards 101 for College Students

FIGHTING TO LOSE: Tech Blacklisting of Counterjihadists is What Muslim Brotherhood Seeks…

Parents, stop teaching your kids to be weak

L.A. sues Trump administration over threats to withhold anti-crime funds for ‘sanctuary’ cities

Progressive Flashback: Theodore Roosevelt Says ” Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind.”

Facebook Is Blocking ‘Life Saving Technology’ With Vaping Ad Ban

Chicago Alderman Looks to Ban Driverless Cars Because Some People Will Lose Their Job

Mass Migration Risks Major Public Health Crisis | Frontpage Mag

Dem Senator Admits Constituents Don’t Care About Russia Investigation [VIDEO]

Tillerson to Taliban: ‘We May Not Win,’ ‘But Neither Will You’

China’s Illegal Presence in Latin American Seas Grows, Making an Enemy of Leftist Ecuador


There are 6,000 uses for petroleum. Let’s see solar or wind compete with that record!

Polls shows majority of Americans think Confederate statues should remain

Four Signs Your Neighborhood Is Turning Into A No-Go Zone

The data behind Chicago Public Schools’ hemorrhaging finances

Dakota Pipeline Developer Sues Enviros For Using Misinformation Against Pipeline

Dem Rep: Confederate Monument Supporters Stand With Slavery And Lynching

Here Are 8 Monuments That Have Been Attacked Since Charlottesville

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 55 or Older? Here’s How to Save Big on Your Phone Plan….

Democratic Former Senator Finally Says What Left Is Thinking: All Republicans Are Nazis

Paul Ryan Calls for Tax Reform, Letting Americans ‘Keep More of Your Own Money’

McConnell Doesn’t See A Way Forward For Trump Presidency

Fat Feminists Are NOT Going To Like This Study

Former U.S. Attorney On Awan Indictment: “There Is Something Very Strange Going On Here”

Trump Knocked It Out Of the Park With His Speech At Ft. Myer

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean: If You Vote For Republicans In The Midterms, Consider Yourself Racist

Unions Hope To Nullify Missouri Right To Work Legislation In 2018

Teen Vogue’s Back To School List: Paper, Pens, VIBRATORS

Where 7 of Trump’s Key Immigration Policies Stand

James Woods: I’ve ‘Accepted the Fact That I’m Blacklisted’ in Hollywood

Charles Barkley: Championship Winners ‘Should Go to the White House’ — ‘It’s About the Office’

Anatomy Of A Scam: How Lawyers Hurt Clients And Crush Nursing Homes

State Department Upgrades Mexico Travel Warning As Violence Surges In Tourist Hotspots

College Profesors Begin Direct Support For AntiFa Groups On Campuses

Al Sharpton Is Shocked At The “Poisonous Atmosphere” In America “Being Stoked By The President”

Penn State Denies Richard Spencer A Platform

Donald Trump’s Hatefulness Stirs Anger, Distorts Culture, Threatens GOP Agenda

Donald Trump Administration: Steve Bannon’s Exit May Signal Shift from Economic Populism

Harvard Professor Calls Out Antifa for Trying to ‘Tear Down America’

It’s a match: Black Lives Matter leader asks whites to give up homes; Rich whites ashamed of their wealth

Billionaire Moguls Join Musk, Bezos in Race to Outer Space – Bloomberg

The fantasy of Silicon Valley

Apple ‘spaceship’ Sunnyvale neighbors say life is hell

Big data finds the Medieval Warm Period – no denial here | The Spectator Australia

Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrage

Scientists remotely hacked a brain, controlling body movements – BGR

North Korea Threatens ‘Absolute Force’ as U.S., South Hold Military Drills – WSJ

U.S. Expands North Korea Sanctions, Seeks to Seize Millions – Bloomberg

North Korea will never surrender nuclear arms, says envoy

North Korea’s latest propaganda puts Trump in cemetery

DNC Slams Trump’s ‘Empty Promises on Border Wall’

Trump won’t visit border fence despite being 15 miles away

Ellison: Pelosi Supports Single-Payer | The Daily Caller

75% of black California boys don’t meet state reading standards

Is The President Emotionally Unstable? New Democrat Bill Requires Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

Outrage Over University Press Caving in to Chinese Censorship. Cambridge University Press reverses decision….

Bradley University Women’s Studies Project Claims Losing Weight Is ‘Dangerous’

THIS IS A BOON FOR DRUGMAKERS, I GUESS: Many more children will suddenly be diagnosed with high blo…

Seattle venture capitalist Matt McIlwain’s non-profit sues city over income tax on high earners

No, Corporate CEOs Are Not Heroes

The Democrat Party’s Grassroots Leadership…. Goldman Sachs CEO.

Top Institutions and Economists Now Say Globalization Increases Inequality

I THOUGHT THE SCIENCE WAS SETTLED: Pets may not improve kids’ health despite previous findings, acc…

Pope says Migrants More Important than National Security

Groups Chanting Death To America Remove Statues

The Racist Maze

Jeff Flake: ‘There Must Always’ Be Low-Skilled Immigration to U.S.

VOX: The radicalization of white Americans. The thing is, white Americans have not become radical…

These Racist Black KKK and Nazi Statues Must Fall | Frontpage Mag

Franklin Graham: ‘Politicians Should Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace’

WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMAL: Pee-Filled Projectiles A Recurring Weapon Of Choice For ‘Anti-Fascists.’…

Alt-Left Marches in Dallas Chanting, “F*ck the Police” – “Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang!”

Trump supporter forces ANTIFA sympathizing CNN host to CRY, “Stop Talking!”

Gruber Fraudulent Billing Probe | The Daily Caller

Feminist prof decries ‘militarized patriotism’ at sporting events

Study: Ambulance response times increased under Obamacare

Birmingham, AL Mayor Orders Confederate Monument Covered; Alabama AG Responds With Lawsuit Against Mayor

Ben Shapiro KOs Don Lemon, CNN on Confederate Statue Argument

Joy Reid Now Spreading Unverified Rumors | The Daily Caller

EU Enabling ‘free movement of terrorists’ – Farage

Bannon’s Revenge: Breitbart Threatens To “Rally Votes For Impeachment” If Trump Moves Left

WikiLeaks Flashback: John Podesta Says Compare Your Opponent to Hitler

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE: Biology teacher, 45, at LA school packed with celebrity children accused of…

Mizzou Pays a Price for Appeasing the Left . Enrollment is down more than 2,000. The campus has had to take seven dormitories out of service.

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: ● Shot: Why can’t tech firms shut down terrorists as fast as the…

PayPal Bans Jihad Watch from Accepting Donations

Poll: 90 Percent Oppose Removal, Erasure, of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington

Mike Allen: Trump’s Afghan Plan ‘Will Have the U.S. Not Winning, but Not Losing’

Poll: Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky Approval Rating Plummets to 18 Percent

Monsanto Attempts Takedown of Agency Linking its Weedkiller to Cancer

NPR Race Panel Horrified by White GOP Women Asking Muslim Reporter About Sharia Law

Eavesdrop on MoveOn.org’s ’emergency mass organizing call’

Prof urges colleagues to promote ‘progressive politics’ in class

China Warns Of “Looming Trade War” With India In Retaliation To Anti-Dumping Duties

63 shot over weekend in Chicago; only long July 4th weekend more violent this year

Elon Musk (& 115 Other ‘Experts’) Urge Outright Ban Of ‘Killer Robots’

Democrats Need a Message, Not a Program – Bloomberg

Robert De Niro: ‘Flat-Out Blatant Racist’ Trump ‘Going to Sink Himself’

IN PLENTY OF TIME FOR YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING: A Quadcopter with sniper rifle or grenade launcher….

Doug Ross @ Journal: 15 Antifa Photos You’ll Never See in Legacy Media

Trump and the media love mud wrestling – San Francisco Chronicle

Islamic State Used British Companies to Finance Terrorist Attacks Against West

One Dead, One Injured After Truck Rams Into Two Bus Shelters in Marseille, France

What Comes After “Nazi?”  |  Ricochet

Did China Hack the Seventh Fleet? | RealClearDefense

IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT: University of Texas Removes Four Confederate Statues Overnight. University …

Buffett Sees Market Crash Coming: His Cash Speaks Louder Than Words

Evergreen State College Adds Required Workshop on Civil Disagreement | Trending

Congressman: Many Leaving NOAA and EPA’ Over Climate ‘Fear’

A 121-year-old Confederate monument was coming down. This Kentucky town put it back up. – The Washington Post

It’s white commies tearing down statues. Marist: 44% of African-Amers SUPPORT Confederate statues; Only 40% oppose.

Clarke Office Okayed $120k Linked To Awan | The Daily Caller

Mike Huckabee to Trump: Make Democrats ‘eat’ the fact they erected many Confederate monuments

Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama

Video: NBC AGAIN Promotes Antifa Violence

Secret Service can’t pay agents for Trump and his family, report says – CNNPolitics

Regulations Cost Americans More Than Taxes

Arnold admits he once expressed admiration for Hitler – NY Daily News

After Canadian Prime Min. Trudeau invited wave of illegals, suddenly he’s telling them to migrate legally

‘Sanctuary schools’ across America defy Trump’s immigration crackdown

Steve Bannon Plots Fox News Competitor As He “Goes To War” With Globalists, Report

Zinc-Air Batteries Research Could be a Game-Changer for Consumer Tech | Inverse

TRUDEAU TO ASYLUM SEEKERS: Crossing border illegally won’t fast track immigration. Prime Minister…

Cash-strapped states eye self-driving car taxes

Mass Migration: Number of Non-European Workers in Britain Surges to 3.3 Million

PBS, NPR Bury Their Own Poll Results on BLM, Antifa, and Confederate Statues (Correction Added)

Hypocritical HuffPo Doesn’t Pay Its College Editors

Alan Dershowitz: Liberals have a special obligation to condemn bigotry of the Left

Steve Bannon hasn’t violated his security clearance yet — but John Kerry has

Columbus statue in Baltimore vandalized | Baltimore Brew

THE ROT RUNS DEEP: The Ever-Burgeoning House Democrat IT Scandal. Had it been the RNC that had al…

Barcelona Truck Attack Driver Arrested; One Person Shot In Separate Police Operation

America First? With Steve Bannon Out, Globalists Push for More War Abroad

If Confederate Statues Are ‘Reprehensible’, Why Didn’t Nancy Pelosi Remove Them When She Had the Power as Speaker?

What Is the Goal in Afghanistan? Washington Does Not Know

The WWII Dieppe Raid – 75 Years On :: SteynOnline

Trump hysteria & an eclipse usher in our crazy years

One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google: Here Is His Story

KREMLIN STOOGE: US embassy in Russia to scale back visa services amid tensions. “Capacity for int…

Big Oil Nervous As Venezuela’s Maduro Seizes More Power

US Navy Halts Pacific Fleet Operations As Historical Path Of Collided Warship Emerges

Google, Facebook, Amazon: Time to Rein Them In? Asks RBC – Barron’s

Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left

US Suspends Visa Operations In Russia | The Daily Caller

Kentucky Town Wants Confederate Statues | The Daily Caller

The Tesla Model 3 reminds me of all the times the electronics failed in my first car – The Verge

OH, THAT LIBERAL FASCISM: Antifa Declares: ‘F**k Your F***ing Constitution, We’re Here to Punch …

Virtuos Joss Whedon Is a ‘Hypocrite Preaching Feminist Ideals,’ Ex-Wife Kai Cole Says (Guest Blog)

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Vaginas absolutely need sex or they’ll waste away: study. “It’s a painful co…

Grab A Beer Philadelphia, The Soda Is Too Damn Expensive

JOURNALISM: CNN’s take on Antifa: Peace through violence (Update: CNN scrubs headline)…


AND THE BEST WE CAN DO IS PLANT OUR FEET AND SAY NO: The Left is Marching the Nation Towards Civil W…

CNN Historian Compares Jim Acosta to Fake News Godfather Dan Rather

Europe Wide Poll Shows Growing Distrust for Elites, Pessimism For Future

Six Flags Parks Remove Historic Flags over Political Concerns

‘This Place Is Lost’: Barcelona Chief Rabbi Tells Spain’s Jews to Head for Israel

Saudi Arabia Debates Whether Polygamy Is Solution to Rising Issue of Single Women

One in Three British Jews Consider Leaving UK, Majority Thinks Labour Party Harbours Anti-Semites

Turkey, Iran Agree to Boost Military Ties

Report: Probe into Imran Awan Checking Whether Sensitive Govt. Info Sold to Foreign Intelligence

Jeh Johnson: Confederate Monuments Are ‘Rallying Points for White Nationalism,’ They Should Come Down

WATCH: Leftist Protester Calls Black Boston Cop ‘Stupid-Ass Black Bitch; You’re Supposed to Be on Our Side’

Thousands Sign Petition to Replace Confederate Monument with Statue of Rapper Missy Elliott

VIDEO: ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, These Racist Statues Have to Go!’

Stabbing Victim Claims Short Haircut Meant Attacker Believed He Was a Neo-Nazi

Colin Kaepernick to Get His Own Display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

Dem Rep Cohen: Antifa Violence Not Comparable, They Are Opposing Nazis, Confederates

Police: Man Arrested for Defacing Confederate Monument in Indianapolis Park

SOMEONE NEEDED TO: CRTV’S Michelle Malkin ‘Investigates’ Fake News Founder….

Source: McMaster Fails to Brief Trump Before ‘That’s Too Bad’ Error


FASTER PLEASE: Eye scan could spot Alzheimer’s decades before symptoms emerge….

Is A Tolerant Culture Being Replaced By An Intolerant One?

Tesla Is The World’s 4th Largest Automaker (Despite Only Selling 76,000 Cars In 2016)

LIBERAL PROBLEMS: Why rich New Yorkers are hiding their wealth and privilege….

Microchips Should Be Used As “Identification Tool”, Says Doctor With 6 Implants

THE POINT OF STATUES: Remembering the Past….

How The Elites Are Divorcing From Reality: The Economist’s “What If”

SOMEONE’S ACTUALLY FIGURED IT OUT: Josh Kraushaar: Trump Exploits Gap Between Elite and Public Opi…

US Embassy In Russia Halts Issuance Of Non-Immigrant Visas, Moscow Vows “Retaliation In Kind”

CNN/Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis: Trump Voters ‘Asses,’ Bunch of Idiots

WELL, THAT’S WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO: The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory…

THE SCIENCE IS UNSETTLED: “Richard Florida, one of the most influential thinkers about cities in p…

Flashback…. Loser Liberals Try Moving to Canada. Get Rejected for Being Deadbeats…

Palestinian “artwork” used in Antisemitic incitement to kill Jews.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz aide and wife indicted on 4 counts.

Food Shortages Are So Bad In Venezuela That People Are Eating Stolen Zoo Animals

Cheers! Drinking every day IS good for you, say scientists

62% of US voters believe Confederate statues should remain on public display as historical symbols

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for Democrats is summed up in one graphic

Women’s March Organizer Sarsour Sees Convicted Terrorist Friend Stripped Of Citizenship, Banned Forever From US

Boston Antifa : This is on the Boston ANTIFA page. They’re against Conservatives, the Constitution, Libertarians, & Moderate Libs.


Cambridge Antifa: Marxists With A Mission to Destory The United States

Boston Antifa : Let’s get one thing clear. Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist cause. Those on the left who call us “patriots”, step the F#CK away.

Marc Faber: In The Age Of Cyber-Terrorism, Every Investor Must Own Gold

Oregon #eclipse tourists greeted by anti-Semitic banners on overpass

Barclays Installs Sensors To Monitor How Long Employees Spend At Their Desks

IT’S BEEN A BAD COUPLE OF YEARS FOR “Extremely Smart Pundits.” …

The case for abolishing Obamacare’s individual mandate

Obamacare Enrollment Program Signed Up a Fraction of Those Who Canceled Coverage in 2017…Only 14,500…

Interracial adoption is on the rise — and America is better for it

Colorado man stabbed because of his ‘neo-Nazi haircut’

Uber Claims Nation ‘Bracing for More White Supremacist Demonstrations’

How 11 Barcelona massacre suspects are all from a picturesque town in the Pyrenees where one-in-ten residents is an immigrant…

TONI AIRAKSINEN: 75% of Republicans Think That Church Is A Good Thing….

Surprise! Sharp Racial Divide Found Over Robert E. Lee Statue

Builders Complain Of Record Labor Shortages: Up To 75% Of Employers Can’t Find Workers

WELL WELL WELL: Al Jazeera is reporting that Iran’s mullah dictatorship has decided it must protect …

Chicago Public Schools System Since 2007: Enrollment Down 10%, total annual spending is up a third, to a projected $6.48 billion.

STEVE BANNON IS GONE, BUT HIS PLAN LIVES ON: AP Notices That Dems May Be Launching Culture War They…

And The Best State To Grow Old In Is…

NASA Unveils Plan To Stop Yellowstone “Supervolcano” Eruption, There’s Just One Catch

CNN Smears Again! Don Lemon Implies Breitbart Platform for Nazis

Report: NFL launches LGBT initiative, NFL Pride

The Truth Will Not Be Googled

Illegal Alien Gets 40 Years in Prison for Getting His Daughter Pregnant

Apple CEO Pledges $2 Million to SPLC and ADL, Attacks Trump over Charlottesville

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Issues Executive Order That Violates First Amendment

Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?

JOHN KASS: While we’re toppling offensive symbols, what about the Democratic Party? History is i…

FLASHBACK: ROD DREHER: The Storm Before The Storm. “The rising Left is bound and determined to cr…

Lonegan: House Leadership Must Kill the First Amendment Tax

Report: Zuckerberg Shut Down Trump-Supporting Facebook Employee Group

The Memo: Trump’s remarks spark questions about staff | TheHill

Democrats move to censure Trump for spreading blame to “both sides” for Charlottesville

New Hampshire Republican Party HQ Vandalized

Black Lives Matter Activists Float Criminalization of Confederate Imagery | LifeZette

Vandals strike Robert E. Lee statue at Duke Chapel on the Duke University campus in Durham | The Herald Sun

The U.S. is now routinely launching ‘danger-close’ drone strikes so risky they require Syrian militia approval

Trump attacks removal of Confederate statues around the country

Cleveland Now Leads U.S. Cities for Seriously Underwater Homes – Bloomberg

Apple denounces neo-Nazis as Spotify bans ‘white power’ tracks | Technology

Scientists create Terminator-style robot with self-healing ‘flesh’

Top U.S. General Breaks Bread With Chinese Soldiers on North Korea’s Doorstep – WSJ

Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy despite free speech concerns – The Washington Post

Facebook, Airbnb Go on Offense Against Nazis After Violence – Bloomberg

Proposed Legislation Would Outlaw ‘Distracted Walking’ In Stamford

North Korea shows the Capitol obliterated by red missiles

Using vehicles as weapons of terror

Barcelona crash: Van ploughs into people in Las Ramblas

How to Play Music That Fits Any Mood or Situation With Amazon Echo

Wired Notes Silicon Valley Companies Are Starting to Doubt Concept of Free Speech

Facebook Monitors User’s Phone Habits Using Free VPN App


Charlottesville, Trump, and Our Bitter Politics – The American Interest

Defector: Christianity Thrives in North Korea as Citizens ‘No Longer Respect’ Kim Jong-Un

Do Social Justice Warriors Know The History of Public Education in America? University of Michigan Press Book Looks At…


THE 21st CENTURY ISN’T WORKING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: “Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science…

Maryland Governor Orders Removal of Chief Justice Taney Statue and Politics

Tucker: If we erase the past, prepare for the consequences

Neighbors throw rocks at Confederate flag in East Village window

Ben Carson says his home was vandalized with ‘hateful rhetoric about President Trump’

When Will Racist Woodrow Wilson Stopped Being Honored By The American Political Science Association?

The Best Of Times – Stocks Surge To 2nd Longest Dip-less Streak In History

Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash

House To Hold Hearing On White Supremacist Threat Amid Financial, Social Media Crackdown

Dem Rep Compares Trump To Hitler [VIDEO]

Morgan Freeman to CNN’s Lemon: Race Plays No Role in Being Successful in America — ‘We’re Proof’

Philippines’ Duterte praises police killings of 32 drug suspects, urges more

How to cope with President Trump Stress Disorder – NY Daily News

Eboni K. Williams: Fox News Host Slams Trump Charlottesville Response | Variety

U.S. Begins Nafta Negotiations With Harsh Words – The New York Times

DEC investigating a new ‘potential discharge’ at Niagara Falls – The Buffalo News

U.S., China Militaries Set Up Speed Dial to Avoid Inadvertent North Korea War – WSJ

Paranoid Kim Jong-un EXECUTING record numbers of North Koreans who no longer see him as a living GOD

Organizers postpone Google protest marches, citing ‘alt-left terrorist’ threats – The Washington Post

Trump accuses Amazon of hurting ‘tax paying retailers’ – POLITICO

Donald Trump wipes $5.7bn off the value of Amazon with single tweet

Dallas Mayor: Confederate Statues ‘Monuments Of Propaganda’

Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument after calls from activists and threats of vandalism – LA Times

Brooklyn Army Base Is Urged to Rename Streets Honoring Confederate Generals – WSJ

Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Parks Over Ties To Slavery

Confederate Statues In Baltimore Taken Down Overnight

Nets Spend 77 Percent of Evening News on Wild Trump Presser

Iran supreme leader mocks US over Charlottesville

Mitch McConnell joins John Kasich in GOP attack on Trump

In direct challenge to Trump, Iran’s president says it could restart its nuclear program ‘within hours’ – LA Times

Trump defiant on Charlottesville unrest: ‘Blame on both sides’

Trump tried to save their jobs. These workers are quitting anyway. – The Washington Post

Teen drug overdose rate in US rose 20% in 2015 after years of decline | Society

Billionaire Richard Branson weighs in on free cash handouts

NY schools to use vaping, bullying detectors – Story | WNYW

LA County leaders greenlight effort to pay homeowners to house the homeless

Pence ends international trip early amid Trump controversy | TheHill

Trump Ends Business Councils as CEOs Turn Against President – Bloomberg

U.S. Sanctions Mandate That Foreign Governments Monitor Cryptocurrency To Combat Terrorism

5 people are dead after undergoing FDA-approved obesity treatment

Almost 100 unknown volcanoes have been found hidden under Antarctica

15 really good things that are happening in the world right now

Scientists: Karakoram Glaciers Growing In Spite Of Global Warming

Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff Drives Technocrat Plan To Kill Cash

Fighting Back Against Corporate Technocrats Who Abuse Product Owners

UN Geospatial Organization Lines Up with 2030 Agenda To Force Sustainable Development

This Picture Of Mike Pence ‘Triggered’ An Entire Campus Of California Private College Kids

A MODEST PROPOSAL BY YAHOO SPORTSWRITER DAN WETZEL: Let’s simply cancel the National Anthem all to…

Millennials Finally End The Civil War | The Daily Caller

Report: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement

Why the Campbell Policeman Was Justified in Pointing His Gun at a Driver for 9 Minutes | Trending

Donald Trump Blasts Reporters at Trump Tower For One-Sided Charlottesville Reporting

Gallup: Americans’ Confidence in Economy Continues to Rise, +8

Democrats call for domestic terrorism hearings | TheHill

The Invasion of Canada | Frontpage Mag

OCEANIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH TEDDY ROOSEVELT: ● Shot: “I think that Teddy Roosevelt wa…

AFL-CIO President Quits President’s Mfg Council, Accuses Trump Of “Tolerating Domestic Terrorism”

Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt

Cruz: Left Using Charlottesville to Label GOP as ‘Crazy, Racist Nutbags’

Chicago 9 : 1 Charlottesville – Weekend Death Toll Ignored By Mainstream Media

Twitter: Growht in Public School Stiudent & Personnel (1950-2014)

Vandals scrawl ‘F–k law’ on Lincoln Memorial

American Bar Association Wants to Let Undocumented Immigrants Practice Law | Law News

Durham sheriff arrests ladder climber in Confederate statue destruction: ‘No one is getting away with what happened.’

When Will Columbia University Rename Harriman Institute? Hitler and Stalin Financial Angel W. Averill Harriman

What About the Military Bases? Renaming Fort Bragg | Duke Today

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Espoused ‘Almost White Nationalist-Lite’ Views, ‘Needs to Go Back to History 101’

EXCLUSIVE–Inside General McMaster’s Purge: How National Security Adviser Eliminated Trump Loyalists

Establishment Media ‘Shaken’ by Trump Press Conference Comments on Charlottesville

Trump Says Better Jobs and Wages Will Heal American Race Relations

New study finds that minimum wage hikes are great news for robot workers • AEI | Pethokoukis Blog » AEIdeas

College girl charged for false rape claim on campus

 THEY LEARNED IT BY READING YOU, GRAY LADY: Amateur Sleuths Aim to Identify Charlottesville Marchers,…

North Korean hackers target US military contractors

Jennifer Lawrence asks fans to help identify white supremacists – NY Daily News

Mob Rule Prevails in Durham Toppling of Confederate Statue

IRS Rehires 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes, Other Offenses

WHY DUE PROCESS REMAINS AS IMPORTANT AS EVER: Students ‘Routinely Accused of Crimes They Didn’t Co…

Social Justice Warriors Silent About Harvard Library Named After Powerful American Fascist Thomas W. Lamont

Bill Maher Slams CNN’s Political Correctness, tells Immigrants to Assimilate ⋆ The Constitution

Canada Wants to Make Nafta More ‘Progressive’ – WSJ


With Zika season here, spread via sex is new danger  | TheHill

IS THERE ANYTHING IT CAN’T DO? New study says drinking beer leads to mental clarity. The science …

Peter Navarro: Time to End The ‘Devil’s Bargain’ with China

Summer Sweat: Hollywood Box Office Down 12 Percent From 2016 Season

Donald Trump Directs Investigation of China for Theft of Intellectual Property

4 Times Google Was Linked Directly to Hillary Clinton

Look Out Fast Food Workers: Kansas McDonald’s Getting Self Serve Kiosks

WATCH: CNN Contributor Hurls Racial Epithet at Black Republican On Air

Elizabeth Warren, Supporters Making Big Bucks from ‘She Persisted’ Merchandise

Seahawks Michael Bennett Sits for National Anthem

Rove: If Trump Keeps Attacking McConnell, Schumer Will Be Majority Leader

Iran’s Parliament Chants ‘Death to America,’ Increases Funding for Missiles, Revolutionary Guard

 No One Likes Al Gore’s New Movie

Donald Trump’s Immigration Reform Will Raise Wages, Jobs, Admits Business-Funded Group

‘Nicolasito’ Maduro, Jr.: Venezuela’s ‘Firearms Will Reach New York, We Will Take White House’

Gutierrez: Dems Must Fight Back Against ‘Immoral’ Border Wall

Exclusive–The Inside Story of CNN Firing Mainstream Media Outsider Jeffrey Lord

More NFL Anthem Protests, Means Less Evidence League is Blackballing Kaepernick

Zionist Organization of America Doubles Down on Criticism of Under-Fire H.R. McMaster

Chinese Editorial: Charlottesville Proves U.S. Source of ‘Global Instability’

BREAKING: Car attack kills one and injures seven outside Paris….

Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence ‘Vastly More Risky than North Korea’

RealDolls sex robots are ready to talk you into bed – CNET


HEALTH: Brain scan study adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to dementia…

Dilbert Cartoon on Climate Change Prompts Rebuttal from Yale | Intellectual Takeout

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Drive Dems Off a Progressive Cliff

What Do the Media REALLY Want from Trump? | Trending

Violent Antifa Protesters Try to Shut Down Pro-Trump’ Rally

Avoidable Mayhem | City Journal

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Hate Speech ‘Is Not Protected Under the First Amendment’

AND YOU THOUGHT THE GEO-SCIENCE WAS SETTLED: Scientists discover new tectonic plate….

Charlottesville victim’s mother to Trump: Thank you

Trump’s Full Pressure Strategy for North Korea Is Working | Observer

Google needs a new CEO, but dumping Sundar Pichai is not enough

The ever-rising deadly toll of Europe’s insane migrant policy

The Rise of Antifa – The Atlantic

Donald Trump on Charlottesville: ‘Fake News Media Will Never Be Satisfied’

Al Qaeda’s Propaganda Magazine Inspire Calls for Train Attacks in US, Europe

Despite California’s strict new law, hundreds of schools still don’t have enough vaccinated kids – LA Times

17 immigrants found locked inside hot tractor-trailer in Texas – ABC News

Back to school crisis: Lack of school bus drivers plagues the nation | Fox Business

US Navy reports another tense encounter with an Iran drone

Bugs on the menu at Swiss supermarket – Channel NewsAsia

Hungry Venezuelans turn to Colombia for a plate of food – Story | WNYW

Russia unveils new ‘invisible’ supersonic fighter jets

China Bans Key North Korean Imports – WSJ

China’s Xi Grapples With Rising Cost of Backing Kim Jong Un – Bloomberg

Top US military officer warns NKorea that US military ready

Chilling satellite images suggest North Korea is about to launch missiles from submarines as nuke crisis with US escalates

Think things will be rosy for Democrats in 2018? Not so fast. – The Washington Post

  1. Korea ‘on standby to launch,’ state-run paper says in response to Trump’s latest warnings

Inside the Elizabeth Warren merchandising empire – POLITICO

Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at Moderates and Generates Chants of ‘Warren 2020’ – The New York Times

Mexican authorities seize illicit alcohol in crackdown at resorts

Trump quietly putting his stamp on the courts | TheHill

Report: Movie Box Office On Track for Lowest in 25 Years as Spielberg-Lucas “Blockbuster Implosion” Omen Prevails | Showbiz411

Why Mitch McConnell can’t get tax reform done—Commentary

Merck’s CEO quits Trump’s council over Charlottesville

Fleas test positive for the plague in parts of Arizona – 3TV | CBS 5

French ‘falling out of love’ with Macron after 100 days

France – Emmanuel Macron’s popularity slump after En Marche party duped supporters

Street Artist Sabo’s Facebook Page Shut Down After Zuckerberg Stunt | Hollywood Reporter

Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip on Free Speech | LifeZette

Stocks poised for best day of the summer as US-North Korea tensions ease

Oklahoma man charged in anti-government bomb plot

Berkeley Man Fired Over Charlottesville Protest

GoDaddy bans neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer for defaming Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer

Man Mistakenly ID’d As Driver, Owner Of Car Involved Rally Killing

Sides Clash Over Confederate Monuments In Dallas

Right-Wing Rally Goes Ahead in Seattle Despite Violence in Virginia – NBC News

Mayor Plans To Remove Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments

Gainesville removes Confederate statute

Confederate Monuments at Kentucky Courthouse Will Be Moved, Lexington Mayor Says – The New York Times

Hurt and Angry, Charlottesville Tries to Regroup From Violence – The New York Times

Atlanta protesters speaking out against Charlottesville violence

A monumental mistake

The Wrong Narrative In Charlottesville

HBO Hackers Leak Unaired Episodes of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘Ballers’

Jeff Sessions Shuts Down NBC’s Attempt to Associate Trump with Neo-Nazis

Chelsea Handler Calls for Military Coup to Overthrow Trump

Hamas Celebrates ‘Joyous’ 2001 Suicide Bombing that Killed 15 Israelis

Islamic State Photos Show Gay Man Being Thrown from Roof In Syria

Spanish Beachgoer Was Kidnapped, Murdered in Mexican Border State, Police Confirm

Amazon Could Probably Conquer Drugstores, Too – Bloomberg

Bike-share program resented as sign of gentrification

Nuclear tests could generate aid money for North Korea

Let HBO Make ‘Confederate’ Before You Judge It – Bloomberg

GOOD QUESTION: Where were the police and National Guard at the Charlottesville race riot? Related…

Everytown Calls for More Gun Control Following Charlottesville Car Attack

Chuck Schumer: I’m Closer to Trump on Trade Policy Than With Obama

GOOD LORD: Indian State Suspends Hospital Chief After 60 Children Die. The head of an Indian hosp…

France: 60 Per Cent Rise in Extremism Since Bataclan Terror Attack

NYT Shocking Report: US “Ally” Ukraine Is Source Of North Korean Missile Engines

Judgey about the way people dress? You’re killing America

Conservatives Must Regulate Google And All of Silicon Valley Into Submission

JEFF GOLDSTEIN ON FACEBOOK: I told you all before and I’ll repeat it now: the alt right is not co…

Merck CEO Resigns From Trump’s Manufacturing Council Over “Hatred, Bigotry, & Group Supermacy”

Court Tells Government Sticking FOIA Waivers In Plea Agreements Is Probably A Bad Idea

Amazon is coming to town | The Outline

 Congressional Expert: North Korea Satellites Orbiting U.S. Could Be Used for ‘Surprise’ EMP Attack

CIA Director: “We Are Not On The Cusp Of A Nuclear War”

White House: ‘Of Course’ President Trump Condemns White Supremacists, KKK, and Neo-Nazis

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Began: “We’re Leaving, It’s Too Dangerous”

Flynn: Untie the Right from ‘Unite the Right’ Charlottesville Nutters

Muslim Woman Awarded $85,000 After Police Removed Her Hijab

Romanian Coastguard Intercepts Iraq Migrant Boat in Black Sea

Maher: ‘I’m Hoping’ the Stock Market Crashes So Trump Loses GOP Support

Mayor of Charlottesville: Trump Intentionally Courted White Supremacists

WINNING: Tech Companies May Increase Wages to Attract US Workers

Dairy Cows are ‘Raped’ to Produce Milk, Says PETA

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville | HuffPost

Berkeley, Charlottesville, and “Lesser” Weapons. | The Truth About Knives

THIS IS SO WEIRD AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF HOPE AND CHANGE: One in eight American adults is an alcoholic…

Russia-gate’s Fatally Flawed Logic

Breaking News: Donald Trump is President | Trending

MEANWHILE, BACK IN IRAN: Iranian parliament votes to spend more on ballistic missiles. Yup, Obama’s …

The guy who made us all write complicated passwords says they’re u$e1ess now

USA Has More Guns Dealers Than McDonald’s, Grocery Stores And Starbucks Combined

Hadley Heath Manning: Government policies helped create the opioid epidemic | Column | host.madison.com

Harvard’s federal funding at risk as Trump administration reviews anti-Asian preferences

 ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC: Stanford University course to study ‘abolishing whiteness.’…

When Identity Politics Turns a Profit – The American Interest

Yale Erases History: Campus Statue Covered Up Appeasing Activist Mob

Dershowitz: Trump Has More Credibility on North Korea Than Obama

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Jumps Six Points

Is The Yellen Fed Planning To Sabotage Trump’s Presidency?

What AI Needs to Learn to Master Alien Warfare – MIT Technology Review

BERKELEY EAST: Charlottesville declares state of emergency before white supremacist rally begins. …

The real story of that Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting gets even stranger

DEEP STATE UPDATE: The real story of that Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting gets even stranger. Two o…

Google employee fired over diversity row considers legal action | Technology

Iran’s expansionist aims pose problems for U.S. – Orange County Register

Iran is closely watching the US-North Korea stand-off – The National

Why we fell for clean eating

PLANNED PARENTHOOD HARDEST HIT: Law says Tennessee women can get birth control without a doctor’s…

Report: Global Jihadist Movement ‘Stronger Today than Ever’

ACLU Sues ICE for Arresting Suspected Alien Teen Gang Members

Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Compared Election Defeat to Good Friday

Black Journos Turn Backs on ‘Offensive’ Omarosa

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings

Ponzi Pays – Why Armed Robbery Is For Suckers In Today’s Judicial System

Activist Groups Protest Trump’s Border Wall in South Texas

CNN Ditches Its Polling Firm of More Than 10 Years Amid ‘Fake News’ Charges

PROFILES IN LEFTIST COMPASSION: Is it bad that I laugh at homeless white men for how much they scre…


Elizabeth Warren slams calls for Democrats to move to the center, says party ‘won’t go back’

JAMES DAMORE WAS FIRED FOR BEING INSUFFICIENTLY GOOGLY. “Googly. Yes, it’s a word, at least within…

NYT: North Korean Ballistic Missiles Aimed at Guam May Not Be as Much of a Threat as Climate Change

Keith Olbermann: Any elected Republican who does not publicly support the impeachment of this de facto Domestic Terrorist president…

Is Australian Government – Crossing the Line into a Totalitarian State | Armstrong Economics

Jim Acosta Attacks Trump, Blaming Him for Deadly Events in Charlottesville

Swamp, Draining – Small Dead Animals

That Chicago soda tax was an even bigger hot mess than predicted

Google warns 700 publishers digital ads will be blocked by Chrome update

Al Qaeda targets U.S. trains

Fired Google engineer Damore says company is ‘like a cult’

Latin America slams Trump’s Venezuela ‘military options’ …

Trump Won’t Rule Out Military Option for Venezuela – WSJ

106-year-old Antarctic fruitcake found, might be edible – SFGate

Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors: New study shows that chimps’ abilit…

America’s City Buses Lose Momentum – WSJ

Oprah, Gayle King, Diane Sawyer on David Geffen’s yacht

Billboard in Texas warns of ‘syphilis tsunami’ | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

China uses underwater drones in South China Sea

Not sexting? You’re weird, study says

Global temperatures COOLER now than when Gore won Nobel Prize in 2007

No One Expects The Google Inquisition, But It’s Coming

Consumer Comfort Reaches 16-Year High on U.S. Economic Optimism – Bloomberg


STILL RELEVANT WITH ALL THE NORTH KOREA STUFF: The Unexpected Return of Duck and Cover….

SOMALIA: Where the Global War on Terror continues. The Pentagon conducted drone attacks on agai…

Trump Warns Xi: Trade War With China Begins Monday

If a nuclear bomb explodes, these are the emergency supplies you should have

2030: Medically-Enhanced ‘Elite Super Workers’ Will Be Smarter, Stronger, Faster

IMF Proposes Central Bank Digital Currencies To Crush Cryptocurrencies

Censorship In China Ramps Up To Probe Social Media Platforms

Russiagate: Congress Sets Its Sights On Trump’s Longtime Secretary Rhona Graff

Rand Paul: Health care battle not over – Insider Louisville

ACLU Sues D.C. Metro for Rejecting Ads, Including One With Text of the First Amendment

Audit shows SF Housing Authority can’t manage its own money

Emanuel seeks to block feds from imposing new grant rules on sanctuary cities – Chicago Tribune

The Democrats are fighting scared – The Washington Post


It Was a ‘Brennan Operation’

Ashley Judd Fuming That a TSA Agent Called Her ‘Sweetheart’

Handler Suggests Coup To Depose Trump | The Daily Caller

Newsweek Blasts Trump Women As ‘Horrifyi | The Daily Caller

How To Prepare For Another Market Face-Pounding

UBS Explains Why The Next Credit Unwind Will Be Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

What Caused Venezuela’s Tragic Collapse? Socialism.

Stanford University Introduces Course on ‘Abolishing Whiteness’

24 Times Citizens Used Guns to Save Lives in Last Six Weeks

John Bolton: Inexplicable to Say Iran in Compliance with Nuclear Agreement

In Trump Era, U.S. Corporations See Best Earnings in 13 Years

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? “Journalists to use ‘immune system’ software against fake news.” The r…

Republicans Strike Back: Congressman Circulates Letter Demanding Mueller Open Hearing

LAYERS OF EDITORS AND FACT-CHECKERS: NYT Admits Its Front Page Climate Change Article Was Wrong. …

You’re offended by this column? So (bleeping) what?

Street Artist Posts Anti-Google Ads Outside Company Offices Following Damore Firing

WaPo Writer Just Accidentally Made the Perfect Case for Why Kaepernick Is Still Unemployed


Second Unit of Yazidi Women Fighters Moves Into Raqqa

The Google Manifesto – and What it Means | Mises Wire

Fat Chicks Need Not Apply: A Look Inside The Bizarre Interviewing Practices Of South Korea

OOPS: Glamour Writer Unintentionally Reveals What Liberals Really Think of Conservative Women. And I…

“WHY ISN’T THERE A JOCKSTRAP FOR WOMEN?” The history of the sports bra. (Via Virginia Post…

Watchdog Sues FBI For Failure To Turn Over Comey “Exit Papers”

Liberalism and Radical Islam Are Totalitarian Bedfellows

Glamour Article Patronizes Conservative Women

Why ‘Detroit’ Bombed

These McMaster Advisors Are Trying To Save His Job

HOW MANY MILLENNIALS CAN USE A MAP AND COMPASS? Radio navigation set to make global return as GPS b…

Trump Fans Gleefully Appropriate Trump Chicken for Meme Magic

Keith Ellison: Gorsuch Is ‘Illegitimate& | The Daily Caller

FBI Says ISIS Used eBay to Send Terror Cash to U.S. – WSJ

‘ISIS fanatics plotted to crash two 186mph trains into each other then use a truck bomb to blow up Vladimir Putin’s Navy Day celebrations’

Congressional investigators want to question Trump’s longtime secretary, Rhona Graff, in Russia probe – ABC News

The Liberal Crackup – WSJ

Less is more? Trump slows federal regs to a crawl in first six months

Congressman Defends Painting Of Hijab-Clad Lady Liberty

Venezuelan Currency Madness Valued Local Bank More Than Apple – Bloomberg

Corporate America Is Having Its Best Earnings Season in 13 Years – Bloomberg

Bored with blockbusters? Why Hollywood needs another Bonnie and Clyde moment | Film

Snow in Squaw Valley Could Stick Around Until Winter | NBC Bay Area

John Bel Edwards declares state of emergency over New Orleans flooding concerns | NOLA.com

Soggy New Orleans looks warily at more rain, possible floods

Number of Americans Caught Underpaying Some Taxes Surges 40% – WSJ

With 8 threatening volcanoes, USGS says California deserves close monitoring – SFGate

Products Flying Off Shelves At Army Supply Store As Shoppers Prep For ‘World War III’

City Of Chicago Offers Tips In Event Of Nuclear Attack

Chinese paper says China should stay neutral if North Korea attacks first

Risks of N Korea-US Conflict Turning Into War are High – Lavrov – Sputnik International

Guam Homeland Security releases fact sheet for imminent missile threat

North Korea crisis sparks calls for Seoul to build nukes

North Korea warns it could ‘reduce the U.S. to ashes’

N.Korea warns of nuclear war, Trump says U.S. is ‘locked and loaded’

North Korea, Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Leave Beijing With Few Options – WSJ

Exclusive: U.S. destroyer challenges China’s claims in South China Sea

North Korea missiles can reach Guam in 14 minutes, local official says

Japan ready to protect Guam, defense minister says

Political tensions depress world stocks

North Korea details plan to fire missiles over Japan, near Guam

Boat carrying African migrants arrives on Spanish beach

Turkey issues detention warrants for 35 media employees – ABC News

Iran Bans Two Soccer Stars for Playing Against Israelis – The New York Times

China working on ‘repression network’ which lets cameras identify cars – and humans – with unprecedented accuracy

First Venice and Barcelona: now anti-tourism marches spread across Europe | Travel

The Democratic Party’s Looming Fundraising Crisis – POLITICO Magazine

Asteroid to shave past Earth inside Moon orbit: ESA

How Progressives See New York

NYT Quietly Fixes Botched Climate Article | The Daily Caller

New York Times Admits Its Frontpage Climate Story Was Wrong | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Intolerance At Google Exposes A Massive Culture of Technocrats

Watchdog Files Complaint Against DNC For Colluding With Ukraine During The Election

GOOGLE CEO: ‘People Must Be Free To Express Dissent.’ Just not, you know, free-free….

POE’S LAW INSTANTIATED: Protests Break Out Over Proposed Blazing Saddles Showing. “We’ve got a…

WAIT, I THOUGHT GOOGLE BELIEVED IN DIVERSITY: Google Board Gave Six Times More Money to Democrats Th…

SAD: Overbrook bakery closes, blames city soda tax. CC Orlando & Sons, which baked countless wedd…

Breaking: Interview with Vaxxed Producer who was Banned from Australia

5 Things to Know About James Damore’s Google Manifesto

Internet Outraged Over Capture of Mammoth Croc in Australia

“Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S.

TIMELINE: Islamist Attacks in France This Year Focus on Security Forces

Former CBO Director: The Fall Will Be “Very Scary”, Expect A Market Crash

Syrian Migrant in Germany Charged With War Crimes and Islamic State Membership

After Telling Trump ‘F*ck You,’ Jennifer Lawrence Says Country Must Move Past ‘Divide and Anger’

Rebels of Google: Senior Management ‘On The Verge Of Tears’ After Trump Win

‘Never Trump’ Wall Street Journal Rushes to Protect McMaster from President’s America-First Base

ACLU Files First Amendment Lawsuit Against DC Metro for Pulling Down MILO Ads

Ann Coulter: Trump Got Your Tongue, Media?

White Males Not Allowed to Apply for $10,000 Brandeis Social Justice Journalism Grant

Judicial Watch Attorney: Top Obama Officials like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch Used Email Aliases for Government Business

Fake News: NYT’s ‘Leaked’ Climate Report Was Online for Months

This $5 Trillion Time Bomb Will Devastate Americans

Death Spiral: 6.5 Million People Choose To Pay Tax Rather Than Buy Obamacare

TABLET HIRES GRETCHEN HAMMOND: The Chicago journalist, removed from her job after breaking the DykeM…

Google Women’s Response Proves James Damore’s Point

School letter says AP and Honors classes will be decided by race

Zionist Organization of America Analysis Determines Mcmaster Hostile to Trump, Calls for Reassignment

ICE Arrests 32 Sex Offenders on Long Island

Google memo author James Damore: ‘The whole culture tries to silence any dissenting view’

Beneath Markets’ Calm Are Signs of Growing Investor Caution

Mike Pence’s real power move – POLITICO

You will get chipped — eventually

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon: US ‘should acknowledge our problems and fix them’

These 7 billionaires are worried about a stock-market correction

Financial crisis: US economy in 2017 is worryingly similar to 2007 | City & Business | Finance

Military builds camp to house surge of asylum seekers at Quebec border – Montreal – CBC News

Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day – Ballotpedia

Cyclist robbing cabbies in Manhattan – Story | WNYW

The Latest: Canada sends soldiers to migrant border crossing | Miami Herald

DHS: 23% of all federal prisoners are illegals, just 7 of 42,034 saved from deportation

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is finally being taken seriously

Mattis warns North Korea to stop actions that would ‘lead to end of regime’

South Korea introduces world’s first ‘robot tax’

Guam’s worries grow as tensions rise between US, North Korea

Kim Jong-un and Trump locked in extraordinary standoff

South Dakota Airmen arrive ready to ‘Fight Tonight’ from Guam > Pacific Air Forces > Article Display

America issues chilling new warning to Kim Jong un demanding North Korea ‘stop actions that would lead to…

Microchip May Fix Damaged Cells And Organs, Scientists Say

New US sanctions target 8 people, including late leader Hugo Chavez’s brother, for undermining democracy in Venezuela

A danger to public health? Uproar as scientist urges us to eat more salt | Science

Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

Catalans Think Twice About Risks of Rupture as Jobs Return – Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s Political Ambitions Are Grander Than You Think | Vanity Fair

Mark Zuckerberg 2017 Net Worth Increase More Than Jeff Bezos | Money

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vents about Trump’s ‘excessive expectations’ regarding legislation – ABC News

Lawmaker Says Rats Are Jumping Into Strollers In Upper West Side Parks

‘Poisonous Atmosphere’ Grips NSC | The Daily Caller

McMaster and the Commander – WSJ

 Women are neurotic: research

5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks

False Prophet Al Gore Uses 34 Times As Much Energy As Average Household

‘F*ck Zuck 2020’ Posters Appear in California Following Zuckerberg’s Hire of Clinton Strategist

Professor Lets Students Choose Their Own Grades For “Stress Reduction”

James Cromwell: Hollywood Stars Must Get ‘More Political’ to Save Humanity

WINNING: 30% More Illegals Going Home in 2017

Dem Congressman Hangs Hijab-Clad Statue of Liberty Painting on Office Wall, Refuses to Remove

Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo

NKorea Responds: “Seriously Considering” Pre-Emptive Strike On Guam

Trump Lawyer: Trump Has Sent Private Messages “Back And Forth” With Special Counsel Mueller

How to Disable Google AMP in Google Search on Android and iPhone

Specter of coup, surge in violence haunt Venezuela

Political News Outlet Young Turks Raises $20 Million After Viewership Gains – WSJ

Inside the biggest gathering of American socialists in decades

Silencing ALL opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook | | Media Equalizer

US federal department is censoring use of term ‘climate change’, emails reveal

Study: Philadelphia Tax Makes Soda More Expensive Than Beer

Record Number Of Officers Leaving Dallas Police Department

Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara to be indicted for using public funds for personal expenses, say reports

CIA ‘torture’ psychologists to stand trial

North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say – The Washington Post

U.S. Job Openings Surge to Record in Sign of Robust Labor Demand – Bloomberg

North Korea’s Alarmed Neighbors Consider Deploying Deadlier Weapons – The New York Times

China holds wargames as North Korea tensions spike – Channel NewsAsia

IPhone Maker says it’s Building a Multibillion-dollar Facility — in Another State Trump Flipped

  1. Korea threatens ‘physical’ actions over new U.N. sanctions

Al Gore Releases New Movie On Global Warming But Gets Cold Reception

New study says $15 minimum wage would kill 47,000 jobs in one of the richest counties in US

HAS CHINA’S RAPID RISE TOPPED OUT? Bloomberg analyzes China’s slowdown — and says the government is…

We know Vikings as infamous raiders—was that merely a response to climate change? | Ars Technica

AND NEITHER DOES YOURS: Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter. Emily Atkin: Gore is ha…

Smoking Gun: AG Lynch Caught Talking to Clintons

Russia To Cut Dependence On U.S. Dollar, Payment Systems

Academic Publishing Meets Capitalism

Donald Trump’s Record on Judges is Historic

ISIS Posting Syrian Children Outside of Car Bomb Factories to Prevent U.S. Airstrikes

The illusion of diversity | Power Line

MSNBC Accidentally Proves that the Democrat Party is Toast ⋆ The Constitution

Venezuela: Soldiers Attack Army Base, Declare ‘Legitimate Rebellion’ in Viral Video

Tancredo: Why Are Democrats Intent on Sabotaging the President’s Election Integrity Commission?

North Korea Vows ‘Thousands-Fold’ Nuclear Revenge for Sanctions

Still Losing: Viewers Return to NBC After Network Pulls Megyn Kelly’s Show

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s Bipartisan Healthcare Solution Already in Dire Straits

Optimism of Small-Business Owners at Highest Level Seen in Decade

34 States Have Republican Governors, Most Since 1922

More Than 1.1 Million Fewer Americans on Food Stamps Under Trump

Sanctuary City Objects to Arrest of Accused Illegal Alien Child Molester

Indonesia Will Barter Coffee, Tea And Palm Oil For Russian Fighter Jets

PETA: Cheese Is Rape Or Something | The Daily Caller

BAKE THE CAKE, HATER: Bakers refused to make pro-Trump birthday cake for 9-year-old boy….

Report: Iranian Commanders Fighting Alongside Taliban Inside Afghanistan

Trump – Blumenthal Twitter War Goes Nuclear As Trump Fires Back

Should Light-Skinned People of Color Voluntarily Exclude Ourselves from People of Color Spaces? – Everyday Feminism

DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS: Obama lapdogs from WaPo and NYT worked to kill Clinton tarmac story….

‘I Swapped My Coffee For A Daily Cup Of Bone Broth—Here’s What Happened’ | Women’s Health

Female share of 2015 bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science (18%) is about same as the female share of Google’s tech jobs (20%)

Cafe Brags That It Discriminates Against Men

Hotel that reimbursed workers for campaign contributions faces $310,000 state fine

US Preparing For Airstrikes Against ISIS In The Philippines

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED… California eyes bigger rebates for electric cars. Government is …

A key state’s Obamacare markets are facing a nightmare scenario

Chelsea Handler Called Out for Proposing ‘Laws’ Against Racist Jokes

Tillerson Holds ‘Lengthy’ Post-Sanctions Talks with Russian Foreign Minister

Death Spiral: Anthem to Exit Nevada’s Obamacare Exchange, Almost Half of Georgia’s Counties in 2018

McMaster Served at Group Financed by Multinational Corporations Doing Billions in Iran Business

Sessions on Chicago Sanctuary Cities Lawsuit: No Federal Funds for Governments that ‘Proudly Violate the Law’

Diversity is Conformity at Google | Trending

Bakers refused to make pro-Trump birthday cake for 9-year-old boy: Report

Kids as Young as 4 Find Safe Space at Transgender Day Camp – NBC News

Sanders ‘litmus test’ alarms Democrats – POLITICO

Waters Won’t Rule Out All-Black Party | The Daily Caller

Back home, Speaker Ryan can’t escape questions about GOP

Bullets alone can’t solve Alabama’s feral hog problem | AL.com

Rats At Playgrounds Leave Parents Fit To Be Tied On UWS

Third Dubai fire in days forces evacuation of hotel

The Men Who Trade ISIS Loot – WSJ

Israel’s Netanyahu looks to exude calm in face of charges

There’s a ‘supervolcano’ waiting to erupt beneath a seemingly ‘beautiful’ market

Buffett Nears a Milestone He Doesn’t Want: $100 Billion in Cash – Bloomberg

Beneath the glow of stock-market records, darkly bearish trends are lurking

When Will the Tech Bubble Burst?

Terrifying moment gunmen use MACHINE GUNS to kill three men in the middle of a Mexican beach popular with Brit families

North Korea ready to teach U.S. ‘severe lesson’, says U.N. …

‘This was not supposed to happen’: Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th at box office – Gore fans allege film ‘sabotaged’ by Paramount

Trump fumes as presidency hits 200 days | TheHill

Medical evangelism: a hand out for bad diet advice? – FOODMED.NET

More Leftist Hysteria: Mag Says Gorka, Bannon Worse for Jews Than Anti-Israel Radical Sarsour

Judge Jeanine: Meeting Between Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Proves U.S. No Longer True to Declaration of Independence

WATCH: Hamas Summer Camp Teaches Children to Storm Temple Mount and Murder ‘Zionist Pigs’

Syrian-Born U.S. Citizen Charged with Smuggling Tactical Equipment to ‘Syrian Fighters’

London Developers Told Apartment Complex MUST Include Gay Bar

Democrats Try to Recall CA Speaker for Denying Vote on Single-Payer Health Care

Pressure Growing on NGO Ships Colluding With People Smugglers as Renzi Demands Punishment

AI Makes Anthrax Bioterror Detection Easier – IEEE Spectrum


Trump Immigration Crackdown Leads to Higher Construction Wages

2018: Republicans Target Democrats Who Support Single-Payer Heath Care

The state of the Journalistm & the Fourth Estate—and who can save it.

USA TODAY: We need answers in Democrats’ congressional IT drama: Something shady is going on and f…

Bernie Sanders Unleashes “Teen Guide To Political Revolution”

NO, BUT HE CAN SMASH SOME OF ITS ENEMIES: Rod Dreher: Trump Can’t Save American Christianity. C…

Rand Paul Rages “Civil Asset Forfeiture Turns The American Justice System On Its Head”

Rare Earths Are China’s Most Potent Weapon In A Trade War

Co. Loses $2B On Obama’s Climate Agenda | The Daily Caller

California Gov. Jerry Brown ADMITS that the Democratic Party’s strategy has been a miserable failure – twitchy.com

Legg Mason Survey Finds Baby Boomers Are Roughly $30 Trillion Short On Retirement Savings

10 White-Collar Jobs That Don’t Really Pay as Much as You Think

Silicon Valley “Outraged” After Google Employee Pens Viral Doc Slamming “Anti-Conservative” Culture

Popularity of New French President Macron Collapses Less Than Three Months After Vote


Venezuela’s Maduro Says He Wants to Stick Anti-Socialist Twitter Users ‘in Prison for 30 Years’

L.A. Sheriff Lobbies White House to Protect $132M from Sanctuary City Ban

NARAL: Comparing Abortion to Slavery ‘Shameful & Vile’

NYU seeks ‘historically underrepresented minority’ for new prof

More Lonely, Fewer ‘Friends’, Less Sex – Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

US Special Forces Working In Close Proximity To Terrorist Hezbollah

Texas School District Tracking Students With RFID Badge System

Journalists Fight Back To Stay Relevant In Age Of Total Surveillance

Trump’s Int Sec Under Investigation | The Daily Caller

Martin Sheen Lauds Canada, Dismisses America Under Trump as ‘Land of Lunatics’

Fresno State professor won’t be returning to classroom after ‘Trump must hang’ tweet – LA Times

Oliver Stone Slams “Exceptional” America’s “Vast Stupidity” In Sanctioning Russia

Maxine Waters: Trump Is The Most “Deplorable” Person I’ve Ever Met

Al Gore Admits ‘Hyperglobalization’ Failure Explains Trump Appeal: Voters Don’t Trust ‘Elites’ & ‘Experts’

MS-13 Leaders in El Salvador Giving Green Lights for Hits Here, Says Texas DA

In Final Days, Obama Admin Pushed Several Hundred Thousand Taxpayer Dollars to ‘Climate Change’ Museum

Report: Mueller Investigation Demands White House Documents on Mike Flynn

RESISTANCE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Launches Climate Change Project to Combat Trump

WaPo Editors Admit ‘Immigrants Do Depress Wages’ for U.S. Workers

We Shouldn’t Have Free Speech??!! Tucker Carlson Owns Liberal Professor

Loretta Lynch Communicated With DOJ Officials Using Grandmother’s Name As Alias

Trump vs. the Permanent Coastal Privilege Party | Trending

Manchin dodges party-switch fallout – POLITICO

Bill Maher believes Donald Trump is “capable” of ordering murders

CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: Saudi Arabia to allow women in bikinis at new beach resort….

Rolling Stone Promotes ‘Professional Cuddling’ as Way of ‘Coping’ With Trump

BLUE DOG DEM TO LABOR BOARD: ‘Do No Harm to Those Job Creators,’ Repeal Obama-Era Rule. Rep. Henr…

Tried and Tried Again – Da Tech Guy Blog

Maxine: ‘I Am Not Running for Anything Except the Impeachment of Trump’

Paul Ryan Opposes Trump’s Immigration Cuts, Wants Struggling American Workers to Stay Poor

Trump: Immigration Proposal ‘Ends the Abuse of Our Welfare System’ and ‘Protects Our Workers and Our Economy’

Senate Stays in Pro-Forma Session, Blocking Trump Recess Appointments as Lawmakers Leave D.C.

McMaster: U.S. Preparing For “Preventive War” With North Korea

Senate Confirms Dozens of Trump Nominees, But Key Posts Remain Unfilled

The Vatican’s America Problem – The New York Times

Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Economic Message Falls Flat Among Democrats

We Did It! America Created 1 Million Jobs in Trump’s First Six Months

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Says He and Susan Rice Both ‘Did Unmaskings’

Wisc. Democrats: Gun Safety Course ‘Inappropriate’ for High Schoolers

Mission Creep: Mueller Grand Jury Fishing for Evidence Unrelated to Russian Interference Probe

U.S. Army Bans Chinese-Made Drones Over ‘Cyber Vulnerabilities’

DOJ Could Go After Press For Leaks | The Daily Caller

Lie detector tests possible in White House leak hunt

Chinese chatbots apparently re-educated after political faux pas

North Korea could soon develop a hydrogen bomb more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan

US fires off new threat to Kim Jong-un over nuclear weapons after North Korea chillingly warns DonaldTrump he’s due a ‘gift package’

America Is Running Out of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs – The New York Times

That Drone Hovering Over Your Home? It’s the Insurance Inspector – WSJ

Former Facebook executive says society will COLLAPSE within 30 years as robots put half of humans out of work

Flash – Venezuela’s currency crumbles at dizzying speed – France 24

HBO hackers threaten to leak more content Sunday

US trade deficit narrowed to $43.6 billion in June – ABC News

Greenspan: Bond bubble about to break because of ‘abnormally low’ interest rates

Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation

US created 209,000 jobs in July, vs 183,000 job expected

A Red Team to end the climate wars: fun but likely to fail – Fabius Maximus website

Could human hair be used to clean up oil spills?

Failed whistleblower suit is a reminder that public universities are hard to sue

Untreatable Antibiotic-Resistant Strains of Gonorrhoea are Going Global

Majority Of U.S. Insurance Companies Covering, Promoting Suicide Drugs

A grand jury has now been convened in the Russia investigation.

Scarborough: CNN’s Acosta ‘Went Off the Rails,’ Like He Was Quoting ‘Mein Kampf’

HAVE SMARTPHONES DESTROYED A GENERATION? More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennial…

Federal Judge Bans Mention Of ‘Muslims’ And ‘Islam’ At Public Meeting

Donald Trump Has Accomplished More Than Any President In The Past 50 Years

Wikileaks Reveals “Dumbo”: Tool That Allows CIA To Shut Down Cameras And Microphones

Amber Rudd Claims ‘Real People’ Do Not Want Secure Communications

Report: Jared Kushner’s Family Business Subpoenaed over Use of Immigration Scheme

Musicians Unite Against Globalist World Poverty Plan

  1. Korea travel ban will go into effect in September, U.S. State Dept. says

The Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat picks up steam

Senate Panel Approves Taylor Force Act to Cut Palestinian Authority Funding Over Terrorists’ Salaries

Study: HPV Vaccine Linked to More Lethal HPV Epidemics


YUGE IF TRUE: The sun might affect climate….

Quebec Is “Close To Its Limits” As Refugees Flood Across US-Canada Border

WOW: In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human Embryos….

Why CNN’s Jim Acosta Is Wrong About the Statue of Liberty | Trending

America’s Police Applauded Trump’s Speech For One Reason

Portland, ME school district: White teachers need not apply


THEY’D NEVER DO THIS IF THE RACES WERE REVERSED: Trinity College Reinstates Professor Who Said Whit…

Leaking Trump’s Phone Calls Is ‘Shocking and Dangerous’

ANTI-TRUMP FORCES WILL RUIN IF THEY CAN’T RULE: Leaking Trump’s Phone Calls Is ‘Shocking and Danger…

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA System to Take Over Webcams, Microphones

EU airports crack down on holidaymakers while jihadi’s enjoy ‘free movement’ – Westmonster

Zuckerberg’s Recent Hires Tell Us A Lot About His Worldview And It’s Not Good

Business Insider Criticizes Skin-Lightening Phone Camera Filters

“He Wants to be Emperor” – How Mark Zuckerberg is Scheming to Become President | Liberty Blitzkrieg

Justice Department Blacks Out Talking Points on Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting – Judicial Watch

Just a group of young kids being made to recite the Shahada (conversion to Islam). No biggie.

Police departments are often forced to rehire bad officers because of union contracts

A gay wedding photographer case goes in a new direction

Sanctuary City Mayor Welcomes Ilegals To Olym | The Daily Caller

Senate moves on from Obamacare debate with bipartisan drug bills

Transgendered Briefs for ‘Men Who Have Periods’ Hit Shelves

CLOSE THE WAGE GAP!! Government Employees Earn Almost Double The Average American….

CNN’s Toobin Warns of Trump’s ‘Personnel Victory: More Conservative Judges’

Jim Acosta Read A Poem, Had A Meltdown When Someone Suggested Immigrants Be Able To Read It, Too

Drug Cartels Fuming at New U.S. Policy Screening 100% of Mexican Cargo Trucks – Judicial Watch

USA TODAY EDITORIALIZES: Democratic ‘Better Deal’ robs from the future. Well, that’s a specialty….

JOURNALISM: Justice Department Gets Attacked For Trying To Protect Asians From Discrimination. T…

Dunkirk and the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign

Glenn Thrush Meme: What It Means to Be A Democrat Party Operative With A Byline

WATCH: More video emerges of suspected drug planting by Baltimore police.

Dem Senator Refuses To Discuss Constituent Raped By Illegal Immigrant

THANKS, OBAMA: Trump says Al-Qaeda received US weapons intended for Syrian rebels. The CIA progra…

Congressman Luis Gutierrez: Republican Opposition To Legal Immigration Is Out In The Open

Russian PM: “The U.S. Just Declared Full-Scale Trade War On Russia”

Seymour Hersh: “RussiaGate Is A CIA-Planted Lie, Revenge Against Trump”

David Bozell: Jeff Flake Is a ‘Look at Me’ Anti-Trump Non-Leader Who ‘Ripped Off’ Barry Goldwater’s Book Title

Book Ban: Muslim News Site Demands Amazon Withdraws Kassam’s ‘No Go Zones’

Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder – Bloomberg

Monsanto Emails Raise Issue of Influencing Research on Roundup Weed Killer – The New York Times

James Comey has book deal, publication set for next spring

Nasa is hiring someone to defend Earth from aliens

ADP Data on Company Hiring in Sync With Moderate U.S. Job Growth – Bloomberg

Wolf bot to help scare wildlife away from farmers’ crops – The Japan News

School District Launches High-Tech Way To Track Students

Shunned from bond market, U.S. Virgin Islands faces cash crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Al Gore’s Home Devours 34 Times Mo | The Daily Caller

Gingrich & Anderson: Pass GOP tax cuts by Thanksgiving or lose the House

Ingraham on Republicans: ‘A lot of them don’t want Donald Trump to succeed’

Trump must learn to wield his political power to sway GOP in his favor

Republicans wonder: Can we govern? | TheHill

Senate Republicans slowly turning their backs on Trump

Majority in the House is up for grabs | TheHill

Radioactive material reported stolen in northern Mexico

Senate launches bill to remove immunity for websites hosting illegal content, spurred by Backpage.com

Studios Fight Back Against Withering Rotten Tomatoes Scores | Hollywood Reporter

Not fare: how Uber drivers gang up to exploit passengers | The Times & The Sunday Times

Venezuelan election turnout figures manipulated by 1 million…

Pentagon investigators find ‘security risks’ in government’s immigrant recruitment program, ‘infiltration’ feared

Venezuelan Default Fears Rise With Billions in Debt Coming Due Soon – WSJ

Hiroshi in Los Altos may be Silicon Valley’s new dealmaking restaurant – Business Insider

Apple earnings Q2 2017: How much cash does Apple have?

China’s largest ‘smart warehouse’ is manned by 60 robots

China Carries Out Flight Test of Anti-Satellite Missile

U.S. Test-Launches ICBM Amid North Korea Tensions – NBC News

Philippines’ Duterte calls North Korea’s Kim a “fool&…

DREAMer accused of brutally raping woman in Seattle suburb

Trump, GOP senators unveil measure to cut legal immigration | TheHill

Trump unveils bill to transform legal immigration system | Fox Business

Oregon district to drop ‘Lynch’ from school names due to ‘racial implications’

ALLIES: DOD concerned by Turkey purchase of Russian air defense system. The Pentagon is concerned…

Texas woman shoots, kills home intruder

Just Over 1% of Migrants Arriving in Italy Are “Syrian Refugees”

I’m Going To Redefine Terror: Bay Area Resident Accused Of Aiding ISIS, Planned To Murder 10,000 People

Research shows millennials will soon be the largest group of voters in America

EVERYBODY’S GREAT GRANDMOTHER NODS, KNOWINGLY: Kids need structure more than warmth from their pare…

Single-payer healthcare could cost $400 billion to implement in California – LA Times

A paragraph that explains Why Trump

Unions Trying To Shut Down STEM School Before It Even Opens


6 Key Questions About RussiaGate

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto ‘Kill’ Glyphosate-Cancer Link | Natural Society

15 Million Americans may be Drinking Water Contaminated with PFCs | Natural Society

Facebook AI Incident Feels Like ‘The Terminator’ Expert Says

The Lesson of Charlie Gard | Parenting

Shall we fight them all?

Americans are throwing out their TVs—and we might know why – Reviewed.com Televisions

Incredible underwater photos capture sharks in fish ‘tornado’

Amazon’s eating the media, too – Axios

Palin lawyers blocked from grilling reporters in defamation suit

Joining Apple, Amazon’s China Cloud Service Bows to Censors – The New York Times

Immigrant population hits new high in Germany

Kelly wins praise across the aisle, but bigger task is ahead

MS-13’s most wanted: The violent gangsters the feds want behind bars

Arrests Of Undocumented Immigrants Climbing In North Texas

More than a third of US adults prescribed opioids in 2015

Puerto Rico betting on medical marijuana to help ease crisis

Australia Tampers With Climate Data | The Daily Caller

Dow jumps to record high, nears 22,000

Cyborg Dragonflies Can Spy Where Other Drones Cannot

Google’s new program to track shoppers sparks a federal privacy complaint – The Washington Post

Technocrat Funds Floating City Project As A “Deregulated” Hub Of Scientific Research

Technocrat Billionaires Secretly Funding Plan To Break Humanity Out Of The Matrix

NBC Lawsuit: The Network’s Desire for ‘Attractive Employees’ Created a ‘Toxic Environment’

Trump Axes Obama’s MyRA Retirement Accounts After $70mm Of Taxpayer Funds Wasted

Health Care Failure: Republicans & Media Share Blame

Liz Warren lectures America about ‘equal pay’ — but maintains huge gender wage gap in Senate office

NY educrats’ plan to make schools less safe by reducing student suspensions

Arrested Democratic IT Staffer Linked To SoCal Lawmakers

Nets Barely Notice Venezuela’s Vote for Dictatorship

“NOTICED SHE DIDN’T APOLOGIZE TO POTUS:” J.K. Rowling finally apologizes for bogus Trump tweets …

Trump Takes a Populist Turn on Health Care, Puts Insurance Companies and Congress on Notice

Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then He Shut Down The CIA’s Covert Syria Program

Judge Napolitano: Awans Had Access To ‘Virtually Everything’ In House of Representatives, Sold Information

Katie Couric is out of a $10 million-per-year job at Yahoo News

Katie Couric Gun Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview

Matt Drudge nails it: John McCain is face of ‘corruption’

Scientists produce robust catalyst to split water into hydrogen, oxygen

Nasa to test defence system as asteroid skims past Earth

Pelosi ‘believes she will be Speaker again’ – ‘can smell good midterm election’

Democratic rising star Kamala Harris has a “Bernieland” problem

Treasury sanctions Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled | indy100

Many Americans are too drugged-out to work – Axios

Trump praises ‘superb’ new chief of staff John Kelly

Anthony Scaramucci removed as White House communications director

Russia defends slashing US mission as hope fades of better ties

Mass rally in Istanbul over Israel’s Jerusalem measures

Davis Imam Apologizes After Fiery Sermon Draws Global Condemnation

HBO hacked: Game of Thrones data leaked

‘Confederate’: HBO Responds to #NoConfederate Campaign | Hollywood Reporter

#NoConfederate campaign against HBO slave drama takes off

4,300 Days Since Last U.S. Major Hurricane Strike

Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile seeker heads

Dow hits record high as Wall Street cheers strong earnings season

U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years – WSJ

High-Speed Rail Could Face New Delay as California Environmentalists Win in Court

The Executive Orders That End Obamacare – Once and For All – Wayne Allyn Root

Seven Food Stamp Recipients Pleaded Guilty for Taking Part in $5 Million Food Stamp Fraud

Keeping ICE away from courthouses turns out to be harder than liberals thought

QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED IN 2008: Is the American republic built to withstand a malevol…

Wasserman-Schultz And The Pakistani IT Scammers: “There’s More Than Just Bank Fraud Going On Here”

Rome’s Transport System Faces “Meltdown,” On Brink Of Collapse

The Emerging Democratic Minority?


Proliferating Scandals Make Mueller Investigation Ludicrous | Roger L. Simon

Trump’s ‘America First’ vs. McCain’s ‘America Last’

WSJ Asks “Who Paid For The ‘Trump Dossier’?”

With The Drought Over, “Gold Fever” Grips California

An Angry, “Irritated” Italy Loses Patience With Macron Over Migrants, Libya

Zombie Companies Littering Europe May Tie the ECB’s Hands for Years – Bloomberg

Say, Whatever Happened To ‘We Can’t Drill Our Way To Lower Prices’?

WHAT, INDEED? Say, Whatever Happened To ‘We Can’t Drill Our Way To Lower Prices’?…

Explosion Rocks Caracas, Injures Cops As Venezuela Votes

34 Baltimore cases dismissed after video appears to show officer planting drugs

List: Steps I Take to Counteract Gentrification While Living In a Luxury Building in Brooklyn

County Officials Remove ‘Offensive’ U.S. Flag Memorial; Residents Put It Back Up

House IT Staffers Owed Money To Hezbollah-Lin | The Daily Caller

Democrat Who Claims Trump ‘Militarizing’ White House with ‘Extremist’ John Kelly Has Deep Links to Communism

Wasserman Schultz fires IT staffer after his arrest | Miami Herald

North Korea’s ICBMs and Our Words, Words, Words

HOW GOVERNMENT wrecked the gas can. “Soap doesn’t work. Toilets don’t flush. Clothes washers do…

California Moves One Step Closer To Declaring Independence From US Government

American Failure | The American Conservative

ILLEGALS DON’T GET FREE BENEFITS? Here’s a letter from San Francisco’s Medicaid program encouraging …

Corruption Scandals Are Piling Up for Democrats | Observer

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How ‘Insta-bragging’ could soon invalidate your insurance….

Homicides In Baltimore Top 200, Expected To Break Record

  1. Michigan Hiring Bias Administrator for ‘Cultural Appropriation Prevention’

Before We Vilify John McCain…

  1. K. Rowling Spreads False Claim About Trump

Sex assault suspect tied up woman, threatened to kill her, court docs say | KGW.com

Wolf Blitzer Blasts Colleague Over Her White | The Daily Caller

Report: Steve Bannon wants Facebook, Google regulations

France Gives Up On Rehab Center For Jihadis

Trump Threatens to Cancel Health-Care Benefits for Congress…

Palestinian Authority now uses half of all foreign aid to reward terror

Students Beware: College Loan Debt Never Goes Away

UPDATE: Not Being Stupid Is ‘Cognitive Privilege’ Now, Which Is Just Like White Privilege

Wasserman Schultz Seemingly Planned To Pay Suspect Even While He Lived In Pakistan

Judge orders FAA to investigate shrinking airline seats

J.K. Rowling Loses All Credibility In Anti-Trump Twitter Tirade Over Fake Video

NASA Scientists: A Lot More Dangerous Comets Exist Than We Thought

Gizmodo Attacks Artificial Womb Technology, Claims It Threatens Women’s Rights

The Law and Charlie Gard

The government wants self-driving cars. Self-driving trucks? Not so much

Why millennials cheat less than their parents

Kathy Griffin Free Of Federal Investigation Into Severed Trump Head Stunt

After North Korea Test, South Korea Pushes to Build Up Its Own Missiles – The New York Times

China Bets Trump Won’t Resort to Military Strike on North Korea – Bloomberg

  1. Korea leader says ‘all US’ within range after missile test

Some Minneapolis Restaurants Adding Fee To Fund Health Care

Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro | The Rio Times | Brazil News

Apple Removes Apps From China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship – The New York Times

Study: Getting Less Than 7 Hours Of Sleep A Night May Make You Fatter

More people dying from gunshot wounds as Chicago marks 400 homicides – Chicago Tribune

Report: 19-year-old asylum-seeker stabs bus driver in Italy – ABC News

Hamburg Attack Puts Merkel Refugee Policy Back in Spotlight – Bloomberg

Sewage system failures plague Mexican tourist destinations

Mexico says it will act on tainted alcohol at all-inclusive resorts

Low energy LED lightbulbs could be giving us all headaches

ESPN SportsCener host Jemele Hill calls cops slave patrols

Britain’s Socialized Healthcare Now Recommends Against Herbal Treatments | The Daily Bell

Rand Paul: The failure to repeal Obamacare means premiums will continue to skyrocket | Rare

Electric Vehicles No Threat To Oil Prices Anytime Soon | OilPrice.com

A Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Wants To Strip The Police Of Their Guns

Report: Steve Bannon Wants Google, Facebook to Be Regulated Like Utilities

Republicans on the Path to Surrender in 2018 Midterm Elections

ESPN’s Jemele Hill Says Police are Like ‘Slave Catchers’

Stop Celebrating Fat Models | The Daily Caller

North Korean ICBM Appears Able to Reach Major US Cities – Union of Concerned Scientists

Donald Trump Declares War on Gangs, Defends Law Enforcement

SHOCK VIDEO: Massive Migrant Settlement Outside Courthouses In Major CA Sanctuary City

House Intel. Chair Accuses Obama Staffers of “Hundreds Of Unmasking Requests”

Slow Down, Dallas Cowboys. And Olive Garden. And Social Media. – Bloomberg

IRS makes shocking discovery as to why they have so many “problematic employees”

Breaking: Priebus out; Trump names John Kelly chief of staff

Is The United States Firing Off “Electricity Bombs” in Syria? – The Drive

Hermitage Capital Founder Testifies That Fusion GPS (Trump Dossier Creator) Worked For Russian Government

Peak Oil: What Ever Happened to Hubbert’s Peak?

Congressman: West Coast ‘Probably’ in Range of N. Korea ICBM

Confirmed: NFL Fans Tuned Out Last Year Because Players Protested The National Anthem

US, SK Fire Missiles After NK ICBM Test | The Daily Caller

Bernie Marcus: President Trump inspiring Economic Renewal with Pro-business Agenda

Ted Cruz after repeal failure: “No party can remain in power by lying to the American people”

White And Straight Students Not Allowed | The Daily Caller

SURPRISE: Wasserman Schultz Avoiding Reporters Since Awan Arrest. “Awan, who was arrested as he at…

The Big Problem With Self-Driving Cars Is People – IEEE Spectrum

This Is A Full-Blown Scandal: It’s Unbelievable, Outrageous – Comptroller Demands Heads Roll At Wells

Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’

Regular alcohol consumption could cut diabetes risk, study finds | Society

Russia Seizes 2 U.S. Properties and Orders Embassy to Cut Staff – The New York Times

The U.S. has a staggering pilot shortage – Jul. 27, 2017

Plane nearly ran out of fuel after pilots forgot to bring up landing gear

Hamburg stabbing: Knife-wielding man kills in supermarket

U.S. Acceptance of Polygamy at Record High, and TV Might Explain Why | National News | US News

Why You’re Being Invited to Fewer Weddings – Bloomberg

Japan Slaps 50% Tariff on Some U.S. Beef – WSJ

Market Up 19% Since Election – 1 in 4 Days a New Record High

Second-quarter U.S. GDP speeds up to 2.6%

Trump to cite gang violence in New York town in pressing for deportations

Bad News If You Make $150,000 to $300,000: Higher Taxes for Many – WSJ

GOP lawmakers openly defy president as frustration mounts – The Washington Post

The night John McCain killed the GOP’s health-care fight – The Washington Post

China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border – WSJ

North Korea could develop a nuclear missile to hit the US as early as next year, Pentagon finds

North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast, possibly an ICBM

France is about to make 11 vaccines mandatory

Government Schools Are Tracking The Mental Health Of Your Children

Media Ignores: Researchers Claim to Have ‘Invalidated’ EPA’s Core Global Warming ‘Finding’ 6 Shares

Despite warnings, the IRS continues to hire back its bad apples

The Saudi Power Balance Is On A Knife-Edge

Expert: Radiation monitoring systems rife with security flaws | TheHill

Winnipeg Man Has Vanity Plate Referencing Star Trek Recalled Over Complaints Of How Racist It Is

NASA Confirms Falling Sea Levels For Two Years Amidst Media Blackout

Single-Payer Unanimously Defeated in U.S. Senate, Dozens of Dems Vote ‘Present’

BREAKING: Top FBI Lawyer & “Close Confidant” of Comey Allegedly Under Investigation For Leaking CLASSIFIED INFORMATION

Total Government And Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars ($329,961.34 Per Household)

WELL, YES, THE FBI’S GENERAL COUNSEL IS A “TOP FBI LAWYER:” A top FBI lawyer is under an investigat…

Democrats say they’re ready for a culture war – CNNPolitics.com

Gingrich Sets the Record Straight on NPR: Left-Wing Justice Department’s Special Counsel Mueller Has Hired Anti-Trump ‘Killers’

Obama’s Iran Deal Ignited an Arms Race in the Middle East | Observer

Kid Rock Seriously Considering Senate Bid As Polls Show He Can Win

Senate Overwhelmingly Votes For New Russia Sanctions, Now It’s Up To Trump

Michigan Faculty And Lawmakers Urge Reprieve Of Student In “Imminent” Saudi Execution

Palestinian UN Envoy Justifies Murder of Jewish Family

Too much sugar could increase depression risk in men, study suggests | Society

Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day – Ballotpedia

Clashes between Palestinians, Israeli police in Jerusalem

African-American women are increasingly buying guns, statistics show..

Muslim gang rampaged through Liverpool attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims”…

Scaramucci Goes After White House Leaks Again: ‘Fish Stinks From the Head Down’

Twitter Fails to Grow Its Audience, Again – Bloomberg

9 Things You Need To Know About The Obamacare ‘Vote-A-Rama’

Republicans don’t trust higher ed. That’s a problem for liberal academics – LA Times

Senate GOP Rejects Rand Paul’s “Repeal-Only” Healthcare Plan

Arrested DNC Staffer Awan Retains Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help

Rep. Steve King: Imran Awan Had Access to ‘All the Communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee’

BBC – Future – Would a supervolcano eruption wipe us out?

The Democrats’ “Rising Star” | Frontpage Mag

Trump Says He Is Working With Senators To Cur | The Daily Caller

Congressman Luis Gutierrez Calls Trump A “Major Criminal” That Must Be “Eliminated”

Trump’s Epic Victories: The First Six Months

Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting ‘Accidental Leak’ Of Entire Nation’s Info

Meet Tally: The Grocery Stocking Robot About To Eradicate 1,000’s Of Minimum Wage Jobs

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet, Reuters reports…

$21.8 Mil in DHS Conferences Exposed after Trump Kills Rule Forcing Fed Agencies to Report Conference Spending – Judicial Watch

Why Illinois Is In Trouble – 63,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Salaries Cost Taxpayers $10 Billion

CIA Gives More Power to Spies to Bolster Intelligence Operations

House committee blocks bill to let VA doctors prescribe pot for pain

Macron courts the stars; meets Rihanna on education

Robot stockboys to roam aisles at grocery store chain

Obesity becomes worldwide epidemic, US is the fattest

Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military – The New York Times

Dow hits record high as Boeing and other companies post strong earnings

Sessions to announce investigations into intelligence leaks: source

Rasmussen Poll :Most Republicans Still More Aligned With Trump Than With GOP Congress

Jeff Sessions Lets Cops Be Robbers – Reason.com

AMERICA’S LONGEST WAR: Taliban Seizes 3 Districts From Afghan Government. Bill Roggio: The los…

Munro: Donald Trump’s ‘Transgender’ Declaration Preserves Americans’ Two-Sex Society

iPhone maker Foxconn to open Wisconsin plant, possibly bringing 10,000 jobs just over Illinois border

Scaramucci Singles Out Obama’s “Political Holdovers” As White House Leakers

India will ban driverless cars in order to protect jobs

VIDEO: Black Chicago Activists Praise Trump, Blame ‘Racist Democrat Machine’ For Carnage

Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying | TheHill

Donald Trump Praises Senate Vote as ‘Beginning of the End’ of Obamacare

Twitter Ignites Firestorm Blocking AT&T Blog Post Questioning “Net Neutrality”

Trump administration toughens policy against sanctuary cities


The future of campus due process depends on rich families going to trial against colleges

Mattis: Get unnecessary training off warfighters’ backs

REPORT: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Manager Arrested Fleeing Country

VIDEO: Knife-Wielding Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacks Spanish Police Officers

Limbaugh: Why Did Media Ignore A Story? | The Daily Caller

Summer Takes A Vacation With Near-Record Chill


RAF Typhoons scrambled to see off two Russian jets racing towards Nato airspace in the Black Sea

Erdogan urges all Muslims to ‘visit’ and ‘protect’ Jerusalem


Bomb-Shelter Sales Are Booming After North Korea’s ICBM Launch – Bloomberg

USS Thunderbolt Fired Warning Shots at Iranian Patrol Boat to Protect U.S. Guided-Missile Cruiser Vella Gulf

North Korea could cross ICBM threshold next year, U.S. officials warn in new assessment – The Washington Post

Duck and cover 2.0: How North Korea is prompting new efforts to prepare for a nuclear attack – LA Times

China and India Locked in ‘Eyeball-to-Eyeball’ Border Standoff – Bloomberg

Bay Area ISIS Supporter Wanted to ‘Redefine Terror,’ Kill 10,000

Eating curry is GOOD for you! Turmeric helped cancer patient, 57, beat myeloma after five years of treatment

Robots could ‘threaten humanity’ and will be physically stronger than humans “in the next few years”, warns scientist

Princeton’s new ‘men’s engagement manager’ to combat aggressive masculinity on campus

Federal spending is skyrocketing — along with US debt

112,000,000: Medicaid Enrollees Set to Climb 40,000,000 Under Obamacare

WENY News – Canadian polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives

Traces of Controversial Herbicide Are Found in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – The New York Times

Elon Musk: Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge of the AI future is ‘limited’,

Facebook cafeteria workers push for higher wages

Rep. Gutierrez: When Democrats Take Majority We’re Going To “Eliminate” Trump

Democrats please progressives with left-leaning policy agenda

Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Is Silent on Google, Facebook, and Amazon – Bloomberg

More U.S. Cars Are Being Made in Mexico – WSJ

Pickup in Confidence Shows Americans Upbeat on Jobs, Economy – Bloomberg

Trump Again Bashes ‘The Amazon Washington Post,’ Questioning Amazon’s ‘No-Tax Monopoly’

Latest study shows only one out of 111 former NFL players didn’t have degenerative brain disease CTE

S&P 500 hits record high on stronger-than-expected earnings

Sperm count in Western men plunges to record low as scientists blame chemicals in everyday products for crisis

Medicaid Patients With Glaucoma Received Less Testing Than Those With Commercial Health Insurance

Progressives must preach understanding, not shame, to be effective

Blue Dog Democrats Trying to Make a Comeback in Democratic Caucus

THE REAL SOUTH CHINA SEA BULLY: The BBC reports China threatened to attack Vietnamese bases in the S…


POLITICS AIN’T THERAPY. SO HE SAYS, ANYWAY: “Impeachment is an outlet for anger and frustration, w…

STEVE JOBS WANTED TO BREAK UP THE EDUCATION MONOPOLY: Steve Jobs said in a 1995 interview, “The u…

HAVE YOU HUGGED A FRACKER TODAY? IEA: U.S. has unique role in oil, LNG. “The United States stands …

Forget Russia. I’d fire Jeff Sessions over civil forfeiture.

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller

Mark Zuckerberg: Elon Musk’s doomsday AI predictions are irresponsible

Amazon juggernaut sets its sights on its next victim: The middleman

Nearing 400, homicides in Chicago continue to outpace last year – Chicago Tribune

Flow of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from U.S. rises …

Wisconsin Company to Implant Microchips In Employees | KSTP.com

ICE chief lists worst sanctuary cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Philadelphia

Women burn burqas and men shave their beards as they celebrate escape from ISIS stronghold in Syria

Facebook worker living in garage to Zuckerberg: challenges are right outside your door | Technology

‘They All Deserve to Die’: Caracas Militants Vow to Take Up Arms – Bloomberg

The billion-dollar palaces of Apple, Facebook and Google | Art and design

Maduro Says Vote On as Venezuela Opposition Calls 48-Hour Strike – Bloomberg

Democrats attempt rebranding with populist new agenda

Republicans are in full control of government — but losing control of their party – The Washington Post

New blood test can check for 13 types of cancers – The Japan News

Brazilians funneled as “slaves” by US church, ex-members say | Charlotte Observer

Jared Kushner wanted a fake phone call to get out of Russia meeting

AI POLICE STATE: China to use technology to predict crimes BEFORE they happen | Science

Tool to help police in opioid crisis draws privacy concern – The Washington Post

San Antonio death toll in ‘horrific’ human trafficking reaches 10 – San Antonio Express-News

OPEC Grapples With Growing Threats to Oil Deal – WSJ

As Gas Prices Fall to 12-Year Low, Schumer Claims Gas Prices ‘Never Go Down’

Schumer Comes Clean: Democrats – Not Russia – Are To Blame For Hillary’s Loss

THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: Syphilis in Babies: Old Disease Makes A Comebac…

MSNBC Errs In Attack On Trump’s ‘Soviet’ Wive | The Daily Caller

CERTAIN ANTIBIOTICS MAY INCREASE RISK OF BIRTH DEFECTS. I don’t have to worry about that, but I too…

Brexit: Trade Secretary Slams ‘Biased’ BBC for ‘Wilfully’ Ignoring Positive News

Colossal GOP failure and not just on health: Glenn Reynolds

Mommy, What Does Does Congress Actually Do? | Roger’s Rules

What if the moon landings had continued past Apollo 17?

THERE ARE LOTS OF REASONS TO AVOID THEM, IN MY OPINION: Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Weight Gain…


Co-Founder Of Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier Will Plead The Fifth

Shocking UN Document From 2000 Exposes Global “Migration Replacement” Solution To Developed World Demographics

Muslim Village in India Celebrates Renaming as ‘Trump Village’

Bavarian President: ‘We All Know the Migration Wave Will Continue’

GOP Sen Thune: It Is in Trump’s ‘Best Interest’ to Sign Russia Sanctions Bill

Abbas’ Fatah Faction: Campaign For Jerusalem Has Begun, We Won’t Stop Until Palestinian Victory

Five Weird Conspiracy Theories From CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Anthony Scaramucci to Trump Team: Stop the Leaks or I Will Stop You

Dem Rep Bass: The Voter Fraud Commission Is an ‘Assault on Our Democracy From the President’

IGNORING THE REAL PROBLEM, FOCUSING ON DISTRACTIONS: Mail-delivery of knives to be banned under pro…

Lauren Southern Banned From Patreon For Conservatism While Horse-Stabbing Antifa Just Fine

Does Britain Have The World’s Best Health System? Only If You Ignore Outcomes

Legal Experts: EU Powerless To Stop UK-USA Trade Deal

White House Closing Down War Crimes Office (After Being Accused Of War Crimes)

Hungary’s Orban: EU And “Soros Mafia Network” Are Seeking To “Muslimize Europe”

Woman Teaches ‘Empowered Passivity’ | The Daily Caller

Democrats Urge Antitrust Action Against Amazon Over Whole Foods Deal

Mueller and Trump Prepare for War with America the Loser | Roger L. Simon

FAT-SHAMING SAVES ANOTHER LIFE: Size 20 woman gets back at fat-shaming ex with size 8 revenge body….

A Complete History Of John McCain Calling For War Around The World

Harvard Law Professor: ‘White Liberal College Graduates’ Are ‘the Least Tolerant’

Americans Protest ‘Very Fake News’ CNN Outside of Atlanta Headquarters

Small Town Suburbia Faces Dire Financial Crisis As Companies, Millennials Flee To Big Cities

Billions Of Lives At Stake As China Threatens India With War After “Blatant Sovereignty Infringement”

Reuters Tries to Trash Trump with Poll That Shows Him Gaining with His Voter Base

Co-Founder Of Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier Will Plead The Fifth

Good luck, Dems! Daily Beast hails actress ‘fighting to hold Trump accountable’

Atheist’s Speech At Christian Church Cancelled Because He Has Condemned Islamic Violence

AND NOW IT’S SPICER’S TURN TO GET DOXXED BY THE MSM. Disgusting: Reuters Broadcasts Livestream o…

GREAT AGAIN: President Trump Eliminates 860 Obama-Era Federal Regulations

 Heroes, military and otherwise: the case of John McCain

Los Angeles Times: Fewer Illegals Means Higher Wages, More Farm Robots

Brookings study: Public universities disproportionally subsidize the upper middle class

Vegan Protesters Brought a Butcher Knife to a Chick-fil-A

Man Threatens to Call Police Over Girl’s Lemonade Stand

Gen. Selva Warns of Killer Robots Unleashed on Society

Defense secretary rips media coverage of Trump-Putin meeting | TheHill

Americans have never felt better, 74% very happy

WHY DOES BLACK LIVES MATTER HATE MOTHERS? Civil unrest related to Freddie Gray death caused depress…

Pompeo: Russia interfered in 2016 election – and 2012, 2008, 1976 …

NY Times reporter: White women seem racist on the city’s sidewalks

EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Pentagon Plans to Challenge Chinese Claims in South China Sea

Unimpressed Trump Sends Pentagon Back to the Drawing Board on Afghanistan

US Launching Sunday Raids To Arrest Illegal Immigrant Gang Members

UK Police Fine 5-Year-Old Girl 150 Pounds for Selling Lemonade

FTC Probing Allegations of Amazon’s Deceptive Discounting

Reports: Trump Team Looks to Fight Back Against Mueller’s Overreach in Russia Probe

Black Conservative Student: Here’s What Happened To Me On Campus After I Openly Supported Trump

Reuters Offers Big News: Live Shot Of Spicer’s House

Daily Show Claims It’s The Most Accurate News

BREAKING: Palestinian Terrorist Stabs Three Israelis To Death In Their Home On Sabbath Eve. Victims Include 70-Year-Old Woman

Visualizing America’s Wealth Inequality (From The Sky Above Baltimore)

US Lawmakers Support Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Boycott Goods and Services from Israel

Mueller Instructs White House To Preserve All Records On Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer

BROKE: New FEC Report Shows DNC Finished June $3.3 Million in Debt

RNC raises $13.4M in record-setting June haul | TheHill

Food Stamp Use Falls to Lowest Level in Seven Years

Boom: Mining +21.6% in Q1; Construction +5.6%; Manufacturing +4.7%; Bust: Finance and Insurance -2.1%

Rise in drug-addicted babies prompts judge’s controversial solution

Paddling to be allowed at Three Rivers ISD

Killer earthquake and tsunami hits Greece and Turkey

Smoke from Mariposa fire chokes Tahoe Basin, creates apocalyptic sunset at the lake – SFGate

Cal Fire reports huge numbers of new fires and acreage burned | The Sacramento Bee

Steve Bannon’s disappearing act – POLITICO

Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions – Bloomberg

Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases

Poll: Only 26% of Voters Think ‘Russia’ is Biggest Problem

Conservative groups plan Saturday protest at CNN headquarters in Atlanta

Kobach: A Victory for Public Information

Watchdog: Postal Service Violated the Hatch Act by Letting Employees Campaign for Clinton, Democrats

Putin-funded Company John Podesta Received 75,000 Shares from Has Collapsed

President Donald Trump Establishes Advisory Council on Infrastructure

Mexican Government Downplaying Cartel Kidnapping, Says Victim’s Family

Report: Mexican Border Governor’s Bodyguard Behind Kidnapping

EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Foundation, UN Tight-Lipped Over Private Top Level Meeting

Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to Counter Trump’s Pro-Life Policy

Germany Indicts 5 Suspects in Islamic State Recruitment Ring

Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jihad and Allah’ Speech Blows Up Her Political Support

Gorka: ‘America Is Back’ with First Six Months of Trump

Celebrities React to Simpson Parole: ‘O.J. for Attorney General!’

New Scapegoat Emerges In Unmasking Scandal: Meet Obama’s Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power

GOP Lawmakers Blame Trump “Distraction” For Why They’re Getting Nothing Done, Fears Debt Ceiling Debacle

FBI Turns Over 7,000 Emails From Weiner’s Laptop In Clinton Case

Theresa May Pressured To Release Report Detailing Saudi Sponsorship of UK Extremists

Obama: It’s Much Worse Than We Feared

Albuquerque Tea Party granted tax-exempt status after 8 years

Althouse: The Milo Yiannopoulis interview Milo says NPR doesn’t want you to hear.

Dartmouth women’s swim team placed on probation for hazing incident – Portland Press Herald

Michigan woman convicted of murder in parrot case

When Syria Came to Fresno: Refugees Test Limits of Outstretched Hand – The New York Times

Dems see huge field emerging to take on Trump | TheHill

Monkeys native to Asia now roam Central Florida

Cable TV upheaval prompts a wave of media merger talks – LA Times

Amazon patents a robot to stalk you at the airport | Ladders

With Amazon going after Whole Foods, the cashier job is in question

Amazon isn’t technically dominant, but it pervades our lives | The Seattle Times

Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up? – Bloomberg

Trump campaign inner circle called before Senate committees

Prisoners are deprived of basics, including toilet paper, legislator says | Miami Herald

Pet lovers rage over law that bans dog-sitting without license – NY Daily News

More Transit Problems Pile Up, and They Have Nothing to Do with Penn Station | NBC New York

There are more renters than any time since 1965

Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions

MAXINE 2020? Waters appearance in NH on Sunday

South Australia: Where did the Wind Power Go?

Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Pushing For Universal Basic Income, But Not From His Fortune

Brains With Alzheimer’s Have More Bacteria Than Healthy Ones, Says New Study

Up to 100 Japanese solar PV firms could go bust this year, report finds | PV Tech

New sex robots with ‘frigid’ settings allow men to simulate rape

Top US general warns against rogue killer robots | TheHill

Twenty-Five Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All

Al Gore: ‘There’s still time to avoid catastrophe’

Poll: Wall Street Efforts to Improve Image Fail to Sway Americans – Bloomberg

Social Security Will Be Paying Out More Than It Receives In Just Five Years

Congress still eager to push pork in spending bills

Tech Stocks Reach Record from Dot-Com Era – MoneyBeat – WSJ

Tech Companies Push Offshore Cash Pile To A Record – Moody’s – CFO Journal. – WSJ

Engineers Begin Preparatory Work for Border Wall Construction – The New York Times

House bill includes funds for just 28 miles of Trump border wall | TheHill

Trump Keeps Failing to Destroy Obama’s Legacy, as Aides Assure Trump All Is Fine

Rosie O’Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game

Authorities describe ‘frenzy of violence’ in MS-13 hits

After six chaotic months, can Trump save his presidency?

Despite his missteps, don’t consider Trump a failure just yet

Trump loses patience with ‘f***ing maddening’ Republicans

A Republican Party at war with itself hits the wall on health care – The Washington Post

Mitch McConnell Has Run Out of Excuses for Not Accomplishing Anything

Critics From All Sides Hammer McConnell

Conservatives target Congress, not Trump, after healthcare collapse | TheHill

Lunch Meat and Liberals | Trending

Guess What Happens In States Where Food Stamp Recipients Have To Work

The Senate repeal and replace fiasco | Power Line

Back to the drawing board on health insurance reform

 Not Enough ‘Women’, ‘People of Color’ in Dunkirk, USA Today Complains


District judge refuses to block voter fraud commission’s first public meeting | TheHill

Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted By All The Precedents They Set While Colluding With Obama


FBI Warns Consumers About Internet-Connected Toys That Can Be Hacked

Trump Warns of Further Venezuela Sanctions: ‘We Will Not Stand By as Country Crumbles’

The Democratic Party better be paying attention to these swing voters.

Turley: Saying Trump Jr. Committed Crime Would Make Criminal Code Cover Foreign Academics and Environmental Groups

New York Times: Critical Speech Is ‘Literally Violence,’ So Keep MILO Off Campuses

Chicago Reporter: Exposing LGBT Dyke March’s Jew Ban ‘Cost Me My Job’

Phoenix PD’s Sanctuary City Proposal Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Say Officers

Texas, Florida Importing Most Foreign Labor, Says Study

Border Patrol Agents Bust Convicted MS-13 Member

 Fatah Official: Israeli Metal Detectors At Temple Mount Are ‘Collective Punishment’ Of Muslim Worshippers

UK Regulator to Ban Adverts Depicting ‘Gender Stereotypical’ Roles

GOP Sen Murkowski: ‘We Should Not Repeal Without a Replacement,’ Becomes Third GOP Vote Against Repeal Then Replace

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito Voted to Repeal Obamacare in 2015, Now She Opposes Repealing Obamacare

The Democratic Party Remains On The Verge Of Collapse

Here’s why millennials don’t like capitalism: Blame parents, schools, Obama. | The State

The real crime: Collusion between media, leakers

The Trumps and the Truth – WSJ

Finally, a Poll Trump Will Like: Clinton Is Even More Unpopular – Bloomberg

Trump says he’ll let Obamacare die on its own

Voters Don’t See Pence As A Trump Replacement – Rasmussen Reports™

GINGRICH: Boost economy with ‘very large’ tax cut – or ‘real danger of Speaker Pelosi’

McConnell’s New Obamacare Repeal Lacks GOP Votes to Pass – Bloomberg

Health care bill collapse leaves divided GOP at crossroads

Union Demands Teachers Undergo Compulsory ‘Gender Diversity’ Training

Sexual assaults & ‘shocking’ violence involving migrants mar German town fair – police

Break-in, “threatening note” at office of GOP senator considered swing vote in health-care bill

Racist emails show Chicago official joked about ‘safari’ tour to see violence in black neighborhoods

CNN’s Angela Rye Refuses to Say Trump Is Her President

‘Boomerangski’ Returns To Bite The Clintons

New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting

Mexican folk religion involving human sacrifice gaining status among criminals

SO IT’S COME TO THIS: So-Called “Women’s March” Sends Birthday Shoutout to Convicted Cop Kille…

Democrats’ Obamacare Lies

New Obama IRS Records Scandal — Records Missing!

Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of weight gain, heart disease and other health issues

A long-term look at the S&P 500 shows why more gains could be ahead

Subscribers are watching less Netflix according to Verto Analytics

25 Border Patrol Agents Assaulted in June

GOP Rep Duffy: End the Filibuster — We’re Not Accomplishing Trump’s Agenda ‘Because of Stupid Senate Rules’

WATCH: Fatah Broadcasts Abbas’ Incitement Call To ‘Defend Al-Aqsa’ From Jewish ‘Defilement’

Polls: Donald Trump Earns High Ratings on the Economy

Jordanian Parliament Praises Temple Mount Terror Attack

UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Govt After Pro-Rape Books Found

Oregon Bill to Make Heroin, Cocaine Possession a Misdemeanor

Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level, Says Agent

Who wants to live until they’re 120?

CNN commentary incorporates a rare media-myth twofer | Media Myth Alert

Rex Tillerson Keeps Sabotaging Trump

BUT OF COURSE: Bill Nye Gets Emmy Nod For Song In Un-Scientific ‘Sexual Spectrum’ Episode….

Border Patrol Union President Praises Trump – Cites ‘Miraculous’ Drop In Illegal Immigration

Teen Vogue’s ‘Tutorial’ on Anal Sex Omits Serious Risks

Something-Burger Versus Nothing-Burger?

CNN KARMA: Andrew Kaczynski gets FUSSY when others use HIS old tweets to push a ‘scandal’ – twitchy.com

Elon Musk Lays Out Worst-Case Scenario for AI Threat – WSJ

City of London accuses France of plot to ‘wreck Britain’

Analysis: Slow leak of Russia news flooding White House

Macron outshines Merkel as EU’s top diplomat

How can we stop algorithms telling lies? | Technology

She went in for a simple cataract surgery. Doctors found 27 contact lenses in her eye | The Bellingham Herald

Everyday Snowflakes – Taki’s Magazine

Report: Iran Building Missiles at Syrian Weapons Factory

One Year Later, Turkey’s Coup That Wasn’t Yields Strained Relations with Europe and the U.S.

Dem Rep Green: There’s ‘Probable Cause’ to Have Grand Jury Investigate Jared Kushner

Stabbing at Coptic Church in Alexandria as Attacks on Christians in Egypt Escalate

Pope Francis Aides Attack Steve Bannon as Promoter of ‘Apocalyptic Geopolitics’

Investigative reporter Ken Silverstein Talks About The Problem With The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Another Victim of Clinton Arkancide? Man Set to Testify Against Clinton Foundation Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

THE BENEFITS OF STARTING A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Here are a cuple of examples, from the disastrous …

Louisiana’s state Democratic Party has now become the sixth state Dem. Party to drop Thomas Jefferson’s name from its annual fundraiser.

Italy Threatens EU With “Nuclear Option”: Give 200,000 Migrants EU Visas, Sending Them North

3 Examples That Show How Common Core Is Destroying Math Education In America

THE WEEK: This isn’t Watergate. This isn’t treason. And there’s still no smoking gun. The unflag…

ABC Smears Religious Conservatives Using Partisan SPLC’s ‘Hate Group’ Label

Humanitarian Advocates Praise Trump’s Decision to Postpone Sanctions Relief for Sudan

6 female tourists stabbed in Egyptian resort

Germany reaping the whirlwind of infectious diseases admitted to the country along with the migrants

UNLV professor punished pro-Trump student with bad grades, resigns

Breaking: Lynch Ordered Manafort’s Phone Tapped During Veselnitskaya Meeting

Social Security Trust Funds to Be Depleted in 17 Years

American Airlines passenger details ‘horrifying’ flight next to masturbating seat-mate

Chemical in macaroni and cheese tied to birth defects, says study

National Endowment For Arts And Humanities Gives Millions To Universities

Insurers Oppose Cruz Amendment…

ERICKSON: Were Democrats Working With The Russians?

Berkeley’s Southside Hit By Anti-Cop, Anti-White Vandalism

92% of left-wing activists in Berlin live with their parents and one in three is unemployed

CONGRESSMAN: ‘Big Names’ Quietly Questioned Over Leaks…

Ryan Lochte Cleared Of Charges – Friendly Reminder That The Media Was Wrong Again

Teen Who Played ‘F**k Tha Police’ During Cop’s Funeral Gets Kicked Out Of His Place

Prison population swells, more judges assigned to handle cases…

400 lbs Of Marijuana Smuggled In FORDS From Mexico…

China is still overruling any semblance of democracy in Hong Kong

How Cheap Can You Actually Go on Computer Speakers?

10 Great Deals You Can Get on VPNs, Gadgets, Courses, and More

Fotowall 1.0: create posters, wallpapers and original pictures

Timmy Walk Off: While Haters Keep on Hatin’, Tim Tebow Just Loves Lucie

The State of the War Against the Islamic State

There’s a national debate about left-wing violence taking place…in Germany

Air SDF, U.S. forces to test missile defenses at Yokota base:The Asahi Shimbun

Trump Becomes First Sitting POTUS to Attend U.S. Women’s Open

Poll: 59 Per Cent of French Approve of President Trump Visit

OC Sheriff: California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill Is About ‘Sticking it to Trump’

Arab Countries Condemn Israel for Closing Temple Mount, Failing to Mention Terrorist Attack that Prompted Closure


Acid becoming weapon of choice among teens in London amid growing attacks

Mysterious Hacker Leaks Emails Of Top US State Department Expert On Russia

FEC Shoots Down Democrat’s Plan to Target Conservative Media

BLUE ON BLUE: Black Activists Criticize Gore for Comparing Climate Change Advocacy to Fight Against …

Free ‘robot lawyer’ will fight Uncle Sam so you don’t have to

While homelessness surges in Disneyland’s shadow, Anaheim removes bus benches – LA Times

THIS SEEMS UNWISE: Reebok mocks Trump’s compliments of Macron’s wife. The sports brand Reebok is…

‘My last resort’ — thousands come to Illinois to have abortions

Chicago Theater Critic Shunned for Racial Honesty

Climate-Change Alarmists — Environmentalists’ Hyberbolic Rhetoric Increasing

NO FREE PARKING:Searching for Parking Costs Americans $73 Billion a Year. INRIX today published a…

Study: Holocaust Survivors Evidence Higher Cancer Rates

Iran-Backed Hezbollah Threatens to ‘Surprise Israel’ In Next War

Former UK Ambassador: Saudis Funding Extremist Mosques in Europe

German Police Chief on G20 Protests: ‘I have Never Experienced Such Violence’

Migration Agency Slammed After Asking Homosexual Asylum Seekers To Prove They Are Gay

Denmark Will Fund Contraception Aid for Africa to ‘Limit Migration Pressure on Europe’

Canada Retracts Ban On Wines Labeled ‘Product of Israel’ After Backlash

Temple Mount Terrorist Attack Follows UNESCO Anti-Israel Vote On Jerusalem

As Migrant Crisis Intensifies, Italy Debates Citizenship Rights

Transgender: James Woods Ignites Debate Over ‘Significant Risks’ to Children

Federal Judge in Hawaii Dares Supreme Court to Overrule Him, Grants Motion That Trump Administration Cannot…

WaPo: Polar Bears Hurt by Climate Change Could Develop Taste for Humans

Number of Americans Filing for Unemployment Benefits on the Decline

Stephen Colbert Calls Kellyanne Conway ‘Satan’s Trophy Wife’ in Anti-Trump Monologue (Video)

Who’s Colluding With Whom?

How Many Americans Are Swept Up In The NSA’s Snooping Programs?

Harley sales struggle, millennials don’t like motorcycles

MOSHER: Why the Chinese Communist Party Murdered Liu Xiaobo

Federal court: NC commissioners’ prayer practice violates U.S. Constitution

Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Embarrassing All of Us Internationally’

How To Get Rid Of The Entitlement Mentality In A Few Simple Steps

Sears Canada Pays Execs Bonuses While Laid-Off Workers Get No Severance

Where #TheResistance is succeeding – slow walking Trump nominee confirmation process

Is there a ‘social cost’ to free speech? What is the cost of its denial?

Oops! A Gallery Selfie Gone Wrong Causes $200,000 in Damage. – The New York Times

CNN’s Camerota says she has Russia fatigue | TheHill

EXCLUSIVE: Cartel Violence Spills into Texas as Gunmen Storm Past U.S. Border Security

Beneath Helsinki, Finns Prepare for Russian Threat

Exclusive: North Korea may have more bomb fuel than thought – U.S. think tank

Fishermen express fury as Fukushima plant set to release radioactive material into ocean

A new generation of giant rockets is about to blast off – LA Times

Men on Scooter in London Throw Acid in Faces of 5 People – The New York Times

Nancy Pelosi bizarrely giggles through question about NKorea aggression

Jeff Bezos: the ‘obsessive’ Amazon founder and world’s next richest man | Technology

Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery – WSJ

JPM’s Jamie Dimon blows up at Washington on earnings call

Here Are 5 Backroom Deals Inside The Latest Senate Health-Care Bill

No, 44 States Didn’t Reject Trump’s Election Commission

Freedom Caucus Chairman: Tax Reform Chance Dimming

 Media seeks fear, not trust

United Creates Volunteer “Rewards Program” For Overbooked Flights

More on the Outrage at Evergreen | The Weekly Standard

This Nation Just Became The World’s Newest Energy Superpower

Jesse Jackson: Hillary Won the 2016 Election — ‘It Was Stolen’

Only In San Francisco: Couples Making $138k A Year Now Qualify For Subsidized “Affordable Housing”

Death of Liu Xiaobo Highlights China’s Human Rights Violations

Study: 73 Percent of Democrats Would Give Up Alcohol for Trump Impeachment

‘Fraud News Wrong Again’: CNN Host Falsely Claims President Trump Would Have Approved Hillary-Backed Uranium One Deal

Flashback: Did you know that NBC’s Chuck Todd Used to Work For Democrat Senator Tom Harkin ?

Did you know that Chris Matthews’ Wife is Chair of the Maryland State Democratic Party ?



WUT: Ninth Circuit To Decide Whether A Monkey Has Copyright Claims To A Selfie

CNN Anchor Mistakes ‘Star Spangled Banner’ for French National Anthem

Pence Spokesman Stokes Speculation By Refusing To Say Whether Pence Ever Met With Russian Operatives

CBO Scores Trump Budget Shrinking US Deficit By Half By 2027

New Senate Republican healthcare plan leaves taxes on the wealthy in place, lets people buy less expensive plans

Latinos make up roughly half of the 13.5 million Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal

Trump Jr. Asked To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee, “Will Subpoena If Necessary”

This Time We Liberals Have Totally Got Trump. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

KIDS THESE DAYS: Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code for techs in fight for talent. I’ve surrendered…

Illinois’ Fiscal Problems Won’t Stay in Illinois . Wisconsin’s budget takes a $51 million hit as The Land of Lincoln tries to extract more revenue from its residents, including those who work or live elsewhere.

 GOODNESS: Hundreds Of Coastal Communities Could Face Monthly Floods In The Coming Decades. A spec…

Glenn Reynolds: Tax the blue zones

 Obama trapped Donald Jr. to justify spying on Trump

Visa Begins Bribing Merchants To Stop Taking Cash

Why are so many doctors so stupid about nutrition? – FOODMED.NET

OH: The awesome, unstoppable revolutionary electric-car revolution that doesn’t actually exist. G…

HMM: Navy Fired Whistleblower Who Uncovered Serious Fuel Safety Risks. The Navy fired a civilian …

Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: Conservatism vs Leftism and Free Speech (Full Interview)

Helicopter Parents Breed Anxious Kids

China Study Links Air Pollution to Measles Despite Vaccines

Stores are Full of Satanic-Themed Products

Did Trump Jr Just Give Investigators The Perfect Excuse To Trawl Every NSA Intercept? WSJ Says Yes

Shoves Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” Right Back In “The Left’s Ugly Face”

New Op-Ed From Senator Rand Paul Blasts GOP Decision To “Keep Obamacare”

Consumed: CNN New Day Spends 93% of Airtime on Russia

Scarily Convincing Fake Video Tool Puts Words in Obama’s Mouth

China Deploys Troops To Its First Overseas Military Base In Africa

As Democrats seek to repair national image, party passes law in Oregon requiring insurers to cover abortion at no cost

Trump: ‘I Am Sitting With a Pen in Hand’ Waiting to Sign Obamacare Repeal, ‘Will Be Very Angry’ If I Don’t

AMONG TRUMP VOTERS, IS THERE A TIPPING POINT? Not, I think, if things hinge on mainstream media rep…

Among Trump voters, is there a tipping point? – CSMonitor.com

The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation

5 million immigrants granted US citizenship can’t speak English

Apple to Build China Data Center to Meet New Cybersecurity Law – WSJ

North Korea warns it will ‘turn self-destructive US into a pile of ash’ if Donald Trump orders attack on its nuclear sites

Belle Plaine Allows Satanic Monument In City Park

Media crackdown silencing criticism of Turkish government

100,000 and Counting: No Letup in Turkey Coup Purges a Year On – Bloomberg

Well Lookie Here=> Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya is Pictured with Obama Ambassador to Russia – 8 Days After Trump Jr. Mtg.

Democrats spread false Russian information on Trump, campaign aides

Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Says She Didn’t Give Trump Jr. Info on Clinton – NBC News

President Trump’s lawyer: ‘No illegality’ in Donald Trump Jr. meeting – TODAY.com

Why the latest Russia story is just another Trump witch hunt

Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot

As Russia scandal touches his son, Trump privately rages

‘Category 5 hurricane’: White House under siege by Trump Jr.’s Russia revelations – The Washington Post

Trump v. everyone – Axios

Nasa spot 75,000-mile-wide HOLE on the sun

Moon Express announces plans to build lunar outpost by 2020 | Ars Technica UK

CONFUSION: Nancy Pelosi calls Trump ‘President Bush’ for fifth time

Battle for downtown Sao Paulo pits squatters against mayor

How Macron fever is driving super-rich buyers back to the French Riviera

Mexican illegal immigrant was ‘drunk’ during fatal crash

NASA is planning an asteroid deflection test mission in case the unthinkable happens

New DNA from a Neanderthal bone holds evidence of a lost tribe of humans

Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Judge Releases Mentally Ill Man Accused of Assaulting NYPD Cop, Trying to Steal…

Trump Jr.: ‘In Retrospect…I Would Have Done | The Daily Caller

Trump Has 6 Options to Neutralize North Korea—But None Are Good | Observer

Meanwhile In Venezuela, The Real Mad Max Emerges

NY Times, Washington Post Russia Conspiracy Stories Drop At Strategic Times

EXCLUSIVE–Polish Govt: Trump’s Perceived ‘Friendliness’ With Russia No Concern After Warsaw Speech

Google and Amazon Join Net Neutrality Protest

Trump Jr. Releases Emails; They Support His Account | Power Line

Tuesday Humor? Public Union Files Grievance Against Poison-Ivy-Eating Goats For Stealing Jobs

UNEXPECTEDLY: Best-Run States Are Low-Tax Republican, Worst-Run Are High-Tax Democratic, Study Finds…

China: North Korea Isn’t Our Fault

Libyan Army Spokesman: Hillary ‘Abandoned the Libyan People’

THE HILL: Dem senator: I didn’t expect Trump Jr. to give proof of collusion. Note how we’ve gone…

RANKING THE STATES BY FISCAL CONDITION, 2017 Edition. Happy to see Tennessee doing well. Sad to se…

After covering the ejection of Jews from a Chicago pride parade, reporter is moved to the sales desk

CNN’s Brian Stelter Blames ‘Media Illiterate’ Americans for the Corrupted Fake News Media

FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe as new director nominee faces Senate

FLASHBACK: Censorship: 38 journalism groups slam Obama’s ‘politically-driven suppression of news.’ …

FLASHBACK: Ban AC for DC: If our rulers think global warming is a crisis, let them be a good examp…

Connecticut Capital Hartford Downgraded To Junk By S&P

New Study Suggests War Lust May Have Cost Hillary Clinton The Election

Golden Years… Or Tears: More US Seniors Are Still Working Than At Any Time Since The ’60s

PRIVACY: China Will Block All VPNs by February 2018. The state has been attempting to clamp down …

Meet the Man Who Might Take Down the President: ROB GOLDSTONE

How Deep Can You Dig a Hole?

Trump to NYT: “They want to take away my voice” – Axios

Shia LaBeouf Arrest Bodycam Footage Shows Drunken Rant, Calls Cop a ‘Stupid Bitch’

Texas judge suspended amid allegations of drugs, sexting bailiff | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

U.S. Soldier Arrested for Supporting the Islamic State

KCBD: Texas teen electrocuted after cell phone incident in bathtub

New fears Drudge, InfoWars, Breitbart could face Dem FEC ‘inquisition’

Space breakthrough: Scientists teleport photon from Earth to orbit

Donald Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer Defended By White House

British spy points at McCain in Russia-Trump dossier case

Nude swimmer survives a rare shark attack on Miami-Dade beach | Bradenton Herald

Google Faces $1.3 Billion French Ruling Amid `Tax Populism’ – Bloomberg

North Korea’s fearsome new nukes are capable of destroying a US naval base 6,000 miles away in CALIFORNIA, top missile expert warns

The super-rich are buying luxury apocalypse-safe bunkers for protection against natural disasters and nuclear attack

U.S. says test of THAAD missile defense system in Alaska …

Trump Jr. releases email chain on conversations with Russian sources | TheHill

Dying Middle Class: The Number Of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled

Israel: George Soros Behind Groups That Defame Jewish State

Divided Republicans, Unified Democrats, and Our Future

The ‘Russian Lawyer Meeting’ Story Is a Giant Red Herring

Led by Hard-Left Mayors Seeking to Make Their Mark, Paris and L.A. Ready for ‘Closed-Door’ Olympic Bid Session in Switzerland

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: “The University of Washington, Tacoma’s Writing Center…

California Democrats Want Data on Lobbyists’ Race, Sexual Orientation

100-Year-Old Says Wine Is Secret to Her Old Age | Time.com

Trump administration may let California keep emissions standards

Ten Problems With Anti-Russian Obsession

Programmers are secretly automating their jobs and only working a few hours a week

Left Now After Donnie Trump’s Scalp

Silencing Reports About Muslim Rapists Is Sweden’s Suicide

On Your Bike, Watch Out for the Air – The New York Times

Long After Protests, Students Shun the University of Missouri

The Machines Are Getting Ready to Play Doctor – MIT Technology Review

Things are so bad in Venezuela that people are rationing toothpaste – The Washington Post

Working Past 70: Americans Can’t Seem to Retire – Bloomberg

Bezos, Slim, and Buffett, Publicly Pleading Poverty, Ask Congress for Help With Their Newspapers

Men and Republicans Are the Best Tippers – Bloomberg

Amazon Prime is on pace to become more popular than cable TV – Recode

Federal prosecutors step up probe of land deal pushed by wife of Bernie Sanders – The Washington Post

France to push ahead with tax cuts in 2018 after Macron overrules PM | Reuters

Comey in June: My Trump Memos Were Unclassified, Not a ‘Government Document’

Comey’s private memos on Trump conversations contained classified material | TheHill

74% of subway riders have been late to work due to delays: survey – NY Daily News

Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions | Pew Research Center

‘Summer of Hell’ at Penn Station kicks off this week

The Times ‘exposé’ on Donald Trump Jr. is a big yawn

Growing homeless encampments prompt proposal for armed park rangers

Average FICO score hits an all-time high

Cancer now more common than getting married or having a first baby

One of the Biggest Reasons Republicans Stick by Trump – Bloomberg

Republicans Won’t Stop Fighting With Each Other – Bloomberg

EXCLUSIVE: Uh Oh. Pollsters Are Screwing Up Again

Linda Sarsour Defends Her Use Of Jihad, Blames Conservative Media

ADORABLE: Anti-Capitalist Protesters In Germany Use iPhones Made By Multi-Billion Dollar Capitalist Company…

Fewer countries refusing to take back criminal illegal aliens in 2017

Former Obama staffers say they’re running for office to protect his legacy


DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HISTORY: “At the Impeach Trump March in Chicago 7/2/17. A group of protest…

An “honest mistake” at the New York Times?

Beyond Schadenfreude, the Spectacular Pundit Failure on Trump Is Worth Remembering

Ivanka Trump and women: Trump pledges $50M to help women entrepreneurs

Democratic strategist: De Blasio’s trip to Germany ‘unbelievable’ | TheHill

Chinese Censors Crack Down on Gay Online Literature to Protect ‘Core Socialist Values’

Spain Warned to ‘Prepare’ as Migrant Sea Landings Via ‘Safer’ Route Double

Major German Parties Ignore Migrant Crisis During Election Campaign

MPs Demand New BBC Code of Conduct After Research Exposes Anti-Brexit Bias

Pope Francis Decries ‘Very Dangerous Alliance’ Between U.S. and Russia

Fake News: Without Any Evidence, WaPo Suggests ‘Conservative’ Radio Host Inspired Scalise Shooter

Maxine Waters: ‘We’re Getting Played’ By Trump, Putin – Part of a Plot to Open Arctic for Drilling

German Intel Reports: Iran Still Seeking Nuclear Weapons Technology

G20: Leaders Agree on Free Trade, Disagree on Climate Deal, Migrant Crisis

Albanians Mass Migrate to Bulgaria for EU Passports, ‘Gateway to England’

It’s True: Liberals Hate Western Civilization | Power Line

Mass Arrests of Christians in Eritrea as Patriarch Marks 10 Years in Detention

North Korea calls US practice bombing run a provocation

Journalism Historian: CNN’s Malpractice Is ‘a Gift From Heaven for’ Trump

#NARRATIVEFAIL: Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Wome…

After 1,379 Days, New York Times Finally Corrects Claim That Iran “Sponsored” 9/11 Attacks

Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war

Nikki Haley: If China Does Not Stop North Korea, We Will ‘Start Looking at Trade Relations With China’

Apartment buildings in LA are 32% more expensive simply because of stringent parking requirements

The Coming Laser Wars? | The National Interest Blog

Fast-Forward On The Decline Of America – Australian Reporter’s Anti-Trump Tirade Goes Viral

Howard Dean: Trump Administration Is a ‘Criminal Enterprise Running This Country Right Now’

Church of England Votes in Favour of ‘Marking’ a Person’s Gender Transition with Religious Ceremony

Who Killed the Left?

FACT CHECK: 94 Percent of U.S. Domestic Terrorism Fatalities Are Caused by Islamic Terrorists

We’re losing a whole generation of young men to video games

As physical jobs decline, something is lost – LA Times

Keynesian Economist Jeffrey Sachs Admits ” Simply declaring a job to be worth $15 an hour doesn’t make it so….

Seven Times American Elites Said Immigrants Are Better Than Their Own People

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF ECONOMICS: Cash for Clunkers Was a Complete Failure. Three econo…

Disney’s channels: Kids are tuning out

OUR CLASS-CONSCIOUS MEDIA: So this one time at a journalism conference… I was talking to this …

IRS Shuts Down Mom And Pop Dressmaker, Sells Dresses Within Hours

WHY PEOPLE HATE THE MEDIA, CHAPTER MDCXIII: “The Washington Post built an entire story around this…

Priebus: Trump ‘Absolutely Did Not Believe’ Putin’s Denial of Election Meddling

Lindsey Graham: Trump Is Empowering Putin, Potentially ‘Betraying Democracy’

Former CIA Director John Brennan: ‘Dishonorable’ for Trump to Say It Was an Honor to Meet Putin

Here’s how much debt the US government added under President Obama

Angela Merkel at G-20: “I deplore” U.S. leaving Paris climate accord

A First Amendment right to record the police – The Washington Post

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer calls on FDA to regulate “snortable chocolate.”

‘A Word of Truth’ About Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jihad’ | Ordered Liberty

Hungarian far right launches new political party news

Trump: “Putin & I Discussed Forming Impenetrable Cyber Security Unit” To Prevent Election Hacking

US-Russian Ceasefire Deal Goes Into Effect In Southwest Syria

JUST DON’T ASK FOR CREAM: ‘Fellatio cafe’ where customers receive oral sex while they drink their c…


Fear of radiation is more dangerous than radiation itself | Aeon Ideas

New York Mayor Defends Decision To Attend Hamburg G-20 Protest

Europe is ‘underestimating’ scale of migrant crisis and could be flooded by millions of Africans in ‘biblical exodus’…

Thanks to minimum wage increases, it is no longer cheaper to hire teenagers rather than more experienced workers

Ready To Blow – National Geographic’s Guide To The Yellowstone Supervolcano

In Philly burbs: Highly educated and unemployed

Europe’s Liberal Elite Outraged After Renzi Says Italy Has “No Moral Duty To Take In Migrants”

‘Scab’ Goats Raise the Ire of AFSCME at College in Michigan

Soros-Funded Media Panics over Immigration Enforcement

LARRY KUDLOW: Trump Has Putin Over a Barrel. Russia still has a lot of oil and gas reserves. And …


List of 75 Corrupt and/or Potentially Criminal Actions Identified in John Podesta’s Emails

TV networks said to hide bad ratings with typos – CNET

Paris Evacuates Migrants From Streets | The Daily Caller

Illegal Drives Over Three In Fit Of Rage Agai | The Daily Caller

24 American customs that are considered offensive in other countries – SFGate

Senate Report: Comey’s Memo Leaks ‘Could Potentially Harm National Security’

Report: National Security Leakers Now Paranoid About Being Caught Leaking

Obama Holdover Ethics Chief Resigns, Joins Soros-Funded NGO

Head of Major German Paper Denounces ‘Left-Wing Fascism’ at G20 Summit

 #CNNBlackmail Is the Best Thing Since Trump Got Elected

G20 Pictures: Shops Looted, Firebombs Thrown in Second Night of Hard-Left Rioting in Hamburg

Two B-1B Bombers Hold Live-Fire Drills Over Korean Peninsula, Show Off US “Attack Capabilities”

Byron York: Rebel states sell info they hide from Trump voter commission

The Left’s Attack on the ‘Racist’ West Is Cultural Suicide

US lawmaker wants to block F-35 sales to Turkey over embassy brawl

Blue State Blues: Trump’s Liberal Nationalism vs. Obama’s Socialist Internationalism

‘They Need To Be Reined In’: CNN Host Says Media Should Out ‘Bigoted’ Individuals

Rich Trzupek: Real Energy Expert Destroys John Oliver’s Ignorant, Profanity-Laced Rant About Coal

Muslim Immigrants Must Not Assimilate, Says Progressive Ally Linda Sarsour

Does Europe—Subconsciously—Expect America to Save It Again? | Roger L. Simon

Can U.S. defend against North Korea missiles? Not everyone agrees | Reuters

G20 Hell: Hamburg Explodes in Fire, Chaos

UW-Green Bay offers LGBTQ certification to stem student exodus

US, Russia Agree On Ceasefire In Southwest Syria

Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal | Science

Transgender Men in Women’s Showers Must Get ‘Dignity and Respect,’ Says U.S. Army

Fmr Obama DNI Clapper: Only 3 or 4 Intelligence Agencies Agreed on Russian Interference — ‘It Wasn’t 17’

FBI: First Half of 2017 Saw Second Largest Number of Firearm Background Checks Ever

Trump Joins Japan, South Korea Leaders in Call for China, Russia to ‘Make Efforts’ to Curb North Korea

Public university stops discriminating against Catholic students to settle lawsuit

Rioter at Trump Inauguration Sentenced to Four Months in Prison

Fake News And Fake Republicans Champion Obamacare

Pentagon plans to test THAAD missile defenses as NKorea tensions mount…

CNN’s Perpetual Purgatory Of Amateur Hour

Trump Has Putin Over A Barrel

Sarah Palin Baselessly Accused of Being a Neo-Nazi After Trump Speech Tweet

On Linda Sarsour and the meaning of ‘jihad’

Smoke rises over Hamburg as Merkel’s free speech gamble hangs in balance…

Fake NSA Documents Alleging Trump-Russia Collusion Were Also Sent To BuzzFeed

Feminism Is Leaving A Wake Of Unhappy, Unmarried, And Childless Women In Its Path

Soros-Funded Militant Group Claims ‘German Contingent’ At G20 Protests

The 10 Funniest Political Follies Of The Last 20 Years [SLIDESHOW]

17 Intelligence agencies confirm Bobby Knight did not grope heinie at agency visits

Paris evacuates 1,500 migrants as arrivals surge

US: Anti-IS strikes have killed 603 civilians in war against ISIS

Ohio man pleads guilty to trying to provide support to Islamic State

Turkey takes control of nearly 1,000 companies since failed coup

IS claims attack in Egypt’s Sinai that killed 26 soldiers

Who Incites More Violence, Donald Trump or the Left?

FINALLY! Mizzou May Be Firing Administrator Who Bullied Student Photographer During Mob Protest

New York’s subway has always been a chamber of horrors. But when did it get this bad?

NYC Mayor de Blasio Skips Town for G-20 Protests in Germany

Another CNN Anonymous Source Proven Wrong About Trump

Donald Trump, undisputed champ: Body-slamming his way to victory over the media and the “resistance” – Salon.com

Busted: CNN Promotes Celebrity Deathmatch


Google Throws Party in D.C. for “Digital Democrats” Next Week

Report: Venezuela Has Arrested over 100 Soldiers for ‘Treason,’ ‘Desertion’


How Google Rigs Search And Hurts Consumers

WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS JEZEBEL. Jezebel Rants: Mixed-Race Couples in Movies …

Family Blames NFL After Ex-Player’s Arrest for Murdering His Mother

Rob Reiner: ‘Russia Has Invaded U.S.’

Rachel Maddow Caught In Latest Fake News Scandal; Proof Her “Forged NSA Document” Segment Was A Hoax

Articles: Making the Left Bleed

Artist’s Impression Of Failed Socialist States

HEY HEY, HO HO, WESTERN CIV HAS GOT TO GO: Some of the critics of Trump’s Warsaw speech reject the …

DEMOCRATS: WE’RE THINKING, WE’RE THINKING! Which Is Worse, Nuclear Annihilation or Donald Trump?…


Chart: Border Disputes Worldwide | Statista

Women’s March Organizer Calls For Jihad Against “Fascists Reigning In The White House”

Trump’s Powerful Speech in Poland

Sheriff exposes white, liberal columnist’s traffic stop tale for the lie that it is

Previously Deported Child Sex Offender Arrested Re-entering U.S.

PICS: Thousands of Leftist Extremists Rampage in G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ March

BBC Slammed by Former Chairman Over Biased Coverage of Palestinian Terrorist Attacks

UNESCO Recognizes Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs – Judaism’s Second Holiest Place – as Palestinian Heritage Site

GRAPHIC: Five Beheaded in Acapulco Prison Riot amid DHS Secretary Visit

Conservatives Face Establishment Roadblock in Senate Healthcare Reform

 Record-Breaking Cold in Greenland; Alarmists ‘Look. An Arctic Squirrel!’

Animal Shelter: Lena Dunham Made Up Story About Her Dog Being Abuse Victim

Poll: House GOP Healthcare Bill Most Unpopular Law in Decades

Evergreen profs asked to make ‘accommodations’ for protesters

Vanity Fair: Silicon Valley’s Plan to Save Democrat Party ‘Fatally Flawed’

Illegal Alien Accused of Stabbing Her Four Children, Husband to Death

Report: Early Trials of ‘Cancer Vaccines’ Were ‘Safe and Effective’ Attacking Tumors

The front page of today’s London Daily Telegraph. Welcome to what single payer is really like.

 Trump speech shows why they hate us

Trump-Putin Meeting Sends Celebrities Into Full Meltdown

Trump at G20 with Mexican President: Mexico ‘Absolutely’ Paying for Border Wall

RICH LOWRY: TRUMP IS WINNING THE IMMIGRATION DEBATE. With his penchant for tweeted insults and G…

Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting

Drone dropped wire cutters that SC prisoner used to escape | The State

In Uruguay’s marijuana experiment, the government is your pot dealer – The Washington Post

Dems push back against anti-Pelosi insurgents | TheHill

Sears to close 43 more stores to cut costs | Reuters

Facebook plans offices, retail, grocery store, homes

Move over millennials, members of Generation Z are ready to work

New York’s subway has always been a chamber of horrors. But when did it get this bad? – LA Times

Iran Still on the Hunt for Nuclear Weapons Technology Across Germany | The Weekly Standard

FBI arrests Omaha man accused of threatening U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst | Crime

SKYNET SMILES: Stabilized Drone with machine gun and grenade launcher….

DEEP STATE: Trump Facing Seven Times More National Security Leaks Than Obama or Bush

WORRISOME: Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security Dept. and F.B.I. Say….

Voter Fraud Fraud

JOURNALISM: MSNBC, CNN Forced To Eat Crow After Learning Trump Pressed Putin On Election Meddling….

RETAIL BLUES: Sears, Kmart to close 43 more stores. “It is obvious that we don’t make decisions…

VIDEO: James Clapper Confronts CNN’s Narrative… While on CNN….

Roger Waters’ Jewish Problem Catches Eye of Award-Winning Filmmaker

JOURNALISM: Victim’s Father: Need for Advocacy Group on Illegal Immigrant Crime Shows ‘Journali…

8 Mexican Journalists Murdered in 5 Months

Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Abnormal’ — He ‘Needs To Be Checked Out to See If He’s Crazy’

3 acid attacks reported every week in London, LBC finds

NEWS YOU CAN USE: What Trump Meant When He Said ‘Everyone’ Was Talking About John Podesta….

Tillerson: Trump ‘Pressed’ Putin ‘On More Than One Occasion’ ‘Regarding Russian Involvement’ in 2016 Election

The Flint Water Disaster Shows Why We Need Markets

Knife-wielding Man Arrested at Trump Tower Sought Ivanka ‘Meeting’

SPENGLER: Good News and Bad News From Poland. Just read the whole thing….

The NSA Is Still Spying On All Americans …

THEY’RE HITTING THE BROWN ACID AGAIN AT MSNBC: ● ‘GOTTA be sh*tting me’! Chris Hayes defe…

US bombers fly over South China Sea in latest challenge to Beijing

German States Send More Police to Hamburg as G20 Violence Escalates

Conservatives revolt over talk of keeping ObamaCare tax | TheHill

14 Facts That Show America’s System Of Public Education Deserves An ‘F’ Grade

CNN Losing to FX, Nick-At-Nite, TLC as Scandals, Controversies Take Toll

Smith College to Offer Scholarship for Refugee and Illegal Immigrant Students

CNN Reports Fake Anti-Trump News About G20 Summit Location

ARTHRITIS: A Byproduct Of Adapting To Cold Climates?…

Proceeds Of Hill IT Suspects Disappeared | The Daily Caller

Why one of the largest counties in Texas is going back to paper ballots | The Texas Tribune

ENERGY: Renewable energy surpasses nuclear power — for now. Utility-scale wind and solar power h…

CNN’s Acosta Attacks Trump For Holding A ‘Fake News Conference,’ Gets His Facts Wrong

Federal Court Denies State of Hawaii Challenge to Trump Administration Travel Ban Definition of ‘Bona Fide Relationship’

Congress joins Trump war on regs, cuts a year’s worth in one week

‘Collusion’ as Farce: The Hunt for Hillary’s Hackers – American Greatness

CNN Host Who Wants All ‘Racists’ Outed Has His Own Past To Worry About

A BIGGER STORY THAN THE TRUMP-PUTIN MEETING: U.S. Energy Exports To Europe. If Trump were really i…

The media depend on trust, and they’re losing it with lazy reporting

CNN’s Primetime Shows Get Fewer Viewers Than Decade-Old Re-Runs of Yogi Bear

The collapse of NYC taxi medallions from +$1M in 2014 to $266K average price for 9 sales in June…


HMM: Ships Exporting Iranian Oil Go Dark, Raising Sanctions Red Flags. Some 47 of 55 ships carryi…

POLAND ACQUIRES PATRIOTS: Poland will deploy Patriot PAC-3 anti-ballistic missiles. Poland’s defense…

The Great Meme War of 2017

Republican lawmakers buy health insurance stocks as repeal effort moves forward

Chevy Chase Admits Saturday Night Live is Liberal Propaganda

Yes, They Really Do Despise Their Civilization | The American Conservative

Labor Market Roars: U.S. Economy Adds 222,000 Jobs in June

Where The June Jobs Were: More Minimum Wage, Surge In Government Hiring

Loretta Lynch Plot Thickens As New Details Emerge Of Her Dealings With The Hillary Campaign

Polish Prez Debunks Fake CNN Report That His Wife Snubbed Trump’s Handshake: ‘Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS’

Watch Live: “Hamburg Is A Warzone” – Militant G-20 Anarchists Riot, Clash With Police, Burn Cars, Smash Stores:

FLIPFLOP: Breaking at NYT: Communists Were Anti-American Soviet Tools: As part of its weekly ess…

Leftist Coalition Pushing ‘Climate Action’ at G20 to Endorse Paris Accord

Illinois Still Insolvent as Democrats Over-ride Veto to Raise Taxes

Deep State Begins Anti-Russia Media Blitz Ahead Of Trump-Putin Meeting

In essay about fake news, ‘Vox’ offers up media myth of the ‘Napalm Girl’ | Media Myth Alert

Report: Homelessness in NYC Spiked by Nearly 40 Percent in 2017

New Hamas Leader Vows ‘Liberation of Jerusalem’ in Extremist Speech

Airport in Minneapolis Fails 95 Percent of Security Tests

Caddell: Does CNN ‘Really Deserve to Be Called a News Organization Anymore?’

France Prosecutes Hundreds for FGM, Zero in the UK

MSM Reacts to Trump’s Poland Speech: ‘Talk of God, Country, and Family Won’t Go Down Well in the EU!’

Venezuela’s Bloody Independence Day: Chavista Gangs Take Congress Hostage for Eight Hours

Microsoft Dropping 3K Employees As H-1B Hiring Continues

ESPN Ratings Take Huge Second Quarter Hit

California Closer to Becoming ‘Sanctuary State,’ Over Law Enforcement Objections

Los Angeles Times Smears NRA with Antisemitism Claim

Andrea Mitchell: Trump ‘Slamming’ NBC News Is a ‘Badge of Honor’

ESPN Picks Uber Liberal Comedian Jon Stewart to Co-Host SportsCenter with Hannah Storm

CA Senate Takes Up Bill Ensuring Teachers Cannot Shoot Back

How Much Does Crime Effect Rent Prices?

Tesla Registrations Plunge 24% In California, Its Largest Market

Woman, 25, convicted for making up fake rape claims against 15 innocent men

CNN Slides To #13 In Cable Rankings | The Daily Caller

Dead Mall Stalking: One Hedge Fund Manager’s Tour Across Middle-America – Part 1

Bill de Blasio Skips Police Ceremony, Flies to Germany to Protest Trump

U.S. Pro-life Leaders: ‘We Are All Charlie Gard’

Top 9 Highlights from Emerging Trump Doctrine: West Will ‘Never, Ever Be Broken’

Tucker Carlson: America’s Birthright is Worth Defending


200 Years Of Immigration – Who Came To America, And When?

REPORTS OF THEIR EXTINCTION WERE EXAGGERATED: Another pack of gray wolves spotted in California….

Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?

President Trump’s Remarkable Warsaw Speech – Washington Free Beacon

Russia & India More Confident In Trump Than Merkel At G-20

SURE QUACKS LIKE A DUCK:Obamacare’s “People Will Die” Canard….

Is Radical Islam Horrifying the West into Paralysis?

Woman Claims Hijab Discrimination While Shopping

WATCH: Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Calls For ‘Jihad’ Against Trump

Never Trumper Bill Kristol Praises Trump Speech

 There’s real tyranny going on in Venezuela

What Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain? | Time.com

The Great Mariel Boatlift Debate: Does Immigration Lower Wages? – WSJ

Why gas-powered cars aren’t going away – Jul. 5, 2017

The GA Turnout Is In, Its Bad For Dems | The Daily Caller

Despite fears of a Trump effect, tourism to the U.S. continues to grow

Norway’s “Voluntary” Tax Collects A Paltry $1,325

Effort to bar child marriage in California runs into opposition

Pat Toomey on why the GOP didn’t have a health-care plan ready: We didn’t think Trump would win

BREAKING | President Trump reestablishes National Space Council – SpaceNews.com

Illegal immigrant jailed over £10m tax credit fraud scam

Will Horrendous CNN Ratings, Advertiser Boycotts, And 4Chan’s Memetic War Destroy Billions In Time Warner Value?

Tucker: How Did Maxine Waters Afford a $4.3M Mansion?

Meet The Guy The Left Only Discovered This Afternoon At 1 PM EST. They Think It’s TERRIBLE He Just Left The Trump Administration

HVMN wants to ‘make better humans’ through biohacking

Escalating violence around homeless shelter has Utah House speaker asking: Is this a job for the National Guard?

California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State

Polish Crowd Chants ‘Donald Trump!’’USA! USA!’

Rise in Times Square Costumed Character Complaints, Despite Drop in Arrests: Reports | NBC New York

Will Seattle figure out how to deal with its new wealth? | The Seattle Times

KHNL: Oahu’s real estate prices reach record highs

Manhattan apartment prices hit record, averaging $2.19 million

Back to the Center, Democrats – NYTimes.com

DNA from sharks that can live up to 400 years could hold secret to a longer life

Oil Exports, Illegal for Decades, Now Fuel a Texas Port Boom – NYTimes.com

Solar minimum is coming | Space | EarthSky

July 4, 2017 : Coldest July Temperature Ever Recorded In The Northern Hemisphere

Study Targets Adjusted Climate Data | The Daily Caller

Chaffetz Rips House GOP: ‘We’re in July and Still Can’t Point to a Single Thing’ We’ve Done

Hopes of ‘Trump bump’ for U.S. economy shrink as growth forecasts fade

CNN Tailspin: Network Bungles Response to Blackmail Firestorm | LifeZette

The Network Against the Leader of the Free World – NYTimes.com

CNN Warns It May Expose an Anonymous Critic if He Ever Again Publishes Bad Content

Earthquake, aftershocks rattle western Montana – NBC Montana

Silicon Valley has a new vision for the pizzeria. It involves lots of robots – LA Times

Foxconn considering bringing 10,000 jobs to southeastern Wisconsin, Assembly speaker says

It’s Boom Times for Recruiters After U.S. Job Market Tightens – Bloomberg

The Women’s March is planning a protest against the NRA

States angrily refuse Trump commission request for voter info. But they’ll be happy to sell it to you…

What if Major Causes of Poverty Are Behavioral?

US created 158K private-sector jobs in June vs 185K jobs expected: ADP

Report: 100 Shot in Gun-Controlled Chicago Over July 4th Weekend

How our leaders are piling on the risks for cops

Attacks Against Ken Blackwell and Trump’s Voting Commission Debunked by the Facts

It Takes Most Students Twice As Long As They Hoped To Pay Off Their Student Loans

A North Korean EMP Attack: The Dark Possibility

While CNN Burns, Network President Jeff Zucker Rushes to New York Times for Damage Control

Educated women are freezing their eggs because of ‘missing men’

Venezuelan lawmakers beaten, besieged in latest violence | Reuters

Professor Teaches Students About “The Problem That Is Whiteness”

There’s a new beer that actually may be good for your health

Trump Trolls the Pearl-Clutchers | Trending

Parent Demands Genderless Birth Certificate for Baby

Australia: The Madness Continues

EU Regulators Take Aim At London’s Asset-Management Industry

Our Leaders Should Shut Up – Time For The US To Modernize Its Approach To Russia

RIBBIT: Dinosaur Extinction Allowed Frogs to Conquer the Planet….

Europeans Are Dying For A Drink…Especially The Lithuanians

Social Security is the biggest challenge facing us

Birth control is giving rise to transgender fish

Canada’s Socialized Medicine Failing Canadian | The Daily Caller

CNN hosts do themselves no favors here talking like they’re at a meeting of the Gambino crime family.

Conservatives Face Discrimination at Colleges: Keith Fink’s UCLA Case

Tucker Carlson : “Since when is it CNN’s job to police the Internet for immorality?”

Teachers Union Adopts New, Anti-Charter School Policy | Education News | US News

A Liberal’s Cry of Despair – LewRockwell

Model Cara Delevingne Wants to Export ‘Gender Fluidity’ to Africa – Acculturated

Trump Provokes CNN’s Self-Immolation, America Relieved – American Greatness

Ryan’s Dem Challenger Says He’d Raise Taxes by $32 Trillion!

Trump Plans “Pretty Severe Things” In Retaliation Against North Korea

Tesla Sales Fall Flat, Clouding Outlook for Musk’s Bold Targets – Bloomberg

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Spending the legacy of freedom

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: ‘Brown Is Completely Off the Table:’ Private counselors report tha…

US general warns North Korea: ‘Self-restraint’ only thing keeping us from war

What if Major Causes of Poverty Are Behavioral?

EXCLUSIVE: CNN Staff Reeling After Personal I | The Daily Caller

US Commander in South Korea: We’re Prepared for War with North Korea

Globally, Jihad Attacks Are Being Treated as Mental Illness

LITTLE JIHADIS: ISIS Video Shows French, Russian Kids Beheading Prisoners….

Trump Donates Presidential Salary To Restoring Civil War Battlefield

CNN President Jeff Zucker: “Trump Is Trying To Bully Us”

College Trustees Are Largely to Blame for Today’s Campus Madness

Four Outrages In UNESCO’s Anti-Israel Resolution on Jerusalem

MLB Umpire Sues League and Commissioner for Denying Him World Series Assignment Due to Race

Twitter Roasts CNN for Perceived Threat to Dox Alleged Creator of Trump Wrestling Meme

Turkey’s Erdogan Regime Rapidly Seizing Ancient Christian Churches, Monasteries

Ted Cruz ‘Consumer Choice’ Amendment Could Save Senate Healthcare Bill

Madonna Mocked for Topless Fourth of July Photo: ‘Put Some Clothes On’

Philadelphia Woman Posts July 4th Video Urinating on American Flag

Variety Blames Bad Box Office Results on … Trump – Hollywood in Toto

‘The Mummy,’ ‘The House,’ and ‘Transformers 5’: Hollywood’s Problem Isn’t Sequels, but Bad Movies – The Atlantic

THE COUNTRY THAT THOMAS FRIEDMAN ADMIRES: China to Gays: Get Off the Net. Nationalism and “hea…

Trump’s Warsaw Uprising | Roger’s Rules

CNN’s Jim Acosta gets fact about intelligence community’s Russia assessment wrong, calls it ‘fake news’

What Should News Organizations Do for Access? – Nieman Reports

ANALYSIS: TRUE. CNN Has Been Faking the News for a While. And then there’s the news they kept t…

Jeff Sessions condemns NYPD cop killing as ‘latest in troubling series of attacks’ on police

Trump in Poland: Strengthening NATO, Shipping LNG and North Korea’s Bad Behavior

How Many Jobs Does ObamaCare Kill? – WSJ

IT’S COME TO THIS: Vox Lectures CNN on Journalistic Ethics. A plain reading of CNN’s article, …

Majority of Poles Would Rather Leave EU than Be Forced to Take Muslim Migrants

Vatican Police Raid Drug-Infused Gay Orgy at Home of Cardinal’s Aide

Kobach: Only 14 states have refused election commission request

Althouse: Shocking CNN threat aimed at a private citizen.

Bill Gates Urges End To Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe


What L.A. Residents Really Think of L.A. as a Sanctuary City – Town Hall

Demographic Shock Ground Zero: Japan’s Population Drops At Fastest Pace On Record

Did CNN’s Chris Cuomo Break The Law When He Sent This Now-Deleted Tweet?

New Poll Shows More Americans Trust the White House Than the Media

CNN as free-speech threat: Odd role for a news organization

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Asked Followers If They Should Dox Reddit User, Before Deleting Tweet

Ann Coulter: Immigrant of the Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

New York Times Publishes Fake North Korea News from Satirical Twitter Account

Limbaugh: ‘It Is the End of CNN’

CNN ‘New Day’: CNN Promised Not To Identify Pro-Trump Reddit User If He Apologized; “A Nice Thing”

WATCH: After 1,000 Days in Orbit, Here Are NASA’s Top 10 Discoveries from MAVEN

Human emotions really are affected by gut bacteria, new study suggests

Chicago Mob Linked Mike Madigan passes his 32% tax hike, on our Independence Day.

More Very Fake News from CNN: Network Analyst Claims Trump Never Made Article 5 Commitment to NATO

Who engineered the deepening of Illinois’ nuclear winter w/the passing of a $5 billion tax increase?

Meanwhile, Spotted Together At A Southampton Party…

Did you Know That Comcast Invested $200 Million In Left-Wing Website Vox? Big Business Funds Leftists to Promote Regulation.

Guess How Many Americans Think We Declared Independence From Mexico In 1776

Paradise Lost | The Weekly Standard

Media mourning for America on Independence Day

“Spermbots” Have Come to Aid Us In the War Against Cancer

Global Warming Alarmism Goes To ’11’: Stephen Hawking Claims Trump Could Turn Earth Into Venus

Facebook Fights Gag Order On Grounds Of Free Speech

The NSA Confronts a Problem of Its Own Making – The Atlantic

 Donald Trump is the response to a bullying culture

US Condemns N.Korea ICBM Test As “New Escalation”, Conducts Own Ballistic Drill Aimed At Striking Kim

Dennis Kucinich: Dems’ 25th Amendment Proposal ‘Destroying the Party’ – ‘Not Good for the Country’

The India-Israel Breakthrough – The American Interest

Austria to send troops and armoured vehicles to border with Italy to block migrants

Flash – Catalonia to declare immediate independence if ‘yes’ wins referendum – France 24

Sanctuary cities promise to make 1 million new US citizens in year

SPACE WARNING: Satellite is SPIRALLING out of control above Earth | Science

Mysterious filers threaten “genocide of the white race”

We may have mated with Neanderthals more than 219,000 years ago

Under pressure, Hollywood to rename streets honoring Confederate generals

Media errors give Trump fresh ammunition | TheHill

Six in 10 say they don’t trust Trump administration

Gas prices: July 4 gas is the cheapest in years – Jul. 3, 2017

Mayor Emanuel didn’t seek comparison to Mussolini in NYT op-ed – Chicago Tribune

State hate crime? Calif. transplants react to graffiti incident – SFGate

Snow on the Fourth of July: Skiers bring out the shorts to the slopes – SFGate

Evacuation drills to prepare for missile attacks increasing – The Japan News

South Korea Looks Into Whether North Korea Missile Was an ICBM – Bloomberg

Lawyer Deploys Faulty Subpoena Demanding Evidence Preservation, Fails To Impress Lawyer Receiving It

America’s Pension Bomb – LewRockwell

Central Americans, ‘Scared of What’s Happening’ in U.S., Stay Put

The Asian stars of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ quit the show after CBS refused to pay them as much as their white costars

Former Provost: There are lessons to learn from the meltdown at Evergreen College

CNN’s Rangappa: Congressional Baseball Shooting Shows ‘Unhinged’ People ‘May Act on’ Messages Like Trump WWE Tweet

Historically Unpopular Chris Christie Suns Himself on State Beach He Closed with Shutdown

Maxine Waters Unhinged: I’m Going to Take Ben Carson’s ‘A** Apart’

CNN: Trump’s Wrestling Meme May Be Racist, Antisemitic

Millennials Really Want A McMansion Of Their Own, There’s Just One Problem…

Colleges Are Preparing Kids For An Economy That No Longer Exists As They Continue To Scam Parents And Students

DHS Workers Left Unsecured Laptops and Passwords on Their Desks – Nextgov.com

‘I’ve Had Enough’: Swedish Music Festival Canceled Due To Rape Spree

Public Trusts Trump Admin More Than Media | The Daily Caller

Caution: Government diet advice may be hazardous to your health | TheHill

Another Health Insurer Decides to Exit Obamacare Exchanges in Ohio

Watchdog: London hospitals illegally shared data with Google AI company | TheHill

Trumps Spend $5 Million Less Than Obamas on White House Salaries

Greek coast guard fired at Turkish cargo ship, captain says – UPI.com

U.N. high court hears Costa Rica’s territorial dispute against Nicaragua – UPI.com

Trump’s High-Stakes Tweeting – American Greatness

BETTERIDGE’S LAW OF HEADLINES STRIKES AGAIN! Is Libertarianism a “Stealth Plan” To Destroy America?…

Kunstler: “This Shit Is Not Funny Anymore”

Aren’t you broken? Kathy Griffin plays the victim (AGAIN), tweets about Trump ‘punching down’

Ha! Ted Cruz triggers GAGGLE of SJWs with realitweet on Cosmo’s bias against Conservative women

OOF! Jenna Jameson defends Trump, Lefty men ATTACK and shame her (guess how it ends)

D’oh! Jason Alexander swings at Trump, clocks Bill Clinton (and Obama!) right in the KISSER

Wait, WHAT? Jerry Springer has a ‘dignity’ lecture for Trump

MORE LOGO VIOLENCE: BuzzFeed staffer creates wrestling video with the DOJ logo knocking out President Trump

‘Hitting the crack pipe?’ Matt Yglesias achieves peak dumbassery with this take on minimum wage

This is RICH! Kamala Harris shatters hypocrisy meters with just one tweet

‘Amen!’ Donald Trump’s winning raves for this tweet about Charlie Gard

Shannon Watts’ response to Trump’s Charlie Gard tweet is despicable, even for her

Gee, what changed? After 8 years, CNN suddenly discovers WH’s ‘gender pay gap’

WAAAAH! Journos cry about James O’Keefe, that they ‘have to be careful what they say’

OUCH! Buck Sexton hammers disgraced former CBS News anchor and his ‘ethics’ lecture

‘Grow the hell up’! Lifetime bigwig calls on the Sisterhood to send Trump pads and tampons

More media heroism! WaPo op-ed writer finds ‘brave’ way to stick it to Trump

Socialized medicine FAIL: Hospital ‘allows’ parents of infant Charlie Gard to spend more time with him

White House photographer attempts to shame Trump, hits his old boss Barack Obama by accident

BOOMERANG: Nate Silver, Instapundit question MSNBC’s motives over alleged Scarborough text messages

‘MOORE’ violent rhetoric: Michael Moore all but declares war on Senate Republicans for July 4

‘He’s the DEVIL’! Debra Messing’s pearl-clutch-tweet about Mitch McConnell is a DOOZY

James O’Keefe has a message for CNN as we head into the holiday weekend

YOU LIE! Conservatives fact-CRUSH Kamala Harris’s latest tirade on GOP health care bill

OUCH! Jake Tapper’s smug tweet about content of Trump’s tweets bites him RIGHT in the arse

‘Try covering ACTUAL NEWS.’ Ted Cruz NAILS untrustworthy media for pushing ‘lefty political agenda’

‘It’s part of her body’: Trans activist tells straight guys to start dating trans women

Because of all the violent liberals? Politico Magazine examines how liberal Portland became so violent

FLASHBACK: Remember when Obama saying ‘If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun’ was just a metaphor?

Media suddenly learn the Constitution in the aftermath of Trump’s CNN tweet – twitchy.com

Researchers in disagreement over maximum lifespan data – Medical News Today

Italy calls on European countries to take migrant ships as country struggles with record numbers

How Low Can Taxes Go? Outside Washington, Republicans Find Limits – The New York Times

Illinois Taxoholics Wear Down Rauner: Massive Tax Hikes In The Works

Study Shows Senate Dems Don’t Practice The Diversity They Demand of Others

Palmer Luckey Blasts The Verge Over ‘Fake New | The Daily Caller

NY Times Editorial Board Emits Primal Scream Over Neil Gorsuch

Geneva Calls For Help Amid Refugee Crisis | The Daily Caller

Media Outs Contestant On CBS Reality Show As | The Daily Caller

Kushner, Ivanka, Soros, Schumer, And More Mingle In The Hamptons

Irish Pro-Life Rally Draws 70,000 in March Against Abortion

New York Times Condemns Trump’s CNN-WWE Tweet — But Sponsored Play Depicting His ‘Assassination’

Joan Walsh: Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Brown People

Dem Rep Sherman: We Have to ‘Act Now’ to Impeach Trump for ‘Abuse of Power,’ ‘Incompetence’

Trump Cuts White House Budget, Saves American Taxpayer $22 Million

Government Forces Murder 4 More Protesters In Venezuela, Bringing Death Toll To 80

Trump tweets mock video showing him beating man labeled CNN

White House Backs Cruz-Lee Amendment | The Daily Caller

Here’s a chart of all the companies in the world Jeff Bezos owns or has invested in.

California Democrats to far-left single payer advocates: Stop bullying and threatening us!

Orwell’s war on the ‘smelly little orthodoxies’ of left and right | spiked review of books

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: A new dawn in Supersonic Transport and technological innovation. “Things were…

Gov. Emasculated or Gov. No new taxes unless we get real reforms? Will the real Gov. Rauner stand up?

(15) Dr. Mercola Interviews Neil Miller on his Review of Critical Vaccine Studies – YouTube

After Palling Around with Bill Clinton, CNN’s Ana Navarro Claims Trump Tweets ‘Diminishing’ Presidency

China Flexes Military Muscle, Building ‘Very Large Underground Structures’ in South China Sea

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is out of control. Mueller Adds former Preet Bharara prosecutor to Russian Probe.

Watergate Reporter Hints At Coup, Warns “Non-Functioning” Trump Presidency Is “Malignant”

Forget Coal: Asteroid Mining Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Was CNN President Jeff Zucker Attempting to Bribe Senator Cory Booker? CNN President Jeff Zucker’s teenage son resigns from cushy consulting gig as ‘millennial adviser’ at Cory Booker start-up Waywire – Twitter critics blast hire as ‘gross nepot

CHANGE: Study: Opioid addiction diagnoses surging since 2010….

Germany Passes “Orwellian” Anti-Free-Speech “Facebook Law”

U.S. Navy Patrols Near Disputed Island in South China Sea – WSJ

1,800 tons of radioactive waste has an ocean view and nowhere to go – LA Times

NASA unveils plan to test asteroid defense technique

Cruella de Trump

Central America hit by massive power outages

Big pharma turns to artificial intelligence to speed drug discovery, GSK signs deal

NBC Decries Rise of Conservative Media for Creating Polarized Country, No Mention of MSNBC

5 noteworthy Trump laws that you might have missed – Axios

Obama warns Americans about too much patriotism – on July 4th weekend!

Obama plays behind-the-scenes role in rebuilding Democratic Party | TheHill

ENERGY: This Paint May Pick Up Where Solar Panels Leave Off. A team of researchers in Australia h…

African Cardinal in Vatican Urges Europe to ‘Turn Off the Faucet’ of Immigration

GOP Congress Uses Trump Tweets as Excuse for Its Own Ineptitude | Roger L. Simon

THIS SEEMS LIKE A NON-STARTER: Democrats Propose Cutting Funding for ICE, Border Patrol….

BUT OF COURSE: College Hiring Director To Promote ‘Feminist Theories and Knowledge.’ And murder?…

IT SAYS “DON’T TRUST THE INTERNET OF THINGS:” ‘NotPetya’: Latest Ransomware is a Warning Note F…

With a single wiretap order, US authorities intercepted 3.3 million phone calls

Gestapo is Back: German Homes Raided Over Facebook Posts

WHY DON’T THEY IMPROVE THEIR RURAL NETWORKS INSTEAD? Verizon Wireless disconnects some heavy data u…

Obamaphones Fraud as High as 65%

Donald Trump Declares Victory over ‘Garbage Journalism’ at CNN

Trump is Going Crazy on Twitter Again; Democrats Angling to Remove President for Being Mentally Unstable

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Republicans ‘Couldn’t Give a Damn’ About ‘the Commoners’

Only 2% Of US Politicians Actually Want To Stop Arming Terrorists – Here’s Why

Flashback: Judge accuses Donny Deutsch of “dishonesty and greed.”

Murrow ‘risked his career to confront demagogic Joe McCarthy’? Hardly | Media Myth Alert

Howard Dean: Losing Four Special Elections isn’t a ‘Bad Sign’ for Democrats

Tucker Carlson Takes on Northwestern University Who’s Against Free Speech

Pro-Life Provisions in Obamacare Repeal Bill ‘Non-Negotiable’ for Many Republicans

Palin Might Just Win her Lawsuit against the New York Times

Seniors Group Files FCC Complaint Against Very Fake News CNN

Tamara Holder: ‘The Women in Donald Trump’s Life Probably Have Smaller Minds Than His Small Hands’

Phones for Dead People: GAO Report Uncovers Massive Fraud in ‘Obamaphone’ Program

DEMOCRACY DIES IN MEMORY HOLES: ● Shot: Carl Bernstein calls for ‘different kind of reporting’ …

US Government Prepares For ‘Space Weather Event’ As NASA Warns “Solar Minimum Is Coming”

And The Country Receiving The Most Asylum Applications In The World Is…

Police: Women Attacked Man with Pepper Spray, Stole His Laxatives

VIDEO: Delta Passengers Forced to Stay in Their Seats While Water Drips on Them for the Entire Flight

The Mad Chase For Russia-gate Prey

Turkey bans Trans Pride march in Istanbul but organisers defiant

South Carolina Rushes to Tamp Down Violence in Myrtle Beach – WSJ

Mika claims Melania is only doing job for Barron’s sake

Trump argues his tweetstorms are ‘MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL’

Confederate street names stir debate in … New York City?

In Austin, the air smells of tacos and trees — and city-state conflict – The Washington Post

As July Fourth Approaches, Americans Debate Democracy’s Fate | New York News | US News

China’s Xi Jinping Warns of ‘Red Line’ as Hong Kong’s New Leader Is Sworn In – WSJ

Tower of human skulls in Mexico casts new light on Aztecs | Reuters

Conservative media outlets gain seats in White House briefing room | TheHill

Stocks end mostly higher to book best half-year gains in years

New Jersey, Maine Shut Down Governments Amid Budget Impasses – WSJ

Illinois Blows Budget Deadline, Pushing It Closer to Junk – Bloomberg

Threats against lawmakers already higher than all of 2016 | TheHill

Summer looms with GOP stuck on health care, budget, taxes | WTOP



April 1- June 30 2017 Headlines below



25 House Democrats Back Bill To Impeach President Trump

29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel, “What Are They Trying To Hide” Trump Asks

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Student union president sparks controversy by saying she would like to ‘…

The 2nd Amendment Comes To Europe: Czech Republic To Enshrine Right To Bear Arms Into Constitution

FEMINIST AUTHOR: ‘Have You Killed Any Men Today? And if Not, Why Not?’…

Michael Moore Calls For Followers To Rise Up Over 4th Of July

Feminist Magazine Demands White Women Abort Their Babies to Solve Racism

Berkeley Student Reveals Her School’s Elitism

New York Times: Turns Out ‘17 Intelligence Agencies’ Was Fake News

NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses Federal Data Request Related To Trump’s “Voter Fraud Myth”

Winning: Consumer Confidence Best Since 2000

JOURNALISM: “It seems as though WaPo can’t report this story without pushing the usual agenda, char…

‘Trump is indeed destroying CNN’: Check out CNN’s awful ratings! – twitchy.com

BLUE STATE BLUES: High-tax Connecticut fails to pass budget as fiscal situation worsens. Despite …

DOCTOR: Most Opioid Overdoses Not a Result of Addicted Patients. Though the U.S. recorded 33,000 …

Police Chief (And Most Of His Department) Quit In Protest Of City Corruption

Tucker takes on Kate’s Law opponent

SURVEY: Pain patients overwhelmingly prefer medical marijuana over opioids. Though the survey, in…

Caddell: Media ‘United in Their Hatred’ of Trump, Can’t Handle Him Hitting Back

Democrats see California’s new budget as an answer, and an antidote, to President Trump’s plans

Hollywood Loves Climate Change Taxes; Public, Not So Much

What Is Fake News?

Dem Rep: Dems ‘Absolutely’ Need A Different Strategy Going into 2018 Midterms

SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED: China’s Xi says there’s no tolerance for subversion in Hong Kong. Nobody r…

New York Times Forced To Retract Longstanding ’17 Intel Agencies’ Lie About Russian Hacking

No one in real America cares what Trump tweets

Lipton Tea Donates Thousands to Liberal Agenda

Flashback to the Alternative Universe : The Hillary Clinton 85% Chance of Winning the Night Before The Election Prediction .

Pensions Timebomb In America – “Global Crisis” Cometh

Starving Venezuelans Haul Off Vending Machines in Mass Looting Attack

Sexual Harassment Is Pervasive and Under-Reported in Gay Bars

Winning: NATO Heeds Trump’s Call to Make Member Nations Pay Fair Share

Repeat Pedophile Sex Offender Loses Citizenship, Will Stay in Mexico

WATCH: Suffering Americans Cry Out in New Job Creators Network ‘Obamacare Hurts’ Ad

NYC to Pay $16M for Illegals’ Lawyer Fees, Subways Held Together with Zip Ties

Insurance Companies Begin Offering ‘Cyberattack Insurance’

Maria Bartiromo Slams John Podesta Over His Ties To Russia

Progressives Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence

Althouse: Trump tweets that Mika Brzezinski “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

Newsalert: Rhode Island Discovers 150,000 Voters Erroneously On Rolls

ESPN Gets $4.5 Billion a Year from Subscribers Who Say They Don’t Even Want It

RIGHT ON!: Court rules U.S. can seize Manhattan skyscraper from a sanctions-violating Iranian “chari…

American “Fear of Sharia” Is Anything but “Silly”

Twitter Allows Planned Parenthood to Advertise Abortion, Declares Pro-Life Message ‘Offensive’

Steyn: Interviewing Elmo About Syrian Refugees the ‘Least Nutty Thing CNN Has Done in the Last Few Weeks’

Mom Leads Ballot Campaign To Regain Bathroom Privacy, Gets ‘Robust, Bipartisan Support’

DHS John Kelly Slams Congress For Undermining Immigration Law, Touts 66,000 Illegals Arrested,

Sarah H. Sanders Takes No Crap From Virtue Signaling WH Press Corps

THIS ISSUE HASN’T GONE AWAY: Is Mueller Too Conflicted To Investigate Trump Fairly? But while Mu…

O’Keefe’s Third Undercover Film Exposes CNN’s Internal Culture Of Hate And The Actual Creation of Fake News

CHANGE MORE OF THE SAME? Centrist Republicans mobilize against draft GOP budget. Tuesday Group co…

Trump quietly puts teeth into his ‘extreme vetting’ policy

‘I DO’: Trump administration adds fiancés to travel ban exemptions

Two-Thirds Of Obamaphone Recipients May Have Lied About Being Poor

Mnuchin: ‘Obamacare Was Just A Giant Tax On The Economy’

Trump Calls For “Immediate” Repeal Of Obamacare If Senate Deal Fails

Who’s mentally unfit, MSNBC? Chris Matthews suggests maybe Trump should murder his son-in-law, like Mussolini did.

ATLANTIC EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JEFFERY GOLDBERG: Trump Is Going To Be Responsible for Violence Against Jou…

Trump Voter Fraud Commission: States Refuse to Give Data

Homeless cleanups in L.A. have surged, costing millions. What has been gained?

Report: Sanctuary City San Francisco to Pay Illegal Alien $190,000 Because Police Called ICE

SINGLE PAYER: Devastated parents of Charlie Gard spend their last night with their baby and blast ‘h…

Germany Passes ‘Online Hate Speech’ Law

EXCLUSIVE: Students in Venezuela Not Feeling the Chavismo

Perry introduces the ‘Three Musketeers’ of energy

JOURNALISM: “And this is especially interesting right now, when everyone purports to be shocked tha…

Democratic Socialist Robert Reich Promotes Medicare For Everyone

Travel ban went into effect; new rules better define who is close family, draws ire of immigration advocates

Congressman: Sanctuary City Bill May Lead to Terrorism

Far from there being only one type of Trump voter, there were five unique clusters of them.”


Donald Trump Jr. Promotes New O’Keefe Video: Why Does CNN Producer Mock Kellyanne Conway’s Face

California gun law blocked 2 days before it was to take effect

MSNBC Calls Hillary Clinton a Conspiracy Theorist for Trump/Russia Claims

CNBC editor: Media must remember readers not as ‘stupid as we think they are

CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Shit”

Outlet malls are the latest victim of the retail apocalypse

CHANGE: House panel votes to split Air Force, create new U.S. Space Corps. As part of its versio…

Furious China “Outraged” By U.S. Sale Of $1.4BN In Weapons To Taiwan

UW-Madison hiring admin to ‘advance social justice’ on campus

CHANGE? In “Unprecedented Step” US Sanctions Chinese Entities With Ties To North Korea. In an unp…

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives?

Twitter May Let Users Flag and Report ‘Fake News’

Mexican Government Denies ‘Censoring’ Journalists’ Cries for Help Against Cartel Violence

Another CNN Producer Exposed By Project Veritas: American Voters “Are Stupid As Shit”

Trump Tears into CNN at Fundraiser, Mulls Lawsuit: ‘These Are Horrible Human Beings’

National Enquirer: ‘Cheating Scandal’

Trump On Chicagoland: “Killings Have Reached Epic Proportions…I’m Sending In The Feds!”

The Danger of Obedience: Fake Police Crime Spree

Germany criticizes Donald Trump ahead of G-20 meeting

Profs gather to ‘fight the right’ at Socialism 2017 conference

Venezuela: Looters Destroy Altar of Mary, Steal Communion Artifacts from Catholic Church

Defiant CNN Touts Discredited Dossier in One-Hour Russia Conspiracy Special

Joy Reid: Congressional GOP Works With Trump Because ‘There Are Things They Want To Do to the Commoners’

Mark Levin to the Media: Want Trump to Act Presidential? Then Have Respect for the Office of the President

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic State Terrorist Claims Attacks Against Israel to Escalate

‘Truly Shameful’: U.S. Travel Ban Slammed by Iran Foreign Minister

What to Blame for Your Stomach Bug? Not Always the Last Thing You Ate

German Lawmakers Approve Same-sex Marriage In Landmark Vote

Trump Administration Signals End To Campus Star Chambers

GOP AGs Threaten To Sue Trump Admin If DACA I

New York Times Staffers Stage Walkout to Protest Job Cuts

Feds confirm ISIS investigations underway in NC

How Liberal Portland Became America’s Most Politically Violent City

Donald Trump’s mad genius drives schoolmarms of political press crazy

Swimming in a chlorinated pool can turn sun cream ‘toxic’ – increasing risk of cancer, scientists warn

U.S., Hardening Line on China, Approves $1 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan

China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands: think tank

Steve Case: ‘Third wave’ of Internet will help Middle America business

France’s Marine Le Pen charged over funding scandal

These CEOs Took Home the Most Money in 2016

US six-country travel ban takes effect with few exceptions for relatives

Auntie’s Off Her Meds Again… Democrat Leader Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Impeached AND Exiled

Trump says strategic patience with North Korea over

Deadly mosquito-borne pandemic poses threat, Bill Gates warns

Man Busted For Phoning In Bomb Threat To Police Used Pay Phone In Precinct Lobby

Brain-eating amoeba detected in La. water system

Cyberattack Forces West Virginia Hospital to Scrap Computers

Cybercriminals will soon be able to hack your BRAINWAVES to steal passwords and empty bank accounts, scientists warn

Justice Department gives up Washington Redskins name fight

Senators Demand Cancellation Of Congressional Summer Recess

Puerto Rico struggles to save historic buildings amid crisis

‘That is an absolute lie,’ Sanders says of Burlington College claims

Montage: The Doctors on Morning Joe Have Diagnosed Donald Trump as a Sociopath :: Grabien News

Online Threat Suspect Rattles Off Republicans During Courtroom Outburst

Matthews Suggests Trump Channel Mussolini, Murder Kushner; Compares Him to Ethiopian Dictator

Here we go again: ‘World has three years left to stop dangerous climate change, warn experts’

Humans show no sign of a maximum age limit, says new study

Police Can Now Download All Of Your Smartphone Activity In Seconds

Army Mounts High Power Laser On Apache Heliocopter

Poll: Voters want US to seek new climate pact to replace Paris

Scientists Use CRISPR To Modify Viruses That Kill Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Ford Foundation Funds Anti-Israel Movement

Trump Is Aging People With His Tweets

Rural Nevada left without Obamacare insurers after two carriers exit

How much trouble is Jane Sanders actually in?

BUT THE NARRATIVE: NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard. On Thursday, the Times appended a cor…

Ohio man pleads guilty to joining Al-Qaeda in Syria — RT America

Watch: MSNBC host blames GOP for divisive rhetoric, denies Democrats are even partly to blame – TheBlaze

Teens accused of using Tasers on young mom, raping her in front of son

John Podesta Loses It During Russia Debate with Maria Bartiromo

The Main Reason Congress Is Getting So Little Done Is… They Will Have 218 Days Off In 2017